Crazy Girls
1433 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States

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Best Fried Chicken in Los Angeles. The person at the front door had great customer service. He smiled and open the door. The person in the front was great. She grated me and changed my 20s into 1s. The girls we great for a daytime crowed.

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I know why they camped out here. They trying to see what they can for free.

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Simply beautiful. I highly recommend Urban Flowers. Stunning, fresh flowers beautifully arranged. Reasonable price and they deliver. My new go to flower shop.

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To be honest the fried chicken is pretty good. During the week it a five dollar cover and free lunch buffet. The girls are great the staff is nice. Great atmosphere for lunch. There is also a lot of females that come in also.

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Great atmosphere

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The$5 Lunch buffet is a deal. Also a lot of big groups of co-ed co-workers come in (at least the friday lunch session i went to). Fried Chicken was pretty decent as was the rest of their buffet.

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This place has terrible safety and security for its customers. My sister went there and was given too much alcohol she went off on someone and got thrown out. Instead of someone calling the cops or getting her an uber or taxi. She ended up getting put in a strangers car and woke up the next morning scared. The people she went with were too drunk to notice, definitely be careful if you go there. We are unsure if she was setup and maybe someone slipped something in her drink or given too much alcohol. Unfortunately the trauma has been done shes only 22 years old. I hope this facility starts to care more for its intoxicated customers. This will be a hard lesson learned for her but just want to warn any other people coming here to be cautious and careful. The facility failed its job this day on making sure its customers were safe.

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It was ok I’ve been to better clubs. $40 to get in which is not worth it in my opinion. Drinks were $10.As far as the girls most of them look like they have butt implants or butt shots (very serious).I had an ok time, nothing amazing about this strip club but I definitely won’t be back.

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The worst expensive whacked club i ever been in!! The girls are stupid and not what they show on their picture advertising.. the bartender is rude and does not give u your correct change... totally waste of time and don’t recommend it at all!! Ive seen places way better and for alot less!! Save your money and don’t get a bad experience from there either!!

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Amazing Sexy Hot & Exotic Dancers ️

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Only hip hop music and 20% latina, no asian

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Went on a Monday and Tuesday night. This place is an absolute blast.The club is laid out very well, plenty of room. It has plenty of lush seating for ALL of its customers. No need to buy a bottle just to sit down here! They have a very nice sized main stage and 2 smaller stages for individual dancers. There were plenty of beautiful black dancers. Not completely nude but you wont care because you WILL have a blast.Monday Night: On Monday night they had live entertainment which included local rappers performing on stage with the dancers. This was very entertaining and I dont know why more clubs dont do this. Its great for the club and great exposure for the up and coming rappers. We didnt stay long as we were having trouble with an ATM at a club we attended earlier so we didnt have much liquid cash.Tuesday Night: Tuesday was Amateur night and we stayed here ALL night. There were a ton of amateurs there and man let me just say they WORKED! The bouncers had the girls in almost like an assembly line. One girl would get on the main stage, dance for a while then rotate to the two smaller stages, then work the floor. It was a very good system and I watched the bouncer make sure every girl get their time. The Amateurs were hot and like I said WORKED! They were giving lap dances like professionals all night! I never spent so much money on dances in ANY club before. Usually, I go home with tons of money but this club does it right! You dont pay per dance but tip the whole time you are getting a dance. If you arent careful you will be out of money really fast. You will have a great time though. The only bad thing I can say about this club is that someone stole my sunglasses I placed on the table next to me.If you are in Hollywood and want to really have a good time then THIS is the place!

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16th yes nk

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I went to this club and the security was so rude and he was hassling me to pay $40 dollars and took my phone just to pay from atm and after entered i thought i will be entertain but unfortunately I didnt the place looks scary. I drink a beer then went out..... i went to alot of strip clubs around the states and this is the worst one by ever. Never again

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Good atmosphere and plenty of girls. Some WAY hotter than others, but all worth a watch. No fuss, no hassle, and certainly more enjoyable than Seventh Veil in the same area. Could use more varied music.

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Not a single pretty one besides the bartender who doesnt dance... not recommended at all...

