LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan
4240 Baldwin Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States

Review №1

Kids enjoyed themselves. I liked the movie part myself wish I had time to watch all 4. Would return. Too bad they dont like the kids keep the legos or their creations they make at the stations.

Review №2

When I think of a Discovery Center, I expected more engagement of Staff with children. Instead you had to engage your own kids and it was a little boring. Some activities not available. But it is a good Center for kids between 4 yrs and 9yrs. Price should be less since theyre not giving you the full effect of the Legoland Discovery Center.

Review №3

My kids had a blast on our trip here. We did the scout day and got a fun patch. It has something for all ages and the lay out is very nice and easy to access my kids can wander and not get lost in the building. The playground is huge and a lot of fun. My littlest kid was overwhelmed so I helped her though the playground the 1st time and she was off. Cafe wa as reasonably priced as well

Review №4

Great place for kids and adults. There were different themed areas to add variety to the constructs that you can make. The 4D theater was fun and the movies are short so you are not drawn away from the main areas for too long. The play area gives parents a chance to sit back and relax while the kids run wild.

Review №5

Nice Lego only shop. Not as all encompassing as I would expect for such a specialty store, but nonetheless, nice.

Review №6

This an amazing place! You could spend hours here just inspecting the builds. Its really great with kids. Unbelievable mocs of the city. The overall entertainment is engaging enough for the kids so they can hang. 4d movie was great!

Review №7

Really love this place. Brought 2 12 year Olds and a 6 year old and they all had a blast. A couple of fun rides, food, movies, interactive games. Will do definitely be coming back. Tickets werent very expensive either.

Review №8

Great place to stop for young and old alike! I had difficulty finding the entrance to this place from the parking lot though. Staff were very kind, great selection of things to do within. They have a gift shop, cafe, and a few different rides for all to enjoy. There were no lines while we were here. I find admission prices to be high, but it is still a lot of fun nonetheless. My children had a blast here, and so did my husband and I.

Review №9

This is a great place to take kids. There are several different lego themed areas and each area has a different activity for the kids to do. There are two rides both of which are interactive. The tickets are reasonably priced. The staff are enthusiastic and great with kids. There is also a cool movie to watch in a mini theater!!!

Review №10

This place is awesome! My 6 year old had a blast!

Review №11

If your a lover of Legos. Youll definitely love this place. Its every kind of Lego you can think of. And, the pre-built sculptures are very imaginative.

Review №12

Very cool. Definitely worth the money for most kids between 3-12. I think people of all ages will enjoy some aspects, like the giant Lego replicas of famous Detroit landmarks. Really awesome!

Review №13

Much smaller then we anticipated for the price. It was nice though and had several neat local buildings.

Review №14

The is a wonderful place for kids of all ages. The city of Detroit made out of Lego was fascinating. Everywhere you look there is something new to discover. There are areas to build and create, as well as rides. It was great fun to meet Emmett.

Review №15

This place was awesome. Very nice quality built.

Review №16

Not a bad place. 2 rides, multiple areas to build at, large play area, and they sell a little food also

Review №17

Awesome place, train ride was fun. Impressed at what all can be done with legos

Review №18

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan is a really great place to bring children and LEGO fans to play. They give you a great short video of how LEGO blocks are made, then they give you a short carnival style ride that is interactive with everyone. Then you get to view a Cityscape display of iconic Detroit area buildings and city landmarks that are made of LEGO’s. It is really worth viewing. Then you get into the main LEGO area where they have several play areas with different LEGO themes. They also have another ride. They have race cars, Friends, under water, Duplo, and buildings area. They have a big play area that all children will enjoy. They have a small cafe with average prices and a decent selection of food and drinks. There is a well stocked LEGO store with a great selection of LEGO’s. The prices aren’t any cheaper being at an outlet mall either.

Review №19

Great place for kids! I could barely get my kids out of there. Very elaborate replica of downtown Detroit. A couple of rides, a 4d movie and lots of things to build and play on.

Review №20

This place is awesome can build anything you think of n its all here

Review №21

I loved this mall!! You can find everything you want.

Review №22

Pricey for what you get. Otherwise Id give it 5 stars. That said my done had a lot of fun. Enjoyed playing with other kids and indulging in his interest. The facility was clean and the staff was nice, professional and courteous.

