Hoover Reservoir Park
7701 Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH 43081, United States
Review №1

Hoover Reservoir Park is a beautiful place to spend some time. There are a good number of people jogging, playing disc golf on the course there, and walking solo, with dogs and with kids yet there is plenty of room for social distancing. Theres also lots to see including boats and kayaks on the water, birds, and greenery. Our 2 year old also enjoyed the small playground and the geese and ducks in that area. A word of warning, the majority of the park is open to direct sunlight and it can get quite hot on warm, sunny days. Parking is free in the lot at the entrance.

Review №2

A great place to walk around. Lush green and water makes it beautiful. Two way walk in the bridge is about 1 mile. There are plenty of walking tracks off the bridge. Very clean and well maintained. We went on an evening, it was a nice walk in the cool breeze and a sight of seagulls, ducks was delightful.

Review №3

Great place to train outside! The area is beautiful, the water and open areas keep a gentle breeze blowing the whole time youre there. The 100+ step staircase is why so many go there to workout. Not to mention they have a play area for the children and lots of areas to relax and sit.

Review №4

Enjoyed walking across the bridge. Very peaceful the park goes further then the eye can see. Very nice at sunset.

Review №5

Hoover Reservoir Park is a great place to take the family to walk around, play disc golf, and have a picnic. The kiddos enjoy running around and adventuring. The beautiful scenery make this a great location in Central Ohio for family photos. We highly recommend.

Review №6

I go there to fish clean environment great people thx to the workers we have a place we bring the family too

Review №7

It never fails to impress how this marvel not only supplies.water to the city and surrounding area but offers so much recreational value to the public. We have enjoyed the fishing here many times and kids seem to love looking at the spillway. For the athlete the steps up the side of the dam from the spillway up.to the top are a create cardio work out. So if you want to picnic or just take a leisurely walk this is the place to go. If you go stop by one of the many bait shops, get some snacks, make sure your fishing license is good and go and have a great time. Its a great place to boat too so go have fun.

Review №8

I enjoy coming here and watching the boats - also fun to walk along the shoreline and gather shells. If you go closer to the Marina, there are a lot of geese but further down in the fishing areas it is very peaceful and no crowd!

Review №9

Pretty park but the dam was closed down so you couldnt walk to each side of the lake. Pretty place to enjoy the day though

Review №10

Awesome place to capture some great sunset pictures. Little hidden water access areas are all we needed to make it happen.

Review №11

Its nice place for evening walk ,park next to it is full of ducks all the benches are with duck poop . But their is kind of playground we can play Frisbee on the other side of the dam good place to take your dog a walk

Review №12

Grabbed some chinese food from a local fave and had a picnic. Beautiful day waterside. Cant ask for more than that these days sometimes.

Review №13

Great place for a walk or to run the stairs .Lots of fishing areas and Frisbee golf.

Review №14

Great place to bike, play disc golf, jog, or take the dog on a walk.Theres marked trails that lead down to the water. An ideal place to watch the sunset during the summer and early fall days. Often have ran into other people down by the water, whether its another dog owner or a group of friends playing guitar around a little campfire, everyone seems to be in good spirits and relatively happy.

Review №15

Nice and clean place for outdoor activities like frisbee golf, bike rides, walks, fishing, and boating.

Review №16

It is absolutely amazing such a wonderful place to spend the day

Review №17

Great place to take a walk and look over the lake and enjoy nature. there isnt shade from the sun so you might enjoy best late in the afternoon

Review №18

Great Disc Golf course. Nice Nature Hike down to the beach.

Review №19

Fantastic running trails. The playground looks nice too.

Review №20

My grandson and myself enjoy this once a week.

Review №21

Nice, well groomed course. Very challenging woods. Interesting hole layouts.

Review №22

Wish we could feed the ducks but good parking its a park u can fish take a run or just chill by the water loved the scenery

Review №23

Beautiful. Has a cut to the left where you can sit down closer to the water, could even do a picnic on a blanket.

Review №24

Love the parks all around this city. This is nice one for walks with views.

Review №25

Great place for walks and exercise and views.

