The Chicken Farm Art Center
2505 Martin Luther King Dr, San Angelo, TX 76903, United States

Review №1

Awesome little place! I always go to the first Saturday whenever I can. Great people and awesome music during this time and it is always fun to see all the art.

Review №2

I love the chicken farm! Its a must every time I visit San Angelo. So many wonderful things to see. Wonderful artists of all different kinds and such wonderfully unique things to buy for gifts or to decorate your home etc. Of you enjoy art, jewelery, pottery, metal work, wood work, music, clothing, rocks/stones, and other creative types of expression, youve got to check this place out!

Review №3

Incredible place! Owners Susan and Jerry are impeccable hosts. Very small B&B-each room is completely unique-but set in an art compound with studios of all types of artists all around: ceramicists, landscape artist, nature artist, jewelers, large-stone artist, scent and soap-making artist, and fiber artist. Such an incredibly pleasant place. Weve returned 5 times and go again. Plus, San Angelo is just a cool little city that focuses on art. Take a stroll on the river walk.

Review №4

This is a fun collection of studio/shops where a variety of artist/crafts people do their work. I was able to talk to the few who were there on a Wednesday midday. Seems pottery was heavily represented that day.We both enjoyed engaging them about their work, and general experience. I was a nice change from insular or alooft artistic types.Looking forward to a return visit on a weekend and during concert/event season.No, if you must ask, there are no barnyard fowl running around and none of what they leave.The whimsical tile work in the bathrooms I found to be a fun commitment on the attitude of the whole place.

Review №5

Absolutely love the atmosphere here! Live music while strolling thru dozens of shops with handmade, homemade, well made items of everything imaginable!! Check out my friend, Sues shop at studio 14 !!! She is one very talented lady!!

Review №6

Best And Most unusual Art in W Tx

Review №7

I really enjoyed my time here. This is a one stop shop for art of all mediums. I believe I counted 7 different buildings and some of the buildings have a half a dozen or so shops/studios in which the artisans work from. Theres definitely a little something for all ages. Come on in and enjoy the fine collection of artisans ... youll be happy you did.

Review №8

Went to Magii 2 and GypsyMoon shops. Nice conversation with owners and were very helpful.

Review №9

This place is awesome! So much great talent and a very unique, fair priced inn. I will be coming back with family.

Review №10

There were a lot of local vendors here with some pretty neat stuff but everything is overpriced. People were friendly so that was nice and the food looked and smelled good, but again, overpriced. Nice to walk around and window shop though. Would be better if the weather wasnt as hot.

Review №11

This was the funnest & I regret not going sooner! Friendliest people, talented artists, awesome shops and booths, fantastic live music, and activities for the children. We cant wait to go back next month, to First Saturday, and next time well attend the concert the night before, too.

Review №12

Love this place. Great for all ages!

Review №13

This is the place to begin an art hobby or career. I really like this place.

Review №14

Had a great time with my sister Annabelle Mellor for her birthday. Bought some amazing items.

Review №15

This is like an out doors flea market, with different little shops from wood to metal, live music...its a cool spot to hang out and the have unique gifts for everyone.

Review №16

Absolutely nice folks and amazing artistry being performed by highly talented artists! Wife and I went for a tour and to simply chat with some of the artists, we were kindly received and spent a good while speaking with some folks that really know their stuff. This is not a museum like experience, the chicken farm has a rustic feel to it that is both warm and inviting. Great place to visit with the family.

Review №17

Amazing Lunch at The Siloh at the Chicken farm... Funky , Cool artist Community - indoor/ outdoor Art studios , galleries , random (and Not So Random ) Acts of art all throughout the grounds of what once was REALLY a Chicken Farm- Built through and with the Love and vision of the Late Founder, Roger Allen- Now is Home to 19 artists. 2 Art Galleries and a Bed and Breakfast.I was lucky to have stayed in San Angelo long enough to make it to first Saturday.. when all the artists come out to play there at the Farm.. wish I had more time.. My person favorite place to visit in the four months spent there.The river and the art and nature space all up and down is second.

Review №18

It’s a super cute place to visit! must for those who are crafty and appreciate the hand work!! It’s Kid and Per Friendly. The bathrooms were closed, keep this in mind just in case you go with little ones!

Review №19

We love the local art community here, plenty to see and shop

Review №20

This is the best part of San Angelo. From the calm, comfortable quiet of a regular day, to the warm buzz of a first Saturday, The Old Chicken Farm Art Center is a wonderful place to visit. The artists who rent out studios are always friendly, and have many great products available. The vendors on First Saturdays are always interesting, offering handmade crafts. Visit; you wont regret it.

