The Ohio State University RPAC
337 Annie and John Glenn Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, United States
Review №1

Huge gym, lots of options for everyone. Clean environment, friendly staff and good food. Pools are the best! I especially like this gym because it allows sunlight very well.

Review №2

Best place in the country to work out

Review №3

Great facility on campus for work out in 3 levels. It has cycling and other group classes (check out the website). Plenty of machines but it can get busy sometimes. There are close-by parking lots and a CABS bus station so commute is easy too.

Review №4

Fantastic gym with all the equipment you could ever need or want. I love taking the group fitness classes here and have done so for about 3 years now. There’s so much variety on every floor. The only thing that bothers me is I wish there was more free space to set up mats for stretching and other things that don’t require a machine. It is also always insanely busy in the late afternoon/evening hours, but I have experienced this in every gym I’ve been too, even the ones I’ve worked in.

Review №5

HH Giriraj Swami interacting with students at demo kitchen and talking about importance of prashad, the sanctified vegetarian food.

Review №6

Great building! Lots to see & do. Clean. Be prepared to walk as parking is pretty far from entrance

Review №7

Great gym with lots of facilities.

Review №8

Best place on campus to be. To study, to get food, or to work out. Plus there are a ton of events and free classes going on. If I had to pick a favorite building on campus this would be it.

Review №9

Theres nothing like it as far as fitness in Columbus. A membership includes the massive main facility and many other satellite facilities. One has multiple indoor soccer fields and a climbing wall. The facilities are equipped with elite level equipment and there are lots of helpful staff. Facilities are also pristine, state-of-the-art and beautiful. Students have membership includes with tuition. Alums can pay $600 for a year of membership, which is well worth it. Family hours exist and you can bring guests, say if you need to have a game of racquetball in a beautiful court.

Review №10

The best place to workout.

Review №11

The staff is kind, and there are various rooms to practice. If you are a student at OSU, you have access to it as a part of your student fees, and it is definitely worth a visit, as it boasts a aquatics center, a cardio canyon where you can go on the treadmills, boxing gym, basketball courts, training rooms, and even a track on the top floor. Theres some good group work out programs too, and an office to discuss general health, if you should need those resources. If youre tired from a workout, feel free to stop by the two cafes at the entrance.

Review №12

BIGGEST gym I have ever seen. They have at least 6 indoor basketball courts. A huge weight lifting pit. An indoor track, golf simulator rooms, a putting green, courts for sports I dont even know about. They also have a Olympic pool, hot tub, a second more recreational pool, and a sauna. Best gym ever.

Review №13

Fabulous facility! Im a 1967 OSU grad. When I was in school we played rugby and cricket on that site plus other intramural sports. Im now back on campus as a Program 60 student and plan to use the facility. Very excited. Very proud.

Review №14

I am always able to have a great time here! From workouts to video games, you can find it all here. There are also loads of raquetball/squash courts, hard courts, 6 bodies of water to swim in, and so much more. They have passes that anyone can buy to gain access to the facilities and for Ohio State students- its included in the tuition so you can come and go as you please.

Review №15

Do not pay for personal training. I purchased personal training a while ago. I had a hard time getting a personal trainer, and when I did it was difficult to get in contact. I spent $175 which was supposed to be $35 for 5 60 minute sessions. I only had 2 sessions. My trainer wasnt getting in contact with me, so I had gone in and talked with the guy who said he was the head of the department. After I told him I was supposed to be trained by Cali Saturn, he told me she would be in contact soon. I had 2 sessions with her before the spring semester ended. I figured she was going back home for the summer because in our last text conversation she told me she was going to send me some information of leg exercises, etc. Because she wasnt going to be there to help me. Well, she never sent them. And i have heard nothing from anyone in the personal training department. No one at the RPAC has reached out to me despite that being quite a bit of money for a college student. This is showing me how completely disorganized they are. They arent reaching out to people who have paid them so much money, they dont even know what is going on in most of these sessions. Its aggravating, and I have requested a refund. I dont want to deal with a company that will not give people the product. Just getting the personal trainer in the beginning was a hassle because the contact was so sporadic. Never get personal training with OSU. It is students who dont fully understand what they are doing, and they do not care about actually providing you with your requested services.

Review №16

The best workout facility in the US. Almost every machine you could want. Only downfall is at peak times you may have to wait a couple minutes for a machine, but they have so many options, you could substitute for something else if you are in a rush. Many nooks and crannies if you dont like people watching you, but also has a very open floor plan if you are motivated by others eyes. Amazing, I will miss this facility when I graduate.

