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One of the best agencies Ive ever had the pleasure of working with.Michelle is amazing. Easy to work with, personal and professional.Every booking ive had with Slate has always been above and beyond for me. Responsive and courteous, both with replies and payment.Also, Im not sure what Melissas reply is about, as everyone I know who has ever worked with Slate has had nothing but positive experiences with the agency.

Review №2

Slate is one of the best agencies out there. Michelle is very responsive and willing to help her talent go far. She has a wide range of opportunities. I Recommend everyone to apply to be with her agency. Shes helped me land many gigs, two in which were for Ron Jon surf shop and yamaha boating. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Review №3

I’ve been working for Slate models for over 5 years, they always give their talent the best opportunities, and keep their talent working. Slate is extremely easy to work with, communicate all job details and expectations. They are always on time with bookings and with payment. They truly have their talent as first priority.

Review №4

Thoroughly appreciate and enjoy working with Slate Model and Talent. Michelle is friendly, straightforward, professional and responsive. Talent are well-represented and taken care of here!

Review №5

Amazing agency, Straight forward , pays quickly, honest. They got me a high paying jobs within days of applying. They are quick to respond despite how busy they Are. Many of my model friends work for them. They are by far the fastest paying agency out there. Everyone agrees on that. I’m so glad to be listed with this agency.

Review №6

Great agency! Has given my many opportunities

Review №7

Love this agency. I’ve booked 6 jobs with them in the last 4 months including a job in Turks and Caicos. They are so professional yet relatable and down to earth.

Review №8

I have been trying to reach this agency several times trying to get an update on my childs application. Either I am put on voice mail or asked to send an email, no one answers or calls back. I have been trying to get an update for over a month. I am very disappointed. I am not the type to write reviews. But Im honestly really upset. I was super excited when I submitted the application, seeing all the good review.

Review №9

I was actually wondering how to get into this, I’m not sure If I’m supposed to email my portfolio or if I should call. Please get back to me !

Review №10

Is this in Orlando? And is it for kids?

Review №11

Update: This is in reference to your response. “More important things to worry about” has nothing to do with me not agreeing with your and your clients practices of preying on people that had an unfortunate set of circumstances in the past.I care passionately about many issues that effect human/animal welfare, it does not mean I don’t also care about this practice your business and clients are engaging in. I also don’t care if a million people thought this practice was ok. I do not feel this is right and I am not alone in feeing this way.If I don’t like something, this is a free country and I am allowed to express my opinion in a review, if I don’t get a satisfactory response by contacting you directly (which I did contact your business directly, screen shots of my email were attached).Are you threatening me with a lawyer because I expressed my negative opinion of your business one a google review? What gives you the right to threaten me because I disagree with your practices? Very unprofessional response by a business owner. I feel bad for the people who work for you, lest they ever disagree with you.Original review:I have been on Slate’s email list for sometime. Today there is notice of a casting call for anyone that has ever been arrested, a “special project” where to qualify you must have actually been arrested and give the details of the arrest, plus all the identifying information to be picked for the casting.To give this information out on a billboard for a drinking and driving campaign with a Beer company they will pay $1,600 for a half day.I ask you Slate Model and Talent, what kind of world do we live in that you would prey on people that are not fortunate enough to know that this $1,600 to have their face and real arrest image tied to a drinking and driving campaign will cost them so much more (in terms of securing a good job and income) in the future.This practice on preying in less fortunate individuals for a small amount of compensation should be illegal, if it already isn’t illegal.I added a screen shot of the email to the Google photos section for you to see for yourself.

Review №12

By far, this is the best agency I’ve ever worked with.

Review №13

I have been with Slate for a while now. She is definitely in her talents corner when it comes to getting your paycheck. If a client is taking too long to send out checks, she is on the phone and on the email trying to find the answers and relay those answers to let us know what she finds out. Pure professionalism from Michelle and Slate Model and Talent.

Review №14

How could I work with this wonderful agency as a petite model who stays states away?

Review №15

Slate Model & Talent is a phenomenal agency. Michelle is an incomparable professional.This agency gave me the opportunity to work for Nike. And I believe that Slate Model and I are going to make history.I wish it to be the best agency in the world!

Review №16

Michelle is always extremely responsive when it comes to communication and making sure paychecks are issued in a timely manner. Weve loved the opportunities weve gotten through Slate thus far and look forward to more in the future.

Review №17

As a mom of a teen daughter at this agency, I love it. Most of her model bookings are direct from pictures which is the best! This means she has great client relationships that trust her judgement. So much saved time!

Review №18

I have been represented by Slate for about 5 years now and I have nothing but good experiences with them. Michelle is professional, friendly, and always there for her talent. The new online process for submissions streamlines the whole casting process. Is there a small yearly fee? Yes, but most reputable agencies these days have to charge for their online system. You will get a lot more auditions and jobs through this process and it, therefore, pays for itself. I have always referred my friends to Slate and they have all thanked me for it,

Review №19

I have booked many great jobs through Slate Model and Talent Agency. They are always professional. I highly recommend this agency to models, actors, and clients.

Review №20

For years, I have had nothing but great experiences with Michelle and the Slate Model agency. They always provide quick communication regarding direct bookings, castings, and any other questions that may rise during the process. They are always keeping in contact with you regarding all of the latest work that comes up, and are a superb agency to build a professional relationship with in the modeling/acting field. Not to mention, Slate is one of the fastest paying agencies that I have EVER had the opportunity to represent. If you are looking for a great deal of opportunities as an aspiring model/actor in the south east area, then Slate Models is an agency you want to be apart of!

Review №21

I started in the modeling industry in Orlando with Michelle since 2004 and have maintained a great professional relationship since then. As a testament of her loyalty to her talent, she continues to provide me with job opportunities from her FL base for me in NYC. Always great to get a call from Michelle about a direct booking and flying out to sunny FL. (-: My payments have always been on time and shes fought for me on a couple of occasions with clients that were either sluggish on paying out or intent on paying less than I deserved. Overall, a great experience and I never have problems referring talent.

Review №22

This agency is unprofessional. They never return calls or emails. If you want to be taken seriously in this industry, professionalism is pretty important. Ill spend my time contacting agencies with a real reputation from now on, such as Elite, Wilhelmina, etc.. at least they have the courtesy to respond to the people who make them money in the first place.

Review №23

The most professional company I have experienced in a long time. Furthermore any negative reviews are completely fake as Michelle is the consummate professional

Review №24

I dont know why there are negative comments about Slate. I have nothing but good things to say about the agency and Michelle. I have gotten quite a bit of work from Slate. I would definitely recommend Slate to any aspiring model or actor. They have never asked for money upfront, they are not that kind of agency. Not a scamming agency.

Review №25

Great clients and reliable with payment!

Review №26

Love Michelle and Slate!

Review №27

Called seeking more information and a couple days have went by still no answer. Pretty disappointed. Will try asking another agency for info.

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