Adam & Eve Stores
7520 Longley Ln, Reno, NV 89511, United States
Review №1

Just what you want at a sex and lingerie store, comfortable atmosphere and pleasant staff.

Review №2

Super friendly staff very helpful great selection of videos and fun lingerie to impress the hubby. It was super fun cant wait to visit again.

Review №3

Excellent service and comfortable and clean environment. Jasmine was wonderful, she explained and showed me different options until I found something I liked.

Review №4

Called ahead to ask if we could bring our 1 1/2 year old daughter with us. She don’t know the difference between a play toy and a light saber! We were told it was ok as long as she was under 3. We drove 45 min from Silver Springs only to be told we could not go upstairs to the toys. What’s the point then? They could’ve told us on the phone that we had to stay downstairs. Even though they had a $ex machine and a pink toy on display as you walk in the door! Our daughter knows 3 words, she’s not going to be corrupted! Thanks for a wasted day!

Review №5

Wide variety, Male and female friendly. Awsome employees had a great experience.

Review №6

I was rather worried about going in to such a store, but the staff was helpful and non judgmental.

Review №7

Fantastic service! Brittany and Lloyd are so helpful and friendly. Very clean store and easy to navigate.

Review №8

Brittany was super helpful! I found everything I needed and more. Definitely will be coming back.

Review №9

Hi Mason here with Google just walking by adding videos

Review №10

Awesome customer service! I needed a new charger for my massager and I went in and bought the one they had. Came home and it wasn’t the right one. When I went back Lloyd told me if I brought in my massager he was willing to find one that would work. So the next day I came back and he had a whole box of chargers. Lloyd tried one until it fit and it works! Didn’t charge me for it either! He’s the best, will definitely be going back!

Review №11

This place is awful. Customer service sucks and a girl at the counter was rude. I had to call website to return. Absolutely unprofessional staff. The product is awesome, disappointed with service!! Never will return ever!

Review №12

Loyd hooked it up. Spent a lot of money and he made sure it was worth it. My girl and I are totally satisfied

Review №13

Love this store. The staff is so friendly and make you feel comfortable. Good selection of toys and lingerie.

Review №14

Best adult shop ever...Sara with no H was so helpful and utterly amazing! Highly recommend it!

Review №15

The staff was so knowledgeable about every toy and so open! Good experience!

Review №16

This was my first time coming in looking for something to wear, I was really nervous but Ariel was very helpful and super sweet and made me feel very comfortable!

Review №17

Great place overall! Im not one to venture off to a new place but Im glad I did. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by Shari. She was very informative and aware that I was new to this whole scene. After a nice conversation, she not only opened my eyes up but introduced some new ways to help out with my girlfriend and I. Love the location, everyone was all smiles. Special thanks goes to Shari for all the help one could ask for. Highly recommend this place and Ill definitely be going back because of the great one on one experience I had.

Review №18

I first asked to return an item from the Adam and Eve website customer service because an item did not fit my wifes needs. Quite frankly, my wife felt the item did not work as intended. The customer service folks at Adam and Eve informed me that since it was purchased from the store in Reno, Nevada I would need to contact them. I was a little perplexed as I thought that the 100% satisfaction guarantee was in effect at an Adam and Eve site be it web-based or brick and mortar. Long story short is, that the brick and mortar sites are franchises and do not necessarily adhere to the 100% satisfaction guarantee. Buyer beware. I did not see anything information in the store or on the web site stating the guarantee is not in effect at a store. You would think that the corporate would have an agreement on that the 100% satisfaction guarantee with its franchisees.Side note, the item (Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration) sells on line for $59.95. I paid $99.99 in the store.Our 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeWe understand that returns are sometimes necessary for a wide variety of reasons. As part of our ongoing mission to provide the best customer service possible, Adam & Eve is proud to be the only adult retailer to accept customer returns.Under our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, you can return any item on the site –excluding adult movies – for any reason whatsoever during the first 90 days of ownership. Our customer service representatives will work with you to come up with the best solution for your situation by replacing the original item, substituting a similar item in its place or refunding your money.If an item does not perform because of a manufacturer’s defect, then return it to us. We’ll replace it without charge.Adult DVDs can be returned only if they are unopened or faulty due to a manufacturer’s defect.

Review №19

Great place to buy adult speciality items.

Review №20

Was treated disrespectfully. I went in with high expectations of a professional sex shop experience but was sorely disappointed. They kept bothering me while I tried to browse, asking if I needed help. I kindly said I was still looking and didn’t need help, but I overheard them talking and giggling about me

Review №21

My boyfriend and I recently visited this store to buy a gift for a friend. As a whole I found it to be very clean and well organized. The reason for the poor rating is the experience we had. My boyfriend forgot his ID but asked if a picture of his passport would work. Understandably they still did not let him come in, so he went to the car to wait while I shopped. He came back a few minutes later with the picture of his passport handy (he originally thought they didn’t believe him.) Again they didn’t let him come in, which again was understandable. What was not okay was how the staff reacted.He had just wanted to verify with a manager that it wouldn’t pass and they were all extremely aggressive with him about it. As soon as he left they all began making fun of him, which was extremely distasteful and extraordinarily unprofessional. They were all scattered throughout the store and very vocally made fun of him for at least five minutes. They knew I came in with him and was still in the store, so they did it for the whole place (including myself) to hear. I completely understand them not allowing him to come in, but making fun of the situation was so unnecessary. We had already been planning to come back another time (with IDs) to buy other things, but it was such an embarrassing and rude situation that I don’t feel they deserve the returned business.

