Lake in the Hills
2700 Shimmons Rd #239, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States

Review №1

I just bought my first home and the experience could not have gone any better! They are now under a new management team so when you read the other reviews about the team not being good disregard all of them. I did check out Lake in the Hills several months ago and the management never called me back so I’m thankful I gave it one more chance. I loved the front desk girl Jessi. She was super sweet on the phone and was just as sweet in person. The manager Crista was just as sweet and so helpful! In fact the day I signed the papers she gave me flowers and a welcome home bag. How sweet was that! They both made this decision to move here so much easier. They really care about this place and are doing their best to change it for the better. The maintenance guys are awesome too and do their best to get back to you within an hour of you contacting them. You’ll never get this kind of service anywhere else I can promise you that! So, if you aren’t sure about moving into this property think again...You’d be glad you did!

Review №2

I had the pleasure of meeting our new maintenance guy Bryan he was so kind and helpful this is the first time since I’ve lived here that a maintenance man hasn’t made an excuse of why things weren’t done . Since COVID started no one has come to change my filters in my house they wouldn’t even call back. Very happy that we have a maintenance man that’s here to help us . He came on time was very respectful, and also safe due to the COVID this is the second encounter I’ve had with Bryan and he really amazing . Very glad to have him

Review №3

Everybody I have spoken with has been so nice. I was a first time renter and they walked me right thru not once made me feel stupid. Plus the homes are really nice and spacious. I definitely would recommend

Review №4

Ive lived here for almost a year now and have had few complaints. Definitely a nice area, right off of I-75 so its easy to get to nearby destinations and has close access to plenty of grocery and shopping choices. Pretty quiet neighborhood surrounded by woods, family friendly, we plan on staying here for awhile.

Review №5

Very disrespectful. Make sure you exhaust all options before this one. They play nice salespeople until after youve bought a home. Just dont.

Review №6

Haven’t been here too long but overall very happy with my home and the community here. Mostly families and older couples. People wave and introduce themselves. Just overall a good safe feeling place to raise a family. I’m very glad we found this place.

Review №7

My mother has lived here for years. I havent visited three office or spoken to any sales people but, Ive seen parks much worse than this one

Review №8

Awful. customer relations dept does nothin even when you call. Dont move here. Overpriced for a giant headache.

Review №9

Very well cared for. Almost full. Nice and competent staff.

Review №10

Private, quiet, small community located close to expressway, Oakland University and with a strong on site management who does lovely community events.

Review №11

Really good family community! The staff is very responsive and they manage the community very well. My wife and I had a couple of maintenance issues resolved quickly. Our neighbors are friendly. We plan to buy this summer and stay here for the long term. Highly recommend Lake in the Hills.

Review №12

Very friendly staff they really work with you and they are understanding

Review №13

DONT deal with Missy Algona ! she should known my mortgage co. didnt do homeowner sales. which if she had any experience she know that. if shes even qualified like she said. she went so far as to tell us that she had everything handled what a she joke..Although she did manage to weasel us out $90 for some application fee to which we shouldnt even had to pay unless there was a sale. She may as well pick pocketed us. She jacked that sale around and around for 2weeks! I have proof! BUYERS BEWARE.

Review №14

Decent spaces in between houses. Clean

Review №15

If I was able to give no stars I would. This place is terrible (mainly because of managment) please consider your options before choosing this place to call home.

Review №16

We rented a new unit there in 2017 and did not have any issues. Before moving, we looked at a couple of the homes for sale, but decided to move to a Senior Living community instead and purchase there. If you have children, this is a great place, and if you dont, still a great place.

Review №17

Good management

Review №18

We were looking all over for a new home and Missy, the leasing agent and community manager, was the only one to treat us like people and not just potential income. Even though she was very busy she still took the time to answer any questions and go over the application details to help get us into a home. She actually cares about the community and the people in it. 10/10

Review №19

I helped a friend that needed a home close to their work and couldnt believe our good fortune to find such a clean, safe and quiet community that was affordable. The manager (Tracy) at Lake in the Hills was gracious in helping with the paperwork and we had our friends moved in quickly. They have kids so the playground and close proximity to the schools was a bonus. If you need a place I cant recommend Lake in the Hills and their staff enough.

Review №20

My sister in law lived there for years. She was very happy there. The reason she moved out was due to her health. She worked into her seventy+yrs just so she could pay the lot rent. I personally think the lot rent is outrageous.. That is the only negative thing I can say about the place. The staff seems to go out of there way to help you. Its a safe place to live. She will miss her wonderful neighbors.

Review №21

Bad just dont

Review №22

Always seems clean and pleasant when I visit my son. I could see raising a young family there. I feel safe walking around. Like how property managers stay on top of indoor, and outdoor maintenance.

Review №23

Great affordable housing. Spacious manufactured homes

Review №24

Well maintained community with a quiet and peaceful neighborhood feel. Units are top notch as is the management. A great place to call Home!

Review №25

Very nice facility, enjoyed the food that was served at a celebration of life we attended!

