Bow Tie Cinemas Harbour 9
2474 Solomons Island Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States

Review №1

I choose this cinema over the same theater at the mall. They have all of the same amenities and play the same first round movies BUT, they dont have all of the drama that comes with going to the mall. This theater has a local hometown feel and is just as good if not better than a trip to the larger one at the mall.

Review №2

What a delightful experience. Clean, nice staff, and the seats are comfy as all get out! Roomy, cushy, and they recline quite a bit. You even have a little tray that folds towards you. 9 small theaters in all. Quite cozy and a wonderful way to spend a rainy day with the granddaughter. BTW, she absolutely LOVED Frozen 2. Definitely recommend this movie complex. You will not regret it.

Review №3

This is a modern theater with recliner seating. The bathrooms were clean and I considered the matinee price reasonable. I was surprised that on a Tuesday afternoon that the theater was almost sold out.

Review №4

Easy to find location & parking. I had an issue with my ticket that I bought from an online ticket sale website, but the employee who helped me was very nice and quickly solved my issue and gave me the correct ticket. I barely had to wait line for snacks. The theater room itself was clean and the reclining seats are not only comfortable but they also give you a decent amount of space. The mens restroom was fully supplied & clean.All in all: fair prices, helpful & nice employees, comfortable & clean theater. (The movie itself was also good!)

Review №5

Very nice theater.concession reasonably priced and a good variety. Love the recliner seats. The theater was clean and they wiped the trays after the movie. Highly recommend.

Review №6

The seats are redone and recline. They are super comfy like a lazy boy. The service was good. They still offer the Tuesday deal on tickets making them 7. Me and my grandmother really enjoyed seeing little women here.

Review №7

Just had my daughters 4th birthday party here and it was a blast! Great fun for the kids and parents told us they loved the semi-private setting, especially for first timers. Affordable price to book and we could bring outside food not on the menu. Staff was excellent.

Review №8

Nice theater thats up-to-date by modern standards (see other reviews for details). Just be advised that-- after the previews and Before the movie starts-- you may be hit up for a donation to whatever charity the Management has decided FOR you. I dont object one way or another, but it DID feel unexpected and not necessarily what I had in mind when I planned our night Out.

Review №9

This convenient little theater is located right next to the Amish market! So you can make a fun little morning trip out of this center. The movie theater has an escalator and stairs for your convenience, as well as an elevator. Plenty of screens including IMAX & 3D, and they usually have new releases (sometimes the theater in the mall gets priority on certain releases). Friendly staff with your basic snacks, no fine dining here yet. Reclining seats which keep you comfortable and gives you a bit of breathing room between you and your neighbor.

Review №10

Excellent theaters with reserved seating. Smaller than your typical theater and not as crowded. The seats recline with a foot rest, a rotating tray to set your snacks down with a cup holder is part of the armrest. I prefer coming here over their other theater at the mall. Parking can be a challenge at both places during peak times.

Review №11

Loved it. Like reclining g seats WITH table. Like tables/seats in lobby. Fst service. Clean! Making it my GO-TO place for my movie enjoyment from now on!

Review №12

Easy ticketing! GREAT employees! Clean and easy to move thru! Elevator & escalator for those in need! A GREAT evening can be had by all and roomy aisles and comfort seating!

Review №13

First time coming to this theater. Looks newly remodeled. Nice comfortable recliner seats. Small cozy theater, I will return.

Review №14

Super Comfy seats. Spacious theaters. Clean. Overall comfortable environment; perfect for enjoying a movie. You can even reserve seats here. The seats recline.

Review №15

New reclining seating, clean establishment, fair prices , and staff was pleasant. I still prefer my local hole in the wall theatre which is about half the price of bow tie. In any case i have had several good experiences here and would reccomend.

Review №16

Wonderful clean theater. All the restrooms were spotless clean! Micah at concessions was very generous and was excited to serve us. When we had a problem with seats the manager Danny was excellent with helping us! Great experience! Never going to another theater!!

Review №17

Better movies than the mall and great assigned seats. Could improve on food/drinks.

Review №18

Always friendly staff working here. This location usually shows more artsy films compared to more mainstream movies at the mall.

Review №19

Does really nothing negative about this place, its convenient and easy to get to, concessions are just with you to expect, they play all the typical top movies that youd expect, and the bonus is they play classic movies on some Fridays and Saturdays as well. Seats are comfortable and recline with sliding trays for your food and drink. Price is perfectly a line for a local theater as well.

Review №20

Brought my daughter here to see Toy Story 4 for her first theater experience. We had the best time. Only made better by the “Build Your Own Forky” fundraiser once the movie was over. Top notch. Keep up the good work.

Review №21

Nice theater in a busy shopping center. Plan ahead as parking can be tight. I dont like assigned seats, but they were comfortable.