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Horrible service, and the girls are absolutely not what theyre advertised to be. A complete waste of a Saturday night, which means a lot when considering this is a strip club. I strongly recommend any other club in the area. Aside from the awful vibe/atmosphere, the club was grimy and practically empty (on a Saturday night!). Do Not Waste Your Time Here.

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I think they should change the name to Sticky scarred girls instead of crazy girls it would be more accurate

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Good hip hop music... girls are good. Not fully nude

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Best strip joint i ever been to. I recommend this spot to everyone.

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Went to crazy girls for my boys birthday and had the time of my life !..friendly staff ,great vibes.

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Bad experience.some hot girls but I could not get past all the smoke. Weed and tobacco. Half of the tables had people smoking. You should tell people that before they pay 20 to get in.lap dance start at 100 bucks. Not worth it

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Bad to the bone! lol Some of the most beautiful people Ive ever had the privilege of meeting...sitting at the bar.

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I loved going to my highly recommended girl dance parlor i am aware that i had a few drinks when i went but i loved the staff and i highly recommend it, try to bring a few friends or just hang out it has a bar and i loved every minute of it.

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Girls are beautiful and I had a great experience. Highly recommend!

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Is this place shut down? I dropped by at 5pm and everything was locked up. No one answered the phone

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Dj Wrekit Q!!!! Hands down he spins the hottest dopest music.. he make the girls go wild on the main stage and in them private rooms...

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When David Arquette Buys Legendary Hollywood Strip Club Crazy Girls in 2014,He knew who to call upon to run the show!Tony Verdugo once again brings a breathe of fresh air & innovation to the nightlife industry!In his own right, Tony Verdugo is a long time Las Vegas Nightlife pioneer & celebrity.Most noted for creating the orginal Las Vegas Afterhours the Infamous Drais Afterhours Nightclub at The Barbary Coast.His latest conquest is the resurrection of the Gentlemens Club Crazy Girls in Los Angeles.Located just off Sunset & La Brea.This was one of my favorite strip clubs back in the day.Id take the Harley out for a spin and next thing youd know, Id be up in the club shooting pool, hanging with beautiful ladies, my friends, rock stars & A-List Celebrities!Verdugo now does what he does best!By combining elements of the traditional Las Vegas nightclub & Afterhours with the best parts of the original Crazy Girls, you have a hybrid club like nothing before!Half of the patrons are women! Yes thats what I said!Because Crazy Girls appeals to anyone looking for a night on the town with great music, scenery & good vibes.Of course one thing that Crazy Girls is most noted for, is the 100s of Exotic & Beautiful entertainers Tony has recruited to cater to this clientelle of Rock Stars, Celebrities, Atheletes & LA club scenesters.Plan your bachelor or bachelorette party there or just go down & have a few Red-Bulls & Grey Goose with the guys...So get down there & check them out, you wont be disappointed.Trust my advice, Youll be glad you did!Just writing this review , makes me think about taking the night off to work to go there! LOLK

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Great place and the have open Mic on mondays

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One of the worst places that Ive seen

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I miss the days when Diamond David Lee Roth was in there doing blow . You know the big hair days when the girls didnt fully shave their muffs

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Good girls..nice place to hang out n enjoy

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Love this place!! So much fun the girls are hit!!!

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Great place and great experience

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How much does it cost to get in without reservations?

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$40 cover?!? Gtfoh

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Love it!!!Best strip club period!!!

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Crazy Girls aka Kushy Kush Island

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The worst place ever! Never go there or u will regret It! Not worth a penny !!

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Good Customer service

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Good music but horrible stages and management/business.

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What a joke! The wholes system is a lie! Dont buy anything people tell you! They are all big liars

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Its A Dope Experience Every Time I Step In From The Drinks To The Women To The DJ Jamming Out With Dope Tunes Every Night Is Like A Movie

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DJ sucks.. girls are starving. .. bartender forces drinks on you.

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The bartender sucks buffalo balls and charged me for drinks and i asked for water to get started

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These, crazy girls are crazy for the Dollar Bills coming out of your pockets!

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This place sucks. I was told my one manager that I received a discount and another said no. I think I was drugged in there one night.

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