His Lordships Kindness Museum
7606 Woodyard Rd, Clinton, MD 20735, United States
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It is an interesting location. Problem is that there is no information on it at the house. The peacocks are great.

Review №2

The house has some really impressive Georgian architecture, but dang does it need some tlc. Windows were broken, shutters were missing rails (or mostly gone altogether), paint was peeling all over the outside, all the landscaping had been cut up and was dead. What they show online looks nothing like the state of the house now!This place is gorgeous and with some work could be a great event space/museum. But as it is now it’s just in the process of breaking down. I think they need to focus more on trying to raise money to save/keep up the building than run a horse boarding facility. It’s clear based on the fencing and amenities that that’s where more of their focus is.

Review №3

If I could leave a negative review I would. The museum on this property isnt even open. While driving tho see said museum, I stopped to talk to a few people who have horses on the property. Their fields looked barren and ill kept. I was wondering how the fences there even kept the horses in! I had previously looked at the website before making my trek out there. Their website must have been done years ago, because it definitely doesnt look like this anymore. For being a historical property with a foundation for horses, youd certainly think it was bankrupt. It seems like nobody cares about their property. And all of the horses had so much mud on them. The whole place just looks so run down. There was even what looks like a junk yard behind a barn there. Makes me sad.

Review №4

Broken down shell of its former self. Broken fences, dilapidated buildings. The main house is closed for tours. Barns are run down. Broken plumbing. Unmaintained trails. Trash and broken equipment piled up in the woods. Do not board your horses here. There isnt a jump field as advertised, no fields to ride in, round pen is broken and useless.There are no longer trails to anywhere on the property. They know nothing about pasture maintenance or even pasture mowing.It appears the absentee land owner doesnt care about the condition of the property. The board members are equally absent.

Review №5

Very Clean, Friend and nice staff. Extremely Knowledgeable

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  • Address:7606 Woodyard Rd, Clinton, MD 20735, United States
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  • Phone:+1 301-856-0358
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