Lake Underhill Park
4355 Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
Review №1

Come here for a Walk every day. Really nice little trail for a chill workout session. It has workout spots around the lake and its just a great spot to see the sunrise, has also a boat ramp

Review №2

Thats a good lake to ride in early morning or later afternoon or maybe midday but Ive been going this park since I was a kid..,.

Review №3

My favorite park to take the dogs for a brisk walk. Clean and well lit.

Review №4

Just a nice place to relax, exercise,walk... just a place to go to get out of the house and enjoy a nice day out.

Review №5

Lovely little lake park with exercise stations and a pretty location where youre close to downtown and Conway and the executive airport

Review №6

Ohh. The Park at Lake Underhill has an amazing view.I had to work the lake all the way around . It is so nice.I have some pictures on my other phone I might share with you soon.Its really interesting.

Review №7

I love this place. Is great to walk, cycling. Since theres a lake, it feels fresh winds most of the time. Safe place to enjoy sometime with family.

Review №8

Its a nice lake close to the heart of metropolitan Orlando and Herndon airport for private and corporate aircraft.Highway 408 is a major toll road expressway that passes right through the middle of the lake. That is the only detracting factor.The south side of the lake has beautiful homes and neighborhoods around the south side of the park including a walking, running, biking path around the lake. There are restrooms in the park and adequate parking as well.

Review №9

Excellent park to walk, jog, or even do sprints. It has great options for calisthenics and the view is amazing on weekends.

Review №10

Lake Underhill Park, is a wonderful place to alone, with family and friends, or a date. Has restrooms, water spots, fishing, Jet Ski, walking, biking, skiing skating, workout stations,or you can just relax. Not a lot of parking and it near the 408, getting on and off. Great place

Review №11

Beautiful day to get some sunshine and workout..

Review №12

Small park not too crowded. Has a nice sidewalk around the lake perfect for jogging or simply walking. Theres also a boat ramp and a gazebo. The parking is easily accessible end over all is well kept.

Review №13

Love the place for walking/running but the water has become EXTREMELY littered with garbage. It was never like this before the pandemic started now it is out of control. There is so much trash floating on the surface of the water along the banks and is really getting to the point of depression. People often frequent this place, during the day, to smoke pot on the benches near the interstate.

Review №14

Since I live close to it, I always go over there often. Theres other parks around but this one of my top ten of my favorite parks, plus its a beaut. You can bike, skate, dog-walk here. It seems Im not the only fan here because it can get very crowed around late afternoon and the parking is hard to find. If you want less people around, best time to go is on weekdays during early morning or at the hottest time which I dont really recommend since it can get really hot here. Granted theres lot trees to give you shade but on the runner/bike path, theres not much cover to provide you protection from the sun. On the weekends, most people come out here to linger, sit under the shade, exercise, ride a boat or jet ski on the lake and it can get bit rowdy when they bring kids out to play.

Review №15

Good park for walking dogs and its not very busy.

Review №16

Love it nice and quite eventhough others are walking and dogs are on leashes and not trying to bite or run after a person

Review №17

A beautiful lake right next to Orlando executive airport. The facilities at the boat ramp are good, and the jogging/biking trail around the lake has nice workout stations, water fountains with bottle fillers, and even a water station for dogs. The bike repair station is also a nice feature. Unfortunately, the lake has quite a lot of trash/litter in it. A lot of empty beer and soda cans, food containers etc. It would be nice if the city could do a clean up along the shore.

Review №18

This is a great public park to go to. We rode our bikes on the bike trail that starts at the parks parking lot and goes under 408 all the way down to Colonial and back. The park feels safe and the demographics is mixed...A boat ramp is set up to launch anything from kayaks to jet skis and is open to the public!

Review №19

Spider infestation. I guess nobody else has noticed this but me. Dont come here if you have arachnophobia.

Review №20

In the center of Orange County. Boating, fishing is great. But the working is banging. Running there perfect.

Review №21

Just love walking through this park, and thoroughly enjoy the view at night. A potential romantic spot for anyone looking to have a stroll through or a potential work out location as there’s plenty of options to jog through or putting the exercise stations to good use. Personally I call this place Lake Iridescent due to its gorgeous view at night with the reflection of the 408’s street lights.

Review №22

I like this park. But is very small. If you think there is more than this edge of land you will be wasting your time going around the bridge looking for the rest of the park. Lol there is no swings for children , more like adult monkey bars and exercise bars. However theres some low enough trees to climb and enough space to set up a blanket and lay on them.Theres also a dock for boats and jet ski.Picnic tables are busy most of the time. And after 5pm will be kind of hard to find parking and bars to exercise on. Lots of pretty dogs walking around tho.

Review №23

Fun little park with a paved trail around the lake. Good place to go for a walk.

Review №24

Peaceful, so relaxing. Great place for a number of things: bike riding, jogging, reading a book, birdwatching, exercising, meditation, taking in all the nature, or to even have lunch!

