Peppa Pig World of Play Michigan
4362 Baldwin Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States

Review №1

Great place for kids to play! Very safe, and tons of different activities for them to stay busy with. They also have an amazing gift shop. I’ll let my photos do the rest of the talking! :)

Review №2

Its a nice clean place kids can have lots of fun. Only issue is the time you spend inside is limited and the management will call you to leave based on the color of the wrist band. Staff is super nice and very responsive. Restrooms available inside.

Review №3

Thank you for making Gennas 6th birthday super fun! She was first in and last out! She had an absolute blast! Thank you!

Review №4

This place was really son loved it! You even get to take pics with Peppa Pig. The only thing is you are limited on the time you get to spend there, I believed it’s only 2 hours.

Review №5

You need to go here if you have toddlers! Great stuff and you can even jump in mudy puddles (on a screen and a jumping sensing pad) my daughter loved it and we even had to go back the next day lol

Review №6

It was awesome. My daughter had a great time and it gave the wife plenty of time to shop. The employees were very helpful and nice to talk to.

Review №7

Great atmosphere. Such a safe and enjoyable place for kids to go into the world of Peppa pig. The staff is absolutely wonderful and go above and beyond to serve customers, also very friendly and helpful. Such a huge space to play and explore. We spent over 3 hours and will return again. Oh and the food is delicious and high quality.

Review №8

Loved this place! And so did my 2 year old. We were there for almost 2 hours and could have stayed longer. Its clean and the set up is amazing.price is very affordable

Review №9

This place is AMAZING! There is so much to see and do, everything right in line with the show! My 4 and 2.5 year old had an absolute BLAST! Everything was very clean and staff were continuously tidying and re-setting the play areas.

Review №10

The price at first sounds a little steep but dont let it fool you. We took our 2 year old granddaughter here and she absolutley loved it. The place is clean and has tons of stuff for the kids to do. The layout allows parents to interact with their children as well. At first it sounded like a bad deal as we only got 2 hours playtime but after 2 hours I dont think any of us could endure more. We all wanted a nap almost immediately. I do like the idea of the price though as long as it keeps the riff raff out and they keep the play area clean and updated.

Review №11

This place was AMAZING! It was like stepping into the cartoon! My son (4) went nuts. I have to admit, being 34, I still wanted to play!! Well worth your money!

Review №12

Really small amd over crowded. It had to be 80°F in there. Kids was literally running over top of our kid. It was a mad house.

Review №13

While the kids enjoyed the actual facility, their hours are VERY limited. Double check before you go. No discounts for arriving close to closing time. They closed at 6 today. We arrived at 515 for my nieces birthday. We were willing to pay full price (55.00 for 3 adults and 2 kids) to let them play for 45 minutes however the 3 teenagers working spent 10 minutes trying to discourage us from entering. Rather than trying to accommodate a 7 year old on her birthday, we dealt with them nudging each other, eye rolling, their complaining to each other. Perhaps an adult should be working there. AWFUL customer service.

Review №14

I took my 6 year old son here with my sister and her 2 year old daughter and 7 year old son, not expecting the boys to have nearly as much fun as my niece. Boy, was I wrong! It’s not huge but enough room to play and enjoy! They have a whole Peppa’s house and two bus exhibits! We had a ton of fun and the more people the better the discounts! Totally recommend for young children!

Review №15

Fun place too take your kids i would say 7 years old and younger to burn some energy lol if you know what i mean

Review №16

Insanely expensive but I guess it was worth it because the kids loved it. I wish the food situation was a bit more organized and there were a few features that werent working the way they should. But service was great and the play place is something to admire.

Review №17

My girls, ages 3 and 5 love coming here. It’s laid out where it’s easy to keep an eye on your kid. Their restroom is clean and there is hand sanitizer installed throughout the place.They guarantee 2hrs of play on busy days. They most economical way to visit is to buy the annual pass. Keep an eye on Groupon for deals.They need coat hooks and more shoe bins. This is Michigan, and cold weather means kids are bundled 6 months of the year. Piles of coats on the floor, tables, and benches is the norm.

Review №18

Wow, such an awesome place. My granddaughter loved it. Lots of places for the adults to sit while the babies play. Food available too. Definitely worth the admission.

Review №19

The play areas are very clean and great for young kids. They utilize safety methods so that kids are safe. The bathrooms are clean as well. My 2 1/2 year old daughter had a wonderful time!

