Jellys Surly Skull Tattoo Studio & Tatt2Away Center
2215 N Chadbourne St, San Angelo, TX 76903, United States

Review №1

I have gotten tattoos all over the world while being in the military. Surly skull is by far the greatest experience I have had. Jelly’s work is incredible and something that I will be proud to show off for years. She’s got a light hand and an unmatchable attention to detail. I’m looking forward to working with her in the future. Highly recommend

Review №2

JELLY IS 100% THE BEST!!I had been wanting a Disney/Sleeping Beauty piece for a while now & finally found the right person for the job!She was the only artist here in town that I truly felt like cared about the end result & tattoo I would be living with for the rest of my life!!I told her the general idea of what I wanted & she COMPLETELY blew it out of the water with what she gave me!!The fact that she was just as excited to tattoo what I wanted as I was about getting the tattoo made the experience SO much better!!!I will DEFINITELY be going to her for any other pieces I get done!!I have already sent her info to a few people looking at getting some work done & will always highly recommend Jelly & The Surly Skull for your next tattoo! Their level of knowledge & cleanliness is way above par!Thank you again for the amazing work you did Jelly!

Review №3

Jelly is an AMAZING artist! After my first tattoo with her, I knew she would be the only tattoo artist I would use going forward. She is one of a kind. She can do the simple to the complex and I trust her implicitly. I cannot wait for my next tattoo with her. Highly recommend!! Thank you Jelly!

Review №4

Jelly was absolutely great! She took what I wanted and far exceeded my expectations. The tattoo looks amazing and Jelly herself made the whole experience fun and comfortable. Im not one to talk to people I dont know, but she had me talking the majority of the time. The place was so clean and she explained everything that she was doing. I will definitely go back!

Review №5

Panda did an excellent job making my vision for my tattoo happen. Great communication throughout the process. He was very thorough from the initial drawing to the finishing touches in our last session. I would highly recommend Panda and my experience at The Surly Skull.

Review №6

Best place to get a work of art in the San Angelo area! Jelly is super awesome and such a creative artist. I love the work Ive gotten from her and will continue to go back as long as I live here!

Review №7

Jelly is AWESOME!!! Wanted to give my tattoo an upgrade, and she did all free hand. She knew exactly what I wanted to do. Great prices, really clean place, and a great atmosphere!! Highly recommend and First responder safe!

Review №8

Jelly is a great artist that really cares about her craft. She reworked my idea and made it better than I expected.The shop is spotless!

Review №9

Jelly did a tat on my hip a couple days ago. I greatly underestimated the pain of this placement. I was jumping and yelling and had to take breaks often. Despite me making it difficult, Jelly did a remarkable custom piece that is every bit as good as the $2,500 I have on my sleeve. Im not going to anymore big cities and paying ridiculous prices. Ill go to Surly Skull from now on.

Review №10

I have both been blessed and cursed. I have been blessed with a job that allows me to travel, a lot. I have been cursed with the addiction of getting inked. I have gotten several tattoos in six different locations, four states and two countries.That been said I have never come across an artist who worries more about attention to detail, picky-ness, cleanliness and customer satisfaction more than making any money out of it. If and when I do get more ink on me, if it is not by the hands of Jelly it will not happen. Period.On a plus side, offering free touch-ups! If that does not scream confidence on quality and satisfaction then what does?

Review №11

Panda was phenomenal. We are from out of town and here for work. After being treated very disrespectfully at a different tattoo shop we come here. He was kind as can be and made us feel completely comfortable. We will definitely be coming back! We love his excitement for every tattoo explained and he did a great job!! Seriously not one negative thing I could say about this place!!

