Mens Club of Reno
270 Lake St, Reno, NV 89501, United States
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Amazing place good times

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I went to this club 2x in the last few years. Both times I was happy. First time I came here in a limo with my dad, and his friend. The upper staff were wonderful to us. And the lap dance was $20 but long enough to be happy. The second time I came here, I came with a friend. I called the club to set up a limo to come get us at our hotel, but they sent a Cadillac Escalade. We both were disappointed, but that didnt stop us. Place was the same as last time, I got my lap dance from one girl still for $20. My friend went crazy and spend his money on an expensive private dance. He was happy and couldnt believe it. We may go here again if he wants to.

Review №3

The chicken fingers were pretty bad and the place was not well suited for non-men like myself.

Review №4

Pros- women were attractive.Cons- drinks double in price at 7 pm, women are very aggressive for money, news flash just because you sit with me doesn’t mean I owe you a damn thing. And I was courteous about it.

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Great fun after a game or show ...... the only problem is going on the weekend. It will be packed and a little rowdy with too many that are just there to look. The food has always been excellent !

Review №6

The place is nice but the servers are mean and rude I ask for a dance from this little girl star and she gave me 2 dances and was pushing me to pay 100 dollar while each dance is 20 bucks. She was trying to cheat me and I left the club . Won’t go anymore and never suggest anyone .

Review №7

I didnt have a good experience here on my previous visit. My grip is against the management and to the performers that try to lie.A woman (performer) sat next to me and started ordering shots and asked me if I wanted one too. I said no thank you. I was drinking my beer that I bought earlier. Then the server gave me the bill and expected me to pay for it. If you’re going solo, I highly advise against it. They won’t mess with a group of 3 or more because people in groups are usually buying something. If you’re solo, you either buy lap dances or drinks or need to leave before they try and pull tricks on you because that place doesn’t like people that just sit around. The managers and staff are all in it as well as the performers. I give this place 2 stars instead of 1 because they have decent to good looking performers. I just don’t like their highly aggressive sales tactics. I mean, I get it looking at it as a business operator, money needs to be made.And don’t use your card either. Pay in cash or they’ll hold your card hostage unless you pay them what they want to get paid. The performers will try and say that you got more lap dances than what you requested. They tried that on me but I had witnesses that had my back. I got lucky. Also, those scare tactics don’t scare me nor the bouncers and I know my legal rights. You should brush up on your legal rights too if you step into this club. And carry cash only!! I cannot stress that enough. And tip your servers well! They have to put up with your bs and the managers bs on top of their real life bs.To the owner and management: Be excellent to your customers because that’s basic business 101: repeat customers come back because of excellent customer service. But then again, most of the people that work there never took a business course. YouTube is free. Sit down, pop open your beer and watch some short business videos. The servers and bouncers are cool.

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Sushi is surprisingly awesome. Drinks are also absolutely awesome. Bartenders are awesome. The bad? Some really old stripper named Veronica kept on harassing us and wouldn’t leave. The woman was literally old enough to be my mother. Was hoping a manager would shoo the beast away, but they never did. Fantasy Girls is a much better run club

Review №9

Hot girls, Bad prime rib , thin with a lot of fat, Could not cut meat.I Should of exchange it for a nice rib eye and I mean NICE.

Review №10

Ill start with the good.All the girls were hot. I didnt see one ugly one in the place. The areas I was in appeared clean. The girls make you feel comfortable.The bad.Its full of con artist. A dancer offered me a lap dance for 20 I agreed. Then she said for 130 id get a private dance. I agreed. She asked if I wanted another beer. I agreed. 20 mins later after hearing all about her time in Venezuela. she finally started dancing for 5 minutes and my time was up. The beers were 9 dollars each and without asking me the dancer ordered herself a beer on my tab. Bouncer comes in and hands me a bill for 153. I mentioned the 20 bucks I gave her and they said that was for the lap dance I never got. She said for 520 shed take me in the other private room and she would guarantee my satisfaction I got a beer and a geography lesson for $173. Stay away from private dances. Not worth it

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Great service, drinks, wonderful food, and beautiful dancers!

