Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Historic Park
15701 E Ave M, Lancaster, CA 93535, United States
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I mean... It was closed. But I was able to take a walk close to the hills. Neat terrain.

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I am glad to visit this museum with family :) This place is real fun! The best thing about it that it is free!! Perfect place for a photoshoot or photo-op.

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Worth the time to come, pictures make no justice to this little place. Its only 3 dollars to get in and kids 12 and under are free. Its a two stories building, its not big but it just has a lot to read and once you are inside its another world. Simply beautiful.

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Really worth seeing, amazing buildings that the archeologist Howard Arden Edwards built, starting with the home that he built using the natural outcropping of stones of the Butte. Most of the museum and displays are not allowed to be photographed, so this small amount of photos does not begin to do it justice. There are actual artifacts used by the ancient people, families, tribes, individuals. Everything is handmade. There are stories about events, and individual retellings, explanations, geology, archeology, sociology, etc. All of Edwards collection from the peoples Indians that he researched for more than 50 years, living and walking in the remote, desolate, open spaces, searching, digging, watching, learning. He explain that no humans inhabited what we now know as North America until a few ten thousand years ago. Everyone migrated from somewhere else, that lived in Antelope Valley. Interesting that there are actually no native humans to North America, and the Native American is actually a myth - a falsehood. Grace Oliver bought the property from Edwards in 1939, turned it into a museum, and then donated it to the Republic of California in 1979 (most commonly referred to as a State).

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The exhibits are on American Indian groups of the Southwest, Great Basin, and California culture regions, since Antelope Valley was a major prehistoric trade corridor linking all three of these culture regions. The museum contains the combined collections of founder Howard Arden Edwards and subsequent owner Grace Oliver. A number of the cultural materials on display are rare or one-of-a-kind objects. To view the entire museum collection, and access detailed interpretive information on American Indian cultures represented, go to museum was originally constructed by homesteader/artist H. Arden Edwards in 1928. The chalet-style structure was built over an entire rock formation of Piute Butte in the Mojave Desert. The museum offers the visitor a unique experience.

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So surprised by the chalet style in the desert. Friendly staff, amazing natural setting. Even the bathrooms are historic. Take the nature trail for sure.

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So bizarre it is awesome. Great way to burn a few hours, see some very interesting architecture, and learn about early area history. Some amazing Ancestral Puebloan artifacts.

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Very nice place, definitely very informative. And to think people used to live out in the antelope valley before Air conditioning. And traded with other native Americans as far as the coast.

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I went here alot as a kid plan to go back when Im back in California

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Has some intersting art work and history. It does look small from outside, however its much more grand on the inside. The home is built around a gigantic rock. There is a small hiking trail that our little ones really enjoyed as they sang and marched.

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I have lived in the AV for over 20yr and i knew about the museum but didnt consider going. I finally had the chance to go and this place is really extraordinary. It might look like a small cabin , oh! but wait till you go inside.

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The facility is a treasure. Well kept and historically beautiful. On that note... I didnt expect parking to be a problem and the long walk up is no joke... in the future they may want to try something different. I recommend a hay ride type of transportation from the highway up. Thats all for now... Ill go back another day when its not so busy.

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Beautiful place with lots of items to look at and the building itself is very interesting

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Very nice historic site. Beautiful nature trail and views all around. Lots of artifacts to look at. Accompanied a school trip with a bunch of 2-5 year olds. Rangers and volunteers were a little impatient and short tempered with the kids.

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The Antelope Valley Indian Museum is one of the most special historical places I have ever visited. A beautiful story, amazing artifacts, and great scenery. Next time I will take a picnic lunch or afternoon tea; to enjoy after touring the museum. There is an outdoor eating area with table and chairs. In addition to checking out the actual museum, we enjoyed taking a walk on the track that surrounds the property. The museum staff gave us a little leaflet about the surrounding area, which we could refer to as we walked around the track. The expansive views of desert landscape dotted with many beautiful buttes is breathtaking. I highly recommend a visit to this enchanting piece of history tucked away in the Mojave desert.

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Really awesome place. The history and scenery is way cool.

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Hidden gem in Antelope Valley. Great for kids and adults alike.