Review №20

It was worth every penny. There was so much for her to do and it was so safe. I wish they had better food options, but no complaints outside of that. We will be back.

Review №21

My son absolutely loved it. They did a great job bringing Peppas world to life

Review №22

Super cute and amazing place for kids! Wish they had a few more places to sit for food (without getting in the way of the kids playing) but my daughter thoroughly enjoyed it! Also I wish they choosing a time to go in mattered to make it semi less crowded . Overall an amazing place to go and the employees were so helpful and kind!

Review №23

So I thought the tickets were expensive when I bought them online (1 adult and 2 kids, also bought 2 kid lunches). But there’s actually a lot to do there. There’s a lot of playground type equipment that keep kids occupied. My kids played the whole time and loved it.Everything was very clean and there were a few workers walking around the whole time. When Peppa Pig came out, the line moved very smoothly and quickly. Lunch was a good sized meal for a kid. Everyone had wristbands with the parent’s phone number on it. The bathrooms were a good size and clean.I couldn’t really hear anything over the loudspeaker, so if it was said anything about wristband color time to leave, I didn’t hear it.The eating area was sort of small but it seemed like there was a quick turnover of tables.Overall it was a good experience for what was spent. There were more interactive things than I thought there would be and two hours was a good amount of time. Thanks!

Review №24

Good place for kids to burn off some energy indoors. Kids above a certain age (6-7) may find it a bit beneath them. 2 hour play time limit. Snack counter inside.

Review №25

This is definitely a favorite place of mine to go for a family fun day with my two boys (ages 1 and 2). I do wish it was a bit cheaper, $50 to get in for 4 of us but its worth it if you stay a while. The food selection isnt that great so we always eat before we go. Overall its a great, fun, clean place.

Review №26

We took our 3 year old here for her birthday, she LOVED it! There was plenty to do and it was very clean. Went on a Saturday and it wasnt overcrowded at all. She got to meet Peppa too! All in all a great experience

Review №27

What a greay experience for my little one i definitely recommend

Review №28

So much fun! We have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and they both loved it! So much to do and completely worth the money. We even got to meet Peppa!

Review №29

We purchased tickets online, you can purchase them when you arrive however you may have to wait depending on how busy it is. We went right in and my 6yo daughter had a blast! Your guaranteed 2 hours! It really was quite fun for any Peppa pig fan and the price was fair. We bought the activity pack online which is cute and saved $1 by buying online. If you purchase the meals online you save 50¢ each. I took lots of photos! Overall we definitely recommend!

Review №30

Alot of quiet room, no screaming kids and not over crowded. Two year old was able to experience everything without running into children or being knocked over.

Review №31

This was so cute. My daughter had such a good time here. We will definitely be visiting again soo

Review №32

Beautiful play center but Crazy expensive for only 2 hours of play. You have to pay full admission for a 1 year old.I paid 62 dollars for 2 adult and 2 kid passes for the 4:15 time slot this past Saturday.We left 20 minutes later and wont be back anytime soon.A- Outside the man working the grill there was zero staff inside the actual play space. Kids were free to run like ferral animals while adults sat and stared at their phones.There so SO MUCH pushing and shoving it was a joke.B- They have a small picnic area inside this place where they serve pizza and other foods. They do nothing to contain the food so kids were walking around with food, climbing into the play area with food etc. We have a child with a deadly dairy allergy and wont be returning because the exposure risk is crazy high. I understand our situation is unique.If you have a preschooler with food allergies, I would advise you avoid places like this.There are several places in the Metro area that have strict No food in the play area policies which have been enforced beautifully.When I let the girl at the register know of our experience she dismissed my concerns and sent us on our way.For 62 bucks I expected better customer service.

Review №33

Kids Love it, Tons of Fun for Them!!!

Review №34

I had the most wonderful time here, me two sons who are 3 and 34 had so much fun here, we came here last week and just had soooooooo much fun, the food was great, the attraction was so much fun, and nothing was over priced, you can get in for just $30 for you and your two kids, and the cheese cake brand cupcakes (which are amazing by the way) are only $2.50, and you can get an amazing stainless steel, leak proof bottle for the low price of $16, over all this place was amazing 100% recommend, no complaints what so ever, i will for sure be back soon, and my sons cant wait :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №35

The kids all had fun (from ages 2-8). Its expensive especially given the time limit that you are allowed to play (they dont tell you that on the website). The lunches were nothing great. The pizza wasnt very hot and the adult meal is the same as a kids meal for $3 more and it comes in Daddy Pig bag instead of a box. The activity pack isnt worth it for younger kids.

