Capron Park Zoo
201 County St, Attleboro, MA 02703, United States

Review №1

When I arrived I’ve noticed that there’s a park right next to the zoo which is nice. The fees to get in was a good price. The staff followed protocols I was so glad to see so many Hand sanitizer everywhere you went in the zoo. This zoo it’s pretty small not a lot of animals. The animals looked so sad when I went to visit. Even my 4 years old notice.

Review №2

Was surprisingly larger than expected and the animals were pretty active. They seemed healthy and well looked after. Some sections were closed but overall it was mostly open and wasnt crowded. Fennec Fox is my personal favourite.

Review №3

It was cute. Small zoo but well maintainedThe Lion was awesome. There is a very nice playground outside the zoo

Review №4

Nice zoo for the kids and the playground is a bonus.

Review №5

Great place! Animals are really well cared for! Free hoodsie and pizza for kiddos! Halloween candy and decorations for an even more fun time! Thanks for a great time!

Review №6

This is the gem of Attleboro. My family were members for years until my daughter got a bit too old for it. For a smallish local zoo, it is fantastic with a great selection of animals and a well maintained expansive playground just outside. The rose garden and the large park just top it all off. GReat place to visit and spend the day.

Review №7

Very nice zoo. Small and worth every penny. It was so hot that day so a lot of the animals were inside. Even has a cute little water park. Nice for little kids.

Review №8

Best place to visit on Covid-19,Easy to maintain 6 ft distance,Kids play area,Picnic SpotLikes,* Less Crowded* Easy parkingCons,* Lack of restroom.

Review №9

What a treasure! Been going since I was a kid. Beautiful park and quality zoo.

Review №10

Great zoo with a good selection of animals lots of space social distancing was appropriate I felt very safe here. Big park and splash pad great for kids and families!

Review №11

Great place to walk or bring the kids. Playground is free. Zoo with paid admission. Pics of the rose garden.

Review №12

Its a small zoo but smartly designed. You see animals immediately and everywhere you turn. They are well taken care of and the zoo is involved in a lot of conservation programs. Most exciting of all is the animal encounters. I did the red panda encounter and it was incredible. Animal interaction is not guaranteed, but we were lucky to see them very active, running all around us and even putting paws on us to check us out. The money goes toward conservation. Its a worthy cause and an exciting experience.

Review №13

Nice little zoo, my girls 16 and 19 enjoyed it. They liked the leopard and the bear the most. The animals get pretty close to you.

Review №14

Small but still really nice ! They have plenty of animals and also if you plan on going during the summer there is a splash pad for the kiddos that is a great build in feature as well the only complain I have is the food service I got 1 drink and 1 cheesy fry it took almost a hour to get my food I would understand it if it was busy or the orders where big but neither applied also everyones orders was incorrect so for that reason I would not order food I would bring my own .

Review №15

A fun little zoo - Animals seem well cared for - lots to do - my daughter always has fun here visiting the playground and splash pad as well!

Review №16

I wish zoos werent a thing but they are very nice

Review №17

A small but well maintained zoo in the heart of Attleboro. The star attraction is the White Lion. There’s a leopard, a couple of red pandas, kangaroos, an emu and river otters too. An hour is good to cover everything to be seen here.

Review №18

I absolutely love going here. The park is always clean. Had I known the splash pad was open I would have brought my grandsons suit so he could play- theres always next time!

Review №19

Lovely place, good maintained. Very quite animals. Come here to relax and enjoy.

Review №20

Wonderful zoo! Great experience even in cold weather!

Review №21

Perfect place to bring the little ones on a nice day!! this zoo is the perfect size for the kids and extremely clean!! love bringing my daughter here! we usually will walk around the zoo , eat lunch there and then play in the water park area or at the playground if it’s not hot enough

Review №22

Very clean. Beautiful animals. Great for younger kids

Review №23

The park is always clean. went to the farmers market behind it and it was great. they were very conscious about social distancing

Review №24

Its really nice to see a affordable zoo. Its a shame so many people cant afford to experience all that zoos have to offer unless you pay 30 dollars a person, atleast at 9 dollars a person ( non-resident) shows capron values education over profit .

Review №25

This park and zoo is really lovely and cheerful ~ perfect for a short half day trip due to its quaint size

Review №26

Neat little zoo. Pretty small well maintained

Review №27

The play ground set up is terrible for little kids. The steps to climb up are like 18 high. And it continues like that at the top to. The last step before you slide down is about 24 high. Never saw a set up like that in my life.

Review №28

Great little zoo. Perfect for my grandson

Review №29

Capron really cares about conservation and tries hard to educate. They are not a huge zoo, they have a very small gift shop and maybe 20 exhibits, but definitely worth a visit. They have lions! Really a wonderful time.

Review №30

Clean and organized .Extra fencing to keep animals safe. Enjoyed the visit.

Review №31

Played at playground with son and grandson...Was awesome!!!

