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4843 Stenstrom Rd, Rockford, IL 61109, United States
Review №1

During covid 19 they were very nicely organized ,Friendly and clean my daughter party was awesome the kids enjoyed themselves

Review №2

The kids had a blast and its really cheap entertainment. Tell them to put down the controller and head out!

Review №3

Nice time! Fun thing to do with the kids on a Saturday night!

Review №4

Decent prices on childrens parties.

Review №5

School night with my 4 & 5 yr old monsters... WE ALL had a great time. Ive not skated in 20+ yrs. Ill be teaching them so they can skate for the next 30+ years. Thank you staff for the help.

Review №6

Excellent staff, great atmosphere. Rules and order are well maintained, so its a great place for the kids. Excellent prices. Highly recommend.

Review №7

Great family owned eatablishment. My wife and I go here each weekend when possible. Great way to unwind, decent prices, good snacks and drinks, good music selection and fun games/atmosphere.

Review №8

Great value. The staff is very nice. Good clean affordable fun.

Review №9

What theyre for my friends kids birthday party. All the kids had a great time. Between the roller skating and the games and the pizza. Everyone had a great time. It is organized chaos. The only suggestion I would make is that their music list also should contain some contemporary Christian music.

Review №10

I really enjoy skating at skateland! Has a good feel vibe to it! My wife enjoys it too! Were becoming regulars!

Review №11

We had a school skate tonight and my kids loved it. It was clean and family friendly.

Review №12

Awesome place. Just like I remember it 20+ years ago. I took my 9 year old daughter there for the first time and really had a great experience. Nice little Rockford gem. Keep up the good work.

Review №13

Good place for skates!! Ambience is good. Here we like pizza and slushee !!

Review №14

Super nice family! They work real hard to make it enjoyable for everyone including non skaters.

Review №15

Fun place to take the family, not too expensive, but if your not use to the newer plastic skates get the older ones

Review №16

It needs work but its whats left of the skating rings here. Kids always have so much fun

Review №17

Old school roller rink with some video games and a concession stand, straight out of the 80s. Rental skates are high-quality, folks working there are super nice, and its just flat out fun, even for the non-skaters.

Review №18

Fun family friendly atmosphere! Hours of fun for a low price!

Review №19

I love Skateland!! This Rockford staple provides good clean fun with a side of 80s-90s nostalgia that the whole family can enjoy. Bonus: it wont break the bank.

Review №20

Went skating today here for the first time. We had the best experience! They took out time to try and teach my daughter how to skate so that was super awesome to me. I highly recommend and will definitely be back!

Review №21

My son and I always have a great time here.

Review №22

Fun time for the kids, reasonable prices as well. Mini arcade inside also

Review №23

I used to take my son there to roller skate 20 years ago. I went with his grandkids this week. The place has been kept up well. The decorations are modern and the maintenance is great. I was impressed with the upkeep of the building, skating floor, and the facilities. I believe this was a fundraiser for the school the grandkids attend. I would be happy to attend another fundraiser there.

Review №24

We just had a birthday party there, the floor is a little old but its still skate worthy.The whole staff was super friendly and clearly wanted to be there. The food was hot and overall it was a really fun experience!!will definitely be coming back!

Review №25

Most affordable birthday party in town better more affordable than a home party and thats saying something! Plus no mess. The kids had a great time! Food and drink were great. All the kids had a blast and were worn out by the time it was over! They slept great that night.

Review №26

Well I used to go there a lot but due to quarantine I can’t but I’m still gonna go when it opens

Review №27

Great place for kids to have fun!

Review №28

Its my grandaughters birthday so we had her party at Skate land. Its perfect for the kids. They have lots of fun games you can win tickets to get neat stuff. The pizza is OK , the kids just love it. The location is perfect. Give them a call. Book your party today !!!!!

Review №29

This place is awesome My family loves it here its affordable and fun. The staff is wonderful and welcoming every time you go . Absolutely love it!

Review №30

Love the place good place to take the kids for a fun time

Review №31

I have had multiple birthday parties here my kids love it and its very affordable. Definitely will go again!

Review №32

Loads of fun. They mix it up and play kid friendly music. You can get traditional skates or online skates. They also play games and have special skates.

