Museum of Russian Icons
203 Union St, Clinton, MA 01510, United States
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A very unique museum. It is a world of Russian culture outside of Russia. Those who are interested in Russian history, religious tradition, and art history would learn a lot here.

Review №2

A lovely find in an unexpected place. Small but could spend hours. Tour with Joann more than interesting and informative. Could have stayed longer but had prior commitment.

Review №3

Fantastic little museum, especially for those interested in Eastern European culture, history, or religious art in general.

Review №4

Absolutely Amazing Museum with Unique Variety of Antique Russian Icons,Will Be Back For Sure Many More Times

Review №5

This is a great little museum! Very specialized- you won’t find a mishmash of objects here. It’s about 80% Russian icons, most of them dating from the 15-19th centuries, but also a few older ones and some other interesting liturgical objects. The museum does a great job of giving you just enough information about icons, what they mean, and how they are made to make it really interesting but not so much that it’s overwhelming. There are also children’s programs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions- the people at the front obviously love the museum and are happy to help. Highly recommended! This place is a gem!

Review №6

3 floors of beautiful Russian religious art. There are wheelchairs available for people that need them. There are also a number of places where us older folks can sit. The icons are from the 16th century onward It is beautiful but it is specialized taste.

Review №7

Most surprising find. Beautifully appointed museum, lots of art work. Highly recommend.

Review №8

Beautiful displays. Nice staff.

Review №9

What a fantastic museum located in Clinton, MA. The largest collection of Russian Icons available for viewing by the public outside of Eastern Europe. There are fantastic peices on display plus an ever changing temporary exhibition!!!

Review №10

We had an amazing tour with there dossier! We enjoyed learning more about the icons. Greats ladies day out!

Review №11

Very nice multi-level museum with audio station videos and magnifying glasses. Amazing collection openly displayed. Some history for everyone.

Review №12

Magnificent displays. The traditional Russian art is superb. The museum is spotless. A great gift shop. Welcoming and friendly staff. I thoroughly enjoyed this museum. An enriching learning and spiritual experience.

Review №13

Interesting pieces of art and history. Very clean and staff was very friendly.

Review №14

Top notch out of the way museum, totally worth checking out

Review №15

A very contemporary designed interior to exhibit a topnotch collection of Russian icons dating back nearly 500years! Beautifully and meticulously painted. I appreciated the labels that put the history and religious meanings in context. Well worth the modest price for admission.

Review №16

I have heard this place recommended over and over again and it is always featured in various lists of places to visit. We finally went for a free fun Friday and were pretty disappointed. It’s undoubtedly a huge collection, but it all felt like just more of the same. For someone who doesn’t already know a lot about this type of art, there also wasn’t a lot of context. We were happy we got in for free and actually had more fun playing in the park across the street.

Review №17

Pristine environment for these wonderful treasures of art and spiritual life! We take our kids here on annual field trips and we always learn something new. The icons are pictoral representations of the Written Word and are very important to the history of all Christianity. And the people who work there are very hospitable.

Review №18

Interesting museum! The icons are beautiful and there is video and signage which show how they were created. Currently, there is a special exhibit of Russian ornaments and decorations.

Review №19

Was a nice museum. Beautiful pieces. A nice afternoon excursion.

Review №20

Totally better than I was expecting!!!

Review №21

First rate small museum, built from a remarkable private collection. Worth a trip. Take a docent tour if you can.

Review №22

Awesome history, beauty & colors!

Review №23

This wonderful collection shouldnt be missed. This is the only museum of its kind in the country. No matter what Religion or Spiritual practice, this is an intense view into the creation of icons and the measure of Faith. Intriguing, captivating, glorious objects of devotion await. The passion behind this collection will alone impress; be prepared to spend time - theres a lot to experience. I know I will go back soon!

Review №24

An amazing museum of beautiful artifacts, old and new, which gives a unique window into an ancient culture, with devout religious belief, and a rich history. A must for any lover of Christ. Ive just enjoyed my first visit, but by no means my last.

Review №25

Beautiful icons. Was lucky enough to see the modern display that was their. So much to see and read. Our heritage

Review №26

A gem! Interesting standing and temporary exhibits. We always feel welcome. The event tonight was educational and fun!