Review №12

My experience with Jelly and The Surly Skull Tattoo Studio began in 2016 when I finally decided to get my first tattoo. I set up a consultation with Jelly so we could discuss ideas, placement and design. In my first meeting with her, Jelly was so personable and kind to me. By the end of the meeting, she seemed just as excited as I was to get the piece done! I feel like the tattoo industry is filled with a lot of great people, but there are also those who see it as a means to an end and a way to make money. Jelly isnt like that at all. She cares so much that her clients get exactly the tattoo that they want, and its so important to her that they leave her studio happy with the end result of her hard work. And let me tell you from experience, you will always leave happy with her work. Since that first tattoo with Jelly, Ive gone on to get three more pieces from her that I truly love, and plan to have much more done in the near future. Not only that, but Jelly has also tattooed several pieces for every member of my family, and weve all left amazed at her incredible talent and are often stopped by strangers so they can marvel at her artistry. I cant tell you how many of her business cards Ive handed out after singing her praises! Another important factor I want to discuss is the professionalism of this establishment. Ive never seen a tattoo artist or studio care so much about cleanliness and the health and safety of their clients. Jelly takes such good care of you, and you always know youre in good hands when you come to the Surly Skull. She arms you with the proper information to take care of your new tattoo afterward, too. Ive been to several studios with friends and relatives in the past who will just send you on your way after theyve been paid. Jelly isnt like that at all. She makes sure you know the proper precautions and methods to take care of your tattoo in order to keep it clean and looking good in the future. I couldnt possibly recommend Jelly and this studio more. This studio is a breath of fresh air in this industry. Comfortable, clean, client-focused, creative and considerate. If youre thinking about getting a tattoo, you have to stop by The Surly Skull Tattoo Studio, because as a client, its the best possible experience you could have. Youll end up getting incredible work you love from a talented artist who truly cares.

Review №13

I got Panda to do my ink and it is friggin fantastic. You wont find a more professional shop anywhere. If you are looking for an artist to ink you up Surly Skull is it.

Review №14

Super informative, professional, devoted time to my piece, creative, beautiful colors. Jelly it’s the bomb.

Review №15

I intentionally waited 2 weeks to write my review to let my ink heal and to wait for the Euphoria of a new tattoo to die down. With that being said, it was an amazing experience. Jelly was super knowledgeable and skilled and it shows in my tattoo and I had a wonderful time while getting she designing it and while it was being put on me. I couldnt be any happier with what she did and if i ever end up in San Angelo again Ill be more than excited to get another one by her or by Panda. Wonderful experience, awesome environment, super friendly, super clean and professional, couldnt ask for anything more.

Review №16

Badass shop! Very respectful and go beyond to make you feel good! I’ll be going back for all my tattoo needs! Highly recommend

Review №17

Staff knows their stuff, and honest as hell. Expect what you pay for, no slouching.

Review №18

Highly skilled artists (especially Brannon) Not your basic flash on the wall tattoo studio. My artist was able to take my basic idea and refine it until I had a gorgeous piece full of meaning completely unique to me. If you want something truly personal, created for you and you alone, I cant recommend enough. If you want your basic infinity symbol/anchor declaring you wont sink/or feathers breaking off into birds, may want a more generic tat studio.

Review №19

You walk in and are met by the friendliest people who genuinely care about you and your tattoo experience. Jelly was particularly amazing and didnt start on my tattoo until I found the perfect flower and was in love with it. It looks so realistic and I get compliments on it all the time. Its also mom-approved! We talked while I was getting it done and it was a very comfortable experience. The prices are so good as well! I would absolutely recommend coming here.

Review №20

Panda got me in on really short notice and although my tattoo was simple, he took the time to make sure it was incredible. I am so happy with it and if I ever need touch ups or want something new while I’m in Texas, I’ll be back at the Surly Skull. The studio was very clean and professional and had a great vibe! I’ve been recommending it to everyone who asks about my new tattoo!

Review №21

Great place to get work done! I got a custom tat from Brannon and he did amazing work. the shop is extremely clean and just all around a nice place. The people there are amazing as well and make you feel very welcomed. I would definitely go there again.

Review №22

Amazing artists and amazing work overall! If anyone is looking to get some work done, I would 100% recommend going and checking out The Surly Skull Tattoo Studio! Panda did an amazing job on my piece! Took his time to really make it pop and stand out! 10/10

Review №23

Absolutely love Jelly! Best tattoo experience hands down. She reworked a horrible tattoo for me and it is amazing! I have had a dozen compliments in the last two days :) Very professional, clean shop. Highest quality work I have had yet. Very private, comfortable studio. It felt more like a girls night out! I found my person and wont ever go anywhere else.