Review №22

Really nice theater. Small and intimate in a great location.

Review №23

I’d never see a movie in a theater but the chairs are so comfy!

Review №24

Very nice, comfortable theatre. Perfect if youre tired of mega theaters.

Review №25

I had the most wonderful experience there last evening. Theater was so clean and staff were efficient and friendly. Management addressed concerns immediately. I plan to return and highly recommend it.

Review №26

The theater has been updated so it has reclining seats etc. which is great and all. The restrooms are quite gross though. Im afraid that reduces the rating significantly. No excuse for that.

Review №27

Great theater, best by far. The employees are some of the best Ive ever seen in my life. The theater is always so clean and the concessions are truly gourmet quality. The seats recline too, who knew!10/10

Review №28

Very clean. The have a alright selection of food. They accept atom if you want to buy your tickets in advance. Love the chairs. Theyre so comfy and the lid on the popcorn buckets is ingenious! The theatre is located in a pretty decent spot off of 50 so you can watch a movie, get your nails done, and shop all in one afternoon.

Review №29

Parking is a nightmare, but the theater is okay. Nice recliner seats, but the employees are young and not terribly helpful.

Review №30

I love this place. Nice get away as well

Review №31

Since the remodeling, I have to say its a joy to watch films here. The upgraded leather, reclining seating is almost too comfortable! I like the idea of reserved seating too. Sound is above average and screens are midsized. Great place to watch a comedy, romance or thriller. Would prefer a bigger screen for action movies but still worth it.

Review №32

Comfortable seating. Clean restrooms. Friendly staff. Tuesday $7 special. All around great movie experience.

Review №33

Nice spacious recliner seats. Great theater.

Review №34

Lots of space, nice seating. Up to date movies. Use to do 1 Saturday morning a month oldie movie. Very expensive snacks.

Review №35

Great food, and I love the reclining seats.

Review №36

Seats were comfy and recliners. Sadly, the theater I saw my feature on had the screen bottom blocked by something mesh. You could see, at least the preview film, through the bottom portion but not as it should be if it were a full screen. Sound was good for the film I saw. Bathrooms were clean and that was a much welcomed experience.

Review №37

Great seats and they always have the newest movies. Of course, like almost all other movie theaters, concessions are way overpriced, with a bottle of water being $4.50.

Review №38

Really like this theater. Movie was fantastic! The only thing that was not good was the young man behind the counter after the movie. I asked him for a refill for my popcorn and a top. He acts as though Im bothering him then tells me the top costs a dollar. Im surprised about this because Ive never paid for a top before when Ive asked for a refill after the movie. I asked him when did they start changing for tops and he tells me since hes been working there. Really?! How am I supposed to know the answer to that. Long story short, I called the manager and he explained to me the reason for the charge and he said he would talk to the rude young man. I didnt deserve that kind of treatment and I didnt appreciate it at all.

Review №39

I was between a 4-5 star, primarily because of the screen being smaller than I expected, but everything else was so great Ill go with a 5.For one, this location is pretty significantly cheaper than the Annapolis Mall one - for the matinee we went to on a Sunday at 4, it was $4 cheaper per person. Saving 8 bucks as a couple was a nice bonus.Next, the renovation here is awesome - new bathrooms, new recliners, and all super nice and clean. We loved it. It was also nice because it wasnt crowded (like Im sure Annapolis mall would have been) and the theater was smaller so felt more intimate. It also wasnt freezing in the theater which is always a concern for my wife, but the temperature was perfect.I dont know if they have some bigger theaters than the one we were in, but for a quick movie at a good price this place is just perfect. Also, 4 self serve kiosks right at the front make getting your tickets and getting in really fast and efficient.

Review №40

Havent been to the movies in over 2 years but went last night to see The Mule with Clint Eastwood. The seats are comfortable recliners With trays that swing in amd plenty of room. Only thing I didnt care for too much was having to pick your seat before you go into the theater. The 1st seat I picked was too close so I had to go back out and pick another seat, but in the end everything was good.

Review №41

It is convenient and clean on the inside. The chairs are comfy too.

Review №42

Great lounge chair seating. Feels just like home only bigger screen and great sound

Review №43

Clean, cute center, reclining seats were new and nice

Review №44

This is a very nice theatre. Love the seats that lean back. Everyone was very nice. The only negative can be the parking on a weekend.

Review №45

Good theater that plays less main stream block Busters and more acclaimed films.

Review №46

Things have changed so very much. This place surprised me. Its clean with up to date seats, etc. Finally theres enough room to enjoy movies without fighting for armrests

Review №47

The seats are roomy, comfortable recliners. I don’t mind having to go upstairs for the theater, but the traffic flow is really not good, especially if you arrive at a crowded time.