Review №17

This place is amazing! Huge facility with large spaces to work out.

Review №18

Huge! So many options! Nice little food counter. Pretty clean from what I could tell. Drawback for an adult university staff member: its HUGE & packed with so many options & people.

Review №19

Great facility for all kinds of sports and working out. Pool is beautiful! A huge lap pool, where they also do red cross swim lessons, and then a fun pool...and a huge hot tub. Indoor track is only 8 times around for a mile, so its not too boring. Multi levels keep your workout interesting. Lots of classes offered too. Parking is the only caveat if you do not work at OSU. Also, if you dont work at OSU, I think you need a sponsor so that you can become a member, but rates are reasonable.

Review №20

The pool is great !

Review №21

The RPAC is the second largest collegiate recreational facility in the country! It is also only one (the main) of 6 indoor recreational facilites that are available for Ohio State students to enjoy, and that doesn’t even include outdoor facilities! It has every imaginable desire for fitness fans. Some but not all of the amenities include two large dedicated cardio spaces, a main weight floor accompanied by 2 smaller spaces, 10 gyms, an indoor 1/8th mile track, a TRX loft, study spaces, aquatics facility, a Nike lounge with billiards and the latest video games/gaming systems, a demo kitchen and meeting rooms, Ohio States Wellness Center, a cafe, and full dining location. Guests that have proper affiliation to the university or have a sponsor can get $10 day guest passes.

Review №22

Incredible facility for all types of activity. I especially like the free lock rentals to protect your belongings in the locker room, the saunas and aquatics centers, and the group workout classes. The RPAC always feels very clean, and although it is usually pretty packed, it is large enough that you never really have to wait to use the equipment. By far the best recreational facility I have ever used.

Review №23

Is a really complete gym. Recommended.

Review №24

Amazing gym and my number one spot for fitness. Also great food selection as well

Review №25

It is wonderful fitness facility it has something for everyone.

Review №26

Great gym with tons of space and equipment. Everyone from beginners to professionals will find what they need. Despite being a part of OSU all ages from college kids to the eldery frequent the gym. Some parents even bring their kids (there are playrooms in site for the kids Im not 100% sure if its a true daycare service though). The hours are great too. Open from 5:30 am to midnight on weekdays (closes at 10pm in the summer). All in all the best gym Ive ever been to!

Review №27

Great staff, great selection of equipment and options, can vary your routine every day. Been going 4 to 5 days a week for over 8 years and never once had a bad experience

Review №28

The RPAC is a great choice of a gym. It has all standard workout equipment more than 5 full size gyms, a pool, tennis/racquet ball courts, and plenty of space to stretch and use free weights. Its very big, so its easy to get lost, though. I highly recommend it.

Review №29

Everyone is lucky to work out here. There are a lot of machines to work with, but sometimes it gets too crowded.

Review №30

Good diversity of workout machines, but the gym is often busy, so getting to the machines takes a while. Sometimes people beat you to the machines right after they open up. The gym also has a corner for plyometrics and other stuff e.g. box jumps.

Review №31

This is the Super Ohio State Recreation Center. I really loved the Hot Tub. This place is Giant. They got the cleanest locker rooms. This place is nice.

Review №32

Best gym ever!

Review №33

Best gym I have ever seen.

Review №34

Very nice facility. A little crowded today (Labor day). Usually use ARC, but thats closed today.

Review №35

My personal favorite gym at OSU. Would like more platform stations and seated row areas.

Review №36

The RPAC is the best gym in Columbus for the price point in my opinion. There are specific drawbacks, such as high volume of people depending on the hour and the reduced hours during school breaks, but those are well worth the trade-off.The price to join the RPAC also allows access the other exercise facilities on campus, including one with a rock wall. The equipment is in great condition and is clean. The RPAC also contains recreational and practice pools, a sauna and a hot tub.Parking can sometimes be tough, but again, the quality of the facilities is worth the hassle.

Review №37

The best gym in Columbus..I thought Lifetime Fitness was nice. This tops that gym and then some. Much cleaner facility, staff is always hospitable. Rpac is the way to go if youll like to stay fit and healthy

Review №38

Preferred free Larkins. When they started building the rpac they promised a better facility and only a modest fee. What we got was an extremely expensive gym thats very dirty and beyond affordability. Also not really great to work out surrounded by college students.

