Fantasy Girls
1095 E 4th St, Reno, NV 89512, United States
Review №1

I have never in my LIFE written a review but I have to write a review on this place. I wish I could give this place no stars. The management Scott, Vanessa, and especially Michael are the RUDEST most disrespectful, most unprofessional people I have ever met in my life. On top of that they are operating as strip club when they are not supposed to be. There are maybe 5 girls there at any given time and they are unattractive and can’t dance. If you want to go to a strip club that’s actually worth it go to wild orchid.

Review №2

Some nice girls. Beware of Bulgarian dancer.

Review №3

1st time there and I enjoyed it. Staff was polite even made a new friend. Drinks are slightly costly, but overall was good.

Review №4

You’ve got to be kidding me. There’s about 12 guests here. And 1 dancer ? Yeah she’s MIA. Stay away from this waste of time.

Review №5

Amazing place. Roxy will make you feel brand new (especially if you are Canadian). Get a private session, you will go in a boy, come out a man.

Review №6

The reason you see the girls sitting on their phone (as mentioned in previous reviews) is there must not be any money which means no one is spending any and the girls have to pay $50+ in order to work there, would you guys show up and work for free? So maybe tip the girls on stage and there will be a better morale in the club, you don’t work for free and neither do these girls! Trust me they’re a lot nicer once you’re tipping even just a few dollars and so they know you aren’t wasting their time!!! Cheers!

Review №7

This place had a great vibe!! Music was poppin lol and the dancers are amazing!!!!

Review №8

Really bad, nobody goes up to dance besides very very few. All of the girls either sit there and do nothing in groups or they stay with the same guy for hours. I saw one girl legit stop dancing after 20sec and take her phone out, and proceeded to play on her phone for her stage time.....I strongly recommend you Take your money elsewhere.....

Review №9

I went to fantasy girls their price was very high when I asked a girl for a sofa dance and I did that after that I went to buy a drink and touched my pocket I couldn’t find my wallet to pay so I talked to their staff they said they will help finding it but they didn’t and one of they girls she said that she saw a black girl who was working as dancer there picked up my wallet so she was the girl who did the sofa dance.So I talked to management they said come after they close I didn’t sleep that night until 7 a.m they were closing 07:00 am even after they closed I went there nothing found they said come back tomorrow after 11:00 am so went back still nothing I had the worst experience in my life there most of their girls are doing this stealing stuff be careful or you can go another place I highly recommend

Review №10

First time and wow what a great experience, thank you Max for giving me my first dance.

Review №11

They steal your money. Dont go to this place ever!

Review №12

Went there and front desk lady was very mean and wanted to charge me 40 dollars for entrance and refused to give me the receipt and I will never suggest and try this place anymore. stay away from these scams.

Review №13

One of the females stopped dancing out of no where an just pulled her phone out on stage an just sat there. The females here just sit around with there feet up an looked doped up. They sit wit the same ppl for like an hr. I would recommend you take your Money An time somewhere else ... disgusting place an desperate girls ....

Review №14

Cover charge was okay cause it gave us free entry to another establishment.. Wild Orchid. . Friendly staff.. friendlier dancing gals. First timers for all of us..

Review №15

Visited Reno for a day and decided to stop by. Spending your money here is a great way to give back to the community.

Review №16

The Uber and Lyft drivers take a lot of customers there who Im sure tip the girls. However, these girls dont tip their drivers and the servers when the go to restaurants. I will make sure i talk to every driver i know and make sure they avoid taking any more passengers there whenever possible. Btw...the dancers that Ive taken there, uhmmm YUCK!!

Review №17

Whats up with the reviews (several) about guys leaving with missing wallets? Been in this position and not fun! Was going to stop in until I read these reviews

Review №18

I brought my brother for brothers night out and we were greeted with 2 beautiful enertainers....Julie and Celeste.....they made the night fantastic......great club the manager Kenny was very welcoming and the waitress Hannah served the best service.....:) best place...

Review №19

Go to the wild orchid theyre much more accommodating and cover is betterThis place is in a very sketchy part of town with just as questionable guests and girlsA few of them seemed to have a secret hand shake that they would preform of the same gentlemen after getting a big tip.... must just be a secret club hand shake right?

Review №20

Visited this place while on vaca in Reno, went in with my fiance. The club is beautiful and the girls are even more beautiful than the club itself.Drink prices are high but thats to be expected, next time we will pre game at home and Uber there. Would have much rather spent that money on a girl.The girls are very friendly and ALOT of fun!BEST LAP DANCES IN RENO BY FAR!!!Definitely check this club out if you are in Reno, you wont be disappointed...My only advice....If you are looking for a more intimate experience with a dancer then pass on the VIP Couches and go for the private booths... Its only $50 more than the couches and you will have your favorite dancers undivided attention and she will get alot closer than on those couch dances...just my opinion...Overall, my fiancee and I havent had this much fun at a strip club since Vegas, and the girls are hotter too!!!Thank you for such a great night, we cant wait to come back!!!!

Review №21

Id have to say London and jamela were the prettiest girls at the club me and my friend did a private with them and must say couldnt have been more pleased

Review №22

Great first time for me turned 21!!! Great place to hit up in Reno

Review №23

I loved the two sister ask for them. great time

Review №24

Wife and I enjoyed our visit. Girls were friendly especially with the wife , Unusual here in denver. Prices ok but door is too high though. Got wife private dance well worth 100 for three songs even let me watch. We do wish we knew about suites first songs like fun. We cant wait to go back next trip to reno.

Review №25

These Girls are amazing! Great atmosphere! If your in Reno hit it up, the best one in town

Review №26

Sitting here for an hour & only 2 girls have danced, over priced beer & not a single girl has approached me, the bartender hasnt asked if Id like another beer, not what I expected

Review №27

Expensive cover charge then waited 25mins for a girl to come on stage. If you like rookie first timers go here.

Review №28

Go to key club or orchid, much more proffessional and more variety.

Review №29

So we walked down to a strip club damn near in Sparks to look at some dancing girls. After we pay our cover, we walk in to find out that all they are doing is watching UFC fighting on TV. No dancing girls. Kinda bummed. They will not give us our cover back. This blows.

Review №30

Lost my wallet here , and Im pretty sure a dancer picked it up .

Review №31

Girl from the front desk was being rude didnt even let us in only because she didnt felt RIGHT

Review №32

Piss Poor

Review №33

The girl at the front desk didnt let as in even though we had bracelets from wild orchid only because she thought we didnt IDs

Review №34

Lot of girls lots of poles lots of booty... Expensive cover charge

Review №35

Exelente..nice girls and service

Review №36

Had water thrown on me, buddy got slapped in the face by one of those strippers. Mgmt refused to do anything.

Review №37

All I have to say is... yuk. Way too expensive to see some nasties

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