Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier
401 Meade Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, United States

Review №1

Beautiful!Clean, orderly, covid safety regulations being practiced & enforced.Look for Dennis! He came to greet us & was gracious enough to take our pic under the pier welcome sign. San Antonio in the house!

Review №2

Went last Sunday to watch Space X for the first time. Perfect place to go if you don’t have tickets to go to NASA. Perfect view great people, organized, clean, everyone wearing mask and following social distance... I will give it 20 stars ️

Review №3

The food at Pelicans was wonderful as always, and they were checking temperatures to enter the boardwalk. I felt it was too crowded for the current situation and there were many who didnt wear masks properly. I mean guests, I suppose they figured everyone had to get a temp check, but occasionally the virus presents without fever. I was more than a bit apprehensive about staying and it might be wise to forgo if you or a member of your party has got other conditions that make them more vulnerable.

Review №4

NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS. Requiring a mask to use “public restrooms” doesn’t count as public restrooms. It also does not make sense how they require masks but don’t sanitize doors and card readers after every customer. Good waves for surfing. There is much cheaper parking (by the hour) if you park to the side of the main parking lot. Drinks are relatively expensive but very tasty. On holidays, access to the end of the pier is free.TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. got a 38$ ticket for parking for 5 MINUTES just to check the dang waves. DO NOT give this place or city of cocoa beach your business.

Review №5

It was probably to packed. But a very great day. Has the really cool waves. Nice watching people ride them. You can stand up in the water quite a ways. Very family friendly. Like most places does need more parking.

Review №6

I live accross the street and try to go to the pier for a beer and a steak every so often while enjoying the surf, sky, and people. My 8oz steak, potatoes, and broccoli was decent. All well prepared, steak was medium-rare, veggie firm, but cooked, finger potatoes, nice garlic butter/ pepper going on. So yeh, I liked it, along with the whole experience. Staff friendly and relaxed. Plastic utensils are no good, but hey, its the Pier.

Review №7

1 star because Rikki Tikki Tavern was uniquely cool and a 2nd star because the ocean is beautiful. But they want to charge you for everything at this pier. I resent and oppose parking fees in general but parking here is especially overpriced. And theres various fees after entry in certain parts, like if you want to fish. I think theres even a spectator fee. Despicable! Some of the CoViD-19 rules are stupid too. And as you can see, their review responses are asinine. Thats the companys fault, not the people writing the responses. I think there are better spots to enjoy the beach. Im unlikely to ever return here.

Review №8

Absolutely loved walking on the boardwalk and hanging out. We couldnt go on the pier because of the weather but I got some videos.

Review №9

Very nice beach, the water was clean and warm. We enjoyed it in 2016 and this year as well. My husband and kids loved body surfing the strong waves.

Review №10

Even with the COVID masks we enjoyed the cool breezes of the ocean while drinking rum drinks at the end of the pier. A pound of well seasoned shrimp hit me going and the hamburgers and hot dogs were great for the kids. This was the best of beach life.

Review №11

Always enjoy the Pier, our bartender (Jenn) was very attentive. We appreciate the efforts Management takes to make you feel safe! Employees wear masks, they check temps and require masks.

Review №12

Came down to Cocoa for a week vacation and thought wed check out the pier. Were also from Florida but closer to the Daytona Beach area and wanted to try a different beach were not real familiar with for vacation. So we go to pay for parking was $20 (cash only). My relatives driving in front of us went ahead and parked since the one attendant told them they could use the ATM and bring it to him once up there. Well were driving right behind them and we got a different attendant (i guess since they take turns) he tells us cash only and has us turn around. I call my relatives that already parked and they said turn around and ask if you use the ATM inside like us. So we did and they allowed us to do that. They check your temperature before entering and you have to wear your mask even outside. We just assumed there would be shops and different restaurants but there was one gift shop and Pelicans grill to eat at inside (we had our 1 year old son & 3 year old son with us) so we choose to eat here since we didnt want to sit outside with them while eating. View was great even from inside. Service was ok and food was edible but not much more than that. Gave 2 stars for the view alone but the $20 for parking is too much for just 1 gift shop a bar and a restaurant.

Review №13

I am reading your reviews and your responses to the reviews. I see a lot of positive and some negative. But my concern is in your replies to the negative. You only say sorry and we strive to be good. But you do nothing to address the issues of the people who are complaining. The way that comes across is you have a business, it is what it is, and you dont care about the problems of your guests. Rather, you only seem to care about making the public think you are polite because of your nice replies. This concerns me, and so, my family will spend our time elsewhere. Reviews, especially your reply to reviews, matters.