Review №24

Jelly and her bro Rob are masters in their craeft. Come for the tattoo, stay for the hospitality. Their skilled hands and relentless press towards their passion seeps from the very walls of their studio. Find their efforts in all they do, from their spotless work stations to the end results of their tattooed customers. Expect nothing but pure unabridged passion from start to end. Cheers!

Review №25

Have had Jelly and Panda complete pieces for myself and my wife. The attention to detail, overall cleanliness, and skill are why we chose The Surly Skull. They are why we continue to choose this studio.

Review №26

Panda is the man. While he admittedly takes his time, the final product is worth every minute. Excellent detail, and extreme care towards cleanliness and regulation.

Review №27

Clean, kind, and highly skilled. I’ve gotten two in the past month by panda and I will be back for more!!!

Review №28

Jelly is awesome. She has done all but two of my tattoos and im very happy that i found her. She does great quality work for a reasonable price. Very clean and well kept shop. She opens all the equipment in front of you so you know its safe.

Review №29

Cant say enough about this shop, the artists and the atmosphere!! Went in for a consult and walked out a few hours after with some Badass ink by Panda!!! Great Spirit and light handed!! Mucho Love...

Review №30

I got my first tattoo here a little over a year ago. Jelly was incredibly nice, and everything was so clean! Her work is phenomenal as well. I went back yesterday for my third tattoo and got tattooed by her new walk-in artist. He was AMAZING! My new tattoo is everything I asked for and more. He was also really funny, and I laughed through the entire hour and a half it took to do my tattoo. You will definitely be in good hands at this shop! I cant wait to go back for another tattoo!

Review №31

Jelly does the most amazing work for an amazing price. She is so talented and I recommend her to everyone I know. She is the only person I will go to for tattoos in San Angelo from now on! She is VERY knowledgeable and kind and will take great care of you!

Review №32

I have only been to this amazing artist once and my fiance twice and every single time I have an amazing experience, the people that work at this shop go above and beyond expectations. You get way more for what you pay for, its surgical levels of cleanliness, and it feels like a home away from home. Honestly I will never go to another artist in my life I feel utterly spoiled at how amazing these artists are. Please come and experience them for yourself you will seriously not regret it.

Review №33

I have worked all over the United States and have gotten work done ..several different .states and this is by far the best shop I have ever been to theyre very knowledgeable helpful and picking out what you want and fully believe in making sure you get what you want because its a life-long investment ttheir artists Panda has a light hand I fell asleep while he was working on me theyre very professional and clean Im just lucky enough to be working in this area for the next two years and I will be going back I am beyond pleased with My ink I would recommend them to any and everyone

Review №34

Very nice place. Artist there are very respectful an honest.

Review №35

Jelly is a great person and awesome artist, cant wait to get more bodyart done by her. I also enjoyed the relaxed and quiet environment of her shop.If youre looking for great tattoos at affordable pricing, Surly Skull is the way to go!

Review №36

I love the work Jelly did for me, and the touch up she did on an existing tattoo as well. The fine line detail is unreal and the color is perfect. I got the wonderful whimsical look I wanted to make this tribute tat for one of my sons perfect! I will be returning for both retouching old tats that need a fresh look, and to continue my tribute tats for my kiddos. Cannot wait to return and I highly recommend Jelly.

Review №37

We did my wifes name today. Super happy with the way it came out and she loves it.

Review №38

It was a great experience! Would definitely go again!

Review №39

I walk in to to ask about an UFO abduction on my neck and Panda was there to greet me and was very excited to work with me on that, hes a amazing artist and tattooist, I cant wait so we can finish my neck BTW he has a very gentle touch even when its on the neck. Live long and prosper

Review №40

I have gone to Rob for 2 big pieces now and he has not let me down. Great guy, great work. Shop is always immaculate and he and Jelly make you feel very welcomed. Highly recommend both artists. Love this place.