Review №32

Kids love it here. Nice shady areas. Fun for all. The zoo was very busy today. One of the younger girls/staff was not very pleasant. She was rude and presented extremely annoyed by everything. Today was 90 degrees out the splash pad had every square inch with families and their children.

Review №33

Great Zoo for this size town. Nice to see animals from around the world.

Review №34

Loved this place since about 1999. Hasnt changed much, and thats a good thing. The play area is pretty new for the kids, and a lot of the veterans memorials are new, which is great.We go quite often and walk around the bike/running paths to get the kids exercise. The jungle gyms are excellent fun and exercise as well.Good time for all ages.

Review №35

Great little zoo! I was surprised to see 3 big Lions and they had my favorite a Red Panda that was very active.Kids under 2 are Free and there is a nice playground right outside.

Review №36

Easy affordable fun! Winter months are even a blast as there are buildings to dip in and out of to explore and warm up. Not a huge place, but easy fun! Oh and summer time splash pad!

Review №37

Close to home. Nice small zoo good to just walk and see animals

Review №38

Winter nights Festival at Capron Park. hot chocolate, coffee and munchkins or chocolate chip or sugar cookies. Here are some pictures I had some awesome video but cant figure out how to upload that seems like it will only let me send pictures too bad the videos will pretty cool

Review №39

The kids love it. Its a cute little zoo and there is also a playground right outside too

Review №40

Perfect for summer trips! Kids love the splash pad. Lions are beautiful.

Review №41

Gone since I was a teen. Just quiet and peaceful...

Review №42

Wonderful cute little zoo. Lemurs have their own islands to play on, and the red panda looks so happy to be alive!

Review №43

Great little zoo! Sadly it was raining when we went do some of the animals did not want to come out of their house, lol. The Emu did not seem to care at all however. Lots of little parks to walk around to.

Review №44

Wonderful zoo ...its a little zoo but had lion,leoparsld,kangaroo,crocodile,bear dont have to walk much as everything is nearby...water splash area for kids are advantage of this park

Review №45

Ive seen bigger and better zoos. Very run down and old. It boggles my mind how some animals were kept on an island with barely any sanctuary. Basically you could hop into the water and swim to the leemurs if you really wanted to. I also wasnt sure if Ronald MacDonald was an exhibit in the zoo? Lots of junk behind the buildings. I really enjoyed the rose garden nearby. You wouldnt be able to spend all day here. We spent about 30 minutes and observed the whole zoo and ate lunch.

Review №46

Very friendly staff with well planned precautions. I was very impressed with their health and safety measures.

Review №47

Super cute and small. Price was very reasonable!! Their setup made it so we could get really close to the animals (through glass). Im excited to book a red panda encounter and go back!

Review №48

Been coming to this park my whole life. Its very nice! Zoo is small but something to do

Review №49

LOVED this zoo! It might be smaller, but it is amazing. We loved all the animals and enjoyed the fact that it wasnt flooded with people. Come support this zoo! (side note...we loved their buffalo chicken from the cafe area)

Review №50

Always a pleasure to visit and currently doing a great job to accommodate for the pandemic with masks required and only going one way to avoid others.

Review №51

Love this zooPerfect size for little kidscant wait until all the animals come out in the springFriendly peopleGo at least once a weekWill go more in the warmer weather

Review №52

Great place to bring kids and teens with autism! We had many great times there !

Review №53

It was great when the kids were little and still great for foliage!!

Review №54

My kids love this place. Its small but very well kept and the splash pad is nicely shaded

Review №55

Good outside Adventure with the kids..nice staff..not too crowded so it was nice..animals were up and around a lot.

Review №56

Had a wonderful day here. First timer. My son, age 5 had an amazing time. We cant wait to go back.

Review №57

It was the worst zoo ever it had good prices to be honest but it barely even had animals do not go there

Review №58

Not a huge fan of animals being in captivity for entertainment. But it was quite surreal to be so close to lions... my first time. It was really cool to check them out at such a close distance!

Review №59

Very well maintained enclosures. This was reflected in the overall appearance of their animals. A very cute place to go and very reasonable prices. They had a great range of animals and neat facts about them.

Review №60

Great place to hang out with family and friends zoo part was still closed but have gone over the years with kids and always a great time

Review №61

They have a wonderful variety of animals, and its a great place to bring kids to learn. They hold events throughout the year, and have a small water park area for kids to cool off in during the summer months. The food and drink are reasonably priced as well.

Review №62

My husband and i pick up breakfast and like to park our car in the shade around the circle. So quiet and peaceful there.

Review №63

I love taking the kids here. Great price for entry very inexpensive for the attractions they offer. Nice splash pad.

Review №64

Best zoo in such a small town , good weekend hangout place to visit with childrens and spend couple of hours, water area and play area is also in there, Lion and lioness are impressive, red pands saw first time here, sandy place for lama is great

Review №65

First trip to the zoo with granddaughter. Wonderful time

Review №66

Love Capron Park I had my wedding pictures taken there 40 years ago and Capron Park was my hangout when I was a teenager.

