6190 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43231, United States
Review №1

Plenty of ladies for every taste possible. You will be aporoached by many girls and they are very friendly. Great staff. Especially the manager David Christian. What a professional.

Review №2

Hats off to management, for finally replacing that dirty, tattered American Flag. I salute you.

Review №3

Didnt allow my service dog in even though (1) I am a disabled Army veteran (2) I explained after already being welcomed in and had a drink that I was only staying at the front door with him for a couple minutes to give home some out of the car time and allow one if the girls to meet him.

Review №4

Closed down owner has not updated facebook google or his website

Review №5

Type: PastiesSmoking: NoAlcohol: YesPros: Beautiful décor, serves food, pay per view events, special club events, best security detail both inside and outside Ive ever seenCons: PastiesOverall: Great club! I dont care for pasties, but I had a good time. Highly recommended

Review №6

The food is great. 1/2 pound burger with fries. Better than any drive thru. The size and taste beats any burger Iv had in Columbus in this price range. Minimum is basically $13 to get in the door and get a drink and lunch. It’s worth it. Been there twice during the early shift, both times I left happy. The ladies know what they are doing , in a professional manner of course

Review №7

I’m a dancer and iid like to at least actually call the facility the one posted isn’t recent And have tried for 3 days now

Review №8

It was a horrible experience. The female bartender ignored me when I asked for a drink. Then she did not give me a free bowl of popcorn but gave everyone else one. And the dancers completely ignore me as well. So much disrespect. They all need to be fired IMMEDIATELY. Especially the girl at the bar. So unprofessional and ignorant. After an hour I left. NO ONE SHOULD BE READY TO LEAVE AFTER AN HOUR. The place needs to be shutdown permanently.

Review №9

Are you guys open again now because my 25th birthday is next week and I wanted to come????????

Review №10

I am from New Jersey so visited few clubs in Ohio. This clup have a dress code, how one suppose to know. Girls are not very entertaining. Bar is good. Too many if and else to enter in the club. Dance are for very short duration and charges are high. I use to think New Jersey is pricey but Columbus top the list.

Review №11

Great place. Always have fun there. Girls are nice and mangers are always nice even when u get a ltttle tipsy and loud. Never had a problem there and Ive been several times. They have a bartender named Jenny and she is without a doubt the most beautiful girl in the world

Review №12

Worst club I’ve ever been to was almost forced to buy a drink even though they have a $10 cover charge, then The waitress cop an attitude because we were interested in a drink and pretty much told us to leave. Never going back there!

Review №13

Worst welcome everI visited this place with my two other friends few days back. We got the worst welcome at the door it self. They charged $20 each for VIP area and they have a fatty bouncer at main door he is very rude and unprofessional. The way he was speaking to us was inappropriate and unprofessional. We showed our id card to another bouncer who was keeping our record in register. He asked us to give our jackets to that rude bouncer and he will hang it there to keep it safe. We took our id card and kept in our wallet, we took out our jackets and given it to that rude person he started asking show your id card. We said ok hold this let me take it out he denied to hold jacket. When we showed him our id card he took our jacket and blocked the VIP entrance asking us to move aside and we were observing his behavior, he was telling other bouncers that small nuts came here directly from high school. One of my friend said to him we are adult and earning professionals, its none of your business where we spend our money. Its an advise to management please ask your rude, fat bouncers to mind his own business, we know our limits and we tried to be professional doesnt mean he treat people like this. We are your clients and we are source of income for him, I dont earn a single penny from your club but such bad people in your club spoils peoples mind and ruin their day which reflects as low rating.

Review №14

Took my husband there and we had a great time. Expensive date night but they do their job well. So so well.

Review №15

The owner probably is cool but you should not let certain people in your doors nor should you trust everyone.

Review №16

The day girls are better looking than most of the night girls, but overall its a pretty good club. Ohio laws prohibit contact dances, but they do their best to please you. :) they have a great happy hour and very attractive bartenders. They serve food also, but its nothing to brag about. This club is definitely worth checking out.

Review №17

Love Sirens!Dont get to go very often but when I do I have a great time!Have spent the last 2 New Years Eve there and it was Awesome!Ive always went with a boyfriend or male friend and always treated just as well as the guys were.I like the smoking area outside also,especially in the winter,its somewhat heated. I havent tried the food yet but hopefully next time

Review №18

Was nicer than I expected. Girls were very friendly. Will most certainly go back. Only downfall was my prescription sunglasses got swiped/lost. Not sure how since I only had 3 beers which is nothing. Called Next Day since this was the only place I went to and not luck of finding them.

Review №19

Is this a 18+ or 21+

Review №20

Last night was my friend & I very first time at a strip club & everyone was so welcoming! We fell in love with the place, dancers are beautiful & talkative drinks were easy to get & of course delicious. Definitely will become our new spot.

Review №21

After I visited other club in Columbus, this is the only good one during day time.This place was awesome. The manager was very good and I really liked this place but the owner really sucks.They charge me $7 to get in but ticket they give me at entrance provides us food up to $20. Girls are OK for day time.