Review №27

A very interesting little museum in Clinton, MA, the Russian Icon Museum was created by an American tycoon who fell in love with the art of Russian Orthodox icons.The nuseum holds an interesting collection of northern and southern icons, all of them pristinely restored for your viewing.Definitely recommended for locals and tourists.

Review №28

If you love history and art, this is a must destination. One of the best museums/galleries of its kind in the world.

Review №29

Unique museum worth visiting.

Review №30

What a fascinating place! This is a well run museum with an extraordinary collection of icons (Christian paintings some in a specific style) from Russia. Dont miss the jail cells in the basement!

Review №31

The iconography is so beautiful and sublime. The museum is very respectful of the Orthodox faith, and it has been blessed by Russian Orthodox Church. Also, free guided tours are available by knowledgeable historians.

Review №32

We went to the museum for Fun, Free, Friday -a part of the Highland Street summer schedule. The museum is a great take. The number of icons is amazing. The history of the icons is truly fascinating. We used the audio tour and I found it highlighted pieces that I might have overlooked. The museums founder created this treasure in Clinton, MA. The docents were very knowledgeable and helpful. They have an area - Tea Room- which we used to take a break. They have a small gift shop with some treasures to remind one of the trip or further educate via a book.Go take a look at this gem of a museum. The museum is located on a side of the town common. While you are there enjoy the common with a walk or look around - its a lovely spot for a picnic lunch or pause from travel. I highly recommend Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA.

Review №33

Icons are an interesting art. if you have any interest in art, history of orthodox religion, or tea this is a must see.

Review №34

Surprisingly interesting. Nice that they provide magnifying glasses to look at the more detailed pieces. Tea room is nice with various Russian snacks. Free parking is no problem, and building is across from a nice park w/fountain. Jail cells in lower level are a cool touch.

Review №35

Very Good Museum

Review №36

Very good museum, a lot of ancient icons too see. I just wish they didnt spoil it with some contemporary artists work, I dont mean the Jostovo painting exhibition, this one is great, but in the other room there were awful sculptures made of some trash. Thats not art and doesnt belong there.

Review №37

Great tour really beautiful collection of icons

Review №38

This is a beautiful museum as well as a wonderful place for meditation. The collection of icons is absolutely superb. Visit!

Review №39

There is nothing like it around. Unique and interesting

Review №40

This is a very educational place for kids, and fun. Its kid friendly and they ahve an audio tour you can take at no extra charge.

Review №41

Outstanding facility, well run. Magnificent icons from all eras of history presented in excellent ways with plenty of explaining via signs, electronic hand helds, or human.

Review №42

Awesome artistry!

Review №43

Learned more than I thought I would

Review №44

We love visiting this museum. The staff is friendly and they have a great exhibition seeing as its in Clinton. Unexpected and really cool spot

Review №45

Beautiful icons. Helpful staff.

Review №46

Lots of beautiful old icons.

Review №47

Great museum, fascinating collection.

Review №48

They do a very nice job on this interesting subject. It is a mellow, relaxing museum.

Review №49

AttractiveInformativeBustling with interest

Review №50

Totally unique experience unlike anything Ive experienced. Its a museum, yes, but exhibits provide a window into Russian/Soviet culture that is truly fascinating.

Review №51

Wow! Amazing collection! Beautiful building!

Review №52

A small, focused museum. Galleries installed well and respectfully, beautiful objects, and a great tea room on site if you need a break. The shop is also nice.

Review №53

Excellent exhibits. A fine place for quiet reflection. Helpful background on Russian history given.

Review №54

Was missing alot of pictures from the book

Review №55

If you like Russion icons its the place to visit. Beautiful museum. We had a gala there and it created a fabulous backdrop.

Review №56

Fascinating museum, great tours of the collection and lots of fun things for kids to do

Review №57

Amazing building with spectacular icons

Review №58

There are few museums of such high quality in Central Massachusetts. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and the museum itself has many rotating exhibitions, so theres something new to see every time I go. I am really impressed by the number of events the museum holds that provide engagement opportunities for the outside community. If you enjoy Russian history and culture, or just like to learn something new, dont miss the Museum of Russian Icons!

