SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium
4316 Baldwin Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States

Review №1

Much fun. Take the advice of the person at the front desk who told us to take our time. Meander through the exhibits slowly and search through the tanks to see so many things that you would miss if you go too quickly.So many great sights even with COVID precautions that prevent some activities. My favorites: large nurse sharks and stingrays, lion fish, puffer fish, sea anemone, jelly fish tank, sea turtles, huge eel, BIG lobster.

Review №2

This is one of our favorite places to visit! My family is full of animal lovers and the Aquarium has a nice variety in the space available. Theres a touch pool the kids really enjoy and a store with a nice selection of items. The prices are reasonable. Check their current safety rules before coming. We felt as safe as possible within the Aquarium. However, we entered through the mall to get there. Safety rules in the mall were not very comforting. I recommend weekday visits for less of a crowd. You can easily reserve an entry time to the Aquarium by paying in advance at their website. Next visit we will look for the most direct route through the mall.

Review №3

Enjoyed every bit of the aquarium. They had some really great collection of finishes and kudos to the staff in maintaining social distance and making the locality very safe and clean. Will visit again after the pandemic.

Review №4

My daughter and I loved it! Cant wait to go again soon!

Review №5

Wonderful family experience! Fun and educational. Grandkids loved it!

Review №6

Really nice trip. The play area is closed but the kids still enjoyed the trip.

Review №7

My children loved every bit of this. The staff was great (gift shop guy has CS he needs to work on) but everything else was wonderful.

Review №8

Fun for the family. Great experience just go. Make sure to take your time.

Review №9

Not the biggest aquarium, but its well done and had a good feel. Kids enjoyed it. Took us ~30-45 min to get through the whole thing.

Review №10

It is a cute place to take your kids to. It takes maybe 30 to 45 minutes to walk through it and that was us taking our time. I personally think it is over priced but its worth seeing the kids face. The website needs some work it took forever to order my tickets and I couldnt use my promo code because it was online but yet they cannot promise youll get in when you get there which is understandable. I would recommend going when all this covid 19 is done. There was alot of areas we missed out on because they were blocked off. Overall it was super cute.

Review №11

It was the first time that I visited any aquarium since I moved to the Usa and Sealife was absolutely amazing. The service was great and the whole experience was great. It is so pretty inside Sealife to see all the beautiful animals there. I would definitely recommend Sealife Aquarium to anyone who want to have a good time!!!

Review №12

Great place to bring a smile to your kids face. Worth every penny.

Review №13

Very beautiful and very friendly. Definitely a great attraction for adults and children

Review №14

I love this place! My daughter had her 3rd birthday here. They have huge and colorful fish. They are absolutely beautiful. You walk through this huge aquarium learning about fish and their habitats. The best part of the visit is the touch pool. You get to touch different types of star fish and sea urchins. They also have interactive play zones for the kids to color and see their fish they designed on the computer. You can also pay $3 more to get a behind the scenes tour of how this place runs and takes care of the fish. Fun for the whole family. Its pretty expensive though, so I would suggest buying your tickets online because you save about $5 per person. Certain ages get in free. Its worth the trip if you dont live nearby. Only thing I wish is that the place was bigger with more interactive areas to touch the fish.

Review №15

Very quiet on an afternoon weekday in the pandemic era. Lots of hand sanitizer, staff was friendly, place was incredibly clean. Even touched some anemone & star fish! At the time of writing this review they had just out out their Christmas ornaments.

Review №16

This place was so awesome!! I used to come to this mall as a kid all the time and its so awesome to see how much cool interactive stuff theyve added.

Review №17

So relaxing and beautiful the boys and i loved it. It will be so much better once everything opens after this covid stuff ends

Review №18

Had a lot of fun here on our field trip

Review №19

Very cute little aquarium. A lot of really cool fish and interesting stuff

Review №20

Super fun, I loved this place. Its a great place for anyone 1 to 100 to go, they give you great information about all the sea creatures and its even really cool to watch the feedings

Review №21

Its a nice aquarium given its modest size. They fit in quite a bit in a small space. My kids never get bored no matter how many times we go

Review №22

This place was absolutely wonderful. The animal were cool and the staff were super friendly. 10/10 recommend you come here

Review №23

This place is what i call the perfect date with the kids. The amazement on their faces was priceless

Review №24

Pretty neat. My son really liked it. When I went it wasnt busy, so that was nice. The art is nice too.