Review №33

I go every week for 3.5 hours and always have a blast

Review №34

Fun nice place to have a great time with the Family! love the atmosphere and food!

Review №35

Birthday party was organized carefree and affordableEven BIRTHDAY pizza and concession foods were yummy. LOVE THE NEW FLOORS/ remidel....I will most DEFINITELY be back again

Review №36

Nice people, nice rink, Good hours

Review №37

A fun skating ring

Review №38

Great place for a family night out

Review №39

We go all the time just wish they was opened more days of the week! If we could go all week we would, but my kid love this place. She doesnt like when we have to go to the other skating rink! Come have some fun with everybody! Meet new people and make new friends!

Review №40

Best small arcade and prizes in town. Everything is in fairly decent condition old.skateland is. Staff is nice and helpful. Their rentable blads hurt feet ice hears. Kids have a blast. 2 hour intervals is perfect amount of time. Rink has nice wide floor. Interactive skating themes. Extremely decent pricing and decent food.

Review №41

Been here since I was 5 or 6 now Im 24 and this place was the best place for parties and a good time. Would highly recommend this to anyone living in the Rockford area

Review №42

Ive been going to this place since I was little! I use to go and spend the days with friends all day here! Now I take my kids here and we have had birthday parties here. The owners are very nice too!

Review №43

This place has been around for a very long time. Very surprised at how well kept it has been. Food is good, the arcade games are only .25 to .50 per play for most of the games. The skating rink is very well maintained. Staff is friendly.

Review №44

Just like you remember the rink as it was when you were in middle school. Clean, typical rink food, felt safe/secure, rwntals seemed to be in good condition, staff was friendly, kids had a blast when we went last month and now the soon to be 7 yr old cannot wait to have his birthday party there next month.Just good fun.

Review №45

Clean and comfortable place to have fun with the family and friends. Staff was watchful and friendly. Lots of fun for a great price.

Review №46

I take my kids, they always have a blast!!!! The slushes are yummy and the pizza is good. Reasonable prices... They could use more tables

Review №47

Very nice roller rink. Very nice owners. Definitely recommend for small or large groups.

Review №48

Went to a kids Birthday party and had a great time. Cant wait to have my daughters party there!

Review №49

Friendly service and great music its the cheapest best place to go if you want to go rollerskating/rollerblading

Review №50

Had a party for my daughters 10th birthday here, everything was delivered as promised and was very affordable. Nice people clean place. Found out the whole place can be rented out for a little over $300 which is a good deal. Will be back.

Review №51

Very nice place to have a good time. Family friendly. My family really enjoyed it.

Review №52

Clean and inexpensive place to skate. The wooden floor is old, and only Christian pop music is played. Friendly staff.

Review №53

The floor needs major repairs.*edit* I see the floor is being worked on! Very good, Ill be excited to try it out.

Review №54

We got a Groupon so we went-I’m 27 and it’s almost terrifying to know this place hasn’t changed since I was 6-7 and in elementary school. As my boyfriend said when we walked in, you can “taste it”, it smells so bad. It’s like a mix of sweat, little kids, and arcade games. It’s a fun place to go though for a cheap date or a nice night out with the kids. It was a Saturday night over Spring Break and it wasn’t too rowdy. Lots of little kids and the employees are very friendly!!

Review №55

My kids love it there. We go often. I dont skate but I like the kids to have fun.

Review №56

I have been going to skateland since I was a kid! Its awesome to be able to take my kids there too! We. Love it!!

Review №57

Great place to do a party if u wanna spend the money lol but it is a great place to do A kids party lol

Review №58

Fun place for kiddos

Review №59

Cute little place. Went for a kids party. It was a little crazy in there.

Review №60

Its really better than skateco no hard feelings to them

Review №61

It was a very nice, reasonably priced place to skate. Even the snacks were priced reasonably. I just wish they stayed open longer and maybe more weekdays. Will definitely be back.

Review №62

Their bathrooms could be cleaner. But everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Review №63

Was a pretty awesome place last time I took the kids....not sure if they are still in business whenever I drive by now never really seems like it

Review №64

The floor looks awesome even after skating there 25 yrs ago

Review №65

Kids always have a blast. Busy on Saturdays. Sunday afternoon is less busy.

