Westfield Annapolis
2002 Annapolis Mall, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States

Review №1

The Great Cookie gets 0 stars! It is not fresh. The recipe has changed and does not taste the same anymore. Ive tried a few times in case it was a one time but experience, but they are definitely not making the same cookies and I will not buy again. Very disappointing. Use to be my favorite cookie place.Selection of stores in the mall has gone down also. Over-priced, off brand stores.

Review №2

Great clear day went over the big big bridgeThen to The Mall it was a very nice day

Review №3

It is a basically nice mall which has a nice assortment of stores. The food court was busy, but did not have a lot of seating available for Covid reasons. People people were appropriately wearing masks and calmly social distancing. My trip ran through dinner, and we had a nice one at Maggianos, which was nicely socially distanced with many tables not available for use.

Review №4

Big mall...lots of stores are OPEN...very few vacant sites in the mall. Covid19 protocol is in place at the stores and they will limit the number of shoppers allowed in at the same time.Nice places to eat too...havent had The Cheesecake Factory since Boston

Review №5

Always great to visit! Sad to see what the COVID-19 has done to this place. Slowly opening back up. Thank God!

Review №6

Great Mall with beautiful scenery. Got 4 stars because the layout is so weird and unorthodox. Easy to get lost. Bad architect. But still Great mall

Review №7

I am a long time customer of Fast Fix-It watch and jewelry repair. Their customer service, professional expertise and reasonable prices keep us coming back. If you are in need of their services, I highly recommend that you give them a try.

Review №8

First time going to that mall. A lot of walking but a lot of stores. Really enjoyed myself, will be going again soon.

Review №9

I needed to go through Macys to get to the inside store. I walk with a cane and I had trouble getting to the inside store. It would have been nice to have a handicapped cart.

Review №10

Great mall before the extensions but now even better!! Annapolis has such a great feeling about it!

Review №11

It was ok. The mall was huge but didnt feel like there was much of anywhere worth shopping at. The stores were very spacious too which gave the impression that there were more stores for the mall to offer. Didnt really care for the food court options either.

Review №12

Clean but due to covid-19 a few places we closed our way was blocked but still worth the walk around. Main reason for going was the Apple store.

Review №13

Beautiful mall the only thing is that people are everywhere without mask.

Review №14

Stores are open but many are closed. Macys and JC Pennys are holding it down as anchor stores. Only one food court, the main one near the movie theater, and there are a handful of eateries open.I was able to find what I needed at the mall. Parking was minimized but there was plenty available. It was Saturday afternoon and the volume of people was low. Everyone wearing mask, honoring space where possible.Ill be going back when/if I need too.

Review №15

Please go see Austin at the Apple Store in the Annapolis mall! Super smart, professional, just damn near heaven sent! Thank you so much for all your help

Review №16

So many of the stores are closing for good and more kiosks and stores that are more high end are opening up. There’s now a 7-11 in the mall which is so random. Wish there were more grab and go food places.

Review №17

Westfield is always clean and the variety of stores is vast. The ambience in the mall varies based on where you are, but there is an atmosphere for everyone there.

Review №18

Unique quality home goods. Impeccable furnishings for those with discriminating taste. Durable kitchen tools and serving items.

Review №19

Specifically went to pick up food from Cheesecake Factory. Didnt go in the Mall but have been numerous times and enjoyed the shopping experience.

Review №20

Extremely clean and their social distance signage is in place and hand sanitizing station are prominently stationed. I felt safe going there.

Review №21

I always find great sales in this mall. I cant wait til the Play Nation opens

Review №22

Its a great place to shop with beautiful, clean and nice environment.

Review №23

I love the chescake factory restaurant, and also I love walking around the mall after ate, this place is nice, clean and has good stores as zara, calzedonia, Macys & more...

Review №24

I enjoyed my day! There was so many beautiful sights to see!

Review №25

This mall is old and spaciously populated. Half of it is vacant.

Review №26

Its clean and and classy. I always find good quality items and have a good experience when I shop in Annapolis.

Review №27

Large mall, several anchor stores, including Nordstroms major. Clean looking food court and kiosk stands.

Review №28

Today was our first visit. Servers were very attentive, and the food was plentiful and fantastic. We will be back.

Review №29

It was great getting back into the Mall! People were social distancing hand sanitizer all over the place which was good! Where we were was great!

Review №30

Nice mall u can find alot of good stuff like all kinds of tennis shoes and clothes and good food also

Review №31

Arrow indicators on floor were nice albeit not everyone followed them. Masks were required. Sad the movie theatre is temporarily closed though, but it is understandable.

Review №32

This is a very nice mall. This was my first time going to this mall. It has everything in it literally. It has a 7-eleven and a library on the inside, lol. Never seen that before.