Review №25

If you know when you’re going to visit, you can get a discount on line. No waiting in lines. Of course, when I went there at noon on a Saturday, there was no line. Still, nice discount. I enjoyed the experience. Nice stingray talk. We paid $3 for tickets to see the backstage area and to hear about how they feed and take care of the aquatic creatures. It added to our understanding and appreciation of SEA LIFE, so I recommend it. It wasn’t a big area, so it only took 20 minutes. You can add on LEGO land tickets online but only if you are taking kids 10 (or maybe 11?) and below.

Review №26

Great place to go see some very unique and cool looking fish and also learn some new things! Great for a class field trip and have a wonderful store at the end for all ur sea life fix!Me and my son had a blast and will be back many more times!

Review №27

We love SeaLife, and visit regularly. Its not huge, but since we live locally and have a pass, thats a plus for me. My almost 2 year old loves it, and the tanks are arranged so that she can easily see all of the fish without my help. There are also lots of little tunnels and things that are made for kids to crawl in, and she has a lot of fun with that. The staff is always friendly and informative.

Review №28

Sea Life is a small aquarium located at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets. The aquarium is separated into 12 different exhibits. Your aquarium visit starts with a short movie about the aquarium and their efforts for rescue, breeding, and protection. It took me about one hour to go through the aquarium. I enjoyed the Touch Tank. A chance to reach in and touch one of many amazing rockpool creatures including giant pink sea stars, and anemones! Do you dare? You’ll enjoy the visit, specially if you’re with children.

Review №29

Was super cool. Only downside interactive stuff closed down due to covid. Was still very enjoyable

Review №30

We enjoyed the experience. The social distancing precautions did hamper our fun. Thanks for a great time.

Review №31

Update as of 11/3/20: Google is not showing correct hours and neither is their website. They close at 4pm daily, not 7pm. Annoyed that you cant call to confirm this.We always take family here when they visit. A great choice for small kids- not too big or overwhelming. You may spend an hour here if you poke around, but otherwise its pretty quick. Great having entertainment like this so nearby.

Review №32

Fun experience but didnt like that some exhibits were closed but it is what it is in todays world. Overall great experience for the kids.

Review №33

Tickets are a little pricey for 1 person each and we had 5 total, but it was a nice experience.

Review №34

Love this place! Boyfriend took me here for my birthday. So colorful, engaging and interactive!!

Review №35

Went on Vaca to Michigan and on our way back we went to this aquarium and it was so much fun. I loved that they had a station where you can touch star fish. Its a lot bigger than expected!

Review №36

Sea Life Aquarium is a great place to visit. It does seam a little on the small side; However, there are educational talks that take place several times a day. There are also feedings for animals such as the green sea turtles Benson and Carr. There are also feedings for the stingrays, green eel and bamboo sharks. If that is not enough, Sea Life also offers behind the scenes passes for only a few dollars a person. The passes take you behind the scenes where all of the magic and work goes into running an aquarium. The tour includes seeing where the animal’s food is prepared, going to the life support system for the aquarium, the quarantine area as well as the lab where water testing takes place. There are a few animals not on display that are back there too, that only behind the scenes pass holder get to see. Sea Life Aquarium usually also has several events throughout the year. Usually offering bonus things for the kiddos. There are also promotions for first responders and teachers to get in free certain times of the year. As well as other offers. Sea Life is owned by Merlin Entertainments, last time I was there they offered deals for Lego Land, that Merlin Entertainments also owns.

Review №37

Overall awesome experience! Lots of great information about all the different species in each exhibit. They even have a touch pool!

Review №38

Great aquarium, a little pricey, but certainly well kept. Reservations recommended, especially during covid-era. Good variety of sea life, including a touch pool. Theming was top notch and what you’d expect for a higher cost attraction. Worth a visit. When “things return to normal” (post-pandemic), occasionally there are deals to pair the LegoLand attraction admission which is well worth it.

Review №39

Lots of fun for the kids! My step daughter loved the touch pool. Too bad the play area is shut down due to covid 19. Still amazing fun!

