The FIREBALL RUN Adventurally
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Such a great organization! This is how reality entertainment SHOULD be done - to make this world a better place. Fun competition vehicles, celebrity teams, elected officials and entrepreneurs all coming together to help raise awareness and aid in finding Americas missing kids! If you like history and adventure, Fireball Run is a MUST WATCH! And if youre really adventurous, come along with us and make a difference!

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Fireball Run is truly one of the most amazing adventures I have been involved in during my life. Having the privilege of participating with such an amazing group of individuals, while travel around the United States to bring awareness to missing and abused children, is an experience that touches the hearts and lives of so many during the journey. Imagine competing in a once in a lifetime experiences as you race over 2,000 miles engaging in EPIC events, doing a charity mission for each city, and spotlighting missing children in each town. Our precious boy, Ricardo Lara, was found by the efforts of Child Rescue Network, Fireball Run, and people made aware of the plight of missing children by this incredible organization. I cant wait to be part of the 10th Anniversary Edition of Fireball Run again this year. Team 33 Moms on a Mission

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Lifetime experience is an understatement!!!Road trip while doing a good deed, in this case spreading awareness about missing children while making new friends during this 8 day epic journey.The slogan You get to do and see more in 8 days than most people experience in 8 years was not a joke!An adventure Rally where you get to make a real difference while experience life changing events!EPIC!!!

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Fireball Run is the best of both worlds - FUN with a PURPOSE! Anyone can create a race, but the producers have also worked diligently with the Child Rescue Network to raise awareness and aid in recovering Americas Missing Children. As part of Team #8, we posted 1,000 photos of the child that Team Texas sponsored - Eitan Blassingame, from Plano, TX. The reality is that one out of every six children that is found is because someone saw a photo on the news or a missing poster. Fireball Run has made this a priority - and it has been such an honor to be involved with such a worthy cause. You can make a difference TODAY by going to their website and learning more. Thank you to all of those who have worked to make a difference - including the producers, teams, sponsors and city partners!

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Fireball Run is an awesome experience! If you get a chance to be in it, do it. If not make sure you watch it streaming in the US. One of my favorite shows!

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Fireball Run is truly a life-changing experience! It was an amazing adventure from the day we signed up. A real epic adventurally all while raising awarness for Americas Missing Children.

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Currently Fireball Run is the only US television entertainment series which also benefits a cause. The series raises both awareness for missing children, and funds for Child Rescue Network, a Florida 501-c3.

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Incredible ! Epic! Life Changing! Emotionally charged

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Fireball Run is an entertainment series that leverages its popularity to recover missing children. Tour date it has aided in 47 recoveries.

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This is not an event about finding missing children. It is a for profit enterprise that just raises awareness. Terrible, that they use this excuse to dupe the cities and contestants.

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I have been in the Fireball Run four times so far including its first year and I can say first hand I have seen, touched and explored more inside the US than most people will experience in a lifetime and I constantly travel the US for events..problem is I am always on the highway going from point a to point b. After being in FBR I now stop in cities all over to visit the friends and contacts I have made through FBR. I have been invited to the Most Popluar rallies out there and I have turned them all down because I have no interest in endangering peoples lives on the highways and being on television for all the wrong reasons. I am always involved in charity work in some form or another and have become friends with Jeff (the president of the Child Rescue Network) through FBR, he actually travels with us during the rallies and helps us spread awareness about missing an exploited children..I have met some of my best friends through Fireball Run and highly recommend this adventure! For me, its about spending time with my son, lifes experiences, and the chariities. If it wasnt for my crazy work and television schedules I would be in every year..hopefully I will be back in the 10th season!

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What is better than a competitive adventure that also involves social responsibility (raising awareness for missing children)? Looking forward to this years 10 year anniversary race!

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The 2016 rally had an amazing ending in Amesbury, MA !!!

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