Review №23

Do not go here on a Holiday or spring break time!!! Make sure you make reservations online at least by the day before you are planning on going . You can save mine by online booking or you can add the Aquarium for a cheaper price as well. Besides that its super fun place for kids or adults too... Cute little 4D movie.. Lots of things to build... The Lego Detroit display is amazing. Super cool that they made it and it is interactive. Fun place to visit at Great Lakes Crossing.

Review №24

So much fun. My son loved it(teens are not easy to please lol) and we loved it as well. I would definitely say its in better shape than some others Ive been to but thats because its newer. I do wish it had more themed rooms but I like the set up they had and were spent a little over 2 hours there.

Review №25

My kid loves Lego, I love Lego, its a win/win. Make sure to use the coupon and avoid holidays if possible. The activity book probably isnt worth it for younger kids.

Review №26

This is a great family event that everyone will enjoy no matter the age. This place is packed with tons to do! My daughters enjoyed everything except leaving. The pricing was fair and it was cheaper if you purchased your ticket online. Buying your ticket online you would assume they scan your ticket and you go in, however it seem we waited even longer buying them ahead of time. Jenni, was informative but acted confused when we arrived. The food was over priced, so get food from the food court before entering. The VR experience was short, expensive but fun. They let you come and go as much as you want but you have to stand in the same line again as if its your first time. Over it was a great time.

Review №27

Plenty of fun activities for the kids under 12. Plan on up to 2 hrs. Bring something to read if youre an adult.Herr we have a Lego ride and a lego exhibit-all Detroit sports teams logos in Legos!

Review №28

Such a fun place! Its geared towards toddlers and younger kids for sure. Navigating through is a little confusing at the beginning and the staff could be a little more attentive and helpful. But all in all, totally worth taking the kids.The Lego Detroit walk through at the beginning alone was worth the price of admission.

Review №29

I had so much fun here at Legoland! It was a lot to take in and fun for everyone of all ages ... Loved the Vader display! I went with my 2year old grandson, his mother and my babe... We each left with a smile! Tip: Purchase the package deal for Legoland and Sea Life for double the fun at a great discount price!

Review №30

The positive side, we had half off coupons and we didnt have to wait to get in. The food, as far as an amusement park/center was rather inexpensive. The place was clean. We went with a 10, 8 and 1 year old. 1 year old slept through the whole thing as expected. 8 year old loved it. 10 year old was bored with the place rather fast. So she just helped the 8 year old out. The rides were dinky as expected for a small place. The 4D movie was really dumb for lack of a more suitable word and what how my 10 year old described it. It was not a true 4D movie. Nothing moved and even the water and those things were not timed correctly. It was just a waste of time. The employees were friendly. It was worth the half off price and not having to wait in line. I wouldnt go back. And if it is your first time, look for the buy one get one free coupon or the half off Groupon. It isnt worth more. Also dont bother if there is a line to get in or reservation times.

Review №31

Get your tickets online.This is the second Lego Land that I have been to. The other was in Chicago.They both are similar overall. Chicago has many more Lego statues and creations to look at. This one has a slow coaster like ride that you shoot a laser gun at targets and a 4D theater. You will get wet.The most fun for boys and Dads is the car building area. You can build cars and race them. They even have 2 big ramps to run them down.The 4D theatre is lots of fans and water. Gets really cold. I wasnt a fan, but the kids all liked it.The is also a carnival type ride that goes on a circle.The kids also really liked shooting targets.There is a nice shop to purchase all those never seen or hard to find kits, but bring your wallet. They are expensive.When you visit the city, be sure to wait for night time to come. Nice display of fire works and lights. Lot of interactive Lego sets in the city to entertain they kids.There is also a master builder training. Teacher shows the kids how to build something.And then there is the very short music track on repeat. Definitely becomes very annoying halfway through your visit.

Review №32

Should be cheaper for parents. Vary nice place and great for kids. Really cool.

Review №33

Was neat to take the kids to but probably wouldnt be going back. Loved the detroit theme legos and the Lego store carries packages that Ive never seen anywhere else so that is a perk. Overall it was very busy, if you arent prepared to deal with the noise from the kids or prefer to go at a time not as busy I suggest a weekday.

Review №34

Great place for kids and dad while mom is shopping.