Review №40

My daughters loved it and so did I .. covid needs to end soon so we can do the other great activities they offer here.

Review №41

It was extremely Amazing. I saw sea creatures that I didnt even knew existed. Totally mind blown with how far technology has come to support such environment for big and little sea life habitants. Affordable prices for adults and free to kids under 18.

Review №42

This was a fun day for the whole family. There are crawl areas inside several aquariums for the kids to get a view from the inside (and a great photo op). Many plaques with information to learn as you have fun and some hands on activities. A petting rockpool where you can gently touch sea stars and anemone (and a hand washing station). The end is a very nice gift shop with things like pins at 50¢, mermaid tails, stuffed animals, to high end jewelry with aquatic themes. With your paid ticket you can re-enter as often as you want to on the same day. This aquarium is inside an outlet mall with a full food court.

Review №43

Amazing! The animals were beautiful and interactive! They posed for pictures! Friendly staff!

Review №44

Its a Great place to go and learn about some forms of sea life. What they do with rescue and rehabilitation is wonderful

Review №45

Thought it would be bigger. Nice exhibits. Wish so much of it wasnt still closed down.

Review №46

My 1 year old really enjoyed going here. It was very interactive for her. A lot of different fish and things to see. The touch pool and the tunnels with bubbles to get a closer look inside the tanks were her favorite.

Review №47

Took my almost two year old yesterday. He had a great time and I actually did too. The staff was nice. I like that they had multiple bathrooms throughout and they were clean. The little play area in the back was really nice also.

Review №48

Spent alot of time here and enjoyed the aquarium experience so much. Must say we really enjoyed the stingrays the most. So many sea creatures to get acquainted with!! We also enjoyed seeing the REAL seahorses!! Another favorite. We will visit again.

Review №49

My 8 year old daughter loved this place! Will definitely be back!

Review №50

Cool place to take your littles. I love that there was a scavenger hunt for the kids to do, though they seemed more interested in getting all the stamps than looking at the animals. It does get a little pricey but I feel like it goes towards a good cause, seeing as they do a lot to help preserve and rescue sea life.Id recommend finding out their feeding times and going during those. We saw the sting rays (and little sharks maybe?) being fed and that was pretty cool.

Review №51

My family and I enjoyed the aquarium. There are a lot of great sea life to enjoy and some games to play. Older children would probably not enjoy this as much as the younger ones. Still a great experience and place to educate on all things water life.As a person who has enjoyed many aquariums throughout the states, this one is very small when doing price comparison. If you use the coupons and discounts available (AAA, buy legoland get aquarium, or child free coupons) it is worth it. However the price without such is not worth it.Example: (walk up pricing)TN adults are $35 & child (3-12) $22MI adults are $24 & child (3-12) $19TN -We spent 4 hours exploring 2 HUGE buildings Sea & Fresh water life(could have explored longer too). Played several free games. Touched turtles.MI- 1 hour exploring played 2 free games, and touched turtles.Is it worth visiting? YesIs it fun? YesJust plan ahead and get those discounts. Do not think it is like other big ones. It will not take long to get through so add in that legoland fun

Review №52

We had a very nice visit. We brought our eight and nearly two year olds and they had a blast. This is a smaller aquarium but the kids had a great time searching for the many learning opportunities and looking at the sea creatures through the many viewing bubbles. They also had fun on the play structure and of course shopping in the store. Plan for for about an hour to see everything. The staff did an excellent job of engaging the children and it is nice to see their involvement in protecting the Great Lakes sturgeon.

Review №53

For a small aquarium in a mall they had decent exhibits, my kids had fun and the staff was very nice.

Review №54

WONDERFUL place for ALL ages! We come here once a year for a birthday. Well worth the 3 hour trip. Love the touch pool where you can touch sea creatures.

Review №55

The kids love to visit. The staff is very helpful. The facility is well maintained. Many interesting displays. Can be a little pricey for a family.

Review №56

Took my kids there and we all had a great time! Nicely set up. Not terribly big. I would certainly go there again.

Review №57

Had lots of fun with my kids

Review №58

Smaller place but has a lot to offer for what it is. Staff is very friendly. Could cost a little less.