Review №48

The theater was comfortable, but the temperature was was too high. I was sweating.

Review №49

The seats are comfortable and the audience is good mannered. The sound quality is great. And the seats that are close to the screen dont seem nearly as uncomfortable as youd expect being closer to the screen.

Review №50

The new theatre seating is attractive and generally comfortable (if youre not too short for the seats) but buying tickets is a pain: getting to choose sounds lovely except it takes toooo long...And, with so many people buying on-line, its easy for a show to be sold-out when you get there to buy tickets the old-fashioned way. The other issue I have is that for the hearing impaired, its just terrible. My late husband used the closed-caption system that (a)often didnt work or (b) the unit didnt fit in the cupholder that was supposed to hold it or (c) the staff didnt attend to them and they would stand up properly. We fought with them for 2 years over it and never really resolved. If you are hearing impaired, allow enough time before the show starts to take the unit back until they get it set properly.

Review №51

The theater is a nice theater with the electric reclining seats and attached tables with enough room for a large drink and a large popcorn. The theater was clean. Both ticket kiosks were not working but the staff in the ticket counter were quick and efficient. Concession staff were friendly.

Review №52

We had a great time seeing Toy Story with our grandkids and they loved the big recliner seats.

Review №53

Reserved seating. Comfortable reclining chairs. Little table for food and drinks. Personal space. Every seat has a good view. Staff are always pleasant.

Review №54

Terrific seating with plenty of room. The recliners are clean and comfortable with trays to make eating easy. The screen and sound system give you an immersive experience. Follow it up with plenty of shops within a minute walk for coffee, dessert or a good read make this the perfect date night destination. Bonus points if you walk over to the deck area to enjoy the water and fountain.

Review №55

Its the movies! Comfy seating. Great popcorn!

Review №56

Excellent experience! By far the best seating experience ever in a theater. The seats are spacious powered recliners.

Review №57

Love the opportunity to make reservations. No more rushing to get the best seats. Comfortable seating...very spacious and comfortable

Review №58

Helpful friendly staff, comfortable seats

Review №59

This is a good, clean, theater. My only issue with it is the new reclining seating which makes movies selling out more common. If youre fine with dealing with that due to the increased comfort add a star to my review.

Review №60

Updated theaters with sooo comfortable seating makes going here really nice! We love Tuesday specials and reserving seats/buying tickets online make going to the movies an easy-peasy, great activity!!

Review №61

Now offering the recliner seats. Really enjoy the cheap Tuesday movies at this location. Only rating 4 stars instead of 5 as I feel the mall has a slightly better theatre offering.

Review №62

One of my favorite local cinemas in the Annapolis area. Easy to park and get in the theater, plus lots of shops to wander through or grab a quick bite to eat before or after the show. Pleasant employees and you can pick your reserved seat when you purchase your ticket. Lots of space between the aisles and the seats recline and have footrests and table trays and cupholders, making for a great movie experience.

Review №63

Nice movie theater but the mall location is better. They have the recliining seats but need more elevation in the rows to create more of a stadium seating feel

Review №64

Terrible service. Ordered a hot dog it was cold upon arrival. Worker said I can heat it up in the break room. Gross! Bet they didn’t even use gloves or wash their hands before handling the food. Management please contact me.

Review №65

Comfy seats and if you are weirdly into Ricos cheese product like I am, this place has it! Also, cant beat the Tuesday special; 7 dollar tickets all day AND 5 dollar popcorn? No better way to spend a Tuesday than face deep in a bucket of popcorn while watching a movie that didnt cost you 14 bucks! WIN!

Review №66

Fantastic movie theater. Went there for a free showing, and it was my first time. I will definitely be returning to Bow Tie Cinemas as theyre family owned, and not affiliated to Regal as someone else reviewed. They do have their own rewards program which is also a point system similar to Regals. This location doesnt serve food as the other one in Annapolis, according to the website. It does have swivel table tops, I guess for popcorn, nachos and hot dogs. The chairs are incredibly comfortable. Employees are really nice and quick.

Review №67

I love this location and it makes a great invite place for kids parties or family gatherings.

Review №68

Quiet theater, less teenagers than other theaters

Review №69

Went to see I Can Only Imagine sold out except for the front row. Thankful for the reclining seats or the front row would not of been a good choice. My new favorite theatre! Thanks for showing the movie I Can Only Imagine!!! Love how we could pick our seats! Great option.

Review №70

Clean and modern. Theere is one drawback....the shallow sinks in reference to the faucets are way off; as you wash your hands youll understand what Im talking about.

Review №71

This is one of the best theaters in Maryland bathrooms are spotless friendly employees great selection of films will definitely return in the future

Review №72

With reclining seats. Plenty of space and if you pick a good movie no problem. Also get to pick your seats.

