Benicia Community Park
540 Rose Dr, Benicia, CA 94510, United States

Review №1

This is a really great park. There is a nice walking path, beautiful fields and a great playground. Most people are following social distancing rules which is great. Locals call this park the Big Slide park because of the big concrete slide which is the best part of the park.There are great picnic areas, two dog parks, a frisbee golf range, and a skateboard park.

Review №2

Great for the kids and family functions. Fun time evey time we go. Brought my niece for her first time and she loved it.

Review №3

We hiked here for the first time. It was a beautiful trail and easy, too. We will surely come back.

Review №4

This park was wonderful Im 46 years old and I took my two young boys there and I felt like a kid ride along with him that big slide is a lot of fun take your kids there they will love it

Review №5

What a lovely park! There is plenty of parking when I went to visit on a weekday afternoon. It looks like the fields are being worked on right now so there are big chunks of land that visitors cant access but if you go further inside there are still many trails that connect all the way to Lake Herman up north and west towards some residential neighborhoods. Come check it out on a sunny day! Oh, and there are frisbee goals?

Review №6

This was my first time visiting the dog park area. My dogs loved the park. The people who were also there, were very nice. I am a local business owner(Mobile Identity Services LLC in Suisun City...Live Scan Fingerprinting and Notary Services) and I try to make sure my girls visit the dog park once a day. We have two that we frequent, but we will add this location to our list.There is a small dog park area adjacent to the large park. However, I did not see any trees and it is much smaller. We stayed in the larger area. In the beginning, I did not know you can drive past the parking lot and park near the dog park. I highly request putting signs up. I found out that I was not the only one who did not know about the parking lot closer to the dog park. Overall, a great place to visit.

Review №7

Beautiful short hike from the top of the hill behind the dog park down to Lake Herman. Lots of birds, tonight I saw a juvenile Coopers hawk flying around hunting for its dinner. There are a few small inclines which give you a pretty good workout!

Review №8

Great disc golf course in the hills with a nice view of lake herman.

Review №9

So much to do for both people kids and dogs! Wonderful Park

Review №10

Very nice park, 9 hole disc golf course. The first few holes are nice, it gets a little crowded in the back half, but a lot of fun. Nice dog park.

Review №11

Disc golf course is fairly well laid out. Multiple basket positions, several holes have alternate tees and the park has a practice hole with plenty of space.

Review №12

The big slide is the best!

Review №13

Its always extremely clean and full of families. If you walk behind the bathrooms and follow the path you can make your way to Lake Hurrman. Theres a couple of hills where you can see some of the town from.

Review №14

Nice and peaceful. Just enough people to make it interesting.

Review №15

So many things to do here. Trials, skate, playground, park to relax and more.

Review №16

I was here for an hour tonight and my car window was smashed. They hardly took anything but just be aware. It was broad daylight too.

Review №17

The park itself is great, the trail though is infested with ticks. Beware.

Review №18

Great park with just about everything. Baseball fields, soccer fields, online hockey rink and a dog park. Great place to BBQ with larger groups

Review №19

Perhaps one of Benicias best investments, Community Park is an absolute treasure. There is no better place in town to sit and listen to the rustling leaves, whilst lying on a blanket under the shade.

Review №20

Completely tucked away from the busy cityscape, minutes away from downtown Benecia..

Review №21

Park is nice. The dog park is sad no grass small nothing for the dogs to do. People sit in circle chatting not watching thier dogs, alot of not picking up after the dogs. Need bigger space green grass.

Review №22

Best place to walk.

Review №23

Always a great place for a run. From the parking lot next to the freeway to then of the road, it is about 2.5 miles. Round trip you get a five Mile run. There are also walking trails off the road. Periodically there are benches and picnic tables. There is also a small botanical garden near the end of the park.

Review №24

Great disc golf course! Wraps around the park. Great distance throws!

Review №25

Greatest park Ive ever been to where I didnt have to pay to get into. Lots of space for everyone and so many play structures to choose from. The Aero Glider and giant slide are a must to see. ️️️️️️️

Review №26

Great place to run or jog around park trail that lead to lake herman.very cool.

Review №27

Great area to play or hang out with area.

Review №28

This park is amazing. Multiple baseball fields, big playground with a concrete slide, tons of picknick benches (most are reserved on the weekends), big dog and small dog fenced pup parks, skate park, roller hockey rink and a 9 hole disc golf course! This is a challenging course if you are a disc golfer.

