Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza
100 S Mall Arterial, Albany, NY 12242, United States

Review №1

Its such a beautiful spot to walk around at night! One of my favorite things to do is to grab a drink around town and just sit and chat with friends at the plaza. Even in the summer, its fairly quiet and people are generally respectful. The cute baby ducks are an added bonus

Review №2

I have always loved going to the plaza since I was a child to now being an adult. Not too many people remember when they had wooden playgrounds and the wooden pieces all over, now they have removed most of them...anyway, great place for different festivals and events or even just to visit and see the sunset.

Review №3

Awesome 4th of July celebration. Free parking in the garage and food vendors all over the place. Very well organized. Plenty of restrooms and cooling stations. Had a band playing and fun activities. Totally worth the drive. The fireworks went on for a very long time. Looks like we will take the family every year.

Review №4

If you are going to the NYS Museum (a fantastic place), be certain to take in the view from the top of the Corning Tower. You can find it either off the lower concourse, or off the outside concourse. It is free and you will get great views to the north, east, and south. The layout of the tower doesnt let you see west. The new food court on the lower concourse offers some great choices at reasonable prices.

Review №5

Beautiful #publicspace to wander through. Its eerily quiet though, seems like most people are underground and dont venture to the street level.There are also a bunch of food trucks near the #Capitol that open shop around lunchtime. Some interesting and well priced options are on offer.

Review №6

Its nice to know where my state tax money is being wasted. I dont even live in the Empire State, but I work in the state and I have to pay taxes to a state I dont even live in. But I admit the architecture is beautiful. I just wish they didnt build all this to waste tax payers money.

Review №7

Was kind of disappointed. Capitol of New York I thought there would be more cool stuff to look at or visit but nothing and snapped a few pictures of buildings and statues.

Review №8

This Place was Very Enjoyable. Reminded me of a small version of the Empire State Building in NYC! View from the Top is Awesome and its all Free! Make Sure to Visit the Gift Shop Underground !!!

Review №9

Gorgeous use of open spaces. The state offices are constructed of a simple, banausic elegance. The Egg certainly catches the eye! :)

Review №10

You can see the Empire Plaza, the Egg, and also the New York State Museum nearby. The museum shows the history of Albany, the beautiful rocks from the Adirondacks, the lifestyles of New York in the 19th and the 20th centuries, the Red Indian cultures and so on.

Review №11

I highly recommend stopping by here if youre through the Albany region. Lots to see in the museum and the concourse. Great concept with the buildings and everything. And it doesnt cost anything to tour the location.

Review №12

So much to see and do, great destination for the whole family

Review №13

Interesting Plaza. Im not a big fan of modern architecture and this place has a lot of it. Looks like a scene from Judge Dredd film or Soviet block capitol. The bright spot is the early American capitol building.

Review №14

Proud to be a New Yorker ,Empire park is strong and big, beautiful and FREE!! Museum is awesome , free as well!

Review №15

Spent a couple hours checking out the public art sculptures and monuments on the Plaza for a school project but could easily have stayed all day. They are all so interesting and different. Will be back soon.

Review №16

We were in the area after office hours, so we didnt go inside the Capitol Building but enjoyed the lovely views in the plaza. Ducks napping in the reflecting pools, assorted colorful flowers, people walking their dogs, a guy zipping around on his motorized skateboard, an exercise class being held on one of the many lawns, the beautiful architecture, and of course the INY structure (perfect for cheesy tourists pics). Perfect 80° weather made for an enjoyable stroll.

Review №17

It’s an okay place, but it’s home to some incredibly bland architecture compared to the Statehouse on the northern end.

Review №18

Nice place to see all the workers well dressed, also the I love NY sign its here. Its really on the center of the city, just a few steps away from the museum and the capitol. If you come to Albany you shoulf visit this place.