Review №59

Fun for the family. Sure wish it wouldve been a bigger place. Located inside the outlets in Auburn Hills. Overall, it was beautifully done and aquatic life was good. I just wanted to stay forever in the aquarium with all the sea life!!!

Review №60

Tried going today its closed due to COVID wasnt told on Google - letting everyone know so they dont waste their drive and get their hopes up

Review №61

I was a lil disappointed not that big for $19 toledo zoo is bigger , better , and cheaper

Review №62

Amazing place to go visit

Review №63

Its a good Aquarium

Review №64

Educational and fun for kids. Good family time here

Review №65

Beautiful but small place. Can easily spend 1-2 hours. Kids will love it.

Review №66

Great aquarium, fun exibits. Definitely geared towards younger visitors, but fun for all ages.

Review №67

This is a great place to take anyone of any age. There are interactive areas for kids and the staff is very knowledgeable about the many kinds of sea life here. The price is reasonable and there is a bundle package that goes with the legoland discovery center for a discounted price.

Review №68

Kinda pricey but a nice aquarium nonetheless. Relaxing and chill. Can easily get really great views of all the marine life.

Review №69

Went here for a little vacation, absolutely LOVED it. A lot of it was designed to be fun for kids, but me and a few friends just walked end to end looking at everything and taking pictures until we decided to leave. 100% worth my money.

Review №70

It was perfect for my 2 year olds birthday present but we went on a Saturday so her dad could be present and it was so over crowded it was hard for her to enjoy it as much as she would have had it been less crowded. They had a tide pool for the kids to touch sea creatures which was cool. My cousin brought her 2 year old on a Tuesday around noon and barely anyone there and she said Id probably find it much more enjoyable with baby girl had we gone then so well have to do it like that next time because theres sO much to see you could easily enjoy going a second time as well as your kiddo if they love animals like mine does. It was awesome 5 stars aside from over crowding maybe they could have more control over the times and let less people in at a time and have legit ticket times or stone more organization in that way to make it easier first you to see everything.(bad pics sorry was taking videos and it wont let me post videos )

Review №71

Great experience! Highly recommend this trip

Review №72

Great place for kids! If just adults its not bad but kind of small. My fiancé and I went to it on a Monday and it took us just over an hour to get through. But over nice people and great interactive place for kids

Review №73

It was fun 3.5 year old and 1 year old..I know covid. But I wish they would have had the little tunnels open for the kids to walk through or offered a discount. Not even the play place but other than that the kids loved it im sure well go back again when things are more enjoyable lol but it is a really cool place. Just being Honest. First time going so im sure its Way cooler when they can do/touch more things

Review №74

Got to sea life aquarium at 2:30pm, walked around for a few minutes then got informed that they close at 3:00pm. Please update your hours. We traveled a long way and very disappointed.

Review №75

This is great for young kids. It was pretty busy (spring break for many schools) but fun. Bring your patience. I wouldve liked the person working the touch pool to be a little more knowledgeable about the critters there, but thats the science teacher in me. Sitting on the bench under the large aquarium is a must! It actually cleared out a bit and we stayed there for quite a while watching the sharks and turtles.

Review №76

Lots of different kinds of fish. Very beautiful

Review №77

Small but has a great variety ! what my daughter loves the most is the interactive pool where they can pet star fish, crabs and see couple of small fish swimming by. We enjoy looking at sharks, gigantic eel and rays. If youve havent been there in a while, you need to visit it again, they have now an interactive area to color their own fish either on the tablet or with crayons.

Review №78

My daughter received tickets for her birthday, otherwise Im not sure we would have ever gone because its so expensive. We had a great time, but at the end I was like oh that was it? The aquarium at the Toledo zoo is better and you get to enjoy the entire zoo for about the same price, I think even slightly less. But this aquarium is much closer so theres a possibility wed return, perhaps if I found discount tickets.

Review №79

Very disappointing experience. I paid $15 per person online, as this was part of our family trip and we spent a total of 30 minutes inside. AS we approach the gift shop, there are signs posted of only debit/credit purchases. Pandemic or not, not everyone wants to pay with a card. I asked the cashier if he would accept cash and he was very rude and nasty. Not worth the money or the time.

Review №80

Fairly small aquarium, but not bad for the admission fee. Good place for the kids, big selection of fish.