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What a wonderful little hidden gem in the desert. Lots of history and surprisingly so much to see, their collections are pretty extensive. They have artifacts from Antelope Valley tribes, but also tribes from other areas. They also noted that theyve removed any sacred and/or burial artifacts from exhibitions which is a good thing to do. The small staff is wonderful -- friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful, too. They have picnic tables outside, so bring a lunch and enjoy an expansive view of the desert and the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

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Went on a field trip here with my daughter, it was nice, learned some things and the staff was great.

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Great visit with kids and grandkids. Knowledgeable volunteers, courteous crowd. Really enjoyed the day. Fun and educational as well.

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This is such a little gem in the middle of nowhere. Or at least it feels like the middle of nowhere. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The collection has a wonderful history. It is small but well laid out and information packed. Learn all about the native people of the Antelope Valley. We spent about an hour and a half just wandering through. It was s happy little surprise for a Sunday afternoon drive out in the desert.

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Is a nice place to go learn about our old traditions

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A lot of cool history here. There is a lot to see as well.

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One of the more unique museums I’ve ever been to. The museum itself is part of the exhibit, very interesting. Amazing setting and architecture, I tend to bring all of my out-of-town visitors here. Eccentric and artsy.

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We had a blast at the Indian celebration.

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Awesome hidden gem of the Antelope Valley, we learned so much about our local history and have continued to learn something new every single time we revisit. I encourage all who want to be surprised with amazing facts and artifacts to join this adventure for all ages. Free for kids 12 and under and only $3 for adults. Ask about all the extra events throughout the year.

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Great place to pass the time whith the family, the park rangers are friendly and give out history of the land. Just remember to take comfortable shoes if you want to go on a hiking trail they have.

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Very interesting and charming. Worth the travel time for sure. Will definitely go back.

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Very interesting history, including of the museum itself. The sort of eccentric place one might expect in Cali underpinned by scholarly archaeological research.

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Very nice. Nice park.

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This is am amazing place to learn and feel the history of California and the native Americans who lived here. I strongly recommend to take the deviation to the museum. We visited with our children (3 and 6 year old) in our way back from Palm Spring to the Bay Area. Kids loved the experience. The visit was super well informed by the excellent guide. Really, a gem. Thanks !

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Absolutely amazing ! So much history. Very well presented. Nice lady at the counter. Worth visiting.

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Great museum. Waaaay out there in the desert. cool though. Small

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It was amazing. Lots of things to see. There is a hiking trail. Bring comfortable shoes and clothes. Not that big but you do get tired

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Its a cool museum that was made with the mountains but it could have been alot better things inside and outside to see and alot better things that they have made could have been displayed

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It was beautiful scenery. The 5 star rating is purely for the natural beauty and peaceful solitude you can experience as long as it is not during the hottest months Check the weather and the schedule for the Museum if you wish to go there. I was passing through on a day when the Museum was closed and unfortunately did not get to see it.

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Took me over 30 years to finnally visit but it was worth it. Took my children up there & we loved it. Will be visiting again.

Review №38

I was moved by this museum and enjoyed it very much but during my visit Id get emotional, dont know why, maybe because Im a comanche descendant? Also I learned from Native Americans st my first and only PowWow they do not like being called Indians. They are First Nations becacuse they are first in this land.

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I had 3 hours to kill in Lancaster. Googled local attractions, was between this and Art Museum in town. Easy to find, but a ways from city. 4 other cars while I was there (90+ mins). Perfect Dec. day. Got personal docent intro to this museum. Finished with the nature walk, grabbed some nice pics. Nice small historical park.

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Amazing spot with lots of cool exhibits to see, $3 for adults, kids free

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Great history of the Indians of the area. Very large collection of artifacts. People there are very knowledgeable and nice hiking trails.

Review №42

This place is fab.... make the trip to the Indian Museum..... you wont regret it!

Review №43

It was hot today, and we still enjoyed ourselves.

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Customer service is great. Lots to see. Beautiful trails. They have a gift shop. We enjoyed it. Kinda hidden but some of the best places to explore are.

Review №45

I recently went back to the museum and it was incredible the history this place with hold during the early industrial age of our young nation.

Review №46

I was one of the dancers at this beautiful event. The Park Rangers, Museum Workers, Vendors, and Facilitators were full of kindness. Blessings.

Review №47

Great place to explore

Review №48

We had a great time. I learned a lot about the Native Americans from this area. The museum was incredible. Everyone should visit it.

