Alum Creek Park North
221 W Main St, Westerville, OH 43081, United States
Review №1

Great park. Plenty of green space. It is right beside a small dam that my kids loved. The park has a nice sand area for kids in the shade, so bring sand toys. The playground is large with a variety of spaces that are good for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary age kids. They have a spiderweb rope area to climb, train structures for toddlers, and swings for all. A shelter house is nearby as well.

Review №2

Huge park with a great playground. Also has a great sand area to play in, just bring your own sand toys.

Review №3

Took the grandkids here and they loved it. I use to take my kids here and they loved it also. Very impressed with how it has improved over the years. Nothing bad to say about it.

Review №4

Great park for a walk. Love the maps by the playgrounds. Would be great if a map showing connections to nearby parks is available. Loved it.

Review №5

This is a beautiful park with lots of open space if you want to play a game or toss a frisbee, it also has a great playground that would be fun for kids of many ages. Very clean every time Ive been here also.

Review №6

Nice area, beautiful park. Usually pretty busy. Always kind people here. I feel very comfortable bringing my niece to this park.

Review №7

Not very good park for younger children of the age 1-4. There is a small area thats appropriate for younger children. 3 Baby swings and 4 adult swings. Train set play area for younger kids aged 1-4 years old. Big spider web attraction climb on jungle gym for bigger kids.

Review №8

I really love this park. The area is beautiful the park is huge. Theres basketball, volleyball, a huge play area, bbq area.

Review №9

Nice park but the little spill way is over fished so not much bites but still a beautiful spot and people were nice that were on the walking path

Review №10

Such a cute park. Found a picnic table under a tree, away from anyone else, for a nice take-out brunch on a beautiful day

Review №11

Very serene.. love to just park here and listen to the trees

Review №12

Kids love this park. Its especially nice if you have older kids.

Review №13

Great place for kids. Cars were broken into during our two play time with cousins. Damaged locks on four cars. All Honda Models.

Review №14

A wonderful shaded park with plenty of fun adventures for our little ones. Great field and court sport areas. Sandbox. Also occasional live entertainment.

Review №15

Excellent public park. Amazing playground. Amphitheater very nice.

Review №16

Great because they have shade for parents. Just remember to bring the bug spray!!

Review №17

One of our favorite parks in Westerville. Has a wonderful playground and walking path.

Review №18

Absolutely fabulous park we had so much fun in is so many things to do absolutely beautiful.

Review №19

Beautiful place to watch the sunset!Peaceful and serene!

Review №20

Caters to all ages, very fun park for kids and adults. Restrooms are available, so is a picnic area. Theres a basketball section, volleyball section, a decent amount of land to kick a ball, a sandpit and a nice trail for biking or walking.

Review №21

Good, safe place to take the kids.

Review №22

Nice place to go and do so many thing their like riding your bike,playing,walking,running,fishing,enjoy the weather,watching games etc.

Review №23

Best for kids.. plus I grew up spending hours a week at the train park

Review №24

Very cool day. We brought our babies here to play. The kiddie playground has a padded floor. The mulch is rubber so your children dont get hurt. How thoughtful of the parks and recreation department. I love this place.

Review №25

Great playground kids got a lot of fun

Review №26

Well-groomed, modern park. Modern playground for the kids, and grills, shelters, and sand volleyball for adults. Nice place to spend a lazy afternoon, take a walk, or pick up a game of volleyball.

Review №27

Its a great place to bring your kids. Unfortunately the bathrooms dont open untill mid April ! I cant take my toddler to the bathroom in a pot ta potty.

Review №28

Beautiful park with a playground, basketball court, picnic table, and a shelter

Review №29

Fun park for kids has a baseball field

Review №30

Good place for kids to play

Review №31

Fun park to take the kids.

Review №32

Such a great place to spend time with family

Review №33

Beautiful and calming trail!

Review №34

My 2 year old is obsessed with the small train with a slide she stayed almost 2 hours last week and did not want to leave .

