Landmarks Spectrum 8 Theatres
290 Delaware Ave, Albany, NY 12209, United States

Review №1

Nice old theater, surprisingly comfortable. Sold home made items at the concession stand. It wasnt loud and obnoxious like the mall theaters. It a must try if you have never been there. The guy selling the tickets could have been a little friendlier. Other than that a great experience watching a great movie the Joker!

Review №2

Perfect atmosphere to see a movie. Not overpriced. Unique in all of the Capital Region.

Review №3

Small art theatre with an awesome vibe. Theatre snacks in life the usual popcorn, etc. (cheaper than in traditional theatres) and homemade goodies, coffee, and hot chocolate. Complete strangers ask each other what they watched and how they liked it in the line for the bathroom. Its like a community living room.

Review №4

Nice little old school theater. Comfortable seats, sound quality was good. Much more reasonably priced than the big chains. Fresh baked goods were available at the concession stand that were made from scratch not from a box mix. Popcorn has real butter rather than that chemical butter flavored garbage that the big chains use. They dont have the huge auditoriums and IMAX but it really wasnt missed. Ill definitely be watching more movies here.

Review №5

Love the cozy warm atmosphere of this theater. It offers comfortable seating making watching a movie that much more pleasing. Always enjoy the eclectic art in the lobby

Review №6

Really appreciate the mix of movies at this theater. Recently saw both The Sound of My Voice (Linda Ronstadt) and Hidden Lives about Franz Jaegerstratte, an Austrian man who refused to report for Hitlers draft in objection to the personal loyalty oath to Hitler required of all soldiers.Several good places to eat nearby, especially New World Bistro: win/win!

Review №7

Best movie theater in the area, as far as Im concerned. Great parking in the back, easy box office, comfortable chairs, good food choices and all the best movies. You dont even have to go to the mall and try to find a spot.

Review №8

Wonderful old time Art Deco style movie theater. Purchase tickets online ahead of the show to cut wait time. Always something great playing.

Review №9

We like that its small. My husband cant walk far and this is perfect for him, the movies are newest ones that we want to see and the workers are always very friendly. Just a nice place to go and see a movie..

Review №10

Cozy theater with about 8 small screens. Home baked goods at concession stand, decent coffee and popcorn. The mint brownies are a must-have.

Review №11

I like the towny feel. I think they use solar to power everything which is cool. Theres options that dont appear in larger theater chains. We saw Neighborhood with Tom Hanks. Wow a story about someone nice and caring but grounded in real living. It was worthwhile. The b-role for segways were from the show. Was well done.

Review №12

This is a wonderful place, much more than a first run movie theater! Saw a screening of a London stage play.And then theres the popcorn...and the cake! Yum.

Review №13

Went there for the first time the other night and saw a great movie. Nice little theater with plenty of parking unlike the mall. My wife loved the fresh popcorn and I had the Fresh Carrot Cake with Milk. What other theater can do that?? Fresh milk with my Carrot Cake. I have a sweet tooth so I am sold! Im not gonna lie, if it had been warmer out, we probably would have gone to Emack and Bolios after ward for Ice cream too. Its just down the block.

Review №14

We haven’t been here in over a year. Still love the movie choices for foreign and independent films . However the popcorn was rubbish!!! Used to serve the best movie popcorn in Albany. Not any more - stupid way for management to save money.

Review №15

We like the spectrum and have come for years. Great place to catch a variety of films. The concession stand prices have increased quite a bit since landmark has taken over and the selection has diminished unfortunately.

Review №16

The parking is not great but its a nice little theater with unique concessions. I think they should update their seats to more comfortable ones.

Review №17

I love this theater, every time I’m in town I try to see a film there! A nice local theater that always has a wide variety of smaller films to choose from, as well as the bigger releases. Love the concessions as well.

Review №18

Its just plain out and people oriented. Love it here! We rarely movie anywhere else. You cant go wrong.

Review №19

Movie and staff and coffee excellent. Popcorn price too high oh well. Still best seats in the movie biz. Lots of leg room

Review №20

Part of a small chain now, but still feels like a sole proprietor sort of place. Feels good supporting that instead of the mega theaters. Also, brownies!