Review №26

The management staff is wonderfull. They are really on top of things and care about the residents. Lot rent is reasonable not compared to what it would cost ro live in a apartment. It is a safe place to live and kept up. I liked living there very much and would recommend to anyone.

Review №27

Management is excellent they go over and Beyond and her name is Tracy. The area is very clean neighbors are very respectable and if anything goes wrong Tracy is right there on the spot when you need her, I couldnt ask for a better management

Review №28

Lake in the Hills complex has poor customer service especially with African American families. Tracey the office manager is extremely rude and disrespectful. She verbally attacked my sisters kids and accused them of assaulting another kid. The rightful accuser was identified which he was also African American . Tracey band together with another parent and left my sister a very disrespectful voicemail in reference to a situation that had nothing to do her kids. There has been multiple complaints filed against Tracey. Please be very mindful considering Lake on the Hills!

Review №29

Got to love the fried walleye

Review №30

Its been home for over 10 years

Review №31

I love live there is quite nice no noise at all

Review №32

My living experience here is very poor! Tracy the site manager is very rude disrespectful. She wrongfully over charged me on my water bill when I asked her why she was very disrespectful I asked for her boss number she lied and called the police to say I wouldn’t leave! She have harassed my children saying if she see them on the play yard she will lock them up and press charges. My children do not feel safe here

Review №33

We love Tracy very nice management and very nice place to live we have been here three years

Review №34

Well maintained and a great place for kids.

Review №35

Takes forever for Maintenance to fix anything. Dishwasher has been broken for over a month & all it needs is a small plastic connector. The latch on the Furnace/AC Door was broken while being repaired and they still have not replaced the latch weeks later. The toilets constantly run or dont flush properly & the answer I get every time I report it is did you jiggle the handle?.They call you 5 minutes before the office closes to confirm Maintenance appointments that are only available after 5 pm & if you dont answer, you have to wait even longer for an appointment.They recently changed their pet policy limiting it to 2 pets. I have 2 Emotional Support animals & 2 regular pets. They refused to acknowledge that under the Fair Housing Act Support/Service animals are NOT considered pets & are exempt from pet limits/restrictions, so we are being forced to move because they refuse to renew the lease due to my pets. They have served me with an Eviction Notice to be out at the end of my lease instead of doing the Civil thing and sending me a Notice of Non-Renewal. Apparently they think I am going to refuse to leave.....I Cant get out of there fast enough.

Review №36

You better have a good credit score or your wasting your money. They will take your application money and run. My advise dont bother looking in this park they will promise the moon and the stars and you will end up disappointed. Zero stars

Review №37

It was delicious.

Review №38

Ive lived here for almost 4 years now.The maintenance here SUCKS.Been without A/C for a few weeks now.84 degrees in my house with a 4 year old is not okay. Cannot wait til the lease is up so we can move out of this crap hole.

Review №39

Lived here 4 years and have no complaints. Newer park manager tracy and her asisstant is excellent. They are working hard to continue to improve this park even more and make sure it stays a nice safe place to live....park overall is not your typical modular home (trailer park)....most people seem to keep up their homes and people that are not tracy is dealing with! Im looking forward to seeing our park improve under her care. Some people may not like the rules but without them this place would go downhill fast. If your looking for a safe quiet and nice community which will only improve as tracy gets more time under her belt id highly reccomend lake in the hills. A nice area to live and if you do it right is cheaper and much better then a apartment! Not many negatives other then id still like to see more people work harder on upkeep of their homes and see more empty sites being filled with nice homes which i see is starting to happen. Affordable living in a nice area for way less then a traditional stick built home in this area. Keep up the good work tracy and staff!!

Review №40

Good neighborhood with proper concrete slabs underneath the units. Not columns. Only bad thing is rhat the neighbourhood isnt very gps friendly.

Review №41

I find if you are friendly to the staff/ office they will be good to you! The community is well kept and quiet.

Review №42

Great staff ... Homes are a little crowded... But overall nice community

Review №43

Matinence and office are absolutely horrid, would not reccomened anyone living here. Such a nightmare dealing with the workers here. Community is nice but not worth the headache of the office and Matinence.

Review №44

Driving into the property it felt dirty and not somewhere I would like to live.

Review №45

Whom can afford this dump full of immigrants

Review №46

Verry kind and well to work with I love this place

Review №47

They add chargers that are not on the lease it should be a crime

Review №48

Its a nce neighborhood, some of the houses could use a bit of updating tho.

Review №49

Its okay

Review №50

Great times

Review №51

Good place all around

Review №52

Owner isnt friendly at all

Review №53

We have lived here for about 3 years. The management has been rude ever since we closed the deal. They changed staff this year, still the same rudeness.

Review №54

Cool place

Review №55

Not sure

Review №56

Nice place

Review №57

Love to live there

Review №58

Love living here

Review №59

Nice place to live

Review №60

Houses and cars and such.

Review №61

Horrible management

Review №62

Its alright

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  • Address:2700 Shimmons Rd #239, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States
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