Mason District Park
6621 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003, United States

Review №1

Definitely an.awesome.park. large space with multiple fields from soccer to baseball. Numerous spots to chill with picnic tables and scenic areas. Several cool trails, a.couple that the coolest I have seen yet. Ample.parking, a.restroom and water I definitely recommend this park!!!

Review №2

A peaceful oasis in the heart of our neighborhood. More trails than you might think. A successful stream restoration project on Turkeycock Run has increased the ecological health of the stream valley to our benefit.

Review №3

Nice park with some beautiful views. Grab some coffee or bring an inconspicuous alcoholic beverage of your choice, face east toward the city and youre set. Great place foe dog lovers or a nice place to chat with a loved one. TIP: On CLEAR NIGHTS stay an extra 30 minutes after sunset for a nice evening view of the city lights turing on.

Review №4

This place is pretty tight, big parks lots of grass and woods and little paths.MS-13 loves these woods too! Tons of places for their activities I guess

Review №5

Another great Fairfax park with fun playgrounds, tennis courts & soccer fields, along with nice paths through woods & fields. Plan a picnic & day of fun here!

Review №6

At the time that we when there everything was good, also we when there in July 2020 and still a great place to bring your friends and family to pass a good time, walking, fishing , have a cookout and many more activities.

Review №7

IT is so beautifull, good exercise to walk around, i didnt see almost anybody around

Review №8

Went to this park for a soccer game. Nice fenced in turf field. On the other side of the parking lot there were picnic tables.

Review №9

This is a fabulous place to go for a walk in nature in the big metropolis.

Review №10

Great park with beautiful nature trails! I found out about this park on an app on my phone called trails. I only live around 4 miles away! Glad I got to experience this before I move to a different part of Alexandria coming up. It wasnt that crowded here for a Saturday! I would go back again soon!

Review №11

Nice park - renovated and well-maintained baseball field and soccer field, nice two tier playground with a swings, rock climbing, and playground structure. Pond with adorable turtles, dog park, and trails.

Review №12

Always crowded with soccer practice and small scrimmages. Good walking trail, picnic tables, tennis... Its a fun place for everyone.

Review №13

Great little park with some hiking trails

Review №14

The main park trails were wide and comfortable for a leisurely walk. However, park signage is poor to non-existent, and walkers could easily lose their way. That was most disappointing.

Review №15

Day after the rain. Everything was pretty wet. Good thing we brought wipes and paper towels. Looks like it might be under construction. Sunday mornings are very quiet at 10 am, however an hour later the park starts to fill up. Plenty of space for the kids, basketball court, baseball field and incredibly nice soccer field (turf). Picnic/barbecue area is sparse and on a first come first serve basis. Overall Id bring my kids here again.

Review №16

Great park, it even comes with a mosquito farm!

Review №17

Nice park for a picnic or for sports. Large fields - soccer, baseball, softball, frisbee, etc. Plenty of fee parking. Bathroom on site. The area is taken care of.

Review №18

An urban oasis....I tramped around in a cold rain and still felt energized by being here. A big run, tennis courts, interpretive signage, easy-to-hike trails. Dogs should be leashed. If youre interested in land restoration, check out what Fairfax County Parks has set up with step terraced stream and woodland plantings from the Sleepy Hollow side.

Review №19

Bathrooms were open, and pretty nice for a park.

Review №20

Nice place to walk around or practice any sport like soccer, basketball and tennis.

Review №21

Awesome clean with great views and places for you to walk they have restrooms. Great fields to play Basketball ,football ,tennis and soccer good places for kids with park and its very save well thats just my opinion

Review №22

This is the best park I have ever visited bar none.

Review №23

Amphitheater is nice when they have events!

Review №24

Great, would definatly go there again

Review №25

Nice and Lively Place for the sports, nearly to the neighborhood

Review №26

Great spot for Thursday morning Farmers Market!

Review №27

Nice place for families to get out the house and get some fresh air

Review №28

Great soccer turf fields plenty of parking

Review №29

I stopped by the Thursday farmers market. The lettuces are out and bigger and more beautiful than last year. So happy. I also picked up a couple little baskets of zucchini. Theyre cute. I hope they taste good. Mason District is a great little urban park. Now Im looking forward to the summer concert series there.