Review №35

Lots of fun for my 2 year old, and I was pleasantly surprised how much she could take part in. There is so much more than we thought there would be, and we probably could have done with allowing more time for play. It of course is too expensive to get in, and in the gift shop, and my toddler, baby and myself all got horrendously sick after our visit. But a good day out if you can find a reasonable price for tickets

Review №36

We went 2 years ago and came back recently. Nothing had changed..same Lego characters, building stations..I would think they wouldve updates a few things to keep people interested in coming back. Also noticed that everything needed a good cleaning. Lots of dust all over. Staff was pretty friendly, just looking for updates and cleaner play areas.

Review №37

My son loves this place. We always have fun when we go.

Review №38

Waste of time for the price. It might be worth $15. We paid for four people and extra for virtual reality (waste of time). 4D was ok but will not be back. Lego city was cool.

Review №39

Worth spending the afternoon here. After 3pm tickets are cheaper. My kids had a blast. Rides are ok, models are really great to observe.

Review №40

Fun place for kids and adults. They love of legos, creativity and good clean family fun.

Review №41

Lots of fun for the kids, but way overpriced for admission! The 4D movie is cool, wish they changed it up from time to time though. Staff VERY friendly! I would give it 5 stars if admission wasnt so ridiculously priced...

Review №42

My Twin Girl’s Absolutely Love this Place, Like a Disney universal Experience, Their Excited to return, I’m looking to receive some emails with special Annual prices. Some of the employees went over and beyond to get smiles out of my Girl’s, Other was waiting for quitting time lol, But overall my Daughters Are asking for one more visit lol We will try sea life this time!

Review №43

Explore, create, have some fun! Friendly service. Great atmosphere. Enjoy the great mini land of the Legos.

Review №44

This place is an interesting combination of things for young children (2-5 years) and things that were only really interesting for my older children.This is a fantastic thing, because each kid has something specific to his/her age group and interests. I recommend that, when taking kids here, try to have a one-to-one adult/child ratio, as its difficult to control more than one child at a time when they get so excited and want to see everything all at once.The four star rating is because I think their prices are too high for what it is. With myself, my wife, and three kids, tickets cost was $117.The snack bar, surprisingly, was reasonably priced, and the products offered seemed fresh.Overall, I recommend going, and, if I lived nearby, I might be tempted to buy the annual pass.

Review №45

Pretty cool place. They have a couple of rides, a 4D theater and lots of Kris to play with.

Review №46

We took my son here for his fifth birthday and he had a blast. Food prices are a bit crazy in my opinion. The price we paid for gas station nachos were a bit crazy. But the build stations the rides the work shop and the 4D movie were a lot of fun. We got free admission for my son we got it from a Lego purchase earlier in the year. So if you buy Legos look for that it will save you some money

Review №47

Really good play area for kids, fun 4-d movie, and 2 rides. The Lego building areas are good, but often the Lego pieces are sparse or needed pieces are missing- specifically for building the cars. Still can have fun and do some building.

Review №48

Very cool attraction with tons to do. Admission included small rides throughout, a 4D movie and exploration of the whole place. There is also a contained play structure so the kids can run. Concessions were pricey as is expected, but their coffee is cheap and delicious; keeps the parents going while the kids run around. We got BOGO admission by looking online and it seems to be a fairly frequent deal. Great time here. We loved the location-specific LEGO model room.

Review №49

Kids had fun, lots of things to do together.

Review №50

Legoland was perfect for my daughters ages 3 and 5. There were a couple rides, a large playground, and lots of places where they could build Lego creations. They enjoyed it very much. My only complaint is it was expensive for what you get.

Review №51

This place is cool but mainly for 7 and under. They didnt have stuff for older than 7. And the facility was very dirty and didnt have enough workers to clean anything. I will not be going back.

Review №52

Worked really well for us. Came during the pandemic and had the place almost to ourselves. We were able to have a zero rush day and enjoy everything.

Review №53

Legoland was so much fun. We are excited to go back again. Miniland was my favorite. It was pretty amazing!

Review №54

We had a blast at this place. Lots of stuff to do. The kids really loved it

Review №55

Coming from someone with a Lego Obsessed son, I have to say my son seemed bored and I was honestly into it more then him. I loved seeing the whole Detroit/Michigan city made from Legos. It was Oct 28th when we visited so there where alot of Halloween Character figures as well as decor through out. My 6 year old really wasent interested in playing in the play area and we only spent about 30 mins here. They did have 2 rides ( couldnt ride them because we had a 8 mth old with us). Also a mini movie. Be sure to check Groupon for tickets as they have good deals sometimes. You can also find the “Kids go free” coupons at certain stores/ restaurants. Im glad we came to check it out but sadly wont be returning.

