Manitowoc Lincoln Park Zoo
1215 N 8th St, Manitowoc, WI 54220, United States

Review №1

Great little zoo! My daughter and I go a few times a year. Be sure to donate when entering. Good variety of animals for the size.

Review №2

Beautiful morning walk in the zoo instead of around a block. Entry admission is donation. Nice little getaway stop and able to stay socially distant.

Review №3

I had only been to Manitowoc Lincoln Park Zoo in the winter months... Its heaven if you love nature, plants, water, small forest like paths.... I know I do and it was AMAZING! I cant wait to bring a group!!!! Lots of scenic areas to enjoy your hand packed lunch! Just make a donation! I did not see a suggestion for amount, but as with wait staff, be generous! Its the only way they can keep going! Have fun!

Review №4

It is a nice place if you are looking for something calm and familiar. There are some interesting animals but also some empty space

Review №5

Took my 3 kids here. A nice little place to spend some time looking at animals. Its free and I love the fact that they keep it going, still good folks in the world.

Review №6

Was fun watching the Ninas getting feed

Review №7

A great place to explore with kids. They have upgraded a lot. Best part? It’s free!

Review №8

I really enjoy this place. We take our 2 year old grandson and he can run and be able to see the animals. I hope they can get a few more animals.

Review №9

Its a small zoo, but free is free! The kids live going here, seeing the animals and playing on the park! We learn something new every time and the animals seem well taken care of.

Review №10

It is a perfect size for a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old. Animals were active.

Review №11

Nice place to visit wish could have seen more animals

Review №12

This is a great little zoo. You can spend 1.5-2 hours here and have a great time with young kids. The signs and displays were really good. The animals were active and the playground was a fun place to stop. The rest of the park has great picnic locations.

Review №13

Animals are very underweight. Habitats arent kept well clean and the staff was very very rude. Not impressed. Had the barn closed off 50 minutes before close as well.

Review №14

Nice small zoo, can walk in about an hour. They just ask for donations. Theres a playground for kids as well.

Review №15

Wonderful little city zoo that only asks for donations. Great natural setting!

Review №16

What a cute place and my granddaughter loved it.

Review №17

Its a great zoo,a lot of awesome animals

Review №18

Small,but great for a small town quick visit with the kids.

Review №19

Before little zoo with adorable animals!!

Review №20

What a fun place to spend time!

Review №21

Great small zoo. You dont have to look to hard to see all the animals.

Review №22

This is a simple and fun zoo. It’s free people and what they have to offer is really nice. Perfect scenery for this setting. Lots to do here with tennis and baseball fields! Fun to bike through too.

Review №23

I enjoyed seeing the animals and the wolf.

Review №24

Must be the pandemic or, budget cuts. Not many animals.

Review №25

Excellent little zoo! Not a ton of animals, but they have some good ones. Wasnt very busy the day we went so not much crowd. You could get pretty close to most animals. It is a free zoo who only asks for donations, so check it out and donate!

Review №26

Animals were sweet.

Review №27

There are reviews for the zoo; but I havent seen one for Lincoln Park. Lincoln Park is currently the largest park in the city. I remember using this park for a Boy Scout Jamboree. It consists of 101.75 acres, of which 69.79 acres is active parkland and 31.96 acres is conservancy parkland. It features a ball diamond, tennis courts, both facilities are well maintained. There are also nature trails and wildlife areas, off-street parking and the Lincoln Park Zoo. There is a small playground; and two or three (Im spacing here) cabins that are nice buildings and available for rent. The Little Manitowoc River runs along the east side of the park. I saw about a 100 dunlins (cute little guys) last spring. A little up river from the park, Ive seen some pretty impressive snapping turtles. I was there yesterday and saw least terns working the river. To summarize you can see some cool birds and animals here. The zoo is well kept. Ive volunteered there. But these types of zoos always bring me down. Animals in cages are just not my favorite thing. But for people who like their nature safe and contained, I guess this zoo serves its purpose.