Review №14

Ahh, the Pier was beautiful as always, and with the higher than usual waves crashing against the columns under it made for a wonderful backdrop for photos. We enjoyed the peaceful sounds of the waves as we watched them roll in.

Review №15

The first time I visit here to watch an late launch, it was beautiful. The ocean sound and breeze make everything perfect. The second time I visit to see a space x nasa launch, we paid $20 to park and didn’t get to go to the pier. The security there was super rude to us and we didn’t even get to use the bathroom. Whatever. But I did enjoy a beautiful day by the beach and watching the launch. It was perfect.

Review №16

Clean sunny simple and safe! Temperature taken and required maskbto enter was fresh and fast! Not crowded on sunday afternoon like 3pm..comp parking tobtop it off! Nice quik beach trip!

Review №17

Great experience. Shop owners/ Employees are impeccable, friendly ... Beautiful Welcome during rough times in Our Country. I feel United on Cocoa Beach️Shout out to Chester, Wonderful Man ️ Thank You all for your Love.

Review №18

They turned away a paying customer because of the vehicle I arrived on. Youre not allowed to use a skateboard to arrive there even if its a nice day and you dont want to drive. Even if youre just holding your skateboard acting peacefully and just want to walk in and eat and not disturb anyone. The mall cop will yell at you like youre a criminal just for holding a skateboard. Turned away a paying customer just because I used a skateboard TO ARRIVE THERE. I was NOT using the skateboard AT the place. Id understand if I was riding it, but I was holding it like a civilized person because I was hoping to just calmly carry it inside with me. Are we only allowed to eat there if we pay for parking? Seems like a terrible rule. Ill never waste my time there again if thats the way their security treats people.

Review №19

The pier view is no big deal. Plenty of other options. Please chose wisely. I consider myself a pier expert and this one is at the bottom of my list. Save the $20 and grab some brews at another location.

Review №20

Friday night, 8/7/20. Food was good. Poor service from waitress. Im a local resident and wont be returning anytime soon. I went to the Ale House the following night and the service was wonderful. Complete opposite from the Pier restaurant. Too many choices in the area to settle for poor service. The Pier staff used to be welcoming a few years ago. Not anymore. Shame!

Review №21

Beautiful pier. We went to watch the surfers. Very interesting.

Review №22

Always fun to visit, especially for NKF surf fests

Review №23

Nice place. Decent bar and restaraut. Not nearly as much to offer as other piers. That would be my only complaint

Review №24

I cant help but compare this pier to something like the Santa Monica Pier, which supremely overshadows the cocoa beach pier in every way. The cocoa beach pier is small, narrow, and a little bit gross. Im not sure I would feel comfortable eating a meal while throngs of beach-goers weave between tables looking for the bathroom. We did purchase some hot dogs and nachos from a snack booth. The hot dogs were good (not worth the price, but whatever) but the nachos were the generic bagged ones you can find in every high school cafeteria in America.The beach was quite nice though. We parked in the lot right near the pier ($20 all day parking) which made it convenient to haul our stuff onto the sand. The sun was hot, the water was warm, and the breeze was refreshing. Overall the beach was clean. I dont remember seeing any garbage in the sand. We were a little annoyed when a group of young guys decided to park their boombox 20 feet behind us and stand around drinking beer - a detail which dampened our mood despite an otherwise great day.There are umbrellas and chairs for rental ($25 for 2 chairs + umbrella), bathrooms on the pier, and showers to wash off near the parking lot. Overall Id like to come back.

Review №25

Nice little pier. Mostly shops and they charge for parking. Would be nice if it actually went out to the water for an overlook but we could only see where it ended at a bar and grill.

Review №26

Jason the bartender at the Riki Tiki Tavern was amazing!!! Made us LOTS of great drinks and took great care of us! His friendliness made our experience all the better!

Review №27

I love this place the beach is beautiful and the people are nice! Definitely will be going back

Review №28

Such a disappointment! The pier was one of the big draws to Cocoa Beach. Since Westgate took over it has been nothing but a greedy money hungry establishment. It’s a beach pier, not Disney World, so quit acting like it’s bigger establishment than it is.

Review №29

Great time. Finally got some beach time

Review №30

They have really cleaned up this place. Restaurants are neat and orderly and the bathrooms were immaculate. I just wish they post the hours for all the restaurants publicly. The over water pier doesnt open until 11 on Sundays. Parking for $20 is almost extortion but its very convenient and theres not a lot of other options to choose from.