Review №36

The place is great but the entrance fees is way too high. They charge 30 per kid. Common!

Review №37

I believe peppa pig world should be a fun place for everyone not just 8 and under I took my 2 10 year old daughters today and the people working said it was for 8 and under and considered my 2 as adults they gave and my daughters got pretty upset because it looked really fun one of them is a huge huge fan and even wore her one shirt that has peppa pig on it. honestly if they have to have an age restriction make it a least 12 and under

Review №38

Great place to take your kids!! My step daughter loved it!!! She had so much fun!!

Review №39

Awsome place the kids loved it. Very clean and staff is nice. The only thing I was not expecting is that they give you a time limit(about 2hrs) and you have to leave.

Review №40

My daughter had a blast here and definitely make another trip back. Some many things to do and see.

Review №41

This was not a super great experience. The tricycles and bicycles were horrible. The parents just let their kids go crazy. My son was hit and knocked down multiple times because of incompetent parents not watching their kids. Crazy expensive and there should be more supervision or overwatch by the employees to help guide the kids into playing safely. Will not be returning.

Review №42

Very good time! Price is a little high, I would not recommend coming on the weekend! Very clean and the staff were very friendly, wish Peopa would have come out out for a meet and greet! :)

Review №43

Hubby and I took our 4.5 year old daughter today and she had a blast and absolute loved it, however there where a few downsides: we were not informed that this is a timed play area instead we barely heard an announcement about the colored wrist bands, then had to go ask what the announcement said, when it came time for our color of wrist bands to be called to leave we barely heard it as the P A system is barely bearable, so we again had to ask what was said, than whilst wasting time having to ask about the announcement our daughter ran to another area ( I know we shouldnt have taken our eyes off her for that minute but we wouldnt have had to if we didnt have to ask about the announcement) and we couldnt find her granted the employee I told was super awesome and immediately called some one else over and after 5 minutes they found her and brought her to us I wish I had caught his name. Also some areas you cant see your child playing and they can come out many different places and run to the next area without you realizing it.

Review №44

My grandson is 19 months and he had a blast and he was able to participate in every activity there.

Review №45

Our granddaughter loves this place. Clean, well maintained and friendly staff.

Review №46

It says I have been here before but I never even knew this place

Review №47

Very nice place. Kids had a great time. Lots of stuff to keep kids busy for a couple hours.

Review №48

Fun place for the little ones. Kinda pricey for just an couple hour play. Would recommend waiting more towards the evening for cheaper price to get in

Review №49

Great for children under five,very interactive and safe.Food selection is very limited but pretty inexpensive.

Review №50

Worth the visit. My 1 and 5 year old girls had a great time.

Review №51

Kind of pricey and definitely aimed at littler kids (5 might be too old), its reminiscent of the play area that the mall has already (for free) albeit larger and Peppa Pig-themed. I dont envy the staff who have to deal with cleaning up the constant mess and over-excited kids.The bathrooms left a lot to be desired regarding cleanliness.

Review №52

Great place for kids to burn their energy but the coffee tastes like paper

Review №53

My daughter loves this place. Small and I can watch her.

Review №54

It was a cute place to hang out. Definitely bundle/ or grab some coupons from Kerby’s Coney before going though.

Review №55

Celebrated my granddaughter birthday and she had a ball.

Review №56

Awesome interactive playground for toddlers. Definitely for 5 and under.

Review №57

Admission wasnt awful. Definitely a place for very young children but even my 10 year old had fun. Not impressed with the accessibility. Putting a handicap sign on a set of stairs does not make it accessible!

Review №58

Great place. Lots to do. Very fun.

Review №59

Oh my god. Pictures on google don’t do this place justice. It’s AMAZING and ten times bigger with more things to do then pictured.If you go after 4pm on certain days you pay the twilight fee. For a family of 4 it was only 30$.

Review №60

Expected a more interactive experience. E.g. the peppa car should talk when you press a button and have a horn that beeps. Similar updates with the other attractions are needed

Review №61

My two year old had a blast! Well maintained! Totally worth it!