Review №67

Nice place to take the family! Animals all look good and happy!!

Review №68

The zoo is closed at the moment but its still a nice place to go for a walk or bring some chairs to relax.

Review №69

It was a nice day. The park was clean for the most part. Families gathered and people playing Frisbee. It wasnt overly crowded. You could see the lemurs at the zoo.

Review №70

Excellent zoo for a kid and an adult kid like me

Review №71

I play soccer here every week. Great, peaceful place

Review №72

Had a lot of fun. Very friendly staff, husband is an veteran so there was a discount to get in, already a very low price, zoo animals were all awake and playing. The lemurs were yelling the lion roared and the goats were hungry. Had a great lil family outing

Review №73

Definitely a small zoo and saw everything in one morning (coming from NC where our zoo is 500 acres- a different story ️) but we really enjoyed it! Staff was friendly and we got discounted admission through reciprocity with our NC zoo membership. It was quiet, no real crowds, plenty of animals to see. The lioness was roaring a lot which the kids loved (although she almost seemed disturbed by how vocal she was- not an animal behavior expert though!). We didnt take advantage of the splash pad but it appears very popular for a hot day! The playground outside the entrance was a nice bonus.

Review №74

Aquarium and rainforest exhibits closed for some unknown reason, while the sloth exhibit was open as well as the meercat area... Capron park step your game up.

Review №75

Get out enjoy the sunshine are out everybody likes to see smiling faces makes them happy too

Review №76

A very nice small zoo. Very well maintained and the animals seem very happy. The big cats and the nocturnal exhibit were some favorites. 2 adults and 1 kid was $24. There is also a big playground right near the entrance for the kids to play at.

Review №77

This place is great. The entrance fee is reasonable and the animals are great. My wife, our daughter, and I went and we all loved it.

Review №78

Great family friendly excursion with plenty of parking.

Review №79

Small, but very good selection of animals!

Review №80

ATTENTION !!! YOU CANT GO IN AT AFTER 15:00 !!! Information only on their website !!!

Review №81

Fun time lots of animals

Review №82

Was good would of been better if all the exhibits were open

Review №83

Green grass, trees, free concerts, and a zoo. Awesome!

Review №84

Ot wuss ok

Review №85

Good small local zoo.

Review №86

This is a legitimately great small town zoo. Aside from a slightly undersized lion enclosure, the animals all look happy and with plenty of room to roam around. Highlights include the meerkats, red panda, and of course the otters

Review №87

Got some time to spare ??? Definitely a worth the price!!! Great staff quick to help an answer all our questions. Lots of great animals an splashpad for those hot days :)

Review №88

It was clean. The animals were able to be viewed easily and seemed to have a decent amount of space. The food was decent but the service was pretty slow. My three year old had a blast in the water area!

Review №89

Such a beautiful park. I enjoy going there.

Review №90

Its a small zoo and I would recommend if your not expecting to see a bunch of animals or local

Review №91

Clean well kept plenty of space to walk around

Review №92

For what it is (a very small zoo) it does it very well! Their main attraction is the Lion Den, but they have a good variety of animals including a nocturnal exhibit. They have a large playground just outside the zoo (free to public) and inside the zoo a nice splash pad. It is perfect for younger kids that might not have the stamina for larger zoo. Season passes are great for repeat short visits on nice days.

Review №93

Its a small Zoo but fun and beautiful place

Review №94

It was packed,but still very serene

Review №95

Went to Capron Park Zoo over the weekend to enjoy the weather and see some animals with my daughters. The price for admission is not bad and if you live in Attleboro you save $1.00 on each admission. All together it is an okay zoo. They have a beautiul wooden bridge you can walk across a man made pond stocked with koi and other fish and there are 2 islands on each side of the bridge that have lemurs living there when the weather starts to warm up during the night. It is a smaller zoo which i dont mind but i feel that some of the larger animals like the lions definitely need much more space to run around and be active than they have. I observed mabey 2 or 3 African Lions in a very small enclosure. :( I felt bad for them. A few other animals could definitely use more space as well. Thats why i gave 4 stars instead of 5.

Review №96

Quiet clean park was not fully opened.

Review №97

Fun time ... something different to do

Review №98

Is a little pretty zoo

Review №99

Very small zoo. Nice, clean, some fun animals, but dont plan to spend more than about an hour going through it. Great for small children.

Review №100

A good portion of the animals were sick according to staff, some seemed very uneasy of people around them and most exhibits are WAY too small for them and are not properly cared for, this zoo in general is way to small for the animals that are there to actually strive at under 9 acres total. Take the drive to Franklin park zoo where they have 70+ acres and the animals have the space they deserve to roam and feel safe. The animals here deserve better and its not fair.

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