Piasa Bird
Sam Vadalabene Great River Rd Bike Trail, Alton, IL 62002, United States
Piasa Bird

Review №1

The site is closed to the public. U can see the painting from the rest stop next to the highway but that is it. The area is gated off. Not worth making the effort for the drive in my opinion.

Review №2

Aside from the lack of care this place receives and defacing its been through, I still enjoy going to see them when im in town. Juat to think that someone carved that out of a bluff. Its astonishing. If you follow the trail on the far right by the fence where the trailers are parked, youll eventually come to a waterfall. Very pretty, but also graffiti back there. Its sad that people destroy monuments and places of interest..

Review №3

Interesting historical sight, not much to do but of you like history and a beautiful riverscape confer check it out!

Review №4

Great historic location. Was fun to share with my kids and now my grandkids.

Review №5

Nice place, I wish someone hadnt have trashed the inside of the cave. Plus they changed the look of the bird

Review №6

Great place, beautiful sunset view, you can go in the caves and there are waterfalls

Review №7

This would be so much better if they would reopen the caves. If they are too dangerous, fix it!

Review №8

Nice cavern. it was not open for tour

Review №9

Very nice park with caves and the Piasa Bird painted on Cliff Face

Review №10

Nice rest stop, beautiful caves and old limestone mines. There are a few short hiking trails. Highly recommend if you like to explore! One caution, the mines can be dangerous! Bring lights!

Review №11

Dont go inside lol

Review №12

Didnt have a clue what this was. Just knew it was awesome

Review №13

This is a great location for tourists and locals alike to learn more about the area. I remember when it looked different than it dies now. Years ago the painting was vandalized and they had someone repaint it, but it has never been the same.

Review №14

Wish we could enter the cave but it was pretty cool nonetheless.

Review №15

The bird is repainted (not the original) but its still cool to see and to read about the history of the site. Its definitely worth the 10 minute stop if youre in Alton and like historical sites. However, be careful of the directions Google Maps may give you. If it sends you back in through a residential area . . . dont go that way! The road ends at the top of the cliff where there is no place to park and only a dirt road to the bottom. The dirt road looks drivable, but when we tried that we found a downed tree across it and pylons blocking your way at the very bottom. If driving to this site, make sure to zoom out on the map and take the road along the river which will take you directly to the park.

Review №16

A nice little park right on the river

Review №17

I visited the cave off the path n adored it! Be sure you bring shoes you do not mind getting muddy.

Review №18

The legend is wrong and whitewashed, but the bird looks pretty cool. Its a shame they closed off those caves and replaced the bathroom with a portapotty. It also sucks how much litter and graffiti there is in the cave that isnt closed off. I drink from the spring in the hopes it gives me powers. It has yet to do so.

Review №19

Lived near it all my life yet just finally seen it.

Review №20

Clean parking lot with plenty of spaces for bike rides looking to ride the river road trail.

Review №21

This is such a cool monument on the start of the Sam Vadalabene Bike Trail in Alton.

Review №22

Creepy cool.

Review №23

Terrific stop for tourists!

Review №24

Chicomoztoc 2 (The place of seven Caves)

Review №25

Its ok. Caves were closed when we visited, so it was basically just a painted cliff next to a parking lot. I sent a picture of it to my mom and she asked why I sent her a pic of a graffitid cliff. Also, pretty sure this bird is a manticore.

Review №26

The Piasa Bird has some great history behind it that is best left explained when you arrive than in this review. As you can see it from afar, this spot is a great landmark with a big parking lot for meeting friends for a walk, run, or bike ride along the river road. It can be quite fun to ride from the Piasa Bird to Grafton, make a pit stop, and then head back. Be cautious of the wind can be quite strong coming off the river!

Review №27

This is a beautifully restored presentation of an important native historical site. The grounds are lovely as well. They are well landscaped/maintained, and there is even a nice little picnic spot there too. Additionally, there is great historical information on a marker. Headed up the Great River Road? This makes a great picnic stop!

Review №28

Saw fireworks there BEAUTIFUL place!! Got a great picture where the piasa bird use to be.

Review №29

People really need to pick up after themselves. Trash was visible everywhere!!!

Review №30

An awesome place,to pull off and read the history of the legend ! Wish I could have done some exploring in the cave!

Review №31

Some/all the stories are fake, the mural was recently painted, and the caves are actually recent excavations - but none of it matters because its a mural of a scary bird creature on the side of a cliff by the Mississippi. Fun to visit and take pictures, but watch out for a Piasa Bird attack!

Review №32

Cool trails

Review №33

Stunning. Bathroom really ruins the view though.

Review №34

One of my favorite places been going since I was a kid

Review №35

Great a great time with the boys. Easy to locate and plenty of parking.

Review №36

Not a safe parking lot, dont leave ANY thing in your vehicle. And the bathrooms are always closed it seems.

Review №37

Needs to be cleaned and brought back to bevan enjoyable place...dirty....broken

Review №38

Love going up the Great River Road and Always stopping by to see the Piasa Bird...

Review №39

The caves behind the bird are so much fun omg

Review №40

Amazing first time there and I had an blast there was so cool to see love it there

Review №41

Growing up I passed the Piasa bird every day, it was great to stop by and read the story again. There are some trails in behind the parking lot, a short walk and I saw several deer. The trails actually lead to a trickling waterfall, but the area around it gets very marshy so you may want to wear rubber boots if you plan to get close.