Review №41

Jelly is amazing! She has a medical background, so you dont have to worry about cleanliness. She is kind, professional, and her studio is cozy and private. I came to her for my first tattoo and would gladly go again for any subsequent ones.

Review №42

Besides the amazing, one of a kind artistry, its extremely clean and Jelly is more than professional and courteous. She will do her best to make u comfortable.

Review №43

Loved the place very clean and very friendly people there panda did my tattoo and loved the outcome highly recommend this place

Review №44

This was hands down the best place Ive gotten a tattoo from. Rob did such an amazing job and made me feel welcome the whole time I got my sternum piece. Would highly recommend these guys to anyone whose looking for good quality work and great atmosphere!

Review №45

Inside was very clean and well maintained. Victor (our artist) was very nice and offered artistic input. I would highly recommend coming here. 10/10

Review №46

For the last 6 years I have had an abomination of a sleeve. It was terrible. It was embarrassing and unprofessional looking. I just left my first 8 hour session with jelly and the results are amazing. I am so proud of my arm now and its not even finished. Shes a miracle worker with fixing bad tats. I will never go anywhere else!

Review №47

I got a cover up. Jelly did an amazing job! I was so worried at first about the lines of the name showing through, but I was confident in her work. I drove 2 hours to see her. I absolutely love it!! Her studio is set to high standards when it comes to sanitation, hospitality, and quality of work.

Review №48

I had a wonderful first session with Jelly and cant wait for my second and many more tattoos from her. Shop is super clean and Jelly is just amazing! I highly recommend The Surly Skull Tattoo Studio.

Review №49

Awesome staff that does awesome work!

Review №50

Outstanding experience and education on tattoos. I have learned so much and Ms Jelly is a true craftsman of her art.

Review №51

Absolutely the best artist in San Angelo her Realism style is awesome I have a lot of tattooos and she definitely has done the best artwork on my body Jelly is the best artist I ever had no doubt she will not disappoint. She know her stuff and is definitely certified. She is the only person that I trust for tats in San Angelo.

Review №52

The absolute best tattooing experience I have ever had! The Surly Skull Tattoo Studio is amazing and they are nothing less than professionals! I will never go anywhere else! Thank you again for my art! I will cherish it forever!!!

Review №53

This place is top notch ! Highly recommend for any cover up or new work .

Review №54

Loved my tattoo. Thank you. Planning on getting another. Very nice out going. Love their work.

Review №55

Jelly is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! We are in the process of finishing my quarter sleeve right now, and since our last tattoo session Ive had complete strangers compliment me on my tattoos (some even took pictures!) Would HIGHLY recommend Jelly to anybody looking for a masterpiece tattoo.

Review №56

Jelly is the best person ever, Ive known her for 10 years and shes extremely talented at what she does! Come get your ink here! I drive over 4 hours to come see her!

Review №57

True professional, really sweet, Jelly is my go to artist fo sho. Victor is really quiet but seems cool. Keep it up Jelly, see you in a bit!

Review №58

Loved the place. Loved the work. Ill definitely be back for more.

Review №59

Jelly is super sweet and inviting. She does amazing free hand work with water colors

Review №60

Great experience and awesome work from Panda

Review №61

The place is clean. Jelly takes the sanitation very seriously. Went in for a Friday the 13th flash, and she went way beyond what I expected. If I ever find myself in San Angelo again, will definitely go back

Review №62

Super nice, amazing work. Detailed well.

Review №63

Went to see Jelly for her Valentines special, she is an amazing artist and couldnt be happier with her work! We will be coming back :)

Review №64

Awesome with all the tattoos!

Review №65

Best place to get a tattoo

Review №66

Wont tattoo breastfeeding moms

Review №67

Great atmosphere!!! Great work!!!

Review №68

Jelly is the best in town

Review №69

Clean environment professional artist Ill be coming back.

Review №70

Went and no help

Review №71

Very clean and professional

Review №72

Super clean great artist

Review №73

Amazing work from a female artist!

Review №74

Best artists and cleanest studio in Texas!

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