8159 Sawyer Brown Rd, Nashville, TN 37221, United States

Review №1

OTR driver here. Delivered here. Checkin/Checkout good, friendly crew to unload, like 2 hrs/plus unloaded. Semi truck/53 ft. Trailer, come in at plaza entrance directly across from EsterBrook Drive, take immediate left at driveway to go behind stores to Michaels will put you in correct position to back to their angled dock(thier right next to Ross) . ovnp allowed at curve area of lot in front area of their dock out of way of their dock, Mall security will ask if your delivering or have delivered, their okay as long as your here for this reason(Michaels). Google it youll see. Well lighted area.

Review №2

This place never fails to inspire me every time I walk in. The prices are always great and they send out a lot of coupons if you sign up (Its free). They have a great yarn selection and great pens and markers selection.

Review №3

I had a large, old family photograph framed at Michaels. I had a vague idea of how I wanted it framed. Hanah in the Framing Department made a couple of suggestions. She sincerely has an excellent eye for the details. My framed photograph more than exceeded my expectations and looks FANTASTIC. I give all the credit to Hanah. Michaels needs to give this employee a pay raise. Shes excellent. A+++

Review №4

It was good! Awesome selection and art supplies I love the Halloween stuff I got too!!

Review №5

They Always have something new and exciting for my art projects that I do.

Review №6

Ive always had pretty decent things to say about Michaels in general ... Its where I get most of my crafting stuff even if it is a tad bit more expensive because I dont want to go to Wal-Mart . Tonight however is a different story. I went in around 6:15-6:20 ish and searched to find what I was looking for because they were out of a lot and was met by literally zero staff. I finally found my items , no big deal we were still in good spirits,and proceeded to the checkout . We were met by an extremely unhappy and unhelpful cashier. Not once did she look at me. Not once did she smile. The items were being rung up and i stopped her to ask why the sale on ribbon wasnt being discounted . she stated she didnt know and what my total was. I asked if she could check the sale and she stated NO. so I left my items went back to check the signage on my own and proceeded back to the front except now there were 9 plus people waiting in line. So I left without my items. When I got to my car I called to ask the manager if this was policy or if something else was happening to be met again by an extremely unhelpful and unprofessional manager. Andy ( the training manager) aksed a multitude of questions about how my transaction went about and stated he could go check the signage but that i came at a time was that wasnt convienint and there was nothing he could do besides look and remove signage. By this time of being unhelped by the only 2 employees in the entire store I asked for corporates number. Reluctantly is was given a non working number so I searched it on my own. That line is indefinitely busy. I used to spend quite a bit of cash in there for my business but will not be any longer. Oh and they have signage at the entrance stating they are hiring but his excuse was that they have budget cuts at the end of the week making short staffing the only option which was why my timing to shop was inconvienient for him.Never once was there an apology given for the unprofessional service given on either part.

Review №7

Michaels always has the best deals

Review №8

Great craft, holiday, home decor of all kinds. Awesome sale going on as of 7.30.2119.

Review №9

I always enjoy shopping at Michaels. Being a crafter I can usually find the items I need for a project. Michaels always has good sales, and their seasonal items are excellent.

Review №10

I feel like Im always lucky when shopping here. My items are almost always 50% off. Love all the Halloween decor, they are always at least a year ahead of other retailers.

Review №11

I’m the market to make an unfruitful trip? Then Michael’s is your place. You’ll find 10 variations of what you don’t need and never what you do. You good with lines so long you consider bailing 1/2 way through, only to realize they now herd you through cattle gate? Wanna get something framed and have too much money in your bank account? Do we have a solution for you!I don’t understand how a place can be run so poorly and still continue to be in business.I will say, the people that work there are very nice, and I’m sure they have nothing to do with what inventory is sent to the store nor the random pricing on many items in the store.

Review №12

Very disappointed in the behavior of a customer service employee.

Review №13

Love the store. Friendly and knowledgable staff. Only complaint is the disclaimer on coupons should be user friendly. Coupon said 20% of including sale items. If clearance is excluded, then it should be on the coupon itself, not through a link.

Review №14

One of the happiest places on earth! I would spend a day at michels over a day at Disney anytime!

Review №15

They make sure you are satisfied and save on all items in the store! You get extra savings if you are a Rewards member (its free to sign-up ️!

Review №16

Knowledgeable staff, large selections, great coupons. I didnt have my coupon and the cashier used hers. Nice wide isles for wheelchairs.

Review №17

Great customer service. Long line at check out but they opened 2 more registers to make it go faster. Good eye contact and customer service!