Review №21

Neat place. All kinds of art crafts

Review №22

It is a fun experience!!! Various artists selling a variety of beautifully crafted items from woodwork to quilting with lots in between. Plus they had musicians playing together adding a fun and relaxing atmosphere to the whole experience. Im going again!!!

Review №23

Interesting place with vendors who hand craft. Place has permanent shops and some who set up a tent. Unique finds and fun way to burn an hour. If its hot outside, it will also be hot in the shops. The shops are small and do not have good AC units. Everyone out there is so happy and excited to talk to you to tell you about their stuff. My favorite shop is across from Silo House, its a soap shop. The lady makes soaps and wax melts. Smells so good in her Place!

Review №24

Eclectic and fun! First Saturdays off the month are my favorite or just poking around on an off day is fun too, especially grabbing a quiet bite to eat at the Silo House. Amazing food and great atmosphere. Everyone is so nice at the Chicken Farm arts center

Review №25

Such a nifty little place! Looking for a one of the kind unique piece you can definitely find it here!!! The homemade fudge and banana ice cream was also amazing!! Definitely check it out if youre in the area

Review №26

Funky outdoor art shops and concert area. Good food.Charming.

Review №27

Love the shop! Beautiful Art and Incense!

Review №28

A little get away, even if just for a little while. Peaceful & inspiring.

Review №29

Very cool eclectic place place! It has a great vibe, I just wish it was located where it drew a broader group of customers. It seems to be a lot of the same people every month (kinda like they just go to walk there on nice days like the mall in the winter). Its ran by great people and all of the artisans are nice people.

Review №30

On a recent visit to San Angelo, we dropped by The Chicken Farm Art Center. I didnt know what to expect, our daughter, who recommended the place kept calling it Chicken art farm so I had this vision of chickens running through troughs of paint then on to canvases laid out on the floor. There were no chickens when we arrived, but many artists tucked away in their studios, lots of ceramics, candles, clothing, sculpture, a lovely restaurant; its worth a whole afternoon of exploration.

Review №31

Great time listening to music an shop.

Review №32

Very Cool Place, Local Artist and very nice People.

Review №33

Checked out Insatiable Moments studio #8 the selection of soaps, lotions, bath salts are well to wall so many fragrances that smell like candy.

Review №34

I had the best steak Ive ever eaten at the Silo House! Great service, owner even came out and checked on us. Simply couldnt have been better.

Review №35

Lotta cool things by great artist

Review №36

It was quiet when I visited because most of the shops were closed. Its worth planning in advance to go on a day when more artists will be there. But it is a pleasant atmosphere with refreshingly unique art. This is not a place to buy mass-produced stuff or someones kitchen table craft products. These are real artists producing interesting work, moderately priced. I bought two items at Star Gazers for $180 and I think they are well worth it. The artists welcome you going into their workshop and patiently explain and demonstrate what they are doing.

Review №37

Cool when I went. Friendly

Review №38

A wonderful and eclectic collection of artists and galleries; theres always something new to see here.

Review №39

Ive honestly no idea how to rate this place. Its got a bunch of random nicknacks, artsy things, the whole place looks like a shanty town. There is a restaurant there, havent eaten there so not going to comment on it. I mean, its different, but not necessarily bad or off-putting. If youre doing some shopping and looking for some place other than box stores, id definitely give this place a try, esp. If youre from out of town and looking for something with a more local flair.

Review №40

Fantastic eqlectic arts of all kinds. Hand made items you wont find anywhere else ! Highly recommended!!

Review №41

Didnt find anything for us - we were the only ones there.

Review №42

Fabulous place. Wonderful artists, lovely setting, friendly people, creativity in the atmosphere. Highly recommend experience.

Review №43

I took my mother and sister in law this past Saturday. It was my very first time their and my mother in laws too. It was fantastic. I bought a beautiful cross necklace, then went to a wood carving booth and bought some cedar hangings, then went over to a book signing and purchased 8 of them. We continued all over the place which is a true hidden jewel in San Angelo, the music was amazing, and food oh my the Silos was wonderful. I also purchased some hand made soaps before leaving. I will be back and plan on in the fall signing up for pottery classes.

Review №44

A great place to find original art in San Angelo, Texas.

Review №45

Lovely community of artists. If the door is open, walk in and meet the artist, see them working and maybe pick up an original. Even if no doors are open there is a nice collection of art on the grounds to look at.