Review №39

Started lifting in high-school, and have worked out in 50+ gyms since then, including $50MM gyms on Air Force bases and plenty on the different Marine Corps bases I was stationed at during my enlistment. This gym is hands down the best! So much space, high ceilings everywhere, 5 barbell squat racks, 7 squat cages, 3 deadlift platforms, lots of free weights, tons of adjustable machines and cardio equipment, and the locker rooms are very nice. They even have free workout classes, pools, a large hot tub, and multiple saunas. This is truly a fitness junkies dream gym where you can accomplish any fitness or physical therapy goals.

Review №40

Great place for family activities. Free pass for families on Friday night and weekends. The leisure pool is fun for both kids and adults. Ive been to several yoga classes here and the instructors are very nice and professional.

Review №41

4 different friends all serious sick or injured none died thats a good average

Review №42

The RPAC gets pretty crowded during the term but if you go on Sundays or during the summer its awesome

Review №43

Lots of machines, classes, and weight lifting equipment. And tons of space so you can always find a place to work out! Also have a huge pool, hot tub, and two saunas

Review №44

I pay as a staff member to use the RPAC. Loved it as student and now as a staff member. Super clean, staff is great, and they dont charge extra for classes like a lot of universities. The equipment is solid and in good condition. They have a lot of little amenities like free lock rentals that make it a good experience. Have a nice child care center and lounge downstairs. It can get crowded sometimes, but Ive never had to wait on a machine.

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Review №46

Huge place with a wide array of things to do. Basketball, treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, weight machines, squat racks, deadlift platform and a bunch of other things. Very reasonable priced.

Review №47

The RPAC is the second largest collegiate recreational facility in the country! It is also only one (the main) of 6 indoor recreational facilites that are available for Ohio State students to enjoy, and that doesn’t even include outdoor facilities! It has every imaginable desire for fitness fans. Some but not all of the amenities include two large dedicated cardio spaces, a main weight floor accompanied by 2 smaller spaces, 10 gyms, an indoor 1/8th mile track, a TRX loft, study spaces, aquatics facility, a Nike lounge with billiards and the latest video games/gaming systems, a demo kitchen and meeting rooms, Ohio States Wellness Center, a cafe, and full dining location. Guests that have proper affiliation to the university or have a sponsor can get $10 day guest passes.

Review №48

The pools pretty nice, I swim there every other day for osso practice

Review №49

Wonderful place, huge gym, lots of treadmills and machines, also rooms for activities like functional training, dancing, zumba, martial arts. And 2 swimming pools

Review №50

Really nice and modern looking place to workout with plenty of machines and weights. They have something for everyone, an area for calisthenics, ping pong, a track, and theres plenty of pools and even a hot tub right next door at the swim pavilion.

Review №51

This complex of facilities has got some of the most up-to-date equipment that you can find anywhere. The layout of the gym is logical and well-designed. The indoor track upstairs is great for running all year round. Clean locker rooms and showers make incorporating a workout into your day much more practical.

Review №52

If you are an alumnus, very little chance you will find a better gym in the city. About $50 a month and worth double that for the facilities.

Review №53

Alumni family fun day at Aquatic center-a few exits were blocked off, took a while to figure out how to get inside (and to get out). I suggest requesting parking details if you are not a student. Can be a bit confusing-but very nice facility. We had fun!

Review №54

If youre an OSU student, you should be using this place (since youre technically paying for it). Great resource for recreation and fitness.

Review №55

The employees are the best around campus. Always friendly and there to accommodate. The rpac is just an example of what happens when great people love what theyre doing and who theyre working for. Keep up the good work!

Review №56

Everything for work out or other activities can be found here

Review №57

Nice gym. Only for OSU students, but very well equipped.

Review №58

I like that there is a plethora of machines and the swimming pool is great. However, the shower facilities always have flies in them and the sauna smells really bad because people sit in the sauna after they work out.

Review №59

A labyrinth of a gym. Easy to see why its one of the most highly ranked in the country.

Review №60


Review №61

Great! Wonderful! All sport and facilities you can imagine.

Review №62

Huge place. So much to do. Great place to play squash.

Review №63

It is large gym that you can explore and do whatever work out you want.

Review №64

Great facility. $10 day pass if you have proof that you were a student there ever.

Review №65

Everything under the sun for a fitness center. Free entry for Buckeyes. Vast spaces and generous equipment, well-maintained and stimulating environment. Entry with BuckID only. There are indoor games like basketball, badminton, table tennis, and other recreational games. Weight training equipment is best in class. Great setups for cardio too. Long distance running tracks are present. Coffee and snacks, parking, cycle stands.