Review №22

Jay was awesome! Shes definitely a expert when it comes to this stuff. She made sure to answer all of my questions and I felt confident in my purchase after talking to her about it. Thanks!

Review №23

I was honestly not sure what to expect, since it was my first time visiting a sex shop, but WOW! Ask for Jay, shes an amazing help for first-timers looking for a fun and exciting spice to their love-life. She really knows her stuff when it comes to different lubes and on toys to have fun with. She pointed me in the right direction for a fun night!

Review №24

Jay and Brian were amazing!! They were both super helpful with myself and my boyfriend find the right toys and lube for us. We had a lot of laughs and learned a lot. Definitely going to be coming back! Thanks guys!!

Review №25

Best experience yet:) Cathy was so amazing and helped me with everything that I needed. Especially me being so shy, she made me feel comfortable and very secure and not so insecure .I plan on coming back for sure!!!! I highly recommend Adam and Eve for anyone whos looking for excitement.

Review №26

I love coming here and the customer service is always wonderful. Jay answered all the questions I had and was helpful every step of the way. The experience was great and Im sure Ill be back in again for future purchases!

Review №27

Amazing store! They were super patient and helpful. Their assortment is also rather large and more on the good quality type.

Review №28

This place is great! They have lots of choices to pick from, very good products. I felt very welcomed by the staff. Ask for Ivory shes really friendly and helped me out!

Review №29

Shari and Sara were so kind and helpful with our purchase and showed us exactly what we needed. Love coming to this store!

Review №30

Amazing customer service! As soon as i walked in i was greeted by Ashley . I was a little nervous walking in as it was a new experience for me. She asked me what i was looking for and she showed me around . Not only did she answer my questions but she was very helpful and kind also made me feel comfortable! Thank you!

Review №31

Regardless your personal deviant, adventurous, or outside of the normal vanilla preferences, the staff treated you like a human beings, was super helpful, and assisted my wife and I with respect and super helpful. Joe showed extreme patience with the wife from the overload of sheer choice and excitement. The store is well kept, the staff professional, and there was nothing sleazy, dirty, or made you left walking away feeling ashamed.

Review №32

Was just in the adam and eve store in Reno it was really nice inside! not dingy like other adult stores. Jay was so helpful, knowledgeable and didnt make me feel awkward in store. It was a nice visit. I will continue using this store!

Review №33

Very awesome store everyone is so helpful and nice. Amazing products! Special thanks to Brit!

Review №34

Michele excellent service knowlegsble

Review №35

Shari is amazing! So helpful and sweet. They have classy stuff and u dont find anywhere else im regi. Theyre inexpensive as well. My new place to shop

Review №36

Shari was extremely knowledgeable of the products and expectations of specifically what my wife and I were gadged for our date night. I would highly recommend this specific Adam and Eves for the experience I endured and the expertise she presented.

Review №37

Cathy was amazing. She helped me find what exactly I needed in order to be pleased. I had a lot of questions. She answered everything well. Store was great.

Review №38

Love the staff, suggestions, products, and classes. Fun place to be. Really relaxed. Have been to other stores of this type and wont go back. I will always come back to Adam and Eve.

Review №39

Great service very helpful very well-known of product. Jay she was great. Always will go back.

Review №40

Just want to say that Lizzy is phenomenal. She helped me figure out just what I wanted even though it meant unboxing like 7 different items for me... But I honestly couldnt be happier. I love the clean, safe, hygienic feel at this boutique. Cant wait to come back!

Review №41

The people and manager here are amazing. They’re super friendly and are very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I love this place

Review №42

Brit was awesome! She helped me with everything I needed and answered all my questions! Definitely recommended.

Review №43

I absolutely love this store. The employees are amazing. Greg the owner is so personable. Everyone is so knowledgeable. No creepy feel at all! You must visit to experience what Im talking about!

Review №44

Samantha and Shari were awesome! They helped with every question and need that we had.Excited to try our new products!

Review №45

I love it when greg holds classes. It make me and my boyfriend so adventurous. And i love sex education everyone needs to understand its sex and life.

Review №46

This place is super nice and he staff was super helpful!! One employee, jay, was particularly helpful and helped answer all of my questions and made me feel super comfortable throughout my experience.

Review №47

Fantastic place. So helpful. I am curious though if I can exchange a defective on line order at the Reno store. Quite frankly, I dont want to not have my butterfly kiss gone so long with shipping.

Review №48

Kathy gave the up most customer service experience. Helped answer all my questions. Vey helpful! Ill be coming back:)

Review №49

Awesome customer service, helpful frendly staff and good misic :) Brit helped me find the product that was right for me.

Review №50

This place offers educational classes once every month, 3rd Saturday I believe, that is great for couples to check out. The owner of the store is also great. Awesome location.