Review №46

A San Angelo gem!! Really fun place to visit, pet and and kid friendly—took off one star because it’s not accessible for wheel chairs or strollers.

Review №47

Enjoyed all the individual shops and the musicians that were picking together. Fun place to go!

Review №48

Silo Restaurant, great food, friendly and caring people. Will go back for sure.Thanks for considering my food allergies when preparing my order!

Review №49

Spacious, clean rooms for rent. Lots of great artists and art work. So much to do, its a great way to spend the day. Also the Silo house was a great place to eat!

Review №50

Chicken Farm Art center is always fun to go to on First Saturdays! Always different vendors and artists!

Review №51

Really cool place that is fun and relaxing. Not the usual stuffy art crowd at all. Be sure to meet Roger and check out the individual shops. Lots of ceramic and metalwork can be found here.

Review №52

Love this place! Funky little artist colony, live music in the courtyard. A pretty good restaurant in the back. Id go back--often.

Review №53

We go there every chance we get , all the artists and vendors are so friendly.

Review №54

So much fun! Great art and shops

Review №55

Actualy is a unique little place that artists of all kinds can rent out a room/studio to make their artwork and have a place to display it. Exstreamly friendly and helpful though a little empty. Most artist where out for the day i think.

Review №56

Really cool place!

Review №57

We always find something new and different!

Review №58

So much to see and do. I absolutely love gypsy moon.

Review №59

Lots to choose from jewelry to nick-knox

Review №60

This place was fantastic. All the local artists come together on the first Saturday of the month and show off their wares. There is live music and a great atmosphere!

Review №61

First Saturday at the chicken farm! Always a fun day! Lots to see and enjoy...

Review №62

Great arts area. On the first Sat of every month, artist and crafters from all over San Angelo area demonstrate and sell their wares. The art center also has etist/crafter businesses that are open daily for those who are not able to attend the first Sat.

Review №63

Love that place. So many local artists and craftsmen participate!

Review №64

It is an artist colony with small shops etc.Has clay, jewelry and more

Review №65

Great place to go. On the first Monday of the month there are a lot of crafty people selling their crafts.

Review №66

Its Awesome to. Take kiddos

Review №67

Supper cool place

Review №68

Beautiful area with talented artisans, crafters and shops. Easy to maneuver pathways and even a very fine restaurant.

Review №69

Great place and lots of fun. Down home people.

Review №70

Go on the first Saturday for the best time when everything is open, be sure to check out the tilework in the bathroom, weird a recommendation though that sounds

Review №71

Very nice vendors, and excellent music especially the young man playing the piano at the end when they were putting up the equipment.

Review №72

Its more fun when you go on the first Saturday of the month. Theres so many festivities going on and theres so many different studios to enjoy.

Review №73

I absolutely love this place! Everyone is super friendly, there’s good food and music, and beautiful art.

Review №74

Wonderful people, relaxing, beautiful things.

Review №75

There are some amazingly talented artists here.

Review №76

Awsome place to visit

Review №77

Cute little place with a History! Rodger is a man of Lots of Welcome!! High priced ART but rather exceptional pieces!!

Review №78

I loved it i saw many different types of art it was a beautiful experience for me and my classmates

Review №79

Just ok

Review №80

Complete suprise... stumbled on this place ... really cool... worth a visit...

Review №81

Wonderful place to go to. Great art, sculptures and pottery.

Review №82

Loved the pottery and the soap shop

Review №83

Great Service. Great food. Good Time.

Review №84

This is an awesome arena for artist to display their talents for the public to see.

Review №85

My family ️s First Saturdays!!! Its the highlight of our weekend!

Review №86

Awesome place to go for the once a month gathering!

Review №87

This place could use some sprucing to make the shops more inviting. Some rocks or something to help with mud after rain.

Review №88

It speaks for itself. I love it

Review №89

Friendly people, and we sell our metal art on every first Saturday. Great, laid back place

Review №90

Fun place to shop!

Review №91

Very neat place full of gypsy people and trinkets.

Review №92

Amazing place for local artist.

Review №93

Nice little art center, also jewelry and other crafts sold here

Review №94

It is wonderful !!! Good food , good shopping , just a real good time

Review №95

Live a cross the street

Review №96

Quaint and quirky. Fun place to buy local.

Review №97

Such a fun place

Review №98

Always something new to find

Review №99

Thanks very good food and great help

Review №100

So cool! Eclectic and bohemian arts and crafts.

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  • Address:2505 Martin Luther King Dr, San Angelo, TX 76903, United States
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  • Phone:+1 325-653-4936
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
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