Review №21

This is my favorite movie theater in the capital district. My one star is because when it was owned locally, you did not experience price gauging. Now you pay $5 for a standard water bottle - absurd!

Review №22

Each theater is small in size but very well designed so that you can see perfectly.

Review №23

Ill try to leave out my feelings about the film I saw (somewhat disappointing) and focus on the theatre and staff.Nice little older neighborhood theatre, but well maintained. Clean, in good repair. Screen was bright, sound system was good, seating was comfortable.Concessions were reasonable, staff was attentive and friendly, popcorn was decent.I had some trouble getting in because police had the street blocked off for some reason and I missed the first 5 minutes or so. Not the theatres fault. I went mostly to see a movie that was out of the cineplexes, but if Im ever in Albany again Id certainly consider the Landmark Spectrum 8.

Review №24

I love the Spectrum 8 theater, great prices and nice small cozy screens. However, there are often issues with the screening itself. My partner and I went to Captain Marvel today and while we had a great time, there were some issues with the audio balance (voices were way quieter than everything else) and that took away from the experience. Otherwise, beautiful theater.

Review №25

Awesome theatre/art gallery, and great service for concessions and tickets. This place has been a gem for so many years, with cool films and atmosphere. lots of parking in back, but this place sells out quick so get there a little early.

Review №26

Cozy, old school theatres. Some of the best buttered popcorn ever!

Review №27

Beautiful, historic theater. Great concessions unlike any other ; homemade brownie and cakes..skip the mall and visit!!

Review №28

Great variety of movies. If I am looking to see an offbeat movie I check to see if it is playing here. The interior is more...modest than any theater I have been to. There is local art and no coke ads (a good thing). The seats feel a little crammed as do the theaters, but this is in the middle of Albany so that is should be expected. The snacks are minimal, but the prices are better than most places. There are a few local restaurants next door if you want to have a full meal before the movie. Overall, the saving grace of the theater is that they show offbeat movies. I find the interior charming but i know that many movie goers prefer something more extravagant with a coke commercial.

Review №29

Nice intimate theater that usually features limited release and rarer films.

Review №30

An intimate place to see a film. Small theaters, excellent screen view from every seat, and excellent sound dynamics make for an enjoyable evening. Some very nice eateries within walking distance as well.

Review №31

Enjoyed the coziness of a little theater. Wonderful pricing and great goodies !

Review №32

Great popcorn and pricing. You need to get there early the concession stand is VERY slow.

Review №33

Great chocolate cake and reasonable prices. And I did see bridge of spies here just like in the photo

Review №34

Fantastic concessions. Best popcorn cuz its real butter. Cozy theaters. Lovely staff.

Review №35

Best movie theater in Albany and has been for sometime (sorry former Madison Theater!) ... home made goodies and concessions, nice beer bar next door, and comfortable seats.

Review №36

Nice venue. Cozy theater and reasonable prices

Review №37

Slightly overpriced food but great place to watch Star wars. Volume was not too loud and food quality is great.

Review №38

They still have real butter! Awesome! Cute place. Parking in the back. Was $9 for matinee (even on weekends). They do new movies and limited screenings. Lots of history and character. Highly recommend... Then take a walk down the street to check out all the other cute shops!

Review №39

This theater lends itself to a totally enjoyable movie experience!

Review №40

Excellent show..Toronzo Cannon was great. Would definitely attend another

Review №41

This is a great old theater. The popcorn is fresh, there are baked goods along with standard assortment of candy and the staff is nice. Since its now got landmark in its name, Im guessing its not as local as it once was but it still has the nostalgic vintage feel. A great place to see the artsy films they feature (as well as the most mainstream shows that accompany them).

Review №42

Small independent theater. Has some unique films

Review №43

All good except a patron or two behind us could be heard talking for a few minutes.

Review №44

Comfortable, down home neighborhood theater. Concession stand features desirable choices. Good ticket prices. A nice, low key vibe all around.

Review №45

Going to the movies was a lot of fun. Brought back a lot of memories. Prices were ok. Staff were friendly. Concession Stand has cake whixh was excellent! They didnt take a couple passes which I think they shouldve. They said they stopped taking them in 2017. I would still come back! I highly recommend this theater!