Review №18

As always, I couldnt find what I needed. The store is messy. There was no employee available to help in frames. I was very disappointed for wasting the time to go there.

Review №19

The store is always so nice and neat. The cashier was super friendly

Review №20

Staff is helpful, store is clean and well stocked with regular and seasonal items. Checkout is usually slow however. When there is a line 6 to 7 customers deep, with two cashiers, and its the end of a cashiers shift or time for break, they just leave. No one replaces them to handle the queue. A bit frustrating. I like the store though.

Review №21

Like to buy but tenants service naah

Review №22

Way more selection of yarn than I was anticipating!

Review №23

They are so short staffed that the line is wrapped around the corner. When they finally got someone up to help, the manager did not help, just made matters worse. Couldnt print a receipt and helped others that were after me while I was still waiting for a simple receipt. Will not be going back there ever again, not worth the hassle and incompetence.

Review №24

Love the new location, much cleaner than the last one, although thats to be expected with the newly built store. They always have great sale prices. Any time I walk in the store, it makes me want to create something despite my lack of talent.

Review №25

Great selection but hard to maneuver around the store due to tight aisles. Awesome coupons and sales

Review №26

Emily has great customer service skills. She goes out of her way to get the details on the items you need. Her personality is sharpe and eloquent. Thank you all each one!!!

Review №27

There is a ton of stuff crammed in here. Staff is mediocre thus 3 stars, not really any other options so its better than Wal Mart

Review №28

Great place 4 all your jewelry making needs and everyone who works there is so nice. Not the case everywhere but here most definitely.

Review №29

Cashiers and store personnel were not practicing social distancing did not have on gloves or masks it was shocking and they should be closed

Review №30

Would love it if Hobby Lobby would come to town so we have easier access to a better frame shop with more professional people running it. Not even sure why you have a frame shop in the store.

Review №31

Love this place. Great prices and a big variety of craft items. Ask if you dont find something. Also, you might not realize that Michaels has some terrific kids gifts! Today I noticed a variety of high-level construction projects for young people; something that I did not expect. Check it out! Also, if you love tie-dye and reclaiming/jazzing up older clothing, they have some great supplies.

Review №32

Unfortunately when the store moved across the street they became a smaller store in a different class. Which ultimately means the crafting items you would think to go to Michaels for are frankly at a Wal-Mart level.Staffs good and helpful. I just think corporate needs to look at what they are doing with the square footage and change it.

Review №33

My daughter is an she loves the Store! Now since we are home for a long time!

Review №34

Great store friendly associates fair prices.

Review №35

I love this place!!!

Review №36

Items can be expensive, but if you use the app they always have great coupons that make items acceptable.

Review №37

These stores are always familiar, having worked at Michaels many years ago. This location is great! It is bright and open, clean and seems to be staffed well.

Review №38

Great food and great service

Review №39

Always. Arts and crafts help us live.

Review №40

Michaels what can I say about Michaels. Can I go in the store without spending money. I always find something that I was not always looking for and then I find all the things that I am looking for. Great place for hobbies

Review №41

Love Michaels. Been a long time customer. Today I, Scored a 24x36 frame, regularly 55$ for 28$.

Review №42

Good selection of art supplies. Reasonable prices.

Review №43

They always have what I need

Review №44

Nice store to visit

Review №45

A great place to get my art supplies love Michaels!

Review №46

Found exactly what I needed and had a very nice young lady that checked me out. Its always a pleasure to shop at home away from home!

Review №47

Nice Clean Origanazed store!!!! Good SalesJust not a friendly Cashier to be found :(

Review №48

Great store, very clean and very helpful staff.

Review №49

Great prices on Halloween stuff and coupons.

Review №50

If you need crafts or anything for your imagination to make this is the place.

Review №51

My friends and I are simply not a fan of the recent lunch menu changes. What was once amazing food that was well prepared is now only mediocre.

Review №52

This store is pretty clean and has a great variety of craft products. Bathrooms are kept clean. The clearance is a bit unorganized, and the canvas for painting is either hard to reach or put into shelves that are too small and I couldnt wiggle them out.

Review №53

The staff was very nice. Even though the lady was busy with a display she was happy to stop and help me find what I was looking for. Michaels itself is a great crafts store, they have whatever you could possibly need.

Review №54

A solid Michaels all around. I feel like the clearance section was a little smaller than most, but it was otherwise good.

Review №55

Easy access. Many choices. Great place to get ideas

Review №56

Great place for crafting stuff. I did not go in, just waited in the car.

