Vanity Gentlemens Club
2880 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, United States
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Wonderful people excellent staff they welcome you with open arms and the dancers are so beautiful its gard to choose who to get a dance from I had the best time of my life

Review №2

This is a poor excuse for a ‘gentleman’s club’. They lucked into booking Stormy Daniels and that is the only reason that we went here. We were berated by over zealous and incompetent bouncers. They have no idea how to manage a business and it shows. The ratings for this business is generous. There are too many other reputable places to spend your money in Columbus... skip this slum.

Review №3

It was ok. Hardly any of the girls were dancing when they called them up. Honestly it was one of the most boring gentlemens club Ive been to. The girl at the door was so nice and a few of the dancers were super sweet, but there just was not enough girls! I ended up leaving early.

Review №4

Took my friend which is getting married on Sunday of course we brought him in drunk to a-couple strip clubs as a good bunch of friends should do on a friends last night as an unmarried man so we when into vanity at first it was very good they greeted us as they should we payed to get in and as we where getting the feel of the place my friend spots two girls he likes and he decided to take out some cash to get a private dance for him and his cousin so he gives on girl 40 dollars and the other girl that he wanted to dance with 40 she was very obviously drunk or high on something so I took 40 dollars the my friend had because the girl said he was gonna tip get another 40 but he was drunk and once I took his 40 after he gave her the money to pay she started trying to argue to me that I need to give him his money back so he could tip her but I told them just go and dance. I tried to talk to the security and the girl fake fell down as if I pushed her and they clearly saw that she was faking it so I tell them the situation and they take her away to go look at the cameras and they told me the rest of the night that they will get my friend his 40 bucks because he didn’t receive his private dance then they told me to wait while they sorted everything out they had me waiting until 4am I had gone up to talk to them at least 3 times and they told me they were going to get us our money. Then the 4th time I go up to talk to them they tell me they couldn’t get us our money because we gave the girl the money before she had done the dance and that they couldn’t see if we gave her the money on the camera but all 3 of the security guards saw when she fake fell and acknowledged that she had fake fell also while I was talking to On of the security guards during mid conversation when I was making clear points in where they were wrong and telling them if that’s how they run their business he just walked away from me then I talked to another security guard and talked to him and made him see my point to then he got mad and decided to tell me I had to go because I was arguing with him trying to get my friends money back I told him shake my hand and let’s leave it at that he proceeded to yell at me and tell me we all had to go worst experience ever would not recommend!

Review №5

Pretty nice place. All the girls are super nice and the drinks are reasonably priced.I find this location to be a great alternative choice to Columbus Gold next door. Music is played at a reasonable level so that you can actually hold a conversation with the girls. The DJ is one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, typically he will play anything you want.The bartenders are friendly and the girl at the front door is extremely kind and beautiful.I highly recommend this location as a really chill spot to hang out.

Review №6

Thank you so much to all the beautiful ladies who took great care of the bachelorette party!!! You ladies rock!!!Thank you very much to the beautiful lil devil you really made the brides night that much better!!!

Review №7

Gorgeous girls, totally worth buying a dance

Review №8

Nice place but greedy girls. I visited this place today with my 3 other friends. First of all till 09:50PM there were only 2-3 dancers.They have promotion after every 60 Minutes buy 1 get 1. DJ will announce that but if you ask any stripper she will deny. After 10:00PM they announce the offers but strippers will try to avoid that offer and they want to go on normal price. This is not a nude strip club and you wont expect even topless. 60% dancers were not topless. There prices are bit expensive as per Columbus$10 is entry fees on Saturday.1 Song VIP dance is $251 Song Elite dance is $403 Songs in Standard VIP area is $10015 minutes is $1503-4 strippers are good here rest are average. Overall I would say there are better place in Columbus to spend your time and to something better rather than spending a night here in this Club. And yeah most hot strippers here are more greedy. I gave them offer to go private dance of $40 she said yes but than she went with someone else because he offered $5 tip can you believe that :P that persona was my friend lolz. Rest all are good, staff was good and people were cool.

Review №9

This place is disgusting. Never been there. But some idiot came in to my work and passed out discount cards to invite employees and customers. We are a family oriented business. Keep your coupons in your same trash demographic please. It should already tell you something if you have to give out discounts to get people to go to a strip club.

Review №10

Extremely Rude staff. Hot tempered manager

Review №11

Great place with beautiful girls.

Review №12

The day manager was rude, judgemental and unhelpful.

Review №13

My co-workers and I had a great night at Vanity. The ladies behind the bar were friendly and the service was great. The dancers were also friendly... and easy on the eyes. Its been awhile since Ive seen so many hot women in one place. The vibe felt good all night and I especially enjoyed the music program for the evening. We had a wonderful night and I look forward to the next.