Review №28

Great way to entertain the toddlers!!!

Review №29

I loved willow and sid cuddling

Review №30

Great zoo. You dont have to pay to park or go in the zoo. They do take donations though.

Review №31

I love coming here! An opprotunity for children to learn.

Review №32

Great place to take kids who are not ready for a large zoo with lots of walking. I wish there were more animals or animals that are more easily seen in the pens.

Review №33

Nice, free city ran zoo.

Review №34

Nice free zoo

Review №35

Great place to visit. They put on educational programs for the summer and events around holidays.

Review №36

Held Zoo Boo .. again! Great place .. great event! Highly recommend!

Review №37

Great place to stop if youre going through the area!

Review №38

Cute zoo. Always loved it as a kid. My kids love it too. Perfect size for them

Review №39

^ good place for your family and friends and lots of fun time with your family and friends picnic. In the parkBe for the summer months endsGet out with your family and friends.

Review №40

Very good drive thru Christmas lights

Review №41

Please update your hours online. My family and I drove up there from Sheboygan this Sunday because your online hours states that your open.

Review №42

Awesome zoo

Review №43

Not a lot of animals, but its free. Cant beat that. Cute place.

Review №44

Small not for profit zoo with an impressive collection. They do accept donations at the gate with recommended amounts of $2 for adults and $1 for children.

Review №45

Rented out a cottage for a birthday party and this place was absolutely perfect. Had everything we possibly needed and was very clean and well cared for.

Review №46

For a free attraction, it was great! We walked around and looked at some animals, but sadly a few were off display, like the bald eagle, but all in all we had a great time and well stop by again if we are in the area.

Review №47

It a very sad little area with very sad looking animals. Its always hard to judge the right intentions of good people, however the animals need bigger space or dont keep them.

Review №48

Small cages, animals look well taken care of and have things in their cages for entertainment. They zoo overall is pretty clean. Its free and fun for smaller kids.

Review №49

Great place for young kids! Free zoo but donations are suggeated. Go in the early morning for a peaceful walk and you will mostly have the zoo to yourselves. Plan to spend 1-2 hours here so not an all day activity. Small zoo but fun! They have wolves, buffalos, bald eagle, baby black bear, leopard, fish, bunnies, goats, sheep, pigs, prairie dogs, a pregnant cow, birds (turkey, geese, ducks, goose, etc), turtles, tour inside a working bee hive, and a snake. You cant feed or pet any animals. Several nice playgrounds on the property plus picnic tables. From what I could tell they might serve concessions but that wasnt open for our visit. Animals seemed well taken care of. Flush toilets are located inside the pavilion when you first enter the park. Also saw some literature on a Christmas light show they offer. I might be back to check that out!

Review №50

Always a great time, park, cabins and zoo. Confirmation party with family and friends, cabins are awesome

Review №51

Nice zoo for just working off donations.

Review №52

Good place to relax and have a beer

Review №53

Pretty cool place, pretty small but still a decent number of animals to look at. Also has some playground areas for the kids. Nice way to spend an afternoon with the family!

Review №54

This is an excellent place to visit. The place is always kept up and they do well with their animals, most, it seems, are rescue victims. It is a nice place to have some quiet, down time. I will always recommend this place to people. Please donate when you go.

Review №55

Nice public zoo. Great for kids. Not adults really. Cant expect much from a public zoo.Recommendations: Sure. For the little ones. They would love it.

Review №56

Went there last summer and had the time of my life!!!! I love the variety of animals that they have there!!!

Review №57

It was nice place to visit I enjoyed myself

Review №58

Liked the exhibits...but sad prairie dogs were not out

Review №59

Not a lot of animals. Granted its free, but a lot of animals were not out. Very small. It was ok.

Review №60

Love this zoo that is based off donations. Free and lots of fun for the little ones. We spend time here often walking around several laps.