Review №25

My favorite park by far in the area! The is a trail to follow around the lake, and workout stations set up around the trail. Its never too packed. The only problem is the people who dont pick up their dog poop and the occasional homeless people who sit on the benches. Other than that, I love this park and the sunsets/sunrises here.

Review №26

Great walking paths & exercise stations around the lake

Review №27

The distance around the lake challenges you. The opportune obstacles around the lake are nice added features to take advantage of like the balance beams the pull up bars etc.

Review №28

Very serene Park. The trail is paved and has great views.

Review №29

I jog here at 5am on weekday mornings. Great place!

Review №30

Spacious place to exercise. Very clean and lots of parking.

Review №31

I like going for a walk with my family. There are a lot of places for bicycles and you may do sport exercises. There are many people walk with their pets.

Review №32

Amazing place to do fitness and fotog.

Review №33

Little bit load, it is right next to the highway.Not much place to sit.

Review №34

My favorite place to bring my family when they come down to Orlando to visit

Review №35

Very scenic park with the walking path along S.R. 408 and over Lake Underhill. You can also view small planes taking off and landing at Executive Airport.

Review №36

Enjoyed two laps around with my beloved last night! Well lit and really not a lot of pedestrian traffic between 8 and 9 last night.

Review №37

Great for walking but biking is a bit difficult sknce board walk is too narrow

Review №38

Perfect to relax and do sports

Review №39

This is a nice area to walk around. It’s - 2.5 mile circuit around lake underhill. Their are a few exercise areas around the lake to do circuit training.The only downside is the traffic around the park. It’s also off putting that the parking lot seems under lit and a bit dangerous at night.

Review №40

Great for boating, cycling, and lots of work out stations... really a hidden gem.

Review №41

Beautiful Orlando Downtown city lights! Love the doc and jet ski at this lake!

Review №42

Will love to go back for bike ride frist visit

Review №43

Great little lake to go out on for light fishing and testing out boats

Review №44

I wish it were better maintained. In need of trash pick up badly especially around the lake

Review №45

Nice place to walk and run .good social distancing for the most part .some horrible owner that dont pick up after there animals shame on them . otherwise will get four reting

Review №46

Life is so busy and I havent been able to get in my walks. Lake Underhill Park is very close to my 12:00 class so I decided to give it a try. I really really like it. Easy parking, decent public bathrooms, exercise stations alone the loop (that people actually use). Beautiful scenery (when Im not on my phone), benches around the loop. Its more than a mile around, and I like that.

Review №47

Beautiful park very clean and motivates you to exercise.

Review №48

It sparkles nice you can actually take your raft oar paddleboard and go out into the water and paddle around. You can also fish. You can also run around the track and get a rake on a different station.

Review №49

A great place to collect your thoughts and enjoy nature

Review №50

Very peaceful and relaxing... Took my deeva for a walk and she enjoyed it as well

Review №51

Is a beautiful park with a huge lake. In my opinion, the very best of everything is that this park was made thinking in the residents. You have a complete jog and run path way, with many different stations to do different kind of exercises. Very good illumination so you can exercise early in the mornings or late in the evenings. A ramp to access the Lake to fish or small boats. A beatiful mix dance of nature and modernity.

Review №52

A great place to walk or run. Or to just sit and enjoy a view of the lake. And maybe catch a beautiful sunset.

Review №53

Great location to watch the sun set over the city. Very calm and relaxing even though the 408 is on one side

Review №54

A Relaxing, beautiful and expansive trail. Its a great place to clear your head and exercise, good spot to bring your family and dog too. They also have little exercise stations along the trail too.

Review №55

It was ok people very disrespectful with the parking space parking cars on the trailer spot leaving no space for people trying to use their boats and jetskis

Review №56

Great park for a run. Very dog friendly.

Review №57

Had a nice walk

Review №58

Good if you like to walk between nature and the freeway.

Review №59

We walk every it

Review №60

Great place to walk. See a great sunrise or sunset the huge bad thing is there’s too little parking space for the amount of people that would like to visit.

Review №61

One half is nice and scenic, the other half is hellishly hot with no shade. It is a nice walk until you get to the bridge. There is a lot of exercise equipment at this park and a ramp for boats. Its not bad, but not the best park for children or someone wanting shade.

Review №62

Favorite park to run at anytime day or night. Water fountains, including ones for dogs, and areas to fill your water bottle. Nice 1.3 mile loop w/exercise stations sprinkled around it. Bathrooms are surprisingly clean and the area is very well lit at night.

Review №63

Nice park the water is clear people are very friendly nice place to walk around and exercise...

Review №64

What a fun place to visit, walk, exercise or chill. Great views.

Review №65

Beautiful Place to go jogging or for a Family walk, they have water stations all around the park for you and your pet.