Review №81

My family had a wonderful time. It was educational and entertaining for us and the kids.

Review №82

Very beautiful...great place to take the kids..

Review №83

This is a really cool aquarium with some nice exhibits. They have some every unique exhibits you wouldnt normally see around this part of the country. I recommend it!

Review №84

SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium is a great place to go. The entry fee is a little high but in line with other aquariums around the country. If they brought it down a little I believe they would see even more traffic and serve a greater part of the community.The exhibits are kept neat and clean on the outside. There were just two tanks they seemed to be having problems with but it was obvious they were working on it. The staff was welcoming and engaged. We had a slight difficulty at exit getting our ‘free photo’ when we were directed to go back into the line to get it. That was worked out satisfactorily.They have apparently been actively engaged in breeding and helping wounded wildlife but I did not see anything specific about that in the exhibits other than some numbers posted at entry.They have a wide variety of sea life on display and they all appeared in good health. Most of the displays had plastic plants in them. It would be nice to see more natural environments for the creatures and to examine them.The viewing tunnel was very crowded. There was no docent there and several patrons took the opportunity to rest and enjoy the tunnel while a single line file of other patrons had to navigate through along with carriages and mall baggage they might have with them.Overall this is an excellent location to visit. The children enjoyed it. I would recommend by passing the play area.

Review №85

Large variety of sea life and huge Crustaceans. Keep an eye out for the mantis shrimp, he really packs a punch! I would recommend purchasing tickets beforehand to save a little money.

Review №86

We walked through the whole thing in about a half hour. For the price I thought it would have been a bit longer other than that My son and I enjoyed it very much though. And every was beautiful, and the staff was extremely nice!

Review №87

Love this place its awesome love fish and all water life

Review №88

My husband and I took our 5 year old son a few weekends ago. We all really enjoyed seeing animals of the sea up close and personal. We went on a Saturday and it wasnt too busy which was nice! We really loved watching them feed the sea turtles. The stingray exhibit and hands on exhibit were also a hit. The building was clean, it did not smell inside and it appeared as though the animals were taken care of well here. You are allowed to come and go as many times as you like during your day admission which could be very handy for families bringing little ones who may need a break.

Review №89

It was much bigger than I thought it would be. A bit pricey but we have a membership that theyre a part of. Everything seems well taken care of.

Review №90

Very nice staff. Great place for kids to enjoy all the marine life and learn about them in a fun way.

Review №91

Awesome aquarium for all ages. Tons of exhibits despite its smaller size.

Review №92

A truly wonderous experience. Borderline magical. Even with a behind the scenes your to show you how its done, it was still wonderful and just a bit are inspiring. I felt as though I was a little child for a moment or two.

Review №93

Fun and beautiful for those looking for a cheap something to do. Took us approximately an hour to view everything however most of the interactive exhibits are closed due to covid.

Review №94

As this being my first time visiting this Aquarium, I was completely mindblown by the Sea Life on exhibit, & aside from myself my family were highly impressed with such beautiful creatures and designs of the tanks (in & out), I was back home in Michigan in the middle of the week and they had it packed and just as exciting as a weekend party, the gift shop was amazing and the playground made the children feel even more excitement then visiting McDonalds

Review №95

Cool if your into sea life

Review №96

Took my wife and stepson to sea life, we all had a blast, especially the boy. Lots of cool sea life and good amounts of info on almost all of them. The gift shop after the aquarium has a lot of cute gifts and shirts you get your kids, family, friends, or someone special. Overall a great experience.

Review №97

This place is great for the kids. We had bought a membership online before ever actually going here. Wouldn’t buy the membership again. It was fun todo one time, but not over and over again. They have a cool touch tank tho, and lots of other cool fish.

Review №98

We came for the Home school week. The kids loved the tunnels to go inside the aquarium and view.

Review №99

Saw an employee tell a person with a service animal that she shouldn’t be in public and then refused to sell her a ticket, will be reporting this ADA violation

Review №100

Was looking forward to taking the kids there. The worker in the gift shop was rude as heck about kids touching stuff. If you dont want kids to touch stuff then you shouldnt be open period. Very disappointed we wont be back. You also lost out on us buying stuff!!!

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