Eldorado Showroom
345 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89501, United States
Review №1

I dont think there is a bad seat in the house.Seen a few shows here and loved them all so far.

Review №2

Small venue and most seating will allow a good view of the stage.The first couple rows in front of stage for most shows is Cabaret style with the rest of seating theatre style.Avoid the first row of the Theatre seating as it is the same level (not stepped up) as the Cabaret and your view of the stage may be obscured.Seats were comfortable for average 1 1/2 hour performance.Seating arrangement does vary with the Venue so be sure to check the seating map before your purchase.

Review №3

Saw the Christmas Wonderland show! So much fun and energy! Singing and dancing are superb! Take your family!

Review №4

Eldorado has the best shows ever. Take it from me and go watch The Illusionist. And then after you can enjoy Eldorado, for more fun!

Review №5

Saw the Cirque Paris show. Very entertaining!!!!

Review №6

We seen the illusionist, it was a pretty good show. We enjoyed it very much the only con I have to nag about is the fact the restrooms are so far apart.

Review №7

Saw The Illusionist s. Great show. gave them a credit card and sure enough 30 days later they added a charge for the same amount to my credit card. Hadnt been there in over a month. Still working on getting my money back. Two star because the shows good but be real cautious about your credit cards there.

Review №8

Its s great place. Beautiful theatre. Great seating great so but and Great staff.

Review №9

The Eldorado Showroom is a must-see! Its one of the very best things to do in Reno. The shows weve been to here have been nothing short of outstanding. Its an awesome spot for date night. Some of our best memories were made here.The showroom itself has a classic Broadway-style design with an atmosphere that you could only achieve after decades of hosting some of the best acts in the world.Theres a bar in the theatre, but I always forget its there because Im too into whats going on. They tend to have a slight preshow before and very entertaining hosts too.Everyone that works the shows are very welcoming. They go out of their way to make sure you have a great experience. If I could give this more stars, I would.

Review №10

Tremendous show and theater accommodation wonderful. The night we attended was a fabulous show. The MC was funny, thorough and bonded with the audience. His interactions with 4 children was fun and appropriate. I want to see the show again. I also want to bring along some friends. Stanton Gillon

Review №11

I enjoyed seeing Cirque Paris here in this theatre.The bathrooms are close by, out the door and down the elevator, so thats very convenient. Before the show, they have a bar and a chance to buy snacks as well to keep you occupied while you wait for the doors top open.The theatre is intimate, with a bar set up in the middle as you walk down to your seats. As the show starts, the bar becomes part of the stage, so that was cool to see.If you buy the stage seating, be aware that they add a row of surprise seats in front of you when the show starts. Those folks had little stickers that gave them front row access, for some reason, so what we thought were front row seats really werent. Not sure wed buy those seats again, to be honest.The show itself was entertaining, and there were some real death-defying stunts done. I would recommend you see it, though maybe dont get the stage seating.

Review №12

We saw The Illusionists for our anniversary - absolutely INCREDIBLE. I couldve seen it again and again!

Review №13

What a great show.....Excellent cast will miss them

Review №14

Its a Reno Classic. Roxys Happy Hour for a Martini while listening to Vic and Bobby on piano and saxophone is like being in a movie.

Review №15

The show at the Eldorado illusionist was wonderful. I recommend everyone to see it. My kids and I had a wonderful time.

Review №16

Great Christmas show! Great for the whole family!

Review №17

The room was indeed intimate! We started out in row k, but the guys behind us were drunk and/or stoned out of their minds so were also super loud. We ended up relocating up to the cheap seats which were actually quite fine, and had a good view. Strange that you have to buy your booze outside, but thats just how they roll.

Review №18

I saw the Cirque Paris here and this review is for that show. It was alright . The performers were impressive in their feats. The whole show somehow added up to okay for me. Was it worth the price if admission? Not so sure!

Review №19

Small setting so all seats are great.

Review №20

We always love seeing a show here when we come to Reno. With a meal discount the day of show using your ticket stub, its a great value as well. Cirque Paris was a blast! Cant wait to see what youll have on stage next time were in town!

Review №21

We have a fantastic time watching the Illusionists. At the end of one of the tricks, it was so Intense it had my mom crying.

Review №22

Small but good view and entertaining.

Review №23

Wonderful show wonderful experience and they gave me a senior discount who could ask for anything more

Review №24

Great experience. Nice seats. Really fun show. Ticket staff were very helpful.

Review №25

The show itself, Cirque Paris, when our view wasnt blocked by DRUNKS ALLOWED TO STAND and BLOCK OUR VIEWS, was very entertaining. Paid for what should have been exceptional seats, then they set up a row of seats in front of us, with drunks who apparently thought they were part of the show!!The show started with their money maker, a bar was open while waiting for the show to start. This got several people well lit, who stood up during many portions of the show blocking several peoples views! What could have been a very good show, was ruined by the drunks!

Review №26

Nice family Christmas show

Review №27

The Unbelievables show was awesome Evie Claire was fantastic.

Review №28

Saw the Illusionists. FABULOUS.

Review №29

Great show.

Review №30

Beautiful show.

Review №31

Small venue. Current show, Cirque Paris is unique and enjoyable. Not sure it is worth the price.

Review №32

I got to meet a couple that was on Americas Got Talent

Review №33

Fantastic venue and show.

Review №34

Great show.

Review №35

No bad seats, looks very rustic and staff is very nice and restroom and bar real close

Review №36

The illusionist was an amazing show !!

Review №37

We saw Cirque de Paris here. Great show!

Review №38

Great shows been there 2 times both times exceeded my expectations

Review №39

Went and saw the cirque Paris show, it was well worth the money.

Review №40

Excellent show, recommended everyone see it.

Review №41

Awesome show! Cirque Paris! Definitely a must see!!!!!

Review №42

I loved this show.

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Review №44

Awesome place!

Review №45

Wonderful experience!

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Thank u

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