Review №30

Can get a decent walk in here thats for sure.

Review №31

Nice park with clean restroom

Review №32

Nice grounds for walking,soccer practice..

Review №33

Lovely picnic areas.

Review №34

Large park with fields, trails, tennis courts and an amphitheater

Review №35

Its a huge place, with fields for many different sports as well as a dog park, a playground, trails into the woods which lead into gorgeous landscape. I love to take the dogs I walk/sit there to run around off leash and smell things and have a great time in general. Oh! And dont forget about the Thursday Farmers Market!! It always has great stuff, including a booth of local garden experts with whom it is fantastic to converse. They all know tons, and if they dont know about something theyll look it up, though I personally have never seen any of them need to. The produce selection is vast, and there are plants and crafts and baked goods (the cupcake girl mixes addictive substances into her cupcakes I swear it, that or she sold her soul to Martha Stewart at the crossroads one night) and even a spice & tea vendor who sells spices & herbs & mixtures thereof, including herbal tea blends, made with things grown on his farm. Theyre to die for, too!

Review №36

Big park..lots of shady trails..great k9 play park

Review №37

Great tennis courts and dog park. Favorite place for certified archery pros to curtail the whiteail deer population. Lots oftrlail walks. NOTE: Make sure you wear orange. Also, STOP letting your dos enjoy nature off leash

Review №38

Soccer field is good

Review №39

Beautiful park that is well-maintained and cared for. Soccer fields, amphitheater, playgrounds, tennis courts, grills, and a lovely turtle pond await you here.

Review №40

Great place for kids parents and dogs fun for the whole family

Review №41

Clean and nice place to take a walk

Review №42

Nice place for a picnic and a grill. Also, great place to play pick up soccer with friends.

Review №43

Wonderful combination of sports, history, dog park, picnic and more.

Review №44

Expansive Park in Fairfax County. Playing fields on the lower level, amphlitheater, tennis courts, woodland trails with historic markers, dog park are all situated on the upper level. Picnic shelters in various places (probably need to be reserved). Many families, couples, ball practices, dog walkers. Seems safe.

Review №45

My favorite place!!

Review №46

I took my kids there to play and they love it at always.

Review №47

First rate park. Went to see soccer practice. Very impressed with the facilities. Great basketball court, clean bathroom. Look forward to seeing the Amphitheatre. We could hear the music, it was a great summer night.

Review №48

Nice place to play basketball football and baseball and picnic.

Review №49

Gr8t place for the kids, new playground.

Review №50

Great outdoor venue for concert. wish there were more restrooms or a portapotty closer to outdoor stage.

Review №51

Nice turtle pond, but keep a close eye on your kids. There have been complaints of adult men who come up to kids that are alone. The soccer fields are really nice and there are bathroom facilities on site.

Review №52

So beautiful place

Review №53

Great place for children to run around.

Review №54

Great park with modern, well kept pkayground for kids, a pond, soccer and baseball fields. Lots of tables for picnics. Good public bathroom.

Review №55

I would say its good but there is to much trees but you can always celebrate a birthday here.

Review №56

This is our favorite local hiking spot. The kids and dog love the hills, steams, and the tree coverage is near 100% making it cool hike even in the summer months. Yes, there are play sets, soccer field and a great big dog park so theres tons to do. However, we appreciate the hiking part the most.

Review №57

Big dog park with very well maintained grounds. Not swampy, muddy and/or stinky like so many other dog parks today because of the relentless rain weve been experiencing.

Review №58

Great baseball field. Good, little playground and play areas located next to the field, for siblings:)

Review №59

Great place for kids and family alike

Review №60

I went hiking with some people along the Mason District Park trails. I was very disappointed with the amount of trash and the awful smell that followed us along the path. It is sad to see what humans do to our Earth. This park needs some love.

Review №61

Fantastic place to walk.