Review №14

Rude old man at the door. No heat in the building. Only 3 girls. Definitely a skip in my book.

Review №15

If you want “heavier” girls this place is for you. We paid the overpriced $15 cover, probably because they had an “adult film star”, who was also pretty big, only to find a ton of girls who also weighed a ton trying to dance. There was one girl who was smaller, with a decent body that dance with one of those stupid face masks that look like a skeleton. No clue of what she was supposed to be but it looked really stupid.About the only plus side was the drinks were only $6.75 and were pretty strong. I honestly have NEVER seen that many plus sized dancers in one place in my life and hope to never see it again but once the eyes have seen the mind never forgets.

Review №16

Vanity is the only club left where you can still have a fun entertaining night.. Laidback fun atmosphere. Great prices especially happy hour!! The food is very good. The best bartenders!!! The girls are all nice and ready to have fun. You cant go wrong with Vanity..

Review №17

This club has such a variety of girls, whatever you like you can find it! The drink prices are comparable to a regular bar and the staff definitely aims to please!

Review №18

My first time at this club. I come to town once every few month on business. Me and my partners always took our clients to dollhouse because of nick. Nick was a GM there and he made sure that our clients always had the best time. I came to town to find out that nick is a GM at vanity now so after 4 years of going to dollhouse now we will be coming here.The best manager, I can always count on him and never gone wrong about bringing clients to wherever he is. Nick, Thank you.George

Review №19

Overrated as I was told.... no business business or girls at open... just dry ... It’s a nice looking mess I suspect there regulars are only there for food at this point and features

Review №20

My girlfriends and I went this weekend and it was so much fun, the staff was so nice and the girls were all really hot. I cant wait to go back :)

Review №21

First time for me at a strip ever.However, it was a good time. the staff was great, the customer service was tremendous, and the prices were fair enough based on the up scale location. will definatly go again in the near future.

Review №22

Went once, will go again. Everyone seems super friendly.

Review №23

Best club in Columbus! Hot girls, great drink prices and they run 2 for 1 dances every 1/2 hour.

Review №24

Warning warning warning!!!!!Strippers steal from your pocket while lap dance!!!!!!I have been going to strip clubs now for over 20 years, however I have not experienced or heard of a situation that I have lived in this club.I have immediately realised what happened and informed security but no resolution whatsoever other than humiliation. I highly suspect security gets a cut from this scam as well. I was robbed at this place. So I strongly advise you to stay away.

Review №25

As soon as you walk in the door an aroma of beer and B.O hits your nose, then your greeted by an underage girl offering a lap dance, as soon as you get in the private room you pay 50$ for something to look at not touch, you get out of there with blue balls and 300$ spent, and herpes the next morning.

Review №26

First time ever going to a place like this havent even been there for more than 15 minutes and one of the girls already pressure me for a dance I was thinking it would of been just 2 dances 50 bucks instead she kept on going not even asking me if I had enough with all said n done.she did 5 songs for $200

Review №27

Save your money. Just a case of the blue balls and waste of money. Seriously, take it from me Ive been to plenty of these places in past and luckily only spend under 30 each time. If you want to get some, go to online dating...that is REAL and you have a chance to get some, unlike these types of places. Just a pipe dream. I been here and it was mediocre at best.. Stay Away.

Review №28

The best place to be nenight..with the best girls and the very best bars tenders especially kara....So stop by there and have fun..I have been to almost all of the gentlemen clubs and I would say this is the best...

Review №29

Disgusting!! This place is gross. The manger sits right in the booths eating and yelling at the girls. The girls seem really desperate and a couple of them smelled like they havent bathed in a while. This place needs shut down. Dont waste your money here its not worth it!!

Review №30

Went here on Monday night. Agree that Monday’s could be slow but there was not even a single girl on stage at 9pm. Had one beer and left.. never going back

Review №31

I come here when me and my wife are fighting i am from Illinois but i drive here so nothings traceable.

Review №32

Egypt!!!! Mmmmmm....

Review №33

I never saw a girl working there before 5pm.

Review №34

I dont know why all the The hate from these people because Ive been there I like the place my friends been there nobody have no issue except the hater or the competition putting all this bad reviews In fact this club is the best Beautiful ladies

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Review №36

Almost 9 oclock and no girls at all only good thing is $1 beers

Review №37

This made mad they didnt let me talk to my mom

Review №38

The absolute worst chub Ive been to high prices for their quality

Review №39

The girls wont allow you to touch. waste of time and money

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  • Phone:+1 614-764-1700
  • Adult entertainment club
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