Review №62

I brought my children and grandchildren for a mini vacation from Sparta Michigan. It was a fantastic experience and the staff was amazing. When I returned home I realized I had lost my set of keys my husband was driving so we were using his however I let my grandson play with them I know my bad, anyhow I immediately e-mailed peppa pig world to the e-mail provided on the website and by that next morning they had called me and said they would send them to me FedEx free of charge I was so grateful and amazed, but then later that day I received a second call and they gave me the tracking number for my package Amazing Im so proud to know there are still great honest, and helpful people in the world and some of them are working at peppa pig world in auburn hills.. Thanks again your A+ people and your place is fabulous and fun..Thank you. Becky..

Review №63

Inexpensive and clean. Friendly staff. My kids enjoyed it. Cute place!

Review №64

Wow LOVE THIS PLACE! AS an adult I truley had FUN watching my kids from 1 yr to 11 have fun.

Review №65

The place is very nice for kids and their staffs are very good.

Review №66

This is a perfect place to play for pre-school kids who love Peppa Pig (but perhaps I repeat myself there!). There are a few small areas suitable for toddlers as young as about 18 months, but most of the equipment is aimed solidly at kids 3 - 5. Rather than having rides or structured activities, it consists of different areas for imaginative play with different Peppa-related themes, including several climbing structures with slides, play houses and shops, and an area for riding tricycles -- and of course jumping up and down in (pretend) muddy puddles!. Our 3-year old played there happily for hours and has been asking to go back ever since. Pricing is also quite reasonable as far as these things go -- you pay only for young children, with only a small additional fee for adults and older kids accompanying them. Id recommend this as a must-do activity for anyone with a Peppa-mad pre-school we!

Review №67

So Awesome! The best cartoon turned into a play area! Awesome! :)

Review №68

Definitely a cute/fun place to take your little ones. Downside you can’t see your kids at all times in some of the play places. Another downside was the ridiculous amount of mannerless children and parents that had no desire to correct their little a-holes.

Review №69

My daughter had a great time and fun for kids

Review №70

Fun place for the children to run around.single fauther of Child of four autistic children so sent hope and prayers

Review №71

Took my niece today and she had a blast. Very cool place.

Review №72

Kids will love it. Food is pricey.

Review №73

My 3 year old loves it here!

Review №74

Peppa Pig World was nice and expensive. I probably wouldnt go on a Saturday again and definitely not if there is time limit. KIDS had a nice time.

Review №75

The children had fun but it was too hot inside, children where poorly supervised by their own parents let alone any staff, there is no reason why they should charge for adults to sit and listen to screaming children, and it was overcrowded.

Review №76

Kids loved it. I guess thats what matters

Review №77

So fun!!! Worth the price

Review №78

Alittle bit over priced for a playground but still nice and clean

Review №79

We loved it, my 2 year old had a blast. It was a bit crowded at first then cleared out a bit and was much less chaotic.

Review №80

Cute place for kids. Go after 4pm. Its half the price

Review №81

Nice place to take kids there

Review №82

I came here to meet peppa, turns out its a costume

Review №83


Review №84

Its okBut they charge extra I checkedtickets on website price is $25 and online $22.50But on counter they charge $30 this is not Fair $5 robbery oncustomerpoket

Review №85

Perfect for my 3 year old who loves Peppa! Wish there was one near us in Chicago!

Review №86

Absolutely amazing! Lots of fun at a decent price!

Review №87

Definitely not worth the admission they charge!!

Review №88

My daughter loves it here!

Review №89

It is so fun. Kids will love it!

Review №90

My little girl had the best time!

Review №91

Lots of fun for the kids.

Review №92

This is a beautiful play area for children.

Review №93

First time, lots to do.

Review №94


Review №95

Took my granddaughters on yesterday and I was totally dissatisfied. I feel that this place is over priced. I wont ever refer anyone.

Review №96

Staff is rude, got in trouble for giving my kid apple juice that I had brought in. Apparently it’s for kids 8 and under, mine is 4, and he’s way too old for this. Waste of $30

Review №97

My child almost died and had nightmares for weeks

Review №98

My boy loved it

Review №99

Too much pig

Review №100

Best place in the world!

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  • Address:4362 Baldwin Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States
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  • Phone:+1 248-392-2121
  • Tourist attraction
Working hours
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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