Review №62

It so good cuz it had a dog park it had a baseball field it has 2 soccer fields 1 basket ball court and a park for kids 2 and a picnic area and 2 tennis courts it was NOICE!

Review №63

Nice place to walk and do a variety of sports

Review №64

Nice trails - lots of hills.Several pokestops and gyms.

Review №65

Cool place!

Review №66

I mean I go there every day for lacrosse practice but its usually clean when we come and leave.

Review №67

I go for the soccer field. Instead of netting there is fencing to stop the balls from getting lost. Field is turf so can pretty much play in all conditions.

Review №68

A quiet place for lunch. Lots of walking.

Review №69

Nice dog park, good people there too

Review №70

Very nice place. Great for picnics. Need to walk alot.

Review №71

Nice place

Review №72

So great for family time, and huge turtles in the pond!

Review №73

A great place to get away and enjoy nature.

Review №74

This place is nice but could use some additional jungle gym areas. There is a lot of space and they could expand the two that are there. I don’t have any kids in sports yet but the fields there are in good shape.

Review №75

I go to the Farmers market on Thursday mornings there from 8 to noon. There is plenty of parking and handicapped parking is available. Local honey, vegetables, peaches, grapes, etc., are available. The market can easily be seen from the road.

Review №76

Came here for referee training, but was disappointed with the quality of the goals.

Review №77

Good sized park to explore with multiple amenities

Review №78

Great park for a dog walk

Review №79

The park as a whole is pretty good. The soccer field needs new turf since a couple of spots are ripping up and the playing surface is pretty short and impacted from all the use. The addition of backstops is very good though.

Review №80

Well kept park. I took my son to the playgrounds many times over the years. 2 playgrounds (each for different age groups), basketball courts, tennis courts, picnic benches, sports fields, nature paths, dog park, pond, and more. Only negative I can think of is parking is sometimes is scarce due to all the special events they have, but the have several lots so Ive always found a spot somewhere, just not always a close spot.

Review №81

Friendly Environment for Friends and Family. Live theater stage

Review №82

Nice little place from the front. Bigger in the back. Like the pond and BIG turtles. Farmers market, iirc, but not shown here on Maps, for some reason. Bad google...

Review №83

Lighted tennis courts are great!

Review №84

This park is so amazing. Its not particularly spectacular or anything like that, but Ive been coming to this park and enjoying since I was 4!

Review №85

Nice park with really good trail for jogging or walking. There is a big dog park, a baseball/softball field, soccer field, basketball court, a couple of tennis courts, playground for kids, outdoor theater. Good place to unwind at the end of the day.

Review №86

The park is BIG, with plenty of well-maintained walking trails and lots of beautiful trees and streams. There is also a very nice childrens play park and a couple of open, grassy fields on which to play ball and have picnics. I look forward to my next visit!

Review №87

Always a pleasure to come to this park

Review №88

I love the Mason District. My District

Review №89

Great spot! Nice soccer field, pond, and play ground. Plenty of parking too.

Review №90

The trails are poorly marked and the playgrounds are mediocre. They do have restrooms, water fountains, and vending machines. The pond is nice - there are tons of turtles. Overall, everything is a little shabby.

Review №91

World Class, well groomed artificial turf soccer pitch.I am not familiar with college prep showcase rgulation requirements, but the facilities are great for close order drills with multiple layers of age groups practicing simultaneously.

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Review №93

Great park. Love their outdoor summer concerts in the outdoor ampitheatre.

Review №94

A huge fabulous park that has everything: soccer field, basketball and tennis courts, picnic area with grills, children playground and extensive trails through a mini mini forest of native flora and faunas, tranquil stream and animals expertly manicured and recently renovated/reopened in May. Simply the best park around hands down, love it!

Review №95

Its a nice park

Review №96

Nice tennis courts

Review №97

I love this park

Review №98

It would be better if they added another turf field

Review №99

Put some May farmers market photos up. If you are in it and dont want to be, let me know, I dont mind dropping some. Mostly from the back and of booths/vendors...

Review №100

Best family retreat

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  • Address:6621 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003, United States
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  • Phone:+1 703-941-1730
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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