Review №59

Beautiful icons. Largest collection outside of Russia

Review №60

Nice to see some truth for once America likes to hide everything relating to the real Hebrews the African American descendants real background of who we really are.

Review №61

I hate to tell anyone about this museum.... I dont want it to get crowded. Lovely.

Review №62

By the name, I was expecting to see Russian artifacts like from the Zars. Beautiful artwork from all the different cuktures, countries etc. Just wasnt what I had expected given the name of the Museum.

Review №63

Really amazing. Major collection of Russian icons, tons of information.

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Review №65

This is an amazing little-known museum. Def worth a stop and an hour or two. Its small but extremely well done and interesting.

Review №66

What a beautiful museum! Tour guides offered, wheelchair accessible, plenty of exhibits for a small building, and a gorgeous, well-curated collection. Well worth a visit and the entry fee.

Review №67

Beautiful, beautiful art with richness of iconography that would rival Tretyakovskaya. Of course, Tretyakovskaya has all the originals, but this cozy museum has all the important replicas you need to know. Make sure you allow ample time to walk it slowly and listen to all the fascinating commentary.The museum has a very nice sitting area where you can take a break and have a sandwich with coffee and tea ($1.5 a cup).My only improvement feedback would be the Russian audio guide. The translation quality needs to be improved as well as the sound quality.

Review №68

Excellent exhibition of Russian religious art from Medieval times to the present. If you want to see hundreds of mostly similar depictions of Christ and other venerated figures in Orthodox Christianity, this is the place.

Review №69

We got in free as we have a reciprocal membership from else where, so I dont know how this fairs for value.I brought my daughters with me, both young kids and they enjoyed it. A nice mix of things on display and something a little different to look at when you have an afternoon to kill time. Parking is a little iffy as they dont have their own lot, but theres enough parking in the surrounding streets.

Review №70

Magical! If you can get it on a tour-DO SO! The docents are incredibly knowledgeable! I could have spent days in there.

Review №71

Incredible art, great staging

Review №72

A hidden gem of art in MA ! Fantastic Orthodox iconography! Cant say enough great things about this place! Love the tea room as well!

Review №73

Amazing collection with a great story. Well worth the visit if youre interested in history, art, iconography, or creative approaches to Christianity.

Review №74

Beautiful icons. Informative guides

Review №75

An incredible collection of art and culture that otherwise would have been lost to history. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №76

Great museum..interesting and lots of items on display

Review №77

Such a cool place! Highly recommend it! Extremely nice facility!

Review №78

A beautiful facility on the town square, with a wonderful collection of Russian icons, all beautifully displayed.

Review №79

Splendid exhibit, well presented.

Review №80

An incredible collection of Russian icons from modern to old, reflecting the journey of this religious art form

Review №81

I love viewing the icons and learning about the stories behind them.

Review №82

The design of the museum and icons are amazing! I met the owner Gordon Lankton talking to people about the collection and the museum. He said he comes here every day. What a great treasure this place is!

Review №83

Large and very nice collection of old Russian icons.

Review №84

A great get away to see really interesting art. Really eye opening.

Review №85

Very nice small museum with many interesting icons and other artefacts.

Review №86

Hidden gem.....worth seeing

Review №87

Fascinating experience! This museum is a real treasure!

Review №88

Awesome museum!

Review №89

Super interesting

Review №90

Its not a huge place so plan ahead and have dinner in Clinton or nearby Hudson ma. The place is great and has a wonderful atmosphere.

Review №91

Always a wonderful experience !

Review №92

Breathtaking Icons! Tea is out of this world!

Review №93

A superb place to take students studying modern Christianity

Review №94

A great place to understand russian religious history

Review №95

Nice looking museum, many magnificent Russian icons

Review №96

Amazing place...its a wonderful trip.

Review №97

Great place to enjoy the icons but careful to pick up snack at downstairs. some snacks are over due

Review №98

Wonderful place to visit. Great experience

Review №99

Absolutely Fabulous!!!You have to see it!!!

Review №100

Great museum, unique collection, good variety of events

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