161 Washington Ave Ext Ste 8, Albany, NY 12205, United States

Review №1

I found myself in the store at 9 am opening. The store had a few other customers. I grabbed a cart, wiped down the handle and walked over to the narrow aisle of the floral section. An employee entered the aisle with a giant restocking cart and started stocking right next to me. I moved and a minute or two later she was on top of me again. I pushed my cart aside to give myself more room and stepped away. The next thing I know she is grabbing the handle of my cart and moving it. Totally negated the cleaning of the handle. It became clear restocking was taking priority over customers shopping. There were 3 other employees also restocking. Really frustrating because if I want something in any store but an employee is already in that spot restocking I never crowd them and wait patiently for them to finish. I grabbed what I had deciding it wasnt worth the risk having this woman on top of me and walked over to the check out area. A single cashier was open and checking out a customer very slowly. There was a man standing behind another register scrolling through his phone. After 5 minutes I asked if he was open. He said no, I dont work here and he exited the store. It took the cashier another 5 minutes to finish up and when I approached the counter it became clear that the plexiglass was what was causing the slow down. Ok, I get it. Employee safety is a real thing. But the way this was constructed there was no way for her to access the items being bought unless she reached around and came out from behind the plexiglass. Seemed counter productive, but ok. What was frustrating was that after waiting my turn, she puts a finger up like hang on and then she takes a customer phone call for someone looking for something. So I drove to the store to find my items, stood in line all the while really wanting to limit my time in the store because of Covid and this staff member thought the person calling to locate their item while sitting in the safety of their home was the priority rather than the customer standing in front of her. Complete lack of common sense and courtesy and the prices werent great.

Review №2

I shop at Michaels often as I own a decorating company and my son also loves to make bracelets and draw and what not. For décor and crafts their prices are always very reasonable and their selection is typical enormous. Even when they don’t have what I need most times an employee is able to direct me in the right direction of a near-by store that has what I need. Staff is typically very friendly at this location. Only reason for 4 stars is the carts are too small and most times I have 3 to 5 carts and it’s hard to find an employee who isn’t busy that’s able to help me push the carts to the registers and my vehicle.

Review №3

I went there for their Clearance Sale section. I didnt find too much this time, but I did find some gel pens that I was looking for in their pen section. And I also found some nice, small wire bell ornaments in their Christmas section.

Review №4

Love Michaels and go to different ones often to scout out clearance beads. Clean store, staff okay. Typical Michaels. Only thing to complain about is Christmas music on Nov 2nd but its probably a marketing tool. I just dont want to hear that yet, and really, who doesnt go to Michaels to make stuff for other people?

Review №5

Prices are too high for a DIY store. Believe me I do a lot of DIY. (See pics)

Review №6

I had two diplomas custom framed and the level of customer care was outstanding. This is the second time Ive had custom framing at this location, and BOTH times- the result was wonderful. Specifically, I worked with Katie who went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with the final result. Thank you!!

Review №7

Alot of the shelves were empty. Tons of Xmas stuff.. clearances of halloween stuff.. but paints, painting stuff.. crafty stuff . Not so much

Review №8

This location is well stocked. The only downside is that when it gets busy, there arent many registers open.

Review №9

Just a great place for framing, arts and crafts. Well run and staff are very helpful.

Review №10

Got some ceramics to paint along with some halloween decor ️

Review №11

Good sales, easily found the craft supplies I needed. Staff was helpful when I did need assistance in locating items.

Review №12

Ever sence my wallet was taken by a cashier and mailed back to my job, after i stoped in.

Review №13

Staff not helpful. Cashier was very good. Several people working not helpful.

Review №14

Everything you need for arts n crafts and the supplies for jewelry making is going to be something new for me.

Review №15

I can always find what Im looking for at Michaels. Prices are reasonable. Highly recommend.

Review №16

All the worker in there where so nice and helpful and there sales are amazing

Review №17

Theres good merchandise, but it seems like stock changes or discontinues without warning. Good in a pinch, but for serious art supplies, this falls short on expectations. I miss the Art Minds mechanical pencils, and the faux suede cover blank books. The staff could be friendlier too.

Review №18

Excellent staff wonderful selection

Review №19

Clean organized and friendly StAff!