Review №19

Love this food court wish they reopen already miss there food there not happy they closed

Review №20

Had a great time at the somos gala here

Review №21

This is a beautiful area. The water is lovely.Ducks have made it a wonderful haven. Have a seat on a bench and enjoy the surroundings.Striking office buildings line the rippling water..Take photos at the I LOVE NYsign with larger than life-size letters.The grand Capitol building graces the entire historical area.If you have not visited, make plans to do so.Be a part of this history

Review №22

Great place to spend the day, museum and Corning Tower observation deck and a great choices for places to eat

Review №23

Wonderful spring day with lovely walking views!

Review №24

Somber and elegant granite buildings skirt a spacious plaza. Picturesque views to surrounding Albany.

Review №25

Beautiful place to hang out and take some pictures. When I visited it was the first time at this location and city. I love the architecture and the there wasn’t many people at all so there was lots of room just to hang out and sit wherever you like. Perfect place to do some photography and enjoy a day relaxing if you have some extra time.

Review №26

A must for lovers of modern architecture. Smaller than I was expecting but very impressive.

Review №27

Beautiful during the night time. You can see the buildings reflection on the water. Pretty neat!

Review №28

This is an amazing place to visit. This entire plaza look stunning: a huge water pool in the center of the plaza, a historical and modern buildings across the water, a futuristic Egg - all of those make a statement. An observation deck is a bit hidden from the public eye but the view is great nevertheless.

Review №29

Went to a free concert in the summer. I had a great time. There was plenty of food and music. The design and architecture of the buliding is pretty modern. Was a pretty hip spot to hang out at.

Review №30

Right angles everywhere. Acoustic nightmare. The relentless force of abstraction imposed upon the earth. Possibly a theological project. We know it had a beginning. When can we discuss its end? That said... Humanity persists in emerging in the cracks. they have a great farmers market. There are some beautiful fountains and gardens on the Swan street side. The Rubber Park is one of Albanys best playgrounds. The woman who organizes Plaza events is a hero of Albany! And, you cant beat the sunrise over the Hudson on a foggy spring or fall morning viewed from the east side of the plaza!

Review №31

Nice place. Inside is clean . Staff is helpful. Went here for CUNY action day for the first time. By the way there are many stairs.

Review №32

Perfect spot for an afternoon stroll. The plaza is massive with fountains and gorgeous architecture/scenery in any direction you look.

Review №33

A very impressive plaza, and definitely the highlight of Albany for tourists. Well worth a visit, even if a short one.

Review №34

One of the best spots in Albany for wandering around on a sunny afternoon. Be sure to take the elevator up to the observation deck in Corning Tower!

Review №35

I always enjoy visiting the state museum. Parking under the plaza for for $5.00 at the Visitor V lot was easy. FYI the museum is closed on Mondays.The merry go round is must see!

Review №36

Absolutely gorgeous plaza. It looks like a world capital. The story is that Rockefeller was embarrassed by the Albany skyline when he hosted the queen of the Netherlands and gave her a tour of the former Dutch colony while he was governor. She seemed unimpressed. So Rockefeller invested to build some grandiose in Albany with the plaza, which is mainly office space for the state government and various museums. It truly is a state wonder and is very imposing.

Review №37

A very nice plaza, though perhaps there could be some more color and greenery and less concrete.

Review №38

NYS museum is fun and highly educational place. It has the added benefit of a childrens zone for Science and Technology that is Interactive and loads of fun. Bring the kids and plan to stay the afternoon because there is plenty to do and see.

Review №39

This place is simply amazing. I was blown away by the architecture. Whoa

Review №40

Great family atmosphere.

Review №41

Government building. Alot of history here and the building show it off.

Review №42

Nice to see historical architecture in the capital building and surrounding area as wellGreat day to have a rally yea!

Review №43

Good place to visit if you ever around Albany NY

Review №44

Good place to go for a walk, You can go to the top of the corning Tower for an amazing view!

Review №45

Went there for advocacy day. Very cleanTook awhile to get through security. Accessible parking was difficult.

Review №46

This place is just the great of Albany. Its beautiful for pictures, weddings, walks with the one you love. Is amazing at night.