Review №46

Wonderful indie theater with lots of films that arent going to be found in big chain theaters. Their selection of drinks and treats is affordable and delicious, including some incredibly luxurious cakes.

Review №47

This is a great place to see a movie. The seats are comfortable, the popcorn is fresh, and its cozy. The parking is convenient also.

Review №48

Other than needing Google or years of experience to go through the one way Rhodes for the shortest way it was a comfortable Drive even at night. The map was correct and it was a wonderful place to sit and watch a movie. The seats are so large and comfortable that even a 6 and a half foot tall person can sit very comfortably, which is worth driving 12 or 14 Mi to go to somewhere the movie can be enjoyed. This theater takes both the obvious current movies, but also a mix of less common movies, things that are only in other than English, and even one movie a few years ago which was done in hand motions. One of the few places that deaf people can enjoy a movie.

Review №49

Small little theater, playing quality films. They focus on the more award winning style films so youll find some good options if thats what youre looking for. The theater is well kept and clean. There is a large parking lot in the back that provides alone options if you dont want to park on Delaware Ave. Im definitely visiting again soon!

Review №50

Small little theater, nice staff, clean, sells cake at the concession stand.

Review №51

Lovely theater but it was so cold that I wore my coat and gloves through the entire movie. Companion did the same.

Review №52

Nice independent theater. Great snacks. Popcorn with butter not butter flavored grease

Review №53

The best place in the Capital District to see great films. Saw Echos in the Canyon. Good time.

Review №54

We frequently enjoy the intimate atmosphere and personal feel of this gem.

Review №55

Great selection of movies, price is right, great baked goods, cozy!

Review №56

Love the cozy environment of this whole theater. The lobby and place to get snacks and beverages are very cute and clean. The seating in the theaters are all very comfortable, too. Employees we met were all friendly and efficient. The quality of the movie was also very good, and well definitely be back sometime soon.

Review №57

Nice, quaint theatre with smaller theaters and better food than the big chains!

Review №58

Great customer service. Clerks were awesome not pushy. The atmosphere was really homey and old timey. Would definitely go again.

Review №59

I love Spectrum theaters. Its such a cute and friendly place. They have yummy homemade concessions!

Review №60

Clean, got in quickly, snacks are good, good choice of shows. I enjoyed not having to go to a mall and fighting the mall parking lot scene. Kind of old fashioned here but in a nice way.

Review №61

Please go to a movie here. The intimacy and family setting will bring you back to the movie theaters of your youth. You wont ever be happy again with the cookie cutter 15 screen houses. We can see movies hear the national chains wont carry. So Im serious when I tell you go see a movie here do it now do it often. This theater needs your support before it fades away into a memory.

Review №62

Excellent inner city alternative to corporate mall theaters

Review №63

Always a pleasure to watch films at the Spectrum. And, the treats are nice, too.

Review №64

The closest thing in the Albany area to a NYC artsy film theater. The individual mini theaters inside are plain but have a cozy feel. They use real butter on their excellent popcorn and have some yummy baked treats (I really like the mint brownies) from - I believe - the JS Watkins bakery on route 9 in Clifton Park. I recommend the weekend matinees to avoid crowds (better seat selection and overall more relaxed vibe). Good sized-parking lot behind theater plus a supplementary overflow lot very nearby that I think I needed to use like once in 20+ years. Overall, a much more pleasant venue than the one through infinity mega-plex type mall theaters.

Review №65

Always has a nice selection of not so mainstream movies they can catch in nice little theaters with unique concession stand

Review №66

Cant go wrong with a slice of cake, coffee and and independent movie

Review №67

Its a decent establishment, like the exterior alot feels real classic cinema experience. Price is on par with local theaters. They do have enough cinemas to provide multiple shows at once which is not a norm for smaller theaters.

Review №68

Great place to see a movie, eat popcorn, and meet friends.

Review №69

Went to see Incredibles2. Atmosphere was very nice. Beautiful little art deco theater. Baked goods along with the usual popcorn. My section was quaint and cozy, not too small. So happy that the sound didnt have to break my ear drums.