Review №31

It was very easy to find this location. The pier itself was closed, so we couldnt walk out on it.

Review №32

Food was excellent and timely distributed! Beer was at least 65 degrees upon receiving. Otherwise our server Brian was outstanding and caring. And did what he could to chill our other beverages.

Review №33

Fully loaded pier with restaurants and shops, and only one around; has tiki bar at the end; theyre doing temp scans for all people entering.

Review №34

Cool atmosphere and cold drinks. Great pier to visit.

Review №35

Beautiful place in paradise. The food was great with friendly and attentive staff. Certainly a great day to enjoy with the family having everything you could ever want.

Review №36

Relaxing, delicious food, excellent service, beautiful views. I will love to go back.

Review №37

My daughter and I had a very good lunch on the pier. It was a very pleasant time. Food was good and service was good too.

Review №38

The units look nice but we are already Westgate owners from 2002 and guess we got screwed because we originally bought when Ramada owned it. Our salesperson was very nice but the sales director was not. As soon as he wrote up figures trying to get us to upgrade and we said we didnt want to spend more, he was very Curt and got up and left.

Review №39

Good place to eat and to just hang out!!

Review №40

Food was good, but never got my beer.And you had to wear your mask while sitting at the bar outside but not if you were at a table. ????

Review №41

I saw this pier in a youtube video and decided to visit. Definitely worth the drive from Orlando! I found it a unique find. The pier is short but thats okay, it takes you out onto the beach closer to the shore. There is plenty of free parking. Although we didnt eat there, they have a bar the looks out to the beach and the food looked appetizing. Plus I suppose it would be fun to sit outside at that bar area. The ocean water was mild and warm. Loads of shells on the beach too! Great day at the beach.... dont miss out.

Review №42

Still requiring masks even if you are walking on the boardwalk and the outdoor seating bar area is operating on an extremely limited menu. You need to get back to 100% or your locals are going to go somewhere else.

Review №43

Walked out on the pier and took in the beauty. Did not know there was a restaurant on the pier. Will definitely check it out next time.

Review №44

We had drinks and dinner @ the tiki bar. The service & food was great. We were there for my wifes birthday.

Review №45

Two stars for the view and the local mango beer! Wings were charred and ended up eating just 3/12... Flavored sauce wasnt much better. Went with sister and three nieces and they split us up due to not having more than four at a table. Two of my nieces are under 18. We went ahead and split up due to covid... So be aware!

Review №46

I went to the Rikki Tiki Tavern portion of the tier, and not only got great service, but also great food. Medium portions and friendly staff, along with vibrant decor. Honestly a great place to eat, a truly good place for families looking for a good meal.

Review №47

Im a local business owner here and I had my pregnant wife and son at the pier.....We ate in the restaurant with a bill of $142.....we got to the end of the pier my pregnant wife had the use the restroom extremely bad....the very rude security officer wouldnt let her use the bathroom....nor walk back up to the restaurant to use that restroom....that is completely unacceptable....he was very rude!!!! It even states online that it doesnt close until 8pm...this event happened around 730! I will be contacting some people to make a formal complaint!!...In fact this may have broken a law....I will be talking to my attorney about this...

Review №48

Take temperatures . wear mask go to Tiki Bar not one friendly worker. Had a weak Drink. My Husband a Beer. Waited for recipient. Took a while. Manager with attitude said to my Husband you need to put mask on. Not one person sitting at the Tiki Bar Had a Mask on. Workers are touching credit cards and Debit cards and never seen anyone change those cheap Gloves they are wearing. Spreading Grems. 2 Bad experiences . Never Going Back. If we have to go by your Rules. Gloves carry more Germs then people. Your workers need to change there Gloves often. Thats a health issue.

Review №49

The beach was dirty garbage everywhere there was a dead bird right by the lifeguard stand.Has definitely gone down. Not going back

Review №50

This was my first time at Cocoa and I didnt know what to expect. I had to use the restroom and they would not let me use it because I didnt pay $20. for parking. It was an emergency and I didnt realize that there was not a public restroom on the beach. There was no where for me to go. Wasnt impress with the unkindness here at this restaurant or this beach. I will not be returning! Try to me a little humane!!

Review №51

Fun in the sun on the sandy beach! Enjoy great eats and drinks up on the Pier! Rent what you didn’t bring and have a super Atlantic Experience! Bling Blinky of Texas Shout Out: HANG TEN!!!

