Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area
11333 Bonita Creek Rd, Safford, AZ 85546, United States

Review №1

Had a great time and all. You just need a big truck to get there. Mine is a little short to go in the water I think so went with other people. The people down the road from us played there music pretty loud the hole time we were there. But other wise had a great time.

Review №2

Remote and relaxing with very few people even during cool late Feb/early March temps. Need a bit of ground clearance to get to campground, so low slung passenger cars are not recommended. We towed our 18 travel trailer in and while a little white knuckle in spots, no issues. Campground had many water spickets with cold fresh clean tasting water. There are hiking trails right from the campground that meander down to the Gila river. Very peaceful and quiet even with a full campground (13 spots). The spots are so spread out you can barely see neighbors and cant hear them at all. Only sound was the fast moving spring runoff of the river.

Review №3

A nice camping site that has all the amenities, fire place and a picnic table each separated by a good distance, so you will not bother the neighbors camping. An outhouse is close by and very clean. They are multiple water spikets through the camping grounds. The cost to camp there is $7 per camping area.The road there is primitive and good clearance is recommended. No cell reception in most areas and is very spotty.

Review №4

Marked walking trails. Day area, U.S. fee area. River view Ramada and picnic area. Much more! See website.

Review №5

I adore the gila river. protect her please! our 1st time to this specific area. definitely looking forward to going back & exploring more. nice campground, day use area. theres more to see down the time. the river was flowing very fast w spring run off. it was quite & beautiful today.

Review №6

One of my favorite place here in Safford, AZ. You can fish here too but you need to choose the right time and spot

Review №7

Very relaxing.. clean... open and fun for the family to just get out and experience...

Review №8

Amazing views and areas to explore with the kids. A great place to have a picnic and enjoy a lazy Saturday.

Review №9

Had a nice relaxing time!

Review №10

Beautiful scenery, quiet and few (or no) people around. I was here during late November, so no bugs, great temperatures and no one else around. It takes a vehicle capable of 4-wheel drive or you carry have trouble with some of the roads or terrain. Also not recommended for a summer visit due to heat and flash clouds from monsoons in mid-to-late summer. Bring in your own water and food - and please take out your own trash. The water is clear but there are no fish. It is a source of water for nearby Safford and other communities, so dont foul it up! It may be drinkable, but make sure you treat it first! And only if you forgot to bring your own. There are a couple of picnic tables and BBQ stands, but no camping is allowed as are no open flames. The creek area itself has many trees, a couple of beaver dams and cattails, but the rest of the area is all cactus and other desert scrub, which means no shade anywhere else. Since the road in is to a water source it is slightly maintained, enough for one lane, until you get to the creek, where floods change the conditions. As anywhere, but especially in the desert - be prepared, and tell someone where youll be. Dont count on cell reception. (I didnt check for it since I was there to enjoy the scenery! But down in the canyon it is unlikely, being quite a ways from the nearest tower and surrounded by small mountains as well as the canyon.) But if you are a nature lover, youll be surprised at its beauty and quiet.

Review №11

My favorite place to go in the valley

Review №12

Amazing wilderness area! Food those who are looking to truly unplug and get to mother nature this ids a wonderful place to camp and hike. The roads are rough (predominately dirt and gravel) but the views are spectacular.. Didnt hear a single ATV or dirt bike the whole time! The silence was wonderful!

Review №13

Used to be nice until Freeport destroyed everything around it

Review №14

Always a fun place to visit and explore.

Review №15

Good fishing and other water activities.

Review №16

Perfect place for a family day out exploring, from wildlife viewing the rock hunting, the fishing, to cooling off in the water, its a great place.

Review №17

All good but the snakes. Beautiful and relaxing.

Review №18

Great place to enjoy the summer sun!

Review №19

Very nice park. Very clean, no trash around the amenities.

Review №20

Great for catching Catfish but the road is questionable if you have a regular car. Something with good clearance and all wheel drive would work better

Review №21

As beautiful place to be within nature so close to safford

Review №22

Beautiful views and lots of great spots to just hang with the family or fish.

Review №23

Its beautiful love it

Review №24

It be nicer if it had water spikets.

Review №25

Lovely lush, riparian corridor along the Gila River, with many prickly pear and ocotillo cacti covering the hillsides above. Numerous birds inhabit the cottonwood and mesquite trees beside the river.

Review №26

Beautiful area and very remote.

Review №27

The Gila River flows through this beautiful area with outstanding views and opportunities for hiking, camping, day use and natural history pursuits.

Review №28

Amazing place, a true Oasis. The BLM guys and gals we run into are always really cool

Review №29

This place is a hidden gem. Never wound have guessed something this pretty is located right outside safford.

Review №30

Clean, refreshing place to be with beautiful views! Quiet and wonderful!

Review №31

Good for a swim in the river and fish

Review №32

Beautiful desert scenery with a nice cool river to play in.

Review №33

Very real and rugged!

Review №34

Beautiful place with many things to do!

Review №35

Hidden Jewel of the desert

Review №36

This is a total Oasis in the desert pretty awesome spot

Review №37

Great place to bring the family and swim , fish , or hike.

Review №38

Nice area to chill out.

Review №39

My favorite year round water hole pradise!

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Very enjoyable

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Review №43

Fun fishing, swimming,camping, or just having a cookout

Review №44

Just fun to explore

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  • Address:11333 Bonita Creek Rd, Safford, AZ 85546, United States
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  • Phone:+1 928-348-4400
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