Review №70

Great place to watch a movie. Best popcorn in the region.

Review №71

Joy and sorrow. A great combination, and film.

Review №72

Old fashioned and fun. Great staff! Perfect for relaxing escape.

Review №73

Community staple. Popular and obscure titles. Great mural on the building.

Review №74

Classic Albany place to go and a nice break from the big theatres. Good popcorn and great staff!

Review №75

I really like this theater, its intimate, clean, great sound and sight lines and never over crowded.

Review №76

Best theater! Amazing popcorn :)

Review №77

People are great.Movie and dinner next door, FKN PRICELESS. Wont change it for the world.

Review №78

Charming vintage theater. Friendly staff. Though a bit worn, the theater is very clean. Great Indy movie selection along with the regular features. Will return and also explore the developing interesting neighborhood.

Review №79

Love the old time feel. You cant beat the snacks, great carrot cake at the movies will not get old!

Review №80

Toy Story 4 on opening day...not an overcrowded theatre, and snacks were less than $20! Lol...its a nice, quaint theatre...

Review №81

The worlds best movie theater concession stand. I got the carrot cake last week which I finished before the movie even started because of how delicious it was. They serve real-butter popcorn that tastes amazing. They have the best selection of movies from big blockbusters to indie and foreign films. I was so happy a few weeks ago when I found out they started accepting moviepass.

Review №82

Ive always loved the Spectrum Theatre!! Small, cozy, and comfortable. Fresh snacks with good variety. Art on the wall. Reasonably priced. Films youd be pressed to find anywhere else. Local ads on screen pre-show. Refreshing alternative to the commercial theatre complexes which I avoid ( and hate!)

Review №83

It was ok. The theater is older so the seating space in the rooms are much smaller than compared to a Regal Cinemas. However, staff was polite and professional. Also, the pricing was much better than going to a larger cinema, which I appreciated. I would go again for a chill night when I dont want to be around all the crowds.

Review №84

Nice old theater though the seats leave a lot to be desired. Become very uncomfortable after awhile.

Review №85

Thank you so much for keeping the Spectrum format. We could use another bathroom or two though. Popcorn is great and the people that work there are quite interesting; it adds to to the ambiance. I love talking to them about the movies. The place is really charming and I hope it continues to thrive. I like when they have the filmmakers there; adds to the class. Thanks so much for being in the neighborhood.

Review №86

Terrific movie selections- indi, foreign, festivals and some big Hollywood releases. Lots of parking. Homemade goodies, freshly brewed coffee and popcorn w real butter!

Review №87

Always so nice! They have the best selection of movies and snacks! Where else can you watch a movie and have a slice of cake?!

Review №88

It was good experience watching movie in an individual theater after long time. The seats were comfortable and sound systems was good too. The theatre is on busy road, so for new person like me, would be a bit tricky to figure out entry and exit of parking.

Review №89

Local favorite. Easy parking. Very reasonable prices.

Review №90

Great place to catch a movie without the headache of going to the Mall. Also homemade baked goods at the snack bar is always great!!

Review №91

We loved the service. The employees are so courteous and polite

Review №92

An older theater thats cheaper than most, and offers more at the concession stand, but wont blow you away in terms of sound system or screen quality.

Review №93

Always a goid experience. Theatres are small but comfortable. Keep this in mind if you are going to a very popular movie. It may get sold out or you will have to sit up close.

Review №94

Quaint, small theater, old school feel..

Review №95

Wonderful smaller theater. Has a more personal vibe than the large chains

Review №96

Its pretty nice and they put real butter on the popcorn. Everything is a good price too

Review №97

Great place to see indie and foreign films!

Review №98

Friendly staff and great movie selection. Fair prices and awesome theatre snack options.

Review №99

My absolute favorite movie theater to go to. They have home made baked goods at the concessions stand, coffee, tea, soft drinks, popcorn with real melted butter and vegan and gluten free options. The staff is genuinely friendly!

Review №100

Love this theater! The prices are very reasonable, the staff is friendly and accommodating and the theaters are clean. With an older crowd, the theater goers tend to be respectful, quiet and appreciative of the rights of others. This makes for a great night at the theater!

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