Review №29

Nice playground equipment. Well kept grass. Plenty of space. Inexpensive rental of picnic areas.

Review №30

My kids love coming here we enjoy the cleanliness of the park and how much there is to do here.

Review №31

Good shade for sitting

Review №32

Lots of room. special enclosure for small dogs

Review №33

This park is so big and has so much to do, my daughter loved it. The only complaint I have is that when you sit in the grassy area (for a picnic or just to get that Vitamin D, also if theres a party going on which was the case for us) the red playground is a bit hidden due to some benches. Whenever she ducked under or played beneath the structure, she was totally blocked from our line of vision and we had to walk over there frequently to check up on her. I think it may be because they added the second structure, but it would have been nice if they tore down those benches and built new ones in a better place.

Review №34

Fun place to have a picnic and we love the huge cement slide

Review №35

Love this park so many options to have have fun

Review №36

Really nice park. My kids enjoyed the big slide

Review №37

Peaceful quiet place to think and walk.

Review №38

Always relaxing.

Review №39

Great park, unique slides, great playground and has sports fields. This park has it all.

Review №40

There is a nice mile and a half hike from Rose park to the lake, great for bicycles too.

Review №41

The park is great for kids with a big, fast slide and cool jungle gym. Its dog friendly as well. There are rentable areas with big bbq pits. You can also reserve the softball fields. There are first-come first-serve volleyball net, a skate park, and a dog park. Lots to do!

Review №42

Dog park was nice and people and dogs!

Review №43

My daughter loves to play on the playground and especially this cement slide.

Review №44

Lovely park, snack shack open during games, great hotdogs. Great place for everyone to have fun. My only suggestion is for the to city to update your field and dugout signs.

Review №45

Disc Golf @ Benicia Community Park

Review №46

Its a beautiful park my kids loved it so much its really big we loved it

Review №47

For someone that is elderly and cant walk very far or use stairs... This was a bit of a problem. But, still a nice park.

Review №48

The benicia community park has a very good trails and has a lot of sports there and there are multiple parks

Review №49

Nice park, a little bit overwhelming when there is a huge soccer tournament going. All the parking was taken for that and we had to park way far away, even though we had a spot in the picnic areas reserved, a little disappointing.

Review №50

Beautiful park with lots of parking and picnic tables.

Review №51

First time at this park.. clean well groomed and picnic space was plentiful for family

Review №52

Very spacious and fun playground for kids. Great place to have an outdoor party

Review №53

I took my little dog to the dog park. First, the best place to park for the dog park is not well-marked. Next, all of the other dogs were big dogs. Last, there is a much smaller area for small dogs, but 2 large breed puppies were in it; the owners apologized and left when we made our way to that area, but its no fun being in a dog park if youre the only one! 3 stars for the park existing with mature trees, some benches and chairs, poop bags, and covered trash cans.

Review №54

Excellent experience! Friendly atmosphere beautiful Park setting! Employees even helped us move our stuff down to the area where we barbecue... The kids had a great time! The barbecue pits were clean. Everything nice! Dogs are welcome... Lots of space for walking, and enjoying time with loved ones! Baseball or soccer and all other types of sports, including a skating area! Our church comes here every year for our church picnic, and our pastor and wife make sure that we have a good time, because they do all the cooking! LOL

Review №55

I went to take pictures for a friend and there was a lot of people there with their children.

Review №56

Brings back old memories

Review №57

Love this place, the skate park is awesomePlenty of parkingFabulous and humongous playgroundDog park is greatCan reserve party tables and bbq pits which are huge!!

Review №58

It is a great park, especially to bring kids to. Theres a nice giant slide as well as tons of park equipment to play on. Theres also lots of grassy areas and even space to BBQ next to picnic benches for parties and group stuff. I highly recommend this park if you are in the area.

Review №59

Very large park, there is a location for dogs and random locations in the park itself to place your dogs. There is even a skate park too. Good sized ramps. The grass fields are a bit uneven not too many holes. Bathrooms are decently clean.

Review №60

Gigantic park with something for everyone. Kept clean and just generally well-maintained. Fast slide that is awesome but treacherous for the littles.

Review №61

Was windy but a well kept place with nice bbq options and awesome play structure!

Review №62

Nice to bring your family

Review №63

Love this park. Where my grandsons play ball. Kids Love that most dangerous slide. Sure doesnt look like the pix with goats, haha. Dont Think Benecians would appreciate pic or any association with goats, . Tends to be windy there alot!