Review №20

Positives: Friendly staff, cheap pricesNegatives: Cluttered, limited selection

Review №21

Don’t place an order online, they’ll honor a coupon then contact you two days later via email and refuse to honor it. Awful customer service, will not be giving Michael’s any more of my business.

Review №22

Definitely the go to art and craft store. Dont know of any competition

Review №23

The service was nice, the employees friendly and the store was well stocked. No complaints here.

Review №24

Very good place with lot of options

Review №25

Great store, great employees!

Review №26

Great place to shop. Nice friendly atmosphere, workers polite and helpful.

Review №27

My wife got the yarn she was looking all around for

Review №28

Helpful staff and tons of great options

Review №29

Does anyone that works during the opening hours in Michaels ever know where anything is located?Overpriced craft supplies. Premade has look that is ordinary. Nothing is creatively produced. Boring. No ow they purchased A.C. Moore the competition.Still plenty online suppliers for creative needs.

Review №30

Always a decent selection

Review №31

Great sale prices. Staff very friendly and helpful

Review №32

Great store for art supplies and crafting. Make sure you sign up for Michaels rewards to receive special coupons via email!!

Review №33

Clean store, overpriced.

Review №34

I love Michaels for all of my crafting needs. Theres usually a coupon or a sale and I love saving money on the things i like. Their yarn selection is also HUGE. Best place ever.

Review №35

Love Michaels. Great variety and staff at this particular one. Always look for coupons online for more savings.

Review №36

Always find some new ideas for crafts. Love the selection of stickers for scrapbooks!

Review №37

Everything you need for home decor is in Michaelsevery kind of frame that you would need is in Michaels and they have the most beautiful silk flowers in arrangements that are already made that you could find a great place to shop for that kind thing

Review №38

Had a lot of good bargains so saved some money which is always good

Review №39

Amazing cashier great items just a lot of Christmas it took up most of the store.

Review №40

Staff is always helpful willing to take you where the item is that youre looking for knowledgeable

Review №41

Great store

Review №42

I went for a custom frame and Katie was extremely helpful.

Review №43

They had what I needed in stock today.

Review №44

Very clean and organized. Great deals on everything I was looking for. They added more sliding shelfs for more stickers which makes me very happy.

Review №45

I love Michaels! The cashier gave us a great tip on how to make our own headstone for our graveyard for Halloween!

Review №46

Great selection of most craft needs. Very helpful staff.

Review №47

I usually find what I am looking for and they have coupons in the app and you can use in store

Review №48

This place is heavenIm always inspired when I walk in and the staff are always friendly! I dont even have to buy anything. Let me just window shop and Ill be good.

Review №49

If your into crafts, they handle almost everything.clean well laid out. Personal helpful.

Review №50

Awesome store

Review №51

Ate here with our son who recently moved to the area. The food, coffee, and wait staff were all excellent.

Review №52

I found alot of interesting paints and canvas paper.

Review №53

The staff are kind and knowledgeable. They offered assistance while I was trying to find something. The store is kept neat, and the cashier helped me save money as well.

Review №54

Good selection, just wish they had more coupons! :)

Review №55

Great stock and staff. Their sale prices are terrific.

Review №56

Nice store I was looking for paint by numbe and but only found ones for children. I did walk through entire store and they have a great selection of craft supplies

Review №57

One of our favorite stores. We visit it all the time for shopping related to crafts, school projects, cake/baking needs, decorative stuff. All in one shop. Friendly staff and they always have good deals and coupons.

Review №58

So many treasures

Review №59

The store has lots to offer. I recently came here with two teen girls to look for projects to occupy them. We spent nearly an hour in the store and they had a great time, coming home with paints, sneakers, yarn, and assorted other goodies. There was a very long line at checkout and the cashier didnt seem to really know what was going on. One item was missing a price tag, and she hemmed and hawed for nearly a minute before deciding what to do. I offered to go find the price, but she said no, and then asked another cashier (who was also busy) to go and check it out. Weird. Location is kind of odd - off the back of other stores.

Review №60

It’s pretty much your average Michael’s which that alone makes it deserve four stars. The only warning I have is be careful because if you go in there for one thing you will leave spending $50 more than you expected to. But it’s very clean and has everything that you need and the service is great.