Review №51

Super awesome experience. Very experienced staff! Friendly as well

Review №52

Store is great, and anything you cant find in the store can be found on their online store. Staff is very friendly and helpful, Cathy helped me find exactly what i was looking for

Review №53

Jay and EJ are so helpful and informative. I came in with a lot of questions and walking out more informed and excited to play.

Review №54

Samantha was amazing! She was super helpful in answering all my questions. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №55

The place is fantastic and the help amazing (Shari) was curious and always with a smile. I will definitely be back.

Review №56

I had a great first experience here!! Everybody here was a great help and very friendly! Jay assisted me the whole way and was great!!

Review №57

Thank you desi very helpful. Great selection.....

Review №58

Great customer service(: love shopping here. J and Ej are great

Review №59

Jay was very knowledgeable about all the products in the store, especially about the lube. I know that any question I have can be answered by her!

Review №60

Adam & Eve is a beautiful two story building. I was able to find my Halloween costume there, all thanks to one of the ladies named Brit. It was surprisingly a very welcoming atmosphere compared to most stores, and certainly has one of the best toy selections in the area.

Review №61

Girls at adam and eve Jay and DJ were great helped me find what I needed thanks so much

Review №62

Great store. Good selection very helpful staff

Review №63

I came in to replace my wifes favorite toy that broke and ivory was so helpful in finding another one and even helped me walk through the warranty of the new toy and old one that broke. Now my wife will have two amazing products thanks to her!

Review №64

Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable

Review №65

Shari and Paige are extremely helpful and made it a great experience

Review №66

Jay and EJ were amazing! So helpful and sweet! Thank you!

Review №67

Ivory is amazing. Very attentive and professional. Will be back. :)

Review №68

Cathy was incredibly helpful and answered all of my questions!! It was a great experience, thank you!

Review №69

Brenda was wonderful and super helpful. Recommended many products

Review №70

Brittany is the best wouldn’t pick a better store in Reno

Review №71

This is the best place and the staff is very friendly

Review №72

Great store, and Ivory was a terrific host. Very tasteful and professional!

Review №73

Always fun. The owners are friendly and grate. Staff is vary helpful.

Review №74

Terrible place to purchase a product your unsure about. I bought a faulty device there and their policy is no exchanges or refunds....NO MATTER WHAT. I do Not recommend. Too risky for me

Review №75

Don’t buy anything here. If it is defective they will not allow you to return or exchange it. They will refer you to the manufacturer.

Review №76

Had a great experience and the customer service was top notch with a wide selection.

Review №77

I know greg from working at his new home and his family. I just recently stopped in his store to save my marriage i was truly at a lost and trying to figure out how to make the night all about my wife with no expectations of anything back. Tawny was extremely helpfull and knowledgeable and friendly to help me out i strongly feel this is going to save my marriage i am a newbie to this so tawny deserves more then recognition for helping me save my marriage if this works i will be shopping here all the time thanks you so much tawny and thank you greg for hiring tawny.

Review №78

Jay was awesome! Thanks ladies for all the help!

Review №79

Jay was super helpful in recommending some products!!

Review №80

Love this store, loads of excellent product for guys and gals!

Review №81

This is a beautiful store! Wow. Thanks for showing me around. So much stuff.

Review №82

J was so helpful and knowledgeable about the product that i was looking for.

Review №83

Each time I come in the staff is amazing laughable and just enjoyable. Samantha, Brian, Shari, Tawny are my fav workers

Review №84

Samantha was very helpful when we needed help finding the product we needed.

Review №85

Brian and Kathy were a great help. Thanks

Review №86

Samantha was kind and knew how to answer all of my questions. Very helpful!

Review №87

Now I see why all the reviews gave them 5 stars. My husband and I went in to look. The experience wasnt akward or uncomfortable. The gal who helped us was nice and knowledgeable. Great selection of products. We walked out happy with all of our new toys! Well you hafta celebrate your 20th anniversary some how;)

Review №88

Samantha helped me find a good gag gift

Review №89

Jay was such a big help. Awesome selection. :)

Review №90

Cathay was so helpful!! Great selection of products!

Review №91

Samantha was great helping me find what I needed!

Review №92

..Cathy is great, very helpful. Adam and Eve is an open friendly store

Review №93

Jay Was Fantastic With Helping Me Today

Review №94

Members very helpful. There is a variety of things and discounts.

Review №95

Jay was super helpful! Thanks for everything :)

Review №96

The outside of the building looks nice, the inside is clean, the staff is friendly and they pretty much anything youd need at pretty decent prices. My girlfriend had never been in an adult store before and she said this what was what she was hoping it would be.

Review №97

Jay was the best!! Helping and answering questions!

Review №98

This store is great! Cathy was so helpful!!

Review №99

Awesome place! Tawny was so helpful!

Review №100

Cathy was amazing!! Love this store!! Will definitely be back!!

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  • Address:7520 Longley Ln, Reno, NV 89511, United States
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  • Phone:+1 775-852-1162
  • Adult entertainment store
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Working hours
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  • Veteran-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Transgender safe space:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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