Review №35

If we moved to Columbus, I’d head for this community to be by the park! Gorgeous, well kept, full amenities. We were looking for a place to stop to let the little ones play and this was perfect. Later in the day, after 2:30, puts playground in the shade , which helped on this 89 degree day. Interesting, well kept equipment, huge sandbox, electronic physical game that grabbed the interest of our gamer! There’s a beautiful amphitheater, huge shelter, great bathrooms, ball diamond, and enough room to fly kites, frisbee, etc. All bordered by Alum Creek. Be aware, there’s a bit of a walk down a short steep hill and over grass from your car if you need to haul ice chests. And no path for wheelchairs to shelter area that we could see.

Review №36

Great playground and theres plenty of shade for those hot summer days. Ther kids absolutely love the park.

Review №37

Great place to go hammocking.

Review №38

There is something for everyone. The playground was busy, but there was roomfor all the kids. Lots of shade, good parking. Picnic areas were plentiful. It was neat and clean. An amphitheater is available as well as shelter houses.

Review №39

Amazing park and cool dam

Review №40

Oh my goodness this park is so clean. My son loved it he was 3 at the time . They have a sand box and so many areas for the younger kids to play. The ground in the play area is padded so no stuffed up knees. Plenty of shade and lots of seats. This is a beautiful park your family will love it.

Review №41

Love this park. Very nice playground for kids and tons of areas for sports. It has open space, a baseball field, volleyball court, basketball court, a shelter with picnic tables and a good sized sandbox. There are bathrooms as well and a path to walk along.

Review №42

This is a really nice park. Lots of different things to do for kids. The playset is large with a good variety. There are swings and a separate sand area as well. There is also a large open grass field that will be good for throwing a ball or playing frisbee. We will be coming back for sure.

Review №43

AWESOME park!!!! First time here

Review №44

Amazing park in an amazing part of Westerville!

Review №45

Had a great childhood here

Review №46

This place is a gem, my son was so joyful that he got to pretend to be spiderman on a life size web.

Review №47

Great toy for the blind

Review №48

This park has a volleyball court basketball baseball/softball diamond. Huge play area for kids, and a magnificent staff to keep it clean!!! The shelter area looks larger then most of the ones Ive seen. Highly recommend!!!

Review №49

Lots of structures for kids to play on. Soft rubber mulch. Great for all ages. Loved it!

Review №50

Relaxing park along Alum Creek and next to Otterbein College

Review №51

Say a great band at the free summer concert series. Thanks Westerville.

Review №52

We love this playground. There are so many different types of play equipment for all different ages. Our only complaint would be that the swings were set way too high.mayne that was intentional so they couldnt get on them without an adult but overall a great time and lots of shade!

Review №53

I got hit in the parking lot but its a cool park

Review №54

The hardest thing to do is to explain two other people wear this park is because when you say Alum Creek park they assume you mean the one on Alum Creek Reservoir which this is not. This neat little park is located just west of Otterbein in uptown Westerville. It has a playground and Alum Creek runs just to its West which is great for fishing. This stretch of Alum Creek has yellow belly catfish and panfish as well as some small mouth and of course carp. Its also very popular for the now-defunct for the most part game Pokemon go. FIVE STARS!!!!

Review №55

August 4, 2018 Saturday Last Jazz Session of the year....Paul Taylor

Review №56

Good fishing spot when the dam isnt flooded

Review №57

Park here to ride the Alum Creek bike trail that is on the other side of the bridge

Review №58

Very nice and clean park! We very much enjoyed our time there.

Review №59

Love fishing here

Review №60

Love the community music events. Seems like they have an awesome group of people who love to come and enjoy these events

Review №61

My daughter had a blast! Nice shade trees and benches for the parents or caretakers to sit at and watch their kids play.

Review №62

This a beautiful, very well maintained park. I have been to many concerts at the amphitheatre. Its fantastic!

Review №63

Lots of fun for kids to play. Also has live bands some nights to enjoy for children and adults

Review №64

Loving that there is a porta pot right now! pregnant and needing to go!

Review №65

Really nice park with a small Cascade and an Amphitheater.

Review №66

I Love going to Alum Creek Park for the summer Jazz concerts!! I always have a good time & I meet some of the nicest people... The Jazz concerts be on POINT!!!!