Review №57

New store is great and Ive always had wonderful customer service with most of this team. My favorite associate is Lorraine, she is always so sweet and helpful. She is also endlessly patient with foolish people who come in begging for coupons! She has always given me a great shopping experience, and the rest of the team is pretty on it too!

Review №58

As long as you dont want/need help with anything, its great. Lots of crafty things to choose from. Very limited employee visibility so if you need help with anything you either need to go up front or just buy it online

Review №59

Pleasant cashier for my return.

Review №60

Great customer service and friendly staff always willing to help. Clean and neat store and the restroom are also clean.And I love all the deals and coupons

Review №61

Wifey loves this store! If shes happy, anyone can be happy!! Thanks Michaels!!

Review №62

Bought yarn and baggies to to organize my jewelry.

Review №63

Although I like the store, I really wish they would have more check out lines open to make check out faster.

Review №64

Love this place! So many options. The line was longer but I was literally there for 5 minutes because they had 3 cashiers.

Review №65

Staff was courteous and helpful. Store is extremely clean

Review №66

Always enjoy going to this store.Lot of options for beginners and advance level art and crafts. Friendly and helpful staff.Recently started going to the Saturday craft class and my kid enjoys it.

Review №67

Quality service, convenient locations throughout the Nasville area, well stocked items and great selections I purchase my planner supplies and home goods

Review №68

I typically shop there for modeling supplies. But last time I was there I did a little more exploring. In my mind some of the organization is a little kitty whompus so I found things that I had no idea they carried.

Review №69

Great store... really well displayed..

Review №70

Love this place!!! Wish there was one in oxford Alabama!!!

Review №71

Cowboy boots of magic

Review №72

Many varied products, very helpful staff, reasonable pricing.

Review №73

The new Bellevue store is so nice, great inventory!!

Review №74

Smells always smells like cinnamon.

Review №75

Not as good a selection these days

Review №76

Addicting. I love this store. So happy they have a location in Bellevue!!!!

Review №77

Good prices always a great selection

Review №78

Cons-finding someone to help can be difficult, Clearance items is very disorganized, open stock paint brushes are never stocked you can’t find what your looking for, if they are selling that many then why not order more, could use more folks checking out, not a large selection of artificial flowers and vasesPros-it’s clean, it’s close to home, they have great sales, well lighted, plenty of canvases, things can be easy to find if you use your smart phone and download the app, love you can order online and pick up in store

Review №79

Love Michaels but some things, I can get cheaper elsewhere

Review №80

Clean, organized

Review №81

Great very helpful. Employees are super friendly

Review №82

The aisles were blocked by boxes and ladders. The stock- if you could get near it- was very limited. One category of sales item did not exist, although I couldnt tell if it was sold out or not. Its a brand new store, but the inside is a mess. The Christmas merchandise did not include any related to the birth of Jesus Christ, because I couldnt find any single thing that I could use with my Sunday school class. That is pretty pathetic. I wont return to that store again.

Review №83

Great selection for arts and crafts for my 7 yr old niece!

Review №84

I love this place, mainly because I love art and making things. It’s great for anything to do with building or crafting!

Review №85

I always stop in for my crafting here. Nice cashiers & the store layout makes it easy to find what I need.

Review №86

My kids love this place and always having great sales!

Review №87

I hate when I call first and end up making a dry run for nothing when you lie and say you have the item in store waste of time and gas

Review №88

Always great sales and coupons. Cant wait for their move to One Bellevue Place in September! My main complaints would be that they put out holiday decorations too early and the store always smells offensively strong of potpourri. Im sensitive to strong smells so I can never shop for very long there.

Review №89

Well appointed store with ample parking!

Review №90

Michaels is a fantastic crafting store with great hours. They always have what I need and much much more. Coupons are fairly easy to find online and are recommended.

Review №91

Best place for all your crafting needs! Custom framing is the best!

Review №92

Great service at a well organized store.

Review №93

Wonderful got what I needed . Staff very nice.

Review №94

They could have better customer service. But you could find pretty much anything you need for any crafting proyect.

Review №95

Predictably consistent.

Review №96

Love this store

Review №97

An amazing amount of options. They have what you need to do what you want and if you dont know what to do, they can help with that too.

Review №98

Nice store

Review №99

So Colorful..... Huge selection of items and always run sale and coupons... love to shop here & they do have class for kids..

Review №100

7 registers, 1 open, 7 in tell me how the experience was.

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  • Address:8159 Sawyer Brown Rd, Nashville, TN 37221, United States
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  • Phone:+1 615-200-1179
  • Art supply store
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  • Yarn store
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–9pm
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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