Review №66

Almost there once a month! Nice place for skating no matters winter or summer!

Review №67

Great place IDK y there is not as many people

Review №68

Nice place for kids and adults to have a great time together or just with friends.

Review №69

I go here every Saturday and enjoy myself everytime. Its a very nice, small place to call home! Ive been going every winter for about 4 years and havent had one problem with anything. The musics great and its a great environment overall. Ive even got my own little skate land family (: love love skate land!

Review №70

Kids had a blast. Special pricing for certain days.

Review №71

Was pleasantly surprised at how clean it was and staff was very friendly!

Review №72

Great place to have a birthday party! They are very organized and efficient. All the kids had a wonderful time. Thanks!

Review №73

Owners are great. Well run organization. Great place for kids and families to have clean fun.

Review №74

We had a blast it was our first time, we will be back.

Review №75

Why is it closed everyday now? are you guys closed down now or some thing? Cause I was going to go there for my birthday and I was very sad! :(Plus I love skate land, I usually go there for my birthday! :( But not this year.Please message me back ASAP.

Review №76

Very nice place and staff. Skating ground needs some attention.

Review №77

Great Family Place filled with reasonably priced fun, safe fun for your family.They go the extra mile to make sure your kids are safe and enjoy themselves.

Review №78

My son had a birthday party kick off for his 16th birthday Saturday at Skateland and it was awesome! The facility was ran well, it was kept clean, the kids enjoyed it!

Review №79

Very nice and respectful owners. Staff is helpful and organized. Staff is always watching out for everyones saftey. Place is really well organized and wellkept. I highly recommend bringing your friends and family here. Really nice environment and friendly people here. I have had nothing but great experience in my 9 years coming here.

Review №80

I was happy with everything turned out like we hoped kids had a very good time only 1 slushy and 1 pop was not enough for them they do get thirsty quite a bit but had fun thank you

Review №81

Everything with the main attraction (skating) was a good time. They gotta find a way to upgrade the mini arcade but at least the pinball machine was ok.

Review №82

I was invited to a birthday party here and it was such a great experience. Its very spacious and sectioned off well!

Review №83

I have skated here a few times recently with my daughter. Overall this is one of the cleanest rinks I have been too. The floor is large and in overall good condition. Another review said the floor was bad and slippery. In my opinion the floor has been corrected. The owner is correct, if you use outdoor wheels on a wood floor the rink will seem slippery.The manager is very friendly and knowledgeable if you need to purchase skates. Prices are reasonable and the rental skates are in good condition.The sound system is newer and there is a subwoofer in the center of the rink.

Review №84

My Grandson always has a great time. We go every weekend, wish they had a hockey team.

Review №85

It was our first time going and my girls had a ball..the price is great and the atmosphere is awesome...we plan on going back

Review №86

I love it! I go there as much as I can not because of the price its very reasonable but because Im busy but Ive had a lot of fun every time I com

Review №87

This is a fun experience for the kids. It is reasonably priced and a great environment for family

Review №88

All I have to say is Phil and his wife are the BEST!!!!

Review №89

This was one of the WORST places I have ever been to. People there were rude, kicking people, children were harassing people. And it was a waste of my money. This is a place strictly for professional skaters and claims to be a family establishment. Its a joke & I will not be returning, and letting everyone know what an awful experience I had. Thank you for taking my money & ruining my evening. They have zero control over any participants. This is such an unsafe environment.

Review №90

The kids and i always enjoy it here!!

Review №91

Great spot for anyone looking for a great time

Review №92

Very well run and a great place for some family fun.

Review №93

It was fun the bathrooms were very clean, respectful worker ,but there were many rules on clothing

Review №94

My daughter loves coming here for family skate night. Nice staff a mellow crowd.

Review №95

I fell a lot but managet to get up i loved it and im learning how to skate

Review №96

My nephews love to go there, they want to go all the time

Review №97

My daughter went for a birthday party and had a great time!

Review №98

Ive been to skateland since 3rd grade its a really good time

Review №99

Love the people and the whole skating rink .Its really fun .

Review №100

They have size

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