Review №49

When you need a spiritual renewal... Go to A pow wow or this one... A spiritual renewal is the best reality check you will ever love..... AHOO!!!

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Went for the first time on a field trip for my sons school. The great room is amazing with every inch covered in something for the Indians of the valley. The rock stairs and whole house are amazing. I would go again to slowly walk around and get a better look at everything.

Review №51

Excwllent will return good experience

Review №52

Loved the Pow Wow dancing!

Review №53

Out of the way but not too far, AVIM is a great little spot to visit. They hold a few funds raising events during the year, and Ive participated as a vendor in their winter holiday one several years running. Great people, great place!

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Visited for the Antelope Valley 2018 Pow Wow. There were lots of vendors and the dancers were amazing! We will come again!

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Very cool exhibits with artifacts from different regions.

Review №56

Outstanding Very informative , excellent staffing,very clean! Highly recommend

Review №57

First time visitor, and I have lived in SoCal for sixty five years. I enjoyed my time there.

Review №58

Would have gave more stars but limited parking.

Review №59

Nice for a day trip

Review №60

The 2 people that I meet their were very nice people helped me a lot with my Boy Scout merit badge

Review №61

I learned a lot. Good place to take kids

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I learned a lot of history of American Indian culture. Theres many details of historys description. Many art works are amazing. We stayed there for about 2 hours.

Review №63

AMAZING experience!! Must check out!

Review №64

Mountains, wind power and more Road I like to see and live in my city..East. Palmdale California 93591Arriba yeah beautiful because is highly in here thank everyone and have a goodnight...

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It was great very interesting. And beautiful out there.

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So nice museum

Review №67

Hidden in the Piute Buttes, in the Antelope Valley, Amazing. Be Ready to explore Indoor /Outdoor Beauty. A Little hiking throughout, but worth it!!

Review №68

Love the Museum have been there twice and would love to see what changes has been made or at least go up there and see it again. Lived in lake Los Angeles for 20 years and I love it ! Love the out doors of the desert!

Review №69

Loved the pow wow

Review №70

Great to go back to my home town and go see the artifacts of the lndian museum

Review №71

It was very educational

Review №72

What an interesting place worth the visit if you are out that way

Review №73

A cool house built into the hills boulders. A great place to learn about the native populations that lived near there.

Review №74

Really neat museum with a lot of local history on display. Beautiful walking paths around the museum.

Review №75

Best time every,went to watch indian dances,food,amaxing artifacts.everytime its different,fun.I give it a rating 9+

Review №76

Worth the drive, unique architecture

Review №77

They charge you to go there without any sign saying so. Its more of a collection than a museum. They say there is a hike you can do. But there is really nothing on the hike to look at.

Review №78

Awesome experience and at $3 for admission well worth it!

Review №79

Love the place and the information thanks.

Review №80

Friendly, Fascinating and fun.

Review №81

Nice inexpensive museum with a knowledgeable staff. More people should go

Review №82

Very cool displays, liked it better when it wasnt owned by government but still cool

Review №83

Nice place to learn about Native Americans in California.

Review №84

Open Saturday/Sunday and tours and lectures are available by appointment. Again, this is a high desert area which means wind. CALL for appointments.

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A little charm in the middle of no where. Kids enjoyed it, very educational.

Review №86

Amazing place to wasting time with children

Review №87

Extraordinary collect of native American history

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Originally built as both a research center and house in the early 1930s, this place is well worth a visit. The structure alone is incredible - a tudor style house built literally on the rocks (part of the rocks make up the great room and stairway inside). Inside youll find an incredible array of native american objects and artifacts, with commentary, mostly from one mans collection originally. The ceilings of the Kachina Hall are covered in kachina style art and then climb up the natural stone stairway to the upstairs. More objects are upstairs as well. Simply spectacular place. Who knew??After visiting inside, take a hike around the trails on the outside. Great views and dramatic geology.

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Well preserved revived Museum. Artifacts showing that the Valley was crossroads of trade among tribes as well as documenting misunderstandings of early study of native American artifacts.

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Loved it at the powwow

Review №91

Wonderful place

Review №92

Not what I expected. Small

Review №93

Great little museum! What a hidden gem!

Review №94

This was an AMAZING place to visit

Review №95

Very nice museum.

Review №96

Really really nice

Review №97

Had a great time great staff

Review №98

Good place

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