Review №26

Nice place for walking, biking and picnic. Enjoyed walking across the dam bridge. But mostly crowded and not cleaned like other parks in the Columbus area.

Review №27

Beautiful park, and the disc golf course is possibly the best in Central Ohio.

Review №28

This is one of my favorite photography locations. Lots of great memories at this place and it’s always clean with no trash laying about. I moved to the area about a year ago and I love coming up here whenever the weather is nice.

Review №29

It is super pretty up here. Its very family friendly.

Review №30

It is so peaceful out here. I love it

Review №31

Beautiful scenic views. Has boat docks and bait shop nearby. People very friendly In the area. Also a great place to get away and be alone.

Review №32

Nice place for a walk, run, bike. Easy to take kids or pets.

Review №33

I love this place.lots of fun things to do.

Review №34

It was quiet and peaceful. I like sitting on the rocks and looking out at the water.

Review №35

Stumbled on this accidentally and glad I did! Its a great area to go for a walk and just enjoy a marvel of engineering juxtaposed against a nice natural backdrop.

Review №36

Beautiful place to go and enjoy an afternoon next to the water. Bring a pole and do some fishing. Walk the dam and see marvels of human engineering.

Review №37

Its good to be out in nature, and this has always been a favorite spot for me!

Review №38

First time going there it was really clean and enjoyable to walk there,well be back.

Review №39

Fencing is a great addition. Not crowded, makes for a great outdoor experience for the family.

Review №40

Always peaceful on Hoover.

Review №41

Great place to walk and enjoy the outdoors. no matter what time of year youll fi d something to do from fishing to boating

Review №42

Ive never seen him so excited as he was to paddle his very own kayak

Review №43

Take in the wonder of human ingenuity and all the great views of the reservoir. A win for the whole family!

Review №44

What a sweet spot!!! Very pretty views and a good way to get your steps in lol

Review №45

Nice trails along the dam and river to walk.

Review №46

Nice area to explore ,walk, ride bikes, walk your dog. Small playground area. Can also feed ducks.

Review №47

My husband and I love it here! Its always so quiet!!!

Review №48

Gorgeous views, great water. Kayak here as often as I can, speed limits really make it a smooth trip.

Review №49

A great place to relax, unwind, and reflect.

Review №50

Great disc golf course and great walking path over the dam

Review №51

Its a great park with plenty of space, playgrounds, room for exercise, lots of green space, ample parking, space for hammocks, fishing.

Review №52

Highly visited but enough space to feel comfortable.

Review №53

Great place to walk for leisure - water, trees, sailboats. Great place to exercise - serious steps for a cardio workout. There are picnic tables and shelters, a multi-use walking / biking path, a playground, and a flying disc golf course.But I like sitting at a picnic table, watching the water, and contemplating life.

Review №54

They have made horrible changes to the frisbee golf course over the years. The last straw for me was letting the grass in the middle of 2-7 hole grow way out of hand it makes it very hard for my kids to play. I do just fine but the grass really makes it hard to track discs

Review №55

I love Hoover for all the fishing spots around it......... but where is the water this year???

Review №56

The walk over the dam is closed we found after arriving and will be thru 2021. Other areas to walk still open but this area is closed for work

Review №57

Its a very nice place that needs to stay that way. Please do NOT leave TRASH behind. Thank you.

Review №58

Nice park with a good open area. You can walk up to the top of the dam and look at the lake. There is a small marina as well. There are well-arranged benches in the shade.

Review №59

Great fall colors.

Review №60

Very nice place! We love to come here and enjoy the view

Review №61

Great picnic spot, an afternoon delight. Lots of good fishing, especially for a bank Fisherman like myself

Review №62

Beautiful views, walking and biking trails, and disc golf! I love skating across the bridge.

Review №63

Great for children and adults to watch so much water go over the dam.

Review №64

Awesome. Great trail for walking, running, and riding. Lots of people fishing and relaxing. Outstanding recreational area. 4.75 STARS!!!

Review №65

Love the disc golf course and that I can bring my pup!

Review №66

Beautiful, outdoor park with trails, a disc golf course, and great views.