Review №22

The drinks are way overpriced. Food is good. The nicest prettiest sweetest sexiest gal with a sexy body and buttowski is Kennedy. I love her a lot.

Review №23

Nice place but the ribs are tough. When are they going to be dog friendly??!

Review №24

Decent club, make sure you get a dance from a girl named Wendesday, small gothic looking girl. She kisses in the private room and will make every dollar worth it, even got her phone number so Id say worth the trip from Dayton!

Review №25

Always had a great time each time I came here. Recommended.

Review №26

Okay can I just say....Wow Sirens has some seriously good food. I had the chicken and mushroom masala and I was not disappointed. Our bartender Jessica was very sweet and engaging, and the girls were friendly and hot. Our cover was cheap and it includes a drink and a meal voucher. If youre an adult looking for a solid lunch and dancers head to Sirens.

Review №27

Pretty good strip club. Drink specials are awesome food is fairly priced and good. The girls are nice and good looking. Even the management was amazing!!

Review №28

If your black there is no need to come to this business. The only way any of these chicks will speak to you is if they think you can supply their drug fix. Sad day when you can’t spend money in a strip club.

Review №29

Don’t keep your card open with them, they can charge you any , even when you ask them the itemized detail they don’t give .Spend almost 250$ and asked for the itemized bill the guys start telling you that you don’t have money let me give you a dollar.Big liars and crooks .Don’t ever go......horrible experience

Review №30

I wanna thank the staff and the ladies our residents had an amazing time was met by very fine and courteous people I would recommend this place to anyone and the girls are very beautiful and kind, and thanks to the nice man who bought all of our guys a dance you rock.

Review №31

Never felt cheated. Always having a amazing time. Bartenders are amazing and fun to talk to don’t forget beautiful.

Review №32

Thats a no in every way possible. This town is full of much better clubs.

Review №33

Girls were good looking and that was it. Centerfold gentlemans club its better compared to this one.

Review №34

Place is pretty good. I will be back

Review №35

Have had a great experience every time Ive gone. if you go get a dance from Mindi or Rain they are both beautiful blondes they will leave u satisfied.

Review №36

I love how daddy-g swung around the pole like a majestic Swan. Performances like that remind me of how I met the love of my life. I cant wait till he gets home ;). Kanye was cool too, made it rain on us. The thong song is preferred.

Review №37

I went to siren on a Monday night I was not impress.The dancers was not that much attracted,and the waitress was kind of rude to me when I ask for the correct change back after I got a beer. Compare to the strip clubs I been to up in Cleveland this was very amateurish and third or fourth rated club.

Review №38

Best place to come to and have a great time! Dancers are awesome, hot and awesome to hangout with!a

Review №39

Dont bother! The girls cant show you anything, they must have lost a license being that ALL the girls have tape on their nipples .

Review №40

Everytime i go in here with my husband we have a horrible time. The food is either under or over cooked. The girls only come talk to you when the club makes them by trying to get you to buy dances. And the drinks are small watered down over priced crap. I have given this place a few chances time and time again and still no change. I definitely will never come back. If i were you id visit one of the many other dance clubs.

Review №41

Worst place to visit. They charge you almost double for nothing. Bloody theives. Stay away from this shi-y place.

Review №42

All the girls are robots. They are in a single line to get a lap dance. No one knows how to entertain on the pole. Came in on a Sunday night right when they opened and drink prices over priced for a small water downed drink. Horrible club

Review №43

You know its bad when a strip club when they dont advertise their dancers, but instead advertise their food and door prizes. Their currently bragging like crazy that they will have midgets and comedians for new years. I cant make this stuff up

Review №44

Im an Adult Entertainment conisour having traveled near and far and Im taking this time to share with my fellow gentlemen about my experiences with this hot spot.Mindi is the absolute best dancer hands down. Blonde, blue eyes, stunningly beautiful body...she will have you begging for more!I can honestly say that shes tons of FUN, genuinely attentive and naturally seductive in ALL the right ways. Im very picky as to i spend my hard earned money with...and all I know is that Mindi never leaves me feeling disappointed or hustled...if you want the REAL deal, do yourself a favor and get dances with this professional.

