College Heights Manufactured Home Community
3501 Auburn Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States

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Most affordable in the area! Rental units are like-new and well maintained. Office is courteous and responsive to any concerns Ive had. Its a quiet, family-oriented community. Next door to a great park along the river. In reference to other reviews- Ive never gone without power in the year Ive lived here. The water is from a well- its the only real downside in my opinion. Water has never been shut off, but it does get yellow from the mineral build-up. Maintenance will clean the water heater upon request which takes care of most of it (but not all). On occasion the water is not drinkable due to repairs to the well or piping. Buy some jugs of water and youll be set. It really is well worth it!

Review №2

Cats galore. Very run down. Very old trailers. Poorly up kept and very low income park.

Review №3

As with any community like this, kids are everywhere. Took a star away because the roads need repair.

Review №4

The management is terrible, I lived here for 1 year and a few months is the worst place to live the water is dirty. It dont mater if you have a contract they will make your rent go up. The park is ghetto, the neighbors that I had were the wost so dont buy or move here...They wanted me to pay 27,000 for the home and after moving now is for 23,000 unbelievable i would not even pay 500$ for that sh$#@ hole

Review №5

Upcoming improvements, still need to connect to city water

Review №6

I should be more grateful for the fact this park actually accepted my familys application as my credit is really bad. We have our med card and grow a small amount of weed in our place and the park was not happy about this at the time as it was a fire hazard. I am more understanding of that now.

Review №7

Clean property nice people in neighborhood

Review №8

The house is basically made of paper and sawdust, the blinds break easily and the people who live here are most and love drama.

Review №9

Very nice quiet and peaceful

Review №10

Great trailer park. I love my doublewide.

Review №11

Oh yeah anyone want to live on the Mighty Clinton River. Would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place!

Review №12

Most of the community is filled with great people Just trying to do the best they can. Management is the current issue, for lack of a better term, or sucks.

Review №13

I have lived here for a few months and I enjoy it a lot. There are a few problems like anywhere you go but the pros outweighs the cons in my case. Beautiful area, amazing pool, lovely little picnic spot right by the river and a open area and play ground for the kids. The price is more then fair for the area and I have had no problems with managment since I first applied in July. The current manager is on top of almost everything and is making noticable improvements and has been since I moved in. The water is well water so there is a noticeable difference compared to city water but I have had no problems with it.

Review №14

I have lived in College Heights for some time now. I have always found that if there were any problems, management has been very efficient in solving them. I dont know if management has changed, but they are doing something now called force mow. I understand that if someones yard is unkempt they must deal with it but I have recently been charged $30.00 for a service that they did not supply. I talked to the manager and thought the issue was resolved only to find that manager gone and the replacement manager unwilling to help.

Review №15

This place is a big joke. I’ve lived here for 3 years now and I can honestly say I can’t wait to move. If ur renting and something goes wrong then they’ll take forever just to fix the problem. Now I know you can’t expect things to get done right away but there’s always that fine line when you waited long enough for something. The inside of these trailers are cheaply made to which is ridiculous my mom lives in an older trailer and it’s a lot more Sturdier compared to these paper thin walls. Took us 2 years just get a shed. And don’t get me started about how many notices we get about the water not being safe to drink out of. But I will say this the park does do some fun activities for the kids through out the year which is a blessing but other than that I would not recommend moving in here

Review №16

Weve just gotten through our 3rd winter here and while I have a few complaints - the roads are horrible and theyve said that theyd be fixed since I moved in and there seems to be a high turnover rate on management, also trailer living isnt for everyone - overall I have to say that I love this place. I chose this park over others in the area because its small and right downtown. Its also right on the Clinton River and backs up to an extraordinary city park. I couldnt afford to live in a house here and my child is getting an excellent education, life is all about trade offs, so they say, and Im very happy with mine.Also I have never lost power, and while the pump has gone out a few times, today is the worst Ive experienced, its hoped to be fixed by evening. Water line freezing is completely preventable,watch a YouTube video or two, lol, its how I fixed the furnace by myself

Review №17

Office never answers the phone and we’ve been waiting on our fridge since we moved in on the 16th of august. been using a mini fridge that doesnt work well when its so full of food we need to survive.. didnt even get to grill or bring home leftovers from Labor Day.. pretty disappointing considering the office said it would be here last Friday.

Review №18

I need the address and name of the owner. When I called and asked, Aaron said he had no contact information for Corporate. Its been over 20 days for this place to simply approve or deny 3 applicants that have applied. Ive contacted the office and the corporate office. I have not heard back from corporate. It been 7 days since I left my first message. This looks really bad for new reisidents that apply. They are told it will take less than 7 business days to be approved or denied and it has been 20 days and counting and still no decision.

Review №19

A family member lives here, and is regularly without water and power. His circuit blows constantly even if its just the AC and refrigerator going on it. The management is terrible. The lawnscaping looks nice in the front but the farther back you go in the park, the more apparent it is that they dont care (unless its to charge a lawn-cutting fee, then they care).Do NOT live here!The only reason I gave it two stars is because of all the stray kitties, theyre a nice part of this place. That and the Clinton River. Its fun fishing and hanging out on it.

Review №20

I have been here for 3 years now and i can tell you that this is a horrible place to live. The roads in the trailer park have nothing but tire eating pot holes, there are a lot of run down disgusting trailers and they raise ur rent every year. This place is not worth for me to pay almost $500 a month anymore

Review №21

I was there once on a business matter. the miasma of evil was so pervasive i had to leave.

Review №22

I have been here for almost 2 years now and i can tell you that this is a horrible place to live!!! The roads in the trailer park have nothing but tire eating pot holes, there are a lot of run down disgusting trailers and they raise ur rent every year. This place is not worth for me to pay almost $500 a month!!! I WOULDNT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYBODY!!

Review №23

Looks nice

Review №24

Classy, sophisticated, refined.

Review №25

Need to check how many people living in these trailer, some of them be having other people staying with them.

Review №26

My sister lives here the worse part is the well water its actually the worst around my nieces & Nephew cant even drink water from the faucet it smells horrible & taste horrible it also messes up all her sinks & tubs !!!!! The rent is almost 900 a month & the house is falling apart

Review №27

They power always going out and the pipe lines freeze up easily during the winter.

Review №28

This place gives trailer parks a bad name.

Review №29

Nice place to live

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