Quilters Hall of Fame (Webster House)
926 S Washington St, Marion, IN 46953, United States
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They always have some wonderful quilts. Very helpful and friendly ladys. Very nice gift shop. Worth the stop in.

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Hidden treasure ! Old house featuring unusual quilts by changing artists. Very unique and also a delightful gift shop!

Review №3

This place is an absolute joke. I saw rodents in the bathroom, and I couldnt find any of my favorite quilters. I definitely recommend the International Quilt Museum in the superior city of Lincoln, Nebraska. Also when I went with my little brother he was oppressed by the workers. They asked him if he was Mexican which made him burst out crying. I wish they would go bankrupt so I can watch them cry just like they made my brother.

Review №4

What a wonderful gem in Indiana! The home is beautiful, the quilts on display are outstanding. I loved the gift shop.

Review №5

It was one outstanding place

Review №6

I didnt know what to expect but I found it very interesting. The quilts they have on display are not those that would be used for bedding. These are used as gifts and hangings. the history that goes along with each quilt is an interesting read. The curator told us that the quilts change out about every 10 weeks. The old house is really neat and I can really see myself living in that house.

Review №7

Sweet, every quilter or history buff who sees this should visit, out of the way, Marian, IN but 1910 Marie Websters house is special, they sponsor the TQHM event once a year

Review №8

Im from Elkhart, IN. I come to Marion at least four times a year to my churchs campgrounds which is called Shiloh Park. I was driving around looking for a place to visit and saw a sign that said, Quilters Hall of Fame. So, I followed the signs and found this AWESOME place. Not only are the quilts beautiful, but the building itself had me in AWE. I plan on visiting again this year and hopefully I can bring my mom!

Review №9

The history of the home and the beautiful quilts were inspiring.

Review №10

Outstanding exhibit of multi-generational quilts from Arnold Savage’s family. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and nice gift shop. Also a beautiful restoration of Marie Webster’s home.

Review №11

I have loved learning about Marie Webster, a magnificent character in our Marion communitys history. I have grown a value for quilting culture through The Quilters Hall of Fame. Im glad we get to be the home to this hall of fame here in Marion, IN! What a significant asset to our community.

Review №12

The Quilters Hall of Fame is such a gem, and I feel so lucky that it is in my hometown! The staff is so knowledgable and helpful. Thank you for providing a permanent place for this marvelous art form.

Review №13

The Marie Webster House in Marion Indiana is home to the Quilters Hall of Fame and showcases many beautiful and important examples of quilt styles from as far back as the early mid-1800s; theres even one from the 1700s. The docent I spoke with was very friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about the collection as well as the history of the museum site, which was the home of Marie Webster, herself a notable contributor to the art of quilting. The collection does not disappoint; very sorry to hear some commenters here had less of an experience ???

Review №14

I love the place!! Lovely quilts and friendly people!

Review №15

This is one the major attractions of Marion, Indiana - the collections of the Quilters Hall of Fame is simply amazing! I highly recommend this place to everyone . . . you will be inspired definitely!

Review №16

Its a fine place to visit

Review №17

It was neat to see how some of the quilts were like paintings!

Review №18

Thw staff were charming. The architecture was amazing and midcentury. The quilts inspired me for the whole winter, i couldnt stop quilting... Like i literally cant stop ita becoming a problem. But besides my quilting addiction... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AN AFTERNOON HERE WITH MOTHER OR GRANDMOTHER

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Some of the best quilts Ive ever seen. I wish i was as good at quiliting as these people. However, i dont have arms and i have found that to be a struggle.

Review №21

I went back for a second time this time with only Daniel Brajic(the other guy who wrote the review and has the same name as me) and it wasnt much better. This time we both had to call our moms to pick us up and I dont think I will come back for another day or so. I might go back tmrw bc it was much better than the first time I went. Man I just love this place . The only reason I will give it one star is because when I was I the gift shop they didnt have any mini quilts for my pet turtle named Hugh Janus.

Review №22

It scared me soooo much. Peyton , matthew, wes and i all went on the same day and they had to call my mom to pick me up because it was scary. i am never coming back, id rather eat ketchup off the ground in the mens bathroom. But overall it was a great place.

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The quilts are amazing and the peopl we are friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №24

Good food

Review №25

Loved the quilts, I hope it stays open as long as I am alive.

Review №26

Neat display

Review №27

A National attraction and a local treasure.

Review №28

Well worth the trip

Review №29

Ten out of ten better than the inauguration.

Review №30

Its exclusive to Central Indiana

Review №31

The quilts were okay, but the experience is going to haunt me for life.

Review №32

This place just sucks. Thats all I can say.

Review №33

My experience was patchy

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