Review №66

Nice park. No water 2 drink

Review №67

Wonderful, was a funny experience

Review №68

Is a nice relaxing place , love it!!!

Review №69

The new path needs to be repainted. People with there pets need to pick up after them. Theres poop bags. However some people dont use them. When walking you need to look out . You can get your sneakers in it .Its a beautiful lake, unfortunately people are throwing trash in the water. They need the city of Orlando to clean the area .There is also a sign no bikes allowed on the new area . But people just undermine the sing , and go bike riding. I have seen some Orlando city workers there but they dont address the problem. Its a beautiful lake people lets keep it up. Its also on the people.

Review №70

We walked the whole lake this evening. Nice wide path with workout stations and plenty of benches along the way. The parking area has longer spots to accommodate vehicles towing trailers (the park has a boat ramp and dock). I was pleased to find public restrooms next to the parking lot. I’m so proud to call Orlando home. Parks like this help Orlando live up to the tag line “The City Beautiful”.

Review №71

A pretty lake for easy laps and fitness stops.

Review №72

Would be good for walking around the lake. Not good for fishing! Not enough parking for trucks and trailers. People park in boaters parking spots. Also alot of weeds so fishing is not the greatest.

Review №73

If you would enjoy a pleasant walk with interval stations throughout this is the place. I took my dog and enjoyed a beautiful walk around the lake. Even though the 408 is on one side of the loop around the lake, you do not hear the traffic and it does not seem to make a difference in the beauty or enjoyment

Review №74

Great place to fish

Review №75

Great Urban park. Has a nice walking path with workout equipment. It is a small lake but it does have a public boat.

Review №76

This is a great place to work out. They have different stations and a really good running/walking/biking path around the lake. Wish you didnt get a lung full of exhaust by the bridge, but still worth it. Especially during sunset. Just be aware that there is limited parking and to be patient with pedestrians.

Review №77

Nice place for a run in the mornings!!

Review №78

Very nice park

Review №79

The city of Orlando closed all of the exercise stations along the Route Around the Lake. I think that should be illegal

Review №80

The lime bikes are really annoying to see, as people just leave their bike in the bike path which is against their user policy anyway. I think the city should do a better job of enforcing a stricter regulation on where you can park these things around town.Living around this park has had its perks, the walking path invites a lot of people to this park and its very lively. Its always nice to walk around at any time during the day.The one thing I would say though is that the city should be more mindful of the upkeep a little bit more.

Review №81

This place is perfect if you want to hit a quick work out after work do some cardio or just like to sit and relax with a beautiful scenery.

Review №82

Nice to go with the family

Review №83

Beautiful lake with a view of the 408. Long jogging trail around the lake with exercise stations as you go. There is a ramp to put in a boat for fishing or dock to fish from. There are also bathrooms and water fountains available. There is also a group pavilion for small group events.

Review №84

Love to come here to clear my mind!

Review №85

Took Sammi walking around a beautiful Lake Underhill!

Review №86

Beautiful park to walk during the day and night time. Nice scenery of downtown buildings from a distance at night.

Review №87

Nice place to stretch after eating. Good sidewalk and pretty lake. Good view of the sunset.

Review №88

The park is well maintained, and the lake is beautiful look at, which is all I did since the fishing areas arent that good unless you launch a boat. There is a rock laden path along the foot of the bridge that allows you to fish further out, however there are ticks and mites that hang around the grass and will attach to you by the dozen. The waters along the bank is heavy in long vegetation, so expect to be snagged even with a weedless rig.Good park overall, standard walking/running path with exercise stations at set distances. There isnt that many parking spaces there however, so youd be out of luck on a busy weekend.

Review №89

Relaxing, calming, fishing, boating , washrooms, plenty of parking, walkways, exercise course..... excellent place to be!!!

Review №90

This is a beautiful place to walk and relax in nature. It can get crowded sometimes in the evenings and on weekends. There arent many parking spaces, so come early.

Review №91

Nice good well maintained park. Good exercise equipment. Been going since I was a kid and always will.

Review №92

Love it but too many pitbulls that look stronger than the ownersLol

Review №93

Such a good dog friendly park for a walk.

Review №94

Personally I like watching the traffic over the bridge with the lake. Pretty clean with a long path around the lake. Exercise bars along the way. A little busy for my taste but still great

Review №95

Stunning views and great loop to exercise or enjoy the outdoors and unwind at. Parking can get pretty full during high traffic times.

Review №96

Nice place

Review №97

I love this place, scenery and wildlife are great. Even being relatively urban it still as appeal. Only down fall is lack of parking so get here early.

Review №98

Fun walk around the lake with workout stations placed about. Good for the family to get out and get moving!!

Review №99

I took my dog there. Nice park.

Review №100

Small lake but has a restroom and trailer parking close to the dock. Nice place to piddle around on a boat and kill time.

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