Review №61

Huge selection and always has great coupons

Review №62

Lots of choices

Review №63

Clean and the staff are friendly!

Review №64

Found everything I needed, staff was very helpful.

Review №65

The staff is friendly and always willing to help. There are lots of great sales and price reductions along with classes to learn or improve on a craft.

Review №66

Great store. Very clean and well organized but I took a star away because the staff never once spoke to me until I was checking out. I used to work retail and Im very big on customer service.

Review №67

Michaels is running good clearance. Up to 70% off this week

Review №68

If you love to do crafts, this place has it all.

Review №69

Staff is always very friendly and helpful when I have a question, whatever I cant find in store I can usually get off the website. Its also a plus that they honor coupons from other craft stores.

Review №70

Easy to find what you want . staff is very helpful

Review №71

I always have enjoyed trolling through craft stores, looking for new ideas and old favorites. Of the local stores, Michaels has never impressed me as a good craft store. The reasons for my impression are: 1. I have never found a sales associate who is really knowledgeable about crafting in a Michaels store; 2. The stock Michaels carry is not geared toward as wide a range of crafting as another Albany area store; 3. The how-to books and publications which are the backbone of crafting adventures do not seem to be available, or if they are, they are not easily found!!! (I have looked!!) 4. A personal frustration is the fact that Michaels does not stock any fabrics, sometimes, the project needs just that extra color!

Review №72

Its well organized but pricey.

Review №73

Great for Crafts and SuchKAISER LEXIE AND RNAMASTE

Review №74

Always fine great stuff. Opens the mind to new adventures in the craft world.

Review №75

Selection is awesome, but I feel the cost is a little high

Review №76

Beautiful selection of beads and love the coupons

Review №77

Found the most important thing I neededGrace, in the custom framing department, lived up to her name. She very graciously stopped what she was doing to help me find what I needed in do-it-yourself framing items.Thank you, Grace - even though the store didnt have the other items I needed.

Review №78

Better than that hobby store. Very good selection of crafting & decorating items. Coupons are very restricted even when it says Good on entire purchase but prices are pretty good generally.

Review №79

Staff was very helpful as well the cashier

Review №80

Store: great selection of everything and anything we could imagine for our creative needs!Staff: The staff on the sales floor were amazing, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful! But......the kid who cashed us out was rude, lazy, and disrespectful!Store survey to be filed.

Review №81

I love this Michaels!

Review №82

They have everything imaginable for crafting, holiday decor, you name it! Great store! I highly recommend you visit

Review №83

Best place for faux floral--their bouqets and stems are realistic, durable and you can get them at very affordable prices if you use coupons and go when theyre on a promotional sale.

Review №84

Made a beautiful basket to give as a gift. Love it there

Review №85

I could spend a fortune in here with all the craft items available!

Review №86

Very friendly staff good prices and products.

Review №87

I love this craft store always has good sales and 50% off coupons

Review №88

Staff was amazing and super helpful with bringing together right products for my big costume project

Review №89

Nice store but didnt have what i was looking for.

Review №90

Love the craft and art supplies. Would like to see higher end watercolor paint supplies. Never have Jane Davenport products available although they say they get new products each week. They havent had anything different in a month.

Review №91

Went with my wife. She is working on knitting hats and scarfs for folks living in the mission in Albany and she needed more yarn. Michaels had an unexpected sale so she was able to buy more than than planned!

Review №92

Very good selection very friendly staff

Review №93

The dunkin donuts has great coffee

Review №94

The prices are a bit high, but they have such great sales that make up for it!

Review №95

I love this place because there is lots of stuff for kids ans cheap enough. if my baby is interesting for painting, i am willing to bring them to go and buy. My baby love stickers and some toys. it is good place to visit walmart together. it is first floor and next to ollies outlet.

Review №96


Review №97

Their framing department did an amazing job for a rather large painting. I would recommend this place, at least for their framing department

Review №98

So much variety and very helpful staff. Will definitely be coming back again!

Review №99

Prices can be a bit high on some things.

Review №100

They took time until we got the best background and frame to frame a painting

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