Review №73

New seats are great, but check in process real slow.....get there early. Why do seats have to be reserved.....I prefer picking my seat once I enter the theater. Dont go on a Thurs thru Sat.....Amish market makes parking and traffic a nightmare.

Review №74

Reclining seats, lots of leg room. Seats are chosen at time of ticket purchase, so the earlier you purchase, the better!

Review №75

The bathrooms are spotless and the theaters are just as clean, theres a great choice of concessions and drinks, truthfully im suprised customers only buy like 5-10 of the 23 or 24 types of candy offered at Harbor Center, and the staff is alot more friendly here than at the mall, would definitely come back to this fine establishment again, 10/10 IGN

Review №76

Nice quite place to watch a movie, I like it.

Review №77

Bow Tie has done a fantastic job in upgrading this theater. The reclining seats are super comfortable and they typically show less popular movies. The layout of the lobby can be a little confusing to navigate and parking can be a pain if you are attending a movie during peak time at the Harbor Center. Still would recommend stopping in!

Review №78


Review №79

Clean theatre with great staff and a variety of movies. Normal prices.

Review №80

The theatre has been remodeled, so it has been cleaned up. They have also replaced the old seats with reclining seats. You can order tickets online which gives you the ability to pick where you would like to sit (recommend reserving seats the day before if you are going to view a very popular movie.)

Review №81

Great remodel and amazing staff & management! Also they have great deals throughout the week. Robeks, Potbellys & The Amish Market are also a HUGE bonus!!!

Review №82

Very nice theater. Comfortable seats. Great snacks. I will definitely go again the next time I visit Maryland.

Review №83

The popcorn is so much better than the Annapolis Mall Bow Tie cinema.

Review №84

Great movie place. The chairs go back so you can relax and watch the movie like you are at home in your easy chair. Food cost way too much though

Review №85

The recliners are nice but the vinal seats get a little sweaty

Review №86

An underrated theater. I love the reclining seats.

Review №87

My favorite theater to go to when I lived in Annapolis, i specifically loved it because if I needed to destress at 8 or 9pm of was just bored, I could always count on them to have a relatively empty theater to sit in the middle of by myself

Review №88

It was pretty good, had good hotdogs so thats a bonus

Review №89

Quiet theater during the week. I love the gourmet popcorn here.

Review №90

A quiet, peaceful, and mature movie theater. There are two movie theaters in Annapolis, both of which are owned by Bow Tie Cinemas. The theater at the Annapolis mall is hands down the more modern and larger of the two but because of that its jam packed with rowdy teenagers and youll likely not find a good seat unless you show up early and even then youll be packed in there like sardines by the time the film starts. The Harbour 9 theater however is much less hectic. It usually plays the less popular films leaving the popular ones for its sister theater up the road at the mall. It will sometimes play popular films that have been out for a while too. But with that said I always love going to this theater versus the other one when its playing something good or decent. Youll sometimes get an entire row to yourself where you can enjoy your popcorn and drink with plenty of stretching room and silence. I love this theater. By the way, both of the Bow Tie Cinemas in Annapolis have whats called Super Tuesday where tickets are half off making them only six dollars. On top of that they do a snack deal on Super Tuesday as well e.g., any size popcorn for three bucks. Thats every Tuesday, cant beat it.

Review №91

Nicer, more quiet environment than the alternative option at the mall.

Review №92

Nicely redone with the lounge chairs and less crowded seating. Buy your tickets ahead of time as you actually pick your seats now, not open seating anymore. You can miss your movie if its popular unless you purchase your tickets early: the seats will be gone!!

Review №93

Had an elevator for the elderly abd Tuesday specials

Review №94

We just went to this theater and they did not honor the promo discount for Tuesdays, allegedly because its the week of the 4th of July, which was not posted on the website. Also we called their number and they were actually advertising the Tuesday Promotion ($7 all day and all night) which is false advertising. Disappointed in this establishment.

Review №95

Great place to see a movie. Love the electric recliners. So comfortable and a great way to watch a movie.

Review №96

Good service! Nice theatre. Comfy seats!

Review №97

Comfy seats and clean. Wish the foid stand was more diverse to match the seating experience.

Review №98

Comfy chair traditional seating

Review №99

Nice remodel and improvement! So much better than the old wood seats that were there. Have been to 2 back to back movies with bestie.

Review №100

They have the upgraded seating with the nice leather recliners, excellent service, the only reason for 3 stars is because I bought my tickets online and reserved my seats but when arrived other people were in my seats and refused to move. Wasnt worth the time of getting staff involved but I believe if they give you the option to prepay (extra cost) for seating, they should acknowledge that at the on site ticket window and give others a choice of there current open seats that arent reserved so it avoids conflicts

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  • Address:2474 Solomons Island Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 410-224-1145
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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