Review №52

Great surfing weather and cloudy! Great waves!

Review №53

Im a local business owner here and I had my pregnant wife and son at the pier.....We ate in the restaurant with a bill of $142.....we got to the end of the pier my pregnant wife had the use the restroom extremely bad....the very rude security officer wouldnt let her use the bathroom....nor walk back up to the restaurant to use that restroom....that is completely unacceptable....he was very rude!!!! It even states online that it doesnt close until 8pm...this event happened around 730! I will be contacting some people to make a formal complaint!!!! If my employee treated a customer like this they would be fired on the spot!!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

Review №54

Excellent service and food again. Great for a pier restaurant. Love the view!!

Review №55

The food and service was great! But the view was awesome!

Review №56

Coming out of the Kennedy Space Center we enjoyed a stop on the beach, the surf, watching the surfers, from the water and from the pier. Spent a great day at the beach, good food, sun and fun.

Review №57

Just such a cool laid back vibe

Review №58

Covid has turned employees and staff into rude people. This place is no different. Prepare to get yelled at by pier park mall cops... my sister and I got questioned by multiple staff members as we were just trying to walk down to the pier. We didn’t even make it to the pier because mall cop Karen in the front and the hostess Karen junior of the restaurant were very rude. You’re better off just going down to the beach. Avoid the pier.

Review №59

Love the cocoa beach pier. They have a few restaurants, ice cream stand with miscellaneous snacks, and a bar at the end of the pier. Definitely a must visit. There is also volleyball courts on the beach next to the pier and alot of parking.

Review №60

People were rude and they didnt even have limes for the drinks. I watched the one manager stop four different people and demand they put masks on but when young ladies in bikinis walk pass with no mask and no shoes on he didnt say a word to them

Review №61

Love the pier!!!Although its a huge tourist spot. Locals know to avoid tourist traps cause everything is way more expensive. But if your a tourist check it out. Its nice.

Review №62

Good food and great view, plus a couple cute shops

Review №63

Not a big menue to chose from but its good food my service was very good. Friendly.

Review №64

Didnt eat just explored but it looks very nice update later

Review №65

Great place to swim, relax, and eat. You can park at the pier for fifteen dollars a day. Not a lot of parking near pier without getting a ticket.

Review №66

The pier use to be amazing before Westgate purchased it. Now you have to pay $15-$20, depending on the day, just to use the restroom. Better to go elsewhere on the beach!

Review №67

Watch the surfers as you drink a nice cold beverage at the Tiki Bar at the end of the pier.

Review №68

Great place great food. Need more American beach music though.

Review №69

They have a good chicken sandwich and eating on the pier gives you a great view.

Review №70

Thank security boy for not letting me come on the pier which is located outside without my mask. Way to ruin my trip.

Review №71

Great pier on the beach. +beer and lighter fare if you stop in early afternoon. Great views!! Parking is $$.

Review №72

Drinks are very pricing but the atmosphere is cool.

Review №73

Great selection of small shops and restaurant, limited parking but great place

Review №74

What can I say. Its a MUST to go to Cocoa Beach. The pier is a great place to enjoy the evening of a great day at the beach. With volleyball courts, great food and drinks and a atmosphere you just cant reproduce anywhere. I grew up going to this beach and the pier and I always return when I get back down to FL. Ron Jons is definitely worth checking out along with all the other historic and old school original surf shops around town. Just go!

Review №75

Everyone that visits Cocoa should make a stop here. Cool spot with various shops, restaurants, and places to grab a drink. Enjoyed sitting out on the pier with a beer and soaking in the atmosphere. Lobster tacos were decent, not s must have however. Only real negative was parking...super ridiculous pricing.

Review №76

Loved it here! Come after 4 to get free parking. Went with my wife and 2 year old kid. Was his first time at the beach. He loved it! Chased birds and played in the water and sand. Wasnt too crowded either, but it was in the middle of the week also. There were people surfing too so the waves had gotten pretty big. The pier was really cool, although might not be good for fishing, the sectioned a small part of it for fishing and the rest is just a tourist attraction. Ton of people swimming close to the pier too so might take away from the fishing. Might catch you a surfer though! :p

Review №77

Clean, not too crowded

Review №78

How rude. I live in Wisconsin so my brother wanted to show me the Pier. Well there was some Security person in front. And she was so Rude. We walked up and she right away said What do you want not Can I help you. My brother told her we were going to walk the Pier. Thats for Paying customers ONLY. My brother told her he had been there before. She said. You cant come in. I never seen such a rude person. Reminded me of Cartman on South Park. She got a badge and you better respect it. Even when she is a little Rude B@%&#.