Review №64

Beautiful, clean, safe environment for families!! Great area for taking a stroll!!

Review №65

Beautiful park! That was my first time there. Its very spacious and what I noticed is that they have multiple playgrounds for the kids. I will definitely be visiting that park again. Oh and cant forget to mention about the big slide they have, a very big slide . Its a must vist park on a very nice sunny day picnic with the family.

Review №66

Love the sk8 park,if you go there you better bring your A game this park is sick,the kids park and bbq area is awesome and also has a frisbee golf course

Review №67

Love this park and so does my daughter the big slide is our favorite!

Review №68

Cool place always clean..lot of stuff for the kids to do..plenty of BBQ area..just real cool overall

Review №69

Clean, green and beautifully landscaped. Mostly go to dog park. Friendly folks there, and responsible dog owners who take responsibility for their pups. Pretty much anyone you encounter along the walking paths or at the skate park will say hi.

Review №70

Had a great picnic, the place needs more bathrooms

Review №71

Great Place for family and pets

Review №72

There was a variety of play equipment and I even rode the giant concrete slide with my granddaughter.

Review №73

A nice place for family gatherings, but be prepared for the wind!

Review №74

Wonderful park with plenty of playing fields and picnicking areas. The huge, well I thought it was when I was a kid, cement slide is there although some of the play structures are less cool now. The dog and skate parks are great additions. There is also a trail that leads to Lake Herman which is beautiful.

Review №75

A good family park: well maintained.

Review №76

Clean clean clean.

Review №77

I play disc golf there almost everyday lots of sporting events, but you can usually find parking. picnic area too, BBQ facilities, pretty nice; usually busy but not always

Review №78

I love this place.

Review №79

The big slide could be alot safer

Review №80

Biggest park in Benicia with four mixed-use fields (baseball/soccer), a large BBQ area, a dog park, skate park, toilets, hiking trails to Lake Herman, and a large childrens play-area. There is a loop trail around the four fields. Ample parking available.

Review №81

Very good time with muslim community

Review №82

Good place good dogs good people

Review №83

This is a great park for all sorts of activities.Hiking - you can walk out to Lake Herman, and there is a trail to Gateway Park too.There is plenty of green grass - soccer, ultimate, etc.You can reserve picnic areas for parties.Baseball and Softball fields are here.There is a skate park.There is a roller hockey rink.There are two dog runs, one reserved for smaller dogs.There is even a disc golf course setup.Everyone calls this place the Big Slide park because of the huge cement slide in the play area.If you cannot find something to do there, you simply dont like parks!

Review №84

Love this park! Great quiet place to hang out, bring the kids, walk the dog, whatever does it for you. Plus a nice little 9 hole disc golf course. I drive from Vallejo to the park here at least once a week.

Review №85

Kids had fun. Enjoyed the big concrete slide. Much of the play structure are newer

Review №86

Love this park! Its THE BEST!!

Review №87

This park is a hidden gem. You can walk all the way back to the lake. Theres enough open areas to do whatever you like and always enough wind for a kite. The park is fun for a wide range of ages. Beware the large slide it might not be best for some age ranges and people should only go down one at a time or risk colliding with each other or getting rub burns.

Review №88

Fun park! Giant slide is really safe, nice new playground equipment, well-maintained restrooms. You can also reserve party areas/bbq grills!

Review №89

Giant cement slide. Kids playground. Baseball fields.

Review №90

Love this park. It is great for families and sports. They have a skate park and a dog park. This park has many great trails especially near Lake Herman

Review №91

Lots of good equipment

Review №92

Clean, well planned fields, great views, and plenty of parking.

Review №93

My kids love this park! I have a love/hate relationship with the monstrous concrete slide because of fear one of my kids will crack their heads open, but they love it. The playground has tons of different structures depending on your childs age. Plenty of picnic tables, grass area to run around in and also volleyball bets set up. Bathrooms were clean and maintained

Review №94

So much to do. Many tables. Lots of fields for sport. And mountians for climbing but not much sun cover there

Review №95

I didnt see not one goat! Disappointing

Review №96

This is a great park for all ages, clean, dog friendly and accessible bathrooms

Review №97

Nice park with lots to do

Review №98

Fun place!

Review №99

Very nice plenty of space

Review №100

My family came here a lot when I was a kid. Recently my brother and I stopped by and found that the play structure has been re-done recently but the large cement slide is pretty much as we remembered it. Lots of picnic tables so great for parties and large gatherings.

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