Review №56

Great just waiting on star wars cantina

Review №57

Great place for kids to play. Rides are fun for all ages, lots of Legos with which to build (obvs) and a great play structure. The hub-and-spokes layout of the main area is large and allows sight lines to several sections at once. Also, the Lego Detroit was incredible. Caution: Exit through the gift shop.

Review №58

We never went here because of the high price, but we saw a great discount for Scout Days and jumped on it. Rainforest cafe also offers a good discount on their kids menu, so check that out before you go.My daughter had a day off of school when most kids were in school - which is the perfect time to go! The place was empty and we never had to wait for anything! We went on the two included rides 3-4x each. I loved the Mini Land and all the Detroit buildings. We spent a lot of time in this area pressing the buttons and finding the buildings. After that there are various places the kids can play and learn with legos of different sizes (duplo, regular size, and huge soft ones). They can build cars to race, follow instructions to make sea legos, and more. We also enjoyed the 4D movie. Near the end is a play area for the kids to run around. The store is small and does not have as many options as I would have thought. We were letting my daughter spend her gift money on Legos and had hoped for more choices.Overall the place is not that big and spending $24+ for a ticket seems like WAY too much. We spent a lot of time here because we really wanted to explore, but now that weve seen it all, the kids would get bored quicker in the future. So I will only ever go again on a discounted rate and try to pick a day when its not going to be busy.

Review №59

I never went there before.

Review №60

My son enjoyed very much. He is 3yrs old, but he is into building a car.

Review №61

Our two sons, ages 5 & 3, as well as my husband and myself had a wonderful time! I felt like a kid again and can’t wait to go back. Our oldest said it was the best day of his life. He asked for a LEGO party when he turns 6 in October - hoping we can recreate a few of the fun things we did/saw during our visit to LEGOLAND!

Review №62

We had a blast here. Lots of things to see and do. My five year old loved every minute and I greatly appreciated the ability to spend as much time as you need at each attraction.

Review №63

What a wonderful time we had with our grandchildren! We were all happily exhausted!

Review №64

I expected more for what I paid. My son did enjoy himself. I figure going through the entire thing and buying the pictures should have given a discount at the store or something. My son got two boxes that totaled over $100.

Review №65

Awesome place! lots of fun for kids and adults.

Review №66

Lego land @ great lakes mall

Review №67

Awesome. My 2, 5 and 17 year old had a blast.

Review №68

My family had a blast here! Great fun for kids of all ages. Plenty of options to choose from to keep the little ones entertained. Some stations should have more instructions, but overall everything was great. Also, the staff working here are some of the kindest staff I have ever encountered at amusement centers. Cant wait to come back!

Review №69

2 rides, a 3d movie, and lots of Lego building. Probably good for 3 hours of play. My kids had fun but its quite expensive for what you get. Be sure to use a coupon!

Review №70

Horrible survis are watters took about 10 minutes for every single thing

Review №71

This was our second trip and we loved it just as much as the first time. We dont rush it, which makes it better in itself. We are huge lego heads and enjoy spending time looking at the Detroit city layout in the first big room to see if we can find anything hiding. Love the Little Ceasar Arena addition!

Review №72

Kids had blast, definitely will be coming back!

Review №73

My son and I both had so much fun here. We were there many hours and he still didnt want to leave.

Review №74

It was good, go when you can stay for at least a few hours. We were there for an HR and 1/2 but didnt get to enjoy the play areas very long (actually only one) and it seemed like we had just arrived.

Review №75

The store is great! You do in fact need a child to get in to the attraction though. Maybe next time Ill borrow my niece.

Review №76

What a great place to go if you like legos, Kids will love this place too. Would definitely go back again.

Review №77

Great place for my kids...we enjoyed the entire place

Review №78

Fun place to visit the price is pretty steep though for what you actually get I thought it would have been much more for the coin you spend but still a fun place for a family trip

Review №79

A very fun experience, though a little overwhelming for kids sensitive to noise at the beginning with the activity and ride right away. Once we got through to the main large room it was a bit calmer. There is a wide variety of activities for kids with different interests. If youre local it would be a fun birthday place!