Review №66

Get Swole! Its the largest collegiate fitness center in the world.The people who work here are great, and nobody really bothers you when youre working out unless you know them.

Review №67

State-of-the-art full-service gym and rec center for Ohio State students, staff, and affiliates, but not generally open to the public. Equipment is in good shape and facilities are generally pretty clean, although some shower stalls could use more frequent attention from housekeeping. Can be very crowded during peak hours in the fall and spring semesters. Plenty of daily lockers and free locks for rent for members, but a locker in the mens locker room is hard to come by.

Review №68

Extremely large gym and has a ridiculous amount of facilities inside. This place is a magnificent venue.

Review №69

I dare you to find me a better University gym in the world

Review №70

This is what I miss about being an Ohio State student, a beautiful facility!Check out downstairs. I highly recommend the hot tub, as it is usually dead in the mornings, because barely anyone knows its there. Also downstairs, past the treadmills, is a stretch area. Utilize that area to your fullest extent.

Review №71

This place has a good rooms, clean and good looking. But it has a medium service given by the personal

Review №72

Clean and spacious recreation center

Review №73

This place has everything. Was really impressed.

Review №74

I hate it and I love it. Clean, lots of options (machine wise + classes etc) & if you want you can stop by courtside after you workout for a meal!

Review №75

Cailin was awesome on our tour and cute but its still GO BLUE!

Review №76

The RPAC is the best gym I have ever seen by a long shot. It has literally everything you can imagine - tons of cardio, free weights, machines, a sauna, a huge aquatics facilities, basketball courts, even ping pong. It is very open, clean, and everything is in top condition. It can get really crowded, especially in the weight room, but if you hit it right, its simply the greatest athletic facility in the country.

Review №77

Great for anything but lifting weights. The weight lifting area is tiny and so compact. Also, the gym is extremely pricy. Especially during the summer

Review №78

Diverse set of equipment and facilities for any type of gym-goer

Review №79

Very big place, lots of things to do, nice kids room to leave the kids for max 2 hrs

Review №80

Its atrium is so big, much bigger than the old version before 2010. Maintenance keeps the place is good condition. May benefit from offering better access to the restrooms for the upper floors.

Review №81

Nice staff and modern facility but unfortunately lacks simple and rudimentary accessories like parallettes or gymnastic rings. I wish they become more calisthenics friendly

Review №82

This place is huge. It has every piece of equipment you could imagine. They offer great classes, rec leagues, and two food options in the lobby. It gets pretty packed during the day.

Review №83

Excellent location to exercise. Has a wide variety of cardio equipment and strength/weight training. Not too busy in the summer, but I expect it is busier during the regular school year.

Review №84

What an amazing facility. Made me almost want to go back to college, almost;]

Review №85

They were playing jason derulo over the sound system. its 2019 people

Review №86

Good to exercise for everyone

Review №87

Probably the best training facility that I have used.

Review №88

Great gym. Has pretty much any facility you could ask for. Only thing missing is a rock climbing wall, and you can get those a short bike ride away in the OAC.overall great, but could be busy during peak time (afternoon to evening).

Review №89

Nice place, clean.

Review №90

Great! So much to do here!

Review №91

Always a great gym to go to, so much to do

Review №92

World-class athletic facility. They have everything you could want and more.

Review №93

My favorite place in the entire University.

Review №94

This place is huge and literally has something for everyone.

Review №95

Best gym ever

Review №96

Awesome. Busy at peak hours but rightfully so. Anything you could want fitness related youll find here (except an indoor turf field). Offers free classes to students so take advantage.

Review №97

Saw handball tournament their, get to see all the teams.

Review №98

Amazing facilities. Worth the fee

Review №99

Horrible management, poor scheduling, and student jobs not worth applying for. Pushes for students to use the newer facilities that completely disregards others, and takes many exercising opportunities away.

Review №100

Best gym Ive ever been to, multiple levels, plenty of weights, treadmills, bikes, racquet ball, golf, punching bags, basketball, swimming, volleyball and more! Just try to go during the day when its not crowded and ask if the courts are open

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  • Address:337 Annie and John Glenn Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 614-292-7671
  • Recreation center
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–11pm
  • Tuesday:10am–11pm
  • Wednesday:5:30am–11pm
  • Thursday:5:30am–11pm
  • Friday:5:30am–11pm
  • Saturday:5:30am–11pm
  • Sunday:5:30am–11pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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