Review №45

Nice girls, terrible place. The place has potential for being awesome, but the girls were happy to just chat instead of dance. We went to the big stage, the dancer was literally sitting on a box when we rounded the corner. When we walked in, she got up and started to clean the two poles. Pretty fancy. Paid $15 each for entry as VIPs. Total waste. The normal cover of $10 each is a waste. THEN, when we were ready to leave 15 minutes after we arrived, I asked the door guy to call a taxi. INSTEAD, he called a random foreign guy in an unmarked van. NO thanks. Had a small argument with the driver because Im not getting in a gypsy cab, I dont care that hes been driving for them for 5 years. I want a REAL taxi that has a license and might be safe. I brought my wife to this place as our first time in a strip club. Thanks for making that suck completely. Not recommended. Go up to the X Gentlemens club. WAY better dancers

Review №46

I love working here. Everyone compliments the leopard print and my love handles. I love how the doors are so small that I get to shimmy in through them, Kanye thinks its all part of the act and makes it rain even more on me. I love dancing to Cherry Pie, Right Thurr, somewhere over the rainbow, and the Thong song. XOXOXOXOThe original Daddy-G String

Review №47

This venue is one of the worst places I have ever been. One of the managers there, Chad, is incredibly rude and disrespectful. On four separate occasions over the course of the night I saw him curse at patrons, harass the employees and just generally be a terrible person. Not to mention the fact that there were no pretty dancers. If you are trying to be entertained, go to Kahoots or Vanity dont ever spend a dime in this place!!!

Review №48

Girls were subpar at best.Drinks were watered down.One waitress spilled my drink, and didnt feel the need to make it right.Disappointed in almost aspect of my rest visit there, and it will surely be my last.

Review №49

Very very mean strippers customer service unprofessional

Review №50

If you buy into stormy Daniels your denial in being a murican is undeniable

Review №51

Rude staff dont waste your time they dont let women in!!!!!

Review №52

I go here almost everyday.....

Review №53

Gotta tip to take a piss

Review №54

This place is great. I went here last night with my two friends and we are 20,19,19 and its our first strip club and we went in ready to be disappointed, but boy howdy were we wrong. This place was completely empty. The girls werent really doing much cause no one was there but once we walked in we were just swarmeddddd! They all perked up and came at us at once and 80% were very friendly and tried to get us to come with them for a lap dance. The other 20% kinda seemed zoned out(pretty sure they were high or something). Some Very attractive girls (Lauren&Audrey especially)but a lot of them reek of cigarettes. There were like 15 girls and they sat with us and tried their hardest to convince us by rubbing us and trying particularly to get any of us that looked like we were gonna cave and get a dance. On Tuesday its 2 songs for 40 and honestly its soooo worth it. I got 2 dances and so did one of my other friends. They are very accommodating and good towards first timers. They all wear nipple pasties but you honestly dont even notice most of the time. The 2 girls I had were very....skilled and personal. We loved the attention and honestly we let some of the issues slide such as1.The girls on stage were sometimes on their phone or not really into it and kinda lounged around.2.the constant barrage of hey wanna buy this lady a drink!3.water is 6.75The girls overall may not average out to be like 8/10 looks wise but to each there own as I found some very attractive while my friends differed in opinion. Overall id say this place is 7/10. The women are friendly and great but some of the prices for things are outrageous and the guy you need to pay using a card for a dance is very rude to patrons and dancers. Of highly recommend getting Audrey or Harley when you go. We are definitely going back as soon as we get enough god damn money lol.

Review №55

I chose this as my first strip club and it was ok . But my friend gat rip off . One of the girls came up to us and offer a 2 song for 40 but took advantage of my frind cause he didnt speck english. She charge him 80 for 1 song . I didnt let it get to me cause we just wanted to injoy the night. The 5 dollars shoot tray is good but if u ask for a shot from a waitress its 9 dollars .

Review №56

Yeesh. Ohio strip club laws are draconian. Dont bother.

Review №57

This place is awesome with fair prices, the only problem you will get with this “imp” manager, rude and racist for sure, charged us 15$ for entrance at 3:30am saying there are 17 girls inside supported by his fellow bodyguard, after going inside saw only 5 or 6 girls felt cheated with this “halfman “ , i read all the reviews before i came here , everything they say about this fellow is true !

Review №58

My car was broken into while inside. They made an announcement about a White 2door Chevrolet management needed to talk to you. They were looking for me the only problem was I had a White 4door Dodge so security couldnt even describe my car right, then when I told the front door bouncer he said we tried to get a hold of you then told me tough luck time to go. When I was leaving a guy you saw the whole thing came back and told me what the two people that broke on my car look like and what kind of car they were driving it was a man and a woman and he said the woman look like she was a dancer there.

Review №59


Review №60

As a traveler I stopped by here in Ohio and almost left the place until I met Ramona . No one with a mind quite like hers if your looking for a mind blowing experience come here, beauty and brains

Review №61

Liars and thieves!

Review №62

Not recommended

Review №63

Over charge.

Review №64

I tried getting work there the manger said he would be calling me he never did I needed that job

Review №65

Girls are nasty theres a chance of possibly catching something just from being in the rooms home for hepatitis

Review №66

Kylie from California

Review №67

Worst club ever please close it down

Review №68

This place gets it done

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2.9 Rating
  • Address:6190 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43231, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 614-797-2000
  • Adult entertainment club
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Working hours
  • Monday:11am–2:30am
  • Tuesday:11am–2:30am
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  • Thursday:11am–2:30am
  • Friday:11am–5am
  • Saturday:11am–5am
  • Sunday:6pm–2:30am
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