River Woods Park
M59 and, Squirrel Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States

Review №1

Beautiful and clean... Very quiet place to just sit in your car or walk on trail. There are even places to sit. You can definitely have peace here... The water is clear... I love to pray over it....

Review №2

Really nice, gazebo area, little trails, basketball court and play area. Really nice quiet spots throughout the park.Only periodically has trash on the ground and sometimes balloons caught in trees.

Review №3

Truly a great park for gatherings and walking ... pavilion has a fire pit for those chilly fall days ... the bridge is phenomenal for walking... and this park is animal friendly

Review №4

Pretty nice playground that my kids enjoyed.

Review №5

Very nice, clean and lots fun. Great place for a get together!

Review №6

Beautiful kid friendly park with play equipment, a pavilion, bathrooms, grills and next to a skate park.

Review №7

I love this park. Before my mom passed we would go out and enjoy the scenery and have a great conversation. I still ro this day visit at least three times out of the week.

Review №8

Very good for family picnic especially in the fall with the fireplace

Review №9

An awesome place to host outdoor events. The play area is ideal for kids 13 and younger and the trail nearby is surprisingly long!

Review №10

Beautiful park! The pavilion is lovely with a fireplace and grills on either side of it. There are several small built in tables under the pavilion too. The bathrooms and drinking fountain have been spotless every time we visit. Great basketball court and playground. Plenty of picnic tables, benches and grills around the park. There is a large paved path for walking all around the scenic park including a beautiful bridge over the Clinton River. Family and pet friendly. Large parking lot. It is definitely my families favorite park.

Review №11

It’s a small park with a beautiful river, children’s play area and a couple of walking paths. Not suggested for people who want to hike or walk for an extended period.

Review №12

I really liked this park. It has paths, playground equipment, a free library stall with books, a creek with bridge, and a covered sitting area with picknic tables. I would have liked to walk the entire pathway though the woods, but it was cold. Id like to revisit this place when the trees are green and the weather is warm. Nice park .

Review №13

Such a beautiful park for the kids to run around.. the city does need to fix the slides but they have properly ensured no one can use them.

Review №14

Great park with lots of trails and has a river and very clean and nice

Review №15

My son loves this park.

Review №16

Beautiful park, lots of trails and clean restrooms.

Review №17

Very well satisfied with the office and maintenance staff. They were very outgoing and had no problem answering questions and helping. Thank you again Pam your so awesome!

Review №18

My kid really likes to walk on the bridge over the river.. it is a nice play for walk or play

Review №19

Huge complaint here...I took my daughter to play on the splash pad, and even though 2 weeks previous it was free, they now were charging an entrance fee. The cost, although I dont remember what it was, was way too high. AND they were charging on one of the hottest days of the year. Yeah, lets extort people to keep cool on high temp days. Jerks.

Review №20

The park itself is nice but they could use more grills, n this place needs to be more regulated. The only time I went was once with my 3 yr old son n 3 little black girls who were on playground unsupervised they had no parents watching them at all and I was waiting for my son to come down the slide n next thing u know he comes flying down backwards n flying right off slide and onto the ground n there isnt even any parents to tell cause they dont care about there kids I guess or how they behave anyways and then they wonder what happened to Detroit

Review №21

Quiet relaxing park with a stream :)

Review №22

This place is amazing it has something for everyone! Beautiful spaces for photography and events. Close to everything you need but feels far away from the city. Cant wait to go again

Review №23

Very neat, clean and small BUT it held a lot of fun. I was there for a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis, but there was enough time to explore the cement paths, watching the refreshing river water churn by alongside the paths. There were well thought out slides and structures to climb.

Review №24

Good place to walk your dog because they have a nice trail that goes over a wooden bridge into a wooded area and loops back to the park.

Review №25

Beautifully up-kept. nature at its finest with a touch of human care.

Review №26

Walking trail was a bit short if you want to stay on the pavement, but the park was beautiful and well kept. Playground was awesome for the kiddos.

Review №27

Noce quiet neighbor park

Review №28

Great place to get your mind straight and to walk with your wife/husband

Review №29

Wide open areas and plenty of room. Lots of paths, well serviced and clean. Lacks many structures to hold events

Review №30

Beautiful park. There is a badminton court and a beautiful river. This place is awesome to bring your kids for play.

Review №31

Serene beauty with a track to walk and kids play area. My son enjoyed there.

Review №32

Beautiful Park very relaxing and clean. The bridge there is one of the best view to see by the water.

Review №33

Its a small park but definitely a nice place to take a quick walk and just sit back and enjoy the green

Review №34

Well put together. Very clean, beautiful setting tucked in downtown Aunurn Hills.

Review №35

Great place to walk or have the kids play. Beautiful.

Review №36

We enjoyed the park. Nice for walks, picnics or a place for the kids to run off some energy.

Review №37

Great park with an awesome picnic shelter with dual-sided fireplace and ample grill space to cook for a crowd. Must be reserved for groups through the city of Auburn Hills.