Review №67

Simply beautiful!! Great for walks.

Review №68

Nice spot to fish, boat or just hang out.

Review №69

Great trails. Nice beach areas.

Review №70

God has brought me here twice. No regrets.

Review №71

Parking was blocked on the non-Westerville side of the dam, so you had to park on the side of the road. Which is super annoying, but at least it is still open. I think they are just trying to limit the number of people that way for covid-19. Lots of people playing frisbee golf. It has nice long and beautiful trials to to walk or job. Obviously, great views of the water on both side as well.

Review №72

This is a very relaxing place. I highly recommend it.

Review №73

Road across was blocked but the trees were fabulous !!

Review №74

Nice place to relax and enjoy the views

Review №75

Always a great experience frisbee golfing at hoover dam.

Review №76

This is my personal favorite spot which is not that far from Columbus.

Review №77

Good place to walk, run, fish or just get outside. There are portable restrooms, benches and parking in many areas along Hoover Dam. Great if you have a boat also. Would recommend this place to anyone that loves to be outdoors.

Review №78

Awesome place for a run or a walk and disc golf course is pretty sweet

Review №79

In my opinion it is a beautiful place and it has a very relaxing view.

Review №80

Hoover is good for walking & I go here 2-3 times a week. It has 2 hills, 2 sets of steps, paved & dirt nature trails so you hv a variety depending on what your oreference is on any particular day.

Review №81

Nice little area with plenty of bike trails and exercise spots. Tends to get a bit crowded on the weekends if the weather is nice, or some kind of boating event.Great place for fog and golden hour photography is you find the right spots.

Review №82

Ive been instructing fitness groups at Hoover since 2005. Its a favorite to my trainees and clients alike

Review №83

Beautiful evening. Nice view from the dam.

Review №84

There for the disc golf and it was a great experience all around!

Review №85

Sadly not what it was about 30 years ago. They traded open space for enjoyng picnics and games for parking lots and jogging tracks. The green spaces were over grown. I was disappointed.

Review №86

Nice to walk around and across the Hoover Dam. Great place to take pictures and enjoy the nature that is all around the dam. Was very peaceful the day we were there. I would guess it is a favorite place for the locals to walk and walk dogs. Was extremely clean and nice. Very nice parking lot.

Review №87

It was fine. Nice to have an outdoor place to picnic. Road noise a minus.

Review №88

There is a blacktop walking trail that parallels the road. Makes for hot walking. There is a playground by the dam. 2 shelterhouses. Port-a-potties on site. Ranger station along walking trail. There is 3 separate parking lots.

Review №89

Great views lots of walking space

Review №90

Very nice place to walk or just relax by the water.

Review №91

Ive been going to Hoover Reservoir Park since I was a child, never had a bad time here. The disc golf course is pretty good and theres ample space for traditional park activities like cooking out and such. Lots of area to walk around and enjoy nature. You can walk across the reservoir, fish and sail. Just a really good park to visit!

Review №92

The best local place for a walk. Tranquil. Paddle boarders,runners, fishing spots or just breathing in the air.

Review №93

Not as much “trail” as we were anticipating from our research. Very urban and very crowded. Not clear signage on where to park or where the paths are. Great if you want some hill / step work though. Plus these raccoons fishing were pretty entertaining!

Review №94

Just beautiful to walk

Review №95

Clean and family friendly!

Review №96

Love this place! Beautiful scenery!

Review №97

Its always so peaceful and beautiful at Hoover Dam! Great place to relax or exercise! Those stairs are no joke! Great workout for the tush ;) I used to go fishing here with my dad and brother growing up! Such a wonderful park. They also have a nice ground for the kiddos and several picnic tables.

Review №98

Disc golf course it top notch!

Review №99

I like walking here at this park with my family and dog.

Review №100

Beautiful place for the sunset and to relax! They have a very fun frisbee golf course, that is challenging.

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  • Address:7701 Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH 43081, United States
  • Site:https://www.columbus.gov/recreationandparks/parks/Hoover-Reservoir-Park/
  • Phone:+1 614-645-3300
  • Tourist attraction
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  • Sunday:7am–11pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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