Review №79

Limited food options but beautiful view

Review №80

Nice place to grab a bite. Not cheap. Following very safe cdc guidelines for guests.

Review №81

One of the best piers in Florida great food and shops. Love going surfing here!

Review №82

I live on the west coast of Florida and wanted to take my sister and nephew to see the sunrise. Been to this pier many times in the past and enjoyed it and put my hammock up under it. I thought today would be a great day to do the same. Security just informed me that hanging anything from the pier is not allowed. It can’t support the weight and it can cause the boards to come apart. I’ll stay on my coast from now on. The piers there are much more welcoming and don’t risk falling apart if you put a hammock on it. Not sure when the rule changed but it’s disappointing. Parking is also double what other places are charging. So I paid $40 for two cars and I only got to enjoy myself for an hour ir so. There is a reason clearwater is rated better. Go their instead

Review №83

I had an amazing experience at the pier, the food was delicious. We tried the burger with added Mushrooms, avocado, Swiss cheese and bacon. Everything was freshly made and even the fries were crispy and warm. Our servers name was Arron located at the bar was fabulous and he made sure our drinks and food were up to par. I highly recommend this restaurant and I’ll definitely be back with my husband just for the customer service and food that we experienced.

Review №84

I had to pay parking even though I had a Westgate parking pass. The fishing was shut down so they could make room for the dining area. We have 5 in our family and could not eat at one table bcz only 4 ppl allowed per table. So basically paid $15 to walk up and back.

Review №85

They charge $2 a person just to walk the pier. $15 for parking. However tons of free places to park that are within a 5 minute walk. Definitely viewed towards the tourists. Highly priced food and souvenirs. But cool views and seems like a huge fishing spot if you like to fish. Very over rowded tho so might wanna go during their slow times for best experience.

Review №86

Nice pier, adds dimension to the beach and good views from the pier up and down the beach.Sunrises are beautiful to watch and the pier creates nice composition for photography.As it gets refurbished, hopefully it will offer an even better all around experience with views, shops and food.

Review №87

Location was great, but the hotel and rooms itself were quite dirty. The pool desperately needed a deep clean, and we found 2 roaches in our room (see pic). There was also paint peeling off at several places. For the roaches (palmetto bugs) we called and explained that we found two of them. The front desk said they would see what they can do but never reached back out to offer anything, or even send someone to check out the room. Again, the location was great, and the staff seemed very nice, but my expectations (for the price point) were much higher.

Review №88

We heard so many amazing things about this pier but we expected much much more! I thought the pier would have more restaurants and shopping. The pier is very small and pretty run down with little to offer. The beach is gorgeous though.

Review №89

The food was really good. The service was very nice. The only problem we had were seagulls trying to snatch our food.

Review №90

Great place for a drink and watching the ocean.

Review №91

Cant wait for Covid to be over so we can play volleyball again.

Review №92

This is a wonderful place to have a meal and hang out at the famous large beach. Many come here to surf. Fishing on the pier with a fee. Street pay parking or on site pay lot. Water was quite warm in late April. #LetGuide #Beach #Orlando #Florida

Review №93

Very limited selection on menus and masking is strictly enforced even outdoors.

Review №94

Cocoa beach is wonderful. The pier is super nice! The drinks are yummy!! I got a pina colada with a noodle for a straw!!! Lol The food looks and taste super yummy!!! The area was a lot quieter than I thought it would be which was super nice! Definitely will go back!

Review №95

Love it, so beautiful and love the shops

Review №96

Absolutely amazing service,environment and food, the view is fabulous and staff so friendly

Review №97

Good food, great views, awesome times always at the pier

Review №98

Love it here. Didnt want to leave

Review №99

It was good, nice view of the ocean

Review №100

Very nice, clean and great to go with family. Lot of space so you can keep the social distancing

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  • Address:401 Meade Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, United States
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  • Phone:+1 321-783-7549
  • Tourist attraction
  • Bar & grill
  • Beach entertainment shop
  • Boutique
  • Fish & chips restaurant
  • Fishing pier
  • Gift shop
  • Recreation center
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Surf shop
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–8pm
  • Tuesday:11am–10pm
  • Wednesday:8:30am–10pm
  • Thursday:8:30am–8pm
  • Friday:11am–8pm
  • Saturday:11am–8pm
  • Sunday:11am–8pm
  • Veteran-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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