Review №42

Great place took my grand daughter she really liked the painting and Marquette park

Review №43

I loved piasa bird legend as a child. My daughter loves the legend now. I appreciated the old piasa bird more than the newer one. It was a better looking rendition.

Review №44

Great place

Review №45

Anyways a cool story to stop and take a pic before riding into Grafton. But be careful of falling rock. Obey the signs

Review №46

Loved it. So want to explore more of Alton

Review №47

A must see along the Great River Road

Review №48

A must see if you come to Alton! Make sure you follow the wooded path in the back around the caves to a secret ancient waterfall....

Review №49

Fantastic piece of local history!

Review №50

One of my favorite places. Ive been coming since I was a small child, and have many happy memories

Review №51

Great place to Meetup before driving as a group down the river road, just DONT USE GOOGLE MAPS to get here! Youll be navigated to the neighborhood above the cliff!!

Review №52

Nice place to visit. The Piasa Bird was further down the river where the native Americans placed it. For some reason the people of today decided to put the bird in a new place???? There is a plaque in the original place. Not the same. It was placed for a reason by the Indians.

Review №53

This is not the original location of this historic painting. It was replaced with a billboard. Now it has moved. IMOP history should not be distorted or changed. The bird didnt look anything as it does now.

Review №54

Im from the Lou and at 53, I have seen many incarnations of the Piasa bird in the many efforts to keep it well preserved and the final decision of the painting. I try to go as often as I can. Its pretty awesome, it has a powerful feeling to it. Theyve done a wonderful job of telling the history thru our first nation legends. I feel blessed that I got to see the original, faded as it was.

Review №55

Love this place

Review №56

Cool attraction along the great river road. I must stop on the way to the fabulous Pere Marquette State Park.

Review №57

Beautiful place if you enjoy small hiking trails and climbing, although it would be much better if all the trash and graffiti were cleaned up.

Review №58

This is a local lore you should explore! The river road is great - make a day of it.

Review №59

We were able to visit it at a time when there flood water from Illinois river. It was unfortunate to see that the river road was flooded and hope that it receded sooner rather than later.But, as for the Piasa bird, we were glad to have risked going there and trusted Google maps to be able to get us there. It was an amazing sight. It was as I expected. It was huge and standing right below it you can marvel at the detail done with the repainting. It would have been a terrifying image to see at the time of Lewis and Clark.Worth a stop when driving through the Illinois river road.

Review №60

I enjoyed the history but was sad that we couldnt explore it

Review №61

Bird is hard to see, but the cave looks amazing.

Review №62

Neat place

Review №63

Free. Parking. Historic marker. Good place to start or stop a ride along the great River road.

Review №64

I followed the trail with my family and seen the waterfall with other people we dont know they were nice

Review №65

One of my favorite places to go!

Review №66

Been stopping here for years. Read the story of the bird on the plaque. There is another slightly less known attraction in the woods behind it. That place is the real reason we go.

Review №67

Love coming here to explore and view nature

Review №68

It is a neat place. Too bad the cave is fenced off. Also bathrooms were inoperable.

Review №69

The cave is amazing!

Review №70

Nice saw someone flying drone!

Review №71

Good representation of local lore.

Review №72

Quite an amazing view from the road, definitely a site to see if youre in Southern Illinois.

Review №73

I was a little disappointed to see the Piasa Bird was painted on. Maybe the detail doesnt show well on the natural backdrop, just wasnt expecting paint.

Review №74

Much like when you visit St Louis, you must visit the arch. When you visit Alton, you must visit the Piasa Bird. You cant explore the caves below because they are fenced off but there are picnic tables to make it a family friendly excursion.

Review №75

Fun to explore

Review №76

Cool stop along the river road

Review №77

Beautiful park which celebrates the tale and history of the Pizza Bird. Beautiful bluffs and caves lend to the setting.

Review №78

Cool little stop if you get the chance.

Review №79

Old folk lore in Alton Illinois. Nice parking for more information.

Review №80

Good scenic spot while traveling on river road in alton

Review №81

The actual bird is awesome. The stone with the history is worn and really hard to read, therefore only 3 stars.

Review №82

Historic legend and a neat painting. Plus a great stop before travelling down the scenic river road.

Review №83

Cave are fenced off but its a nice area to explore anyway

Review №84

Beautiful, unfortunately there is a lot of graffiti in the cave, but really awesome history with great descriptions.

Review №85

Very interesting site. Stunning painting and markers all around describing the history of the area.

Review №86

Awesome mural, cool place to explore by yourself and with friends.

Review №87

Was nice, great place to walk!

Review №88

This place is historically awesome. I highly recommend it

Review №89

Really interesting place. There are biking trails and walking trails nearby.

Review №90

Good to visit. Never stay long.

Review №91

Our local claim to fame petroglyph.

Review №92

Nice place to go for a walk or bike ride

Review №93

Very weird bird. Would recommend.

Review №94

Hadnt seen it since I was a kid. Love the story on the stone about the bird, but it is a little hard to read.

Review №95

Bucket list achievement must see huge

Review №96

Nice place to stop along this scenic drive.

Review №97

Great view

Review №98


Review №99

Love the history of the Piasa Bird!

Review №100

Definitely worth a stop. Beautiful scenery.

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