Review №80

Definitely NOT worth $24.00 per person. Its worth $7 to $10 per person. I was told if I left for a walk in the mall that I wasnt allowed back in due to the fact that I was there with my sons school. They did charged me$10.00. If I wanted the privilege to walk in and out I have to pay $24

Review №81

A bit pricey but great time inside for kids and adults. Online booking saves some money.Plan to spend at least 3 hrs to experience all

Review №82

Ok, parents, this place is really for your kids and its freaking pricey but if you do your searching of online coupons, its was surprisingly worth it. I have two boys one is 10 the other is a 4yr old so finding something they would both enjoy together has been a challenge!Two rides, dragon Quest which is a shooting game and wizard one where you have to peddle to keep going up which was a mini workout.Then between that was the mini land which shows all of Detroit and the boats actually move and there its buttons for certain figure that will move.My boys really love the play place, which had a cop,fire station and construction theme. There is free WiFi and nursing station in a room right by it so parents can rest.Next to that was the 4d movies which the characters are going under a waterfall, mist will spray on you and if wind is blowing you will feel it, its kinda cool and they give you glasses but you have to but they back after you are done with them.Then there is make your own car station which seemed like it was all the fathers were living there childhood here, station, which has a two parts one was two run ways hills and the other one was like steep runway, lots of Legos sections to try to make the perfect race car.Then next to it was girls section and then lego for the toddlers which has a mini play place farm house.The is a workstation where you get to see the perfessional, then next to it was mini food place where you get some grub, we just ordered drinks and I needed a much coffee!So would I come back?? Of course, just look for coupons, my children loved it and see them happy and not fighting or playing video games is a plus and the employee that work there were nice, the place is super clean. Next bring my own coffee for a small it was 2.50. Also try to skip lego store, crazy, order that stuff online!!

Review №83

My little guy, age 6, and I love Legoland. It is one of his favorite places to go.Legoland is clean and there are lots of different things to keep him engaged and happy.

Review №84

We got half off because my husband is in the military. Great rides, 4d movies were neat. Kids loved the play areas. Easily could 5 hours here. Went on Labor day..small crowd

Review №85

Awesome ecperience!!! On top of that they have an awesome team who found our lost purse! (Credit cards and passports and cash were still inside!)My son loved it so did we!!!Thanks Lego for being such a great place!We ll come back soon!

Review №86

Crazy busy. Cute for a kid between 4-8. Playscape smelled like pee. Which immediately made me wonder how often they clean here.

Review №87

Had a great time on our first visit; staff was very helpful and considerate.Kids loved it and wanted to go back.Things were hectic for the first hour or two but calmed down after the school kids on a field trip cleared out.

Review №88

This is corny. And expensive. I thought the coolest part was the ride where you shoot things from your car but the guns and targets are so unresponsive that they may as well be laser lights only. Got this as a bundle package for the aquarium. At least the aquarium rocked.

Review №89

My sister and nephew were in town for the weekend. My nephew is four years old, so I thought this would be a great experience for him. I wasnt disappointed! He loves hands-on activities, and this place was packed with different tasks he could do. He had a blast creating different Lego cars to race with the other kids. I would definitely bring him back there if they visit again. Great memories!

Review №90

We had a great time here. A lot more to do than expected. Would definitely recommend and come again. Loved the lego Detroit.

Review №91

Great place to take your kids that they love Legos

Review №92

Took longer than I expectedDaughter loved it and the theater was fun alsoWould absolutely recommendDown side food was a little below average quality

Review №93

This place is not for adults....the lego display of Detroit is awesome....but 21$....not worth it

Review №94

Laura and Sophia on one of the rides having a lot of fun. Would recommend coming here as you can cone and go all day while enjoying Great Lakes Crossing mall too.

Review №95

Everyone was super helpful and super friendly. We had so much fun! Picnic area inside, dancing with one of the Lego characters, and the car racing was the best. My son loved the ride with the laser guns.

Review №96

My 4 and 6 year old had a great time! We spent roughly 2.5 hours there and only experienced 60% of what they had to offer. There were a few bottlenecks specifically at the entrance and picture purchase desk. I would suggest going right as they open. The play area was slow right at 10am but by the time we left around 12:30pm it was packed. The store section was surprisingly small.

Review №97

Lots of fun very clean and safe for kids

Review №98

We had a great time at Legoland! The kids enjoyed each and every activity! We could have stayed all day!

Review №99

Been twice. Once with tutu. Once with grandpa who is no longer with us. Son loved it. Met the Master Builder. Great activities for the kids. Will definitely go again soon!

Review №100

Very friendly staff and family oriented. Great exhibits for the price.

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  • Phone:+1 248-409-6001
  • Tourist attraction
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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