Review №67

The playground is awesome because it is partly shaded by beautiful sycamore trees.My family just saw a fun concert at the amphitheater.

Review №68

Amazing playground. Great for all ages. Large trees provide lots of shade.

Review №69

Awesome park but if youre taking toddlers or preschoolers, you need an older kid to help them on the different climbing things and slides

Review №70

I am there for the Westerville Summer Concert Series. Beautiful park, great music. And a blessed, beautiful summer evening.

Review №71

Great place for the kids to play. Definitely not a shortage of things go do for kids 8 and under

Review №72

Nice playgrounds

Review №73

Great place for the kids. There are always other children there for my son to play with, and a good time is had by all.

Review №74

Love this park. The kids have plenty of things to play on, and you can even fish

Review №75

Beautiful park, great play stuff for most ages, one of my favorite parks

Review №76

Awesome park! Lots of shade and plenty of picnic tables. They have fun a fun train for the little ones to play in and a crazy light game for the bigger ones. There is a little amphitheatre as well and the Sunday evenings weve gone there has been really great live music.

Review №77

Nice park. My daughter thought the playground was awesome, she is 7 and was well entertained. Lots of shade and sun.

Review №78

Lots of green space,a big shady sandbox,clean restrooms.mostly for older kids but there are babyswings,sandbox and a train to play in for toddlers

Review №79

This playground has a train, rubber mulch and a sand lot my kids love it.

Review №80

The children enjoyedball the park had to offer. It was clean and a family friendly atmosphere. We felt safe and didnt have to worry about unwanted behavior from others in the park.

Review №81

This park is awesome !! Nice bathrooms huge beautiful park with nice shade and water fountain like

Review №82

Great park lots of stuff for the kids highly recommended

Review №83

Great playground near pond with waterfall. Slides for different age, sandbox, climbing net

Review №84

Clean, other parents were pleasant, my daughter had a great time! Will definitely go back again.

Review №85

I really like this park. Its really nice and relaxing. Great playgound for the kids and large grassy areas to play sports. There are also walking trails that head to downtown westerville. The only reason i didnt give it 5 stars was due to the fact that the bathrooms were closed when we went. So every time one of the kids had to go we had to leave.

Review №86

One of my favorite parks My daughters love it too

Review №87

Shaded park, fun playground, basketball court, volleyball ball, covered picnic area, bike path, bathrooms, amphitheater and scenic river

Review №88

Today westerville park and recreation is have there jazz concert. There are food trucks there

Review №89

Not your average playground setup by far=p great rope climbing web apparatus for young and old alike. Want quiet time, mosey over to the college auditorium. Would you like to watch the Alum Creek flow, stop by the damn. Great walk path and someone is actually knitting blankets around the tremendous trees =) #KevinDouglasBerg #KevinDouglasBergloveToTechBlog #KDBergLoveToCarBlog

Review №90

Great place to take your kiddos to play!

Review №91

Very clean fun environment for the kids

Review №92

This was a great park! The kids loved the playground portion, especially the climbing net in the middle. I was impressed by the grounds - very well kept with lots of space to run around, stroll, or kick a ball around. There was also a baseball diamond, a sand volleyball pit, and a huge sandbox area. The playground had a great rubbery ground (looked like imitation wood chips but they were all stuck together) that was perfect for playing on without getting hurt or getting stuff stuck in shoes.My only complaint - I wish there were more benches around the playground! My husband and I ended up sitting on the ground because the very few benches were already in use.

Review №93

We come here once a week and it never disappoints!

Review №94

I love this park. The people are friendly and my daughter plays with the other children very well I

Review №95

Theres JAZZ going on in the park. Urban Jazz Coalition played 6/30 and it was packed. U have to park a block or two away. Nice equipment in the park for the kids to play and learn.

Review №96

One of the best parks to go to with my kids. Ive been going their since I was a kid

Review №97

Its a really nice park for events but not a lot of parking for large events. I get that there are some people that just want to take their kids to the play ground, but when there is an all day festival going on please dont get nasty with the people who are monitoring the parking to ensure handicapped parking and large equipment drop off goes smoothly.