Review №38

Beautiful park to walk around & see the however I would’ve preferred to do this (my 1st time) w/out RAIN !!!!I’m looking forward to going back so I can ENJOY everything River Woods Park has to offer !!!!!!!!!!P.S. I did catch a quick glimpse of a swing set where young children were playing (b4 it started ) & having a lot of fun !!!!!!!!!!

Review №39

Beautiful little park. Family friendly

Review №40

Beautiful park. Easy access. Fun playground and beautiful river!

Review №41

Beautiful park . I will visit and check out the trails

Review №42

Good place to go fishing and for a nice walk

Review №43

I love this place, it brings back old memories.

Review №44

If you live in Auburn Hills and nearby area then do visit this place.

Review №45

My kids love this park, and the river. The trails are small, but the river makes up for it :)

Review №46

Nice place. No fish in the stream tho

Review №47

Great place to chill after class

Review №48

Peaceful place just to sit and think..

Review №49

Riverwoods Park is the best! Skate Park and basketball courts

Review №50

Nice place. Picnic tables, grills, trails, and a playground.

Review №51

Great place to enjoy a walk with a view of the river. The fishing is pretty good for trout.

Review №52

Nice quiet place close to home...

Review №53

Decently clean park for families to visit and children to play. Not for large or extra large groups

Review №54

Nice bridge over the river.

Review №55

Meh probably 2 old 4 it , fun when I was younger though

Review №56

Lovely park by the creek with walking paths and large jungle gym for kids. Also a nice place for larger groups to have a cook-out.

Review №57

Its a beautiful park, but a long the pathway the weeds and grass are so high, I felt unsafe. Someone could very easily hide in those and attack someone. The NYC jogger murder case should not have happened, but the fact that it did should teach us some common sense ways to take care of our public places to keep them as safe as possible, one of those ways being not to let brush get out of control like that because its the perfect set up for danger. I turned around and did not walk the path. The swings and play area are nice, though other than 2 toddler swings, its not set up for toddler (1-3 years old) age kids. It has one of those cute library/free book boxes, however its empty. Im not sure who manages that. Its it still in use, so one could go donate books to it whenever? Park is clean and clearly well maintained other than that high brush. I did not use the facilities or go in the covered eating area as there was a party going on there. The ground under the swings and play area is wood chips, which I dont prefer, especially when other people dont care for their children and a 5 ish year old runs over and quickly grabs a handful and dumps it on your 1 year olds head out of nowhere. Yeah....that happened. Parking is close but theres only one actual entrance. It has basketball courts that look well-maintained.

Review №58

Great public park. The river running through it is a nice touch. Playground is fun for kids.

Review №59

Very nice and clean park. Good place to relax, read, talk or whatever your pleasure.

Review №60

Very relaxing and fun. Well kept, so pretty clean considering its an outdoor park. Would recommend to someone else.

Review №61

Small park with a river. Trails going thru the thickets. Lots if blooming trees.

Review №62

Cute park with a great pavilion (it has tables, BBQ, & fire pits). Some of the parts of the playing structure were broken; including a boarded up slide. There are trails by the river, but we stuck to the park, so I cant comment on them.

Review №63

Love the park. Peaceful, calming. Always a place to park. Well kept and small trials to explore

Review №64

Its great park for kids family gatherings and picnics

Review №65

Grandsons 1st and 2nd birthday party ... beautiful day and had a great time ... Thanks for the use of the pavilion... best 25 $ spent

Review №66

Nice park Auburn hills

Review №67

Small pretty park

Review №68

It was very nice and very pretty

Review №69

Great park. Well kept relatively

Review №70

Its a fun safe and clean place to take the kids. My son loves all the equipment and swings.

Review №71

Simply amazing. And a skating park also. Parking is ample

Review №72

Its kinda awesome!

Review №73

Always a great time for the kids

Review №74

Quiet. Kids loved it.

Review №75

My kids and husband like this park a lot.

Review №76

Beauticul and peaceful

Review №77

Relaxing and fun for the kids

Review №78

Good to take an hour walk when bad moon

Review №79

The wife and I had a wonderful time

Review №80

Small park, but has a nice path and is a good place to just sit and unwind.

Review №81

Nice park for everyone but they sometimes have the bathroom locked

Review №82

Small park but very nice and the trails are nice too.

Review №83

A little on the small side, but great play areas for the kids

Review №84

Very nice park for family events. But you have to book it first.

Review №85

Great park and this is where we have our Family Reunion at every year!!

Review №86

Fun place for me and my five year old!

Review №87

Super safe playground! Nice river arround.

Review №88

Ideal for a quiet evening stroll or office picnic.

Review №89

It is a very good park to walk the dogs and lot of space

Review №90

My favorite park for Photography

Review №91

Clean, pretty little spot. Always someone there catching Pokémon!

Review №92

Familys reunion was there awesome Lyons we go!!

Review №93

Beautiful scenary

Review №94

Best park iv been to in a long time

Review №95

Awesome very beautiful

Review №96

Great spot

Review №97

Awesome family park.

Review №98

Awesome park!!!

Review №99

Nice walking paths...

Review №100

Great place to enjoy nature, and awesome basketball courts

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