Review №61

The Manitowoc Lincoln Park Zoo was such a sweet surprise! Searching for things to do in this town, the zoo is a MUST. From the bear to the tortoise, this free zoo is a great time and we were blown away by the amount and range of animals it contained for 1) being within the city and 2) BEING FREE! Again, would recommend to everyone and will definitely be visiting again soon

Review №62

Pretty cool zoo. Saw a wolf, cougars, a bear, and some birds. Had to leave because it was raining but seemed sweet. Probably stop by again next time Im headed to Green Bay.

Review №63

Its free, fun family experience!

Review №64

The kids really enjoyed the zoo and all the animals! It is a free zoo, but recommend leaving a donation :)

Review №65

A wonderful communitiy free zoo. The staff r very helpful and answered all the kids questions. The bald eagle was a highlight as well as the black bear. The enclosures were very big and well kept, only takes about 40 min to go thru

Review №66

Please go and support this great little donation only zoo. Lots of great animals and very close access to them.

Review №67

Yes its free.. Alot of the animals i could see at a farm. And some were not looking to healthy. Nice place very beautiful wooded park.

Review №68

The animals looked sad, and not well taken care of. Some of them had GAPING open wounds!!!!!!

Review №69

Its free

Review №70

Fun place to bring the kids! Great park. Love watching the river otters!

Review №71

Nice little local zoo.

Review №72

Wonderful for free or small donation.

Review №73

Great little zoo

Review №74

Small zoo, but very well maintained, nice enclosures.

Review №75

Awesome little zoo and a beautiful area! Definitely worth checking out.

Review №76

Awesome little zoo.. animals are well taken care of

Review №77

Animals were not well taken care of. Mostly only one in a cage which makes for a lonely life. Poor bald eagle didnt have room to fly and looked depressed. The wolf was pacing and not even another wolf in the pen. No staff around. Pens smelled bad. Felt sorry for the animals.

Review №78

Fun place to walk and visit!

Review №79

Very nice and clean. The animals are very cute and loved.

Review №80

The animals looked how I felt in my last relationship.

Review №81

Nice park to bring the children. Free admission but donations are welcomed.

Review №82

Very small but I love that your up close to the animals..

Review №83

Very nice zoo and its free, make sure you leave a donation in the box to help with costs .

Review №84

Great place for the kid to run around and see animals and great play ground

Review №85

Great spot for kids of all ages well maintained Zoo plan to spend about an hour here

Review №86

We had a great time there, and you cant beat the price. (Free)

Review №87

We came here for Zoo Lights and it was a terrific time.

Review №88

Very nice smaller zoo. Perfect size for younger kids with a decent amount of interesting exhibits and animals. The staff I encountered were all friendly.

Review №89

Great zoo! Sign says they close at 3 :00 winter hours but sometimes close earlier than that. So if you go. Go before 2:00.

Review №90

Decent zoo for its size. Hills make for a nice workout as you tour the exhibits.

Review №91

My Grandson loved it,kind of early in the season,not all exhibits open,fun playground and interesting animals,we will be back

Review №92

Pleasantly surprised. Great zoo, especially for kids. Free admission. They have a spot for donations, which they deserve.

Review №93

Nice small zoo. Great place to take a walk.

Review №94

Not very good. Animals did not look taken care of.

Review №95

Free zoo, but always a great place to go.

Review №96

So much better than what I grew up with

Review №97

Very nice Zoo. Saw all the animals. Free to get in.

Review №98

Loved the variety of animals they had and the information they shared about then all!

Review №99

Cheap donation to enter, kids always have fun, nice park for the kids to play at as well.

Review №100

Small zoo nestled in Lincoln Park has free admission (donations help keep the zoo operating). Zoo has a wide variety of animals including a petting barn and play area for kids. Concession stand is open in the summer months. Its a great place to take the kids to see the animals without having to drive to Green Bay or Milwaukee, and its a cheaper alternative too.

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