Black Hills Rockhound Area
Safford, AZ 85546, United States
Black Hills Rockhound Area

Review №1

The weather was excellent today (7/25/20). It was raining when we pulled off the highway and stopped raining by the time we got to the collection area. We took the northern exit to the area. We made it no problem in a 4 door sedan. The rain wasnt long or hard, not worried about flash floods. We tried 4 different areas 2 of the 4 were successful. Successful; From the sign & sign in book, about 100 yards further and to the left. Collect down the draw near the lava rock. Also just north of the sign. Good luck! Have fun!

Review №2

Great place to rockhound. Lots of fire agate and quartz tight on the ground. If you want to find even better specimens then a little digging will get you there. Also, if you have the tools, there is an area where the agate and quartz are still embedded in the rocks. Take the dirt road a little farther, go down the hill and check out the little ravine.

Review №3

Beautiful scenery and lots of fire agate

Review №4

Fun family adventure.

Review №5

Hunting for Fire Agates was a lot of fun fit the family

Review №6

Lots of tiny pieces under the sign. If you want bigger specimens , find a vein and start digging.

Review №7

Overcrowded, and really nothing in the area. Very disappointed.

Review №8

I really like this spot for shure

Review №9

This place is AWESOME!! Its very much a desert environment with virtually no shade so be prepared with lots of water and sunscreen!There is tons of agate and fire agate all over the place! Its close to the Black Hills Byway which is an old road that connected Safford AZ, with some small mining towns in the area. The road is narrow but easily traveled with a high clearance vehicle. I was in GMC Sierra truck and had no problems. Im sure its beautiful in the springtime.

Review №10

Good place to find little pieces of fire agets. Can be hot.

Review №11

I loved it..i wanna go back..neat place..what youre looking for is back a lil farther but well worth the hunt.

Review №12

This site is pretty much played out. Some chalcedony no color.

Review №13

I will be back! Weather wasnt great on our visit, but we still enjoyed our visit.

Review №14

Always a great place to visit if you stay off the beaten path.

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  • Address:Safford, AZ 85546, United States
  • Museum
  • Tourist attraction
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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