Review №33

Is a beautiful mall,plenty of stores and easy to walk around with the multilevel complications.Will sure visit again since i was around the area and i live in NJ.Friendly hall seller,not pushing you to buy their product and very clean restrooms.Dining area looks small for the size of the mall BUT theres plenty of variety.

Review №34

Its pretty and expensive like my girlfriend. Its also getting emptier and emptier inside like me. Still keep coming back though.

Review №35

Slowly opening up..thats a good thing.. I miss the movies.

Review №36

This mall is becoming a ghost town and that is even before COVID 19 hit. Mall management dont seem to have a clue about how to keep this Mall full with retailers. Westfield Annapolis Mall has lost its luster. High end is not in any more. The rich are just as thrifty as everyone else. There should a more diverse mix of retailers in the mall.

Review №37

Very disappointed with the security of the mall, cant even rely on to them, when your car got hit, its your problem . Will only tell you that they cant help their cameras(half!) arent working, what are they up to anyway??!!! For display!!!???. Or even if they can get or see who hit my car they cant give us the plate number!! Why!!!???? Sooooo unhelpful!!!!!

Review №38

Great mall not crowded at all...felt safe shopping here. Got great deals at Macys

Review №39

First time there, better than any mall in Maryland

Review №40

Love the service and enjoy seeing Annapolitans do there best to stay safe during COVID.

Review №41

Excellent social distancing and clean mall

Review №42

Good choice of shops. Theater is really good. Only problem is they cant keep a lot of their new shops.

Review №43

Beautiful, Peaceful, Extra Clean, and quiet, very nice friendly people. My highlight was California Pizza Kitchen potato soup and chicken sandwich with . Fast service, food was extremely fresh, the staff, servers, and waiters were so kind in greeting and welcoming us, they didnt disappear, they checked on us with genuine concern. The ambiance was very inviting, so relaxing and welcoming. I like the design, layout, and decorum is fantastic! Come and see for yourself. I recommend the potato soup

Review №44

The mall has been open one week now. I work in the mall, and have been exposed to MANY people not wearing masks. Yesterday I worked from 4pm to closing and did not see a single security person. Mall security should be very visible and enforcing the wearing of masks. Believe me, I dont like wearing it either but its such an easy thing to do to keep yourself and others safe.

Review №45

I called the mall to ask if a certain store is open and I was nicely greeted by a guy and dropped the call. I tried to reach them back several times and they are not answering my calls. It happened 2:50ish in the afternoon on 07-01-2020

Review №46

Wife took a trip to bare mineral and experienced safe fast customer service

Review №47

Nice place, but they need more signs to maneuver your wsay around.

Review №48

Went to go see a 10 oclock movie, there were no signs saying there was going to be construction anywhere or to not leave your car here after a certain point. This was our first time going to this mall so we did not know the movie theater was upstairs or we wouldve parked up there .We come out from the movie theater and they sectioned off our section with the truck in it & they were repaving. How is the mall gonna do construction like that on the weekends and not leave any signs up letting people know not to leave your car there after a certain time?!

Review №49

I can take it or leave it, if you like yuppies you will find plenty here along with useless upscale stores that normal folks cant afford to shop at.

Review №50

Great mall! So comfortable, good shopping, nice restaurants and a lot to do with kids.

Review №51

Awesome place to shop, Zara, Macy’s, etc....

Review №52

Hopefully, Nordstrom will open again soon. I prefer their clothing compared to others.

Review №53

Vibrant mall, amazing given the pressure bricks and mortar is under from Amazon. Very big food court with five guys, Chick-fil-A, and the surprisingly good sushi place. The anchor stores are mostly there with only one dead one. Check it out if you are in area.

Review №54

Fun area with lots of shopping variety.

Review №55

Great place to shop, doing what they can to keep everyone safe.

Review №56

Very nice mall , this is one of my favorite malls to go to in maryland . Many stores to choose from that you can go to . Nice setting and I would definitely recommend coming here .

Review №57

The food is so good and the service is very good, the cashier and waiters speak English and Spanish so this is a good plus.

Review №58

Went to Cheesecake Factory and got to feed some ducks that were hanging out front. Our child truly enjoyed it, would visit again.

Review №59

Due to covid the food court is open but has no seating available. Also some stores are still closed due to covid.

Review №60

Great staff! Very accommodating. Delicious food. A bit of a wait but it was worth it.

Review №61

Westfield Annapolis is great but the Apple store is making the mall look bad.

Review №62

Packed with so many good stores

Review №63

We love this mall—it is great for kids! Has an awesome place called KidCare where you can drop off kids for $5/hour while you can shop!!! This is AMAZING!!!!!! I drove over an hour’s drive just so I could take advantage of it, even though there’s a closer mall. My husband and I also do dates here and have KidCare watch our crew as we grab a bite at one of the amazing restaurants. I wish all malls were smart enough to have this great feature.Also, this mall has an Anne Arundel Library Branch.We love the LEGO Store most of all.