Review №12

I have been visiting the Mens Club in Reno once a month for about seven month. I have found the staff there very kind and professional, from the manager to the gentlemen that seat you. My two favorite waitress are Athena and Sam. Always know my name when I walk in. Now to the fun stuff. The girls are very beautiful, and yes theyer sharks in there. A term the girls taught me. I find a lot arent and is willing just to sit and chat. My to special girls are Lacy and Grayson, not once have they said no!!!!! But all and all the girls there I believe should be tipped for there hard work and remember this is a business. Best Gentlemens Club by far. Thanks

Review №13

This place needs to be shut down! Both the owner of this place and the girls are playing a con game. After paying $700, the girls leave and dont come back. When you report to the management. They tell you they have no idea of what you are saying. And they dont do anything. This place should be called Mens Fraud House of Reno

Review №14

Two girls took my $652 for a private dance. Left without giving me one. Dont ever go here. This place is a fraud. It is a TERRIBLE PLACE!!! Dont even try. I dont even believe this kind of place still exist in America, where your money is taken from you, in the open and there is nothing you can do about it. You are going to regret it, just as I am doing right now. I should never have been there in the first place.

Review №15

Sushi was good. My first waiter was fabulous. Second was OK. The dancer I had my eye on was nice. But she vanished. I gave up because the other girls were too pushy. I didnt want to ruin the review over the girls. But this review had potential to be so much lower.

Review №16

I asked for more crab with my sushi and If I could have it for free or do I have to pay for it and the sushi guy acted like I was crazy or something askin if extra crab cost more an spoke to me very disrespectfully. It’s a restaurant I didn’t think it was that absurd to add something to my order

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Best place to watch Monday night football. Staff of talented professionals. Goodtimes.

Review №18

Place had some good girl there. Only down fall is that they expect you to buy drinks to stay in the main room if not they will kick you out. Even if your paying or waiting for a girl to give you a dance. I recommend you to not good to this place if you not trying to drink

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Horrble. We went here as our plan B for my cousins bachelor party. The waitress was very rude and impatient. She had a really bad attitude, after having words with her over how long she took to bring our drinks, we ended asking to speak with the manager. He came out with a careless attitude and wanted to put us in VIP for free. However we decided to leave though our mood was blown. The whole situation caused a big scene, seeing that we were the only black guys in there that night, it seemed to turn the strippers on though as they were begging us not to leave. BTW, we were visiting from Chicago for my cousins wedding. Some hospitality...

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Best place in Reno, hella beautiful friendly ladys, someone 4 everyone, great Variety

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The girls are cute and they have a Gouda burger. Ive spent a lot of singles in this place. Lol

Review №22

Hates the military. Stay away

Review №23

Place is a scam

Review №24

Melody is FANTASTIC!! I will never forget my time in Reno!

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Worst experiance ever, never ever spend your money and waist your time here.I got dance with a girl and then after couple of dance she disappeared adn then I found out that she is giving dance to someone else cuz may he was paying more but she told me that she wants to use the restroom.never ever trust this place. I called the manager the manager was very rude and he said it happens all the time here like that.I dont recommend this place to anybody dont waist your money and time. try other clubs in town.

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Service suck. Dont waste your time or money

Review №27

Fun times were had...and how!

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Me and my friend were here las night and 2 girls wanted to give us a privatr lap dances $300 each one they took the money and told us will be right back and they left with our money $600 total dont go here

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Worst place i have ever been. The girls hustle you and try to make people pay way to much. The girls hop on you and ride for 5 min and want like 80 . Then wana do the vip room and say it 400 and more buck. Avoid at all cost.

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Pool table is spot on

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Dumb waste your time and money

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Ive never been here...

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Pubes.... Everywhere!

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Very good

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A large selection of food, and the food is delicious. The staff is very friendly. A good selection of music. A good lay out of the dance floor. The dancers are very friendly. A large selection of drinks. Prices are very reasonable.

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