Review №64

Rodizio grill was fantastic, a must visit!

Review №65

Went to The Cheesecake Factory!!!! Our favorite place for dinner and AWESOME desserts!!!!!!

Review №66

Sad Nordstroms closed. Really nice mall.

Review №67

One of the nicest malls in Maryland for sure. Food court could use a few more options but theres places to grab a bite throughout so it evens out. Lots of kid friendly stores and play areas, a video game lounge and a movie theater. Definitely a treat.

Review №68

NO MASKS RULES. Sneezing, yelling and open breathing all over this mall. Congested areas of large groups congregating. No security! If I get sick, it was because of my visit here. Never Again

Review №69

Stores are closing. Mall is dying rapidly. People are dwindling.

Review №70

Mall is Really quiet these days!

Review №71

Love This mall I got this dress from my favorite store Windsor

Review №72

Nice place to hang out.

Review №73

Very restaurants and shopping

Review №74

It was a great mall buT because of covent 19 changed it not as busy

Review №75

Best mall in the area featuring some of the finest restaurants and vendors.

Review №76

Big mall, lots of stores, usually full of Midshipmen in uniforms or civies on the weekends. Parking can be difficult at times. I wouldnt recommend going to see Santa at this mall. Its $44 for 3 digital images. Its a long wait and they didnt even take three pictures. You can buy a package in advance and schedule a time. If you are looking for a good place to see Santa go to Bass Pro Shop, you dont have to buy a package in advance and dont have to wait in line. You sign up to join the wait list, it gives you an approximate amount of time and then it texts you when its time. You have 30 minutes from the time they first text you to get there. As a result you can sign up and go shopping at that store or other stores in the area. After that its only like 5 minutes to see Santa and you get a free 4x6 image. The digital copy is $15.

Review №77

Very nice a lot of great foods and shopping options have a great friendly kids environment.

Review №78

Not all stores were open but still a great selection of options.

Review №79

I love this mall hate the fact that Norstom is no longer there.

Review №80

Always clean and pleasant environment.

Review №81

This is my childhood mall. Ive made birthday scavenger hunts, played in the big circle, and was at the opening to the new side of the mall. It seems like they only make improvements to this mall. Good selection of stores. Nice movie theater too. The food court choices are some of the best Ive seen, along with all the other restaurants in the mall. Ive always felt safe here, and have so many good memories with friends and family

Review №82

Clean, unable to sit around the food court which helps to eliminate underage traffic. Sanitizer stations more like walls everywhere.

Review №83

Easy to navigate, surprisingly not as crowded as I thought it would be - variety of shops. Did stop at Hallmark store and they ignored the 50% discount clearly marked on a box of Christmas cards, charging full price. Always need to be on the alert...

Review №84

Currently infested with disgusting people not wearing masks or respecting social distancing. I saw a man without a mask sneeze near where food was being delivered from a restaurant in the food court. Decided to not consume mine and left.

Review №85

Stopped in for bit while did a little shopping and sat by the water.

Review №86

Was nice visiting with some friends, however, I didnt get to see all the stores as I had to leave.

Review №87

Nice to see a mall thats not 90% shuttered stores. There was one department store that was closed and they just boarded up the inside to make it another passage though to other places. Kind of had an eerie feeling, but a good use of the space until something else moves in there.

Review №88

What a lovely place to shop! I live in Texas, so it will be a long time before I make it to Maryland again, but I will remember my experience always. If you are fortunate to live in Maryland, be sure to go by Westfield Annapolis! You will not be disappointed!

Review №89

Closed. And because it being closed. Ubereats called my husband a liar and said he wasnt at the restaurant that was in the mall

Review №90

Sucks things are closing for good. Making malls obsolete

Review №91

Yes best one I have seen in along time

Review №92

Nice place. Lots of good stores and the food court has lots of different varieties. Reminds me of some of the malls back home in California.

Review №93

Z Galleries -stunning, creative, unique home furnishing items

Review №94

Great reopening, lots of mask wearing and social distancing! Sad that some stores will never reopen.

Review №95

Great mall! Good selection of food, shops and a nice movie theater. Still doing some construction but the new additions look great so far

Review №96

Very vibrant and attractive mall still. There are some very interesting stores and very accommodating common areas

Review №97

You get to select how soft or hard you want the massage and identify target areas. You can also add heated stones or aromatherapy.

Review №98

The movie theater is nice, parking can suck bad though. Food court has done a lot of shuffling but seems to be working and the bathrooms are so much nicer which is a huge bonus with small children.

Review №99

Great shops. So glad they re-opened.

Review №100

Everything is closing. Its sad to see this type of shopping going to the wayside.

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