Review №47

This is a huge complex that combines the old state capitol buildings with a modern shopping mall. This is very convenient for all the political staff and visitors that come to the capitol for various reasons. Its a must see for anyone interested in New York history and the seat of state government.

Review №48

Great job do construction companies in renovation and actually employability increase visual. even counties buildings have now scanning post like getting into such high security buildings....apparently after unpleasant incidents when security guards was physically abusing, pushing into elevator during the battle with the local CPS...Jeffrey Kennedy got scarred...hahaha...and others...SHAME ON YOU ALL....forgiven never...the same like any troops are not forgetting ever...

Review №49

Stark: grey cement buildings with zero splashes of color, except for the Executive Building which is gorgeous. Theres easy access under a covered overpass for buses, so limited exposure to winter weather. Elevators are always crowded with lost advocates and interns - take the stairs. Wear comfortable shoes - the buildings are huge, so lots of walking. Food choices are extremely limited and mostly fast food (hint: theres a quieter coffee area near the well in the basement). One caveat: nowhere to get coffee late afternoon and long lines at security which is TSA level - keep the large bags and metal items at home and bring I/D.

Review №50

Good parking. NYS State Museum and other facilities provide excellent experiences. Nice to visit.

Review №51

What a treasure of a museum. I Have visited there often since I was a boy and love taking my family there as an adult. There certainly is something for everyone. Its an absolute fantastic place to visit.

Review №52

An island City in the city of Albany. Waiting for a new fitness center!!! Enjoy the weekly farmers market. Great relaxing amount a solidly decent collection of known Works of Art. The information and ticket office has wonderful staff, too! Still a fortess of design like the city of Jerusalem..yet the entire spectrum of neighborhood demographics active partake and use this plaza.

Review №53

Nice spot to sit and relax during a road trip. The state is spending lots of moolah to make this a spot a destination place, and its working. However, I still wonder if all that money could have been spent elsewhere. But, I digress, thats a conversation for another day.I enjoyed the plaza. I was on the road for 11 hours, while traversing the North-East. So, arriving here and having such beautiful architecture as feast for my eyes and mind was a delightful :)

Review №54

Such a cool place to visit, for both adults and kids alike (especially, since its right near the NYS Museum). Lots of amazing art and cool spots to check out. I would highly recommend it, for anyone, especially, those new to or touring the city, looking to get an idea of the richness it has to offer.

Review №55

Nice plaza. Must have been quite expensive to build. Good for an evening walk.

Review №56

OMG I fell in love with this place wish I could have went upstairs to see what the place really looks like since the bottom floor was absolutely heavenly

Review №57

This was my first time in Albany and visiting this complex. There are several buildings that include a library, museum, and a food court. On the day I visited they also had an indoor market with farm fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as baked goods and a wonderful variety of artisanal hand made offerings. The museum was very educational and assissted with learning about the history of New York State and NYC. The 9/11 exhibit was an emotional experience for this reviewer. At the entrance is a collection box for whatever you decide this experience may be worth to you since it is admission to this museum. Take the time and explore this wonderful destination. Enjoy!

Review №58

Probably way too much in taxpayer dollars but its a forever destination for us to enjoy.

Review №59

The most architecturally perplexing sight in Albany. Lots of modern art installations, if you can call that art. The windiest spot in town, especially around Corning Tower. The UFO aka the Egg is interesting. The underground concourse runs the length of the plaza and has just about everything you need. Great spot, an absolute must-see if you are driving through town and have never been. Highly recommended. Visit it!

Review №60

It is a pretty place thought feels a bit to cookie cutter to me

Review №61

I like the scenery, it looks nice at night. One of my favorite places to take a walk to at night. I wish they would leave fountain on at night.

Review №62

Visited so many times over the years, but always feels fresh and lively.

Review №63

Whatever the political implications or origins of the Rockefeller plaza, today it is a free and accessible resource for anyone to visit and enjoy, young or old, rich or poor, curious or restless, you can explore and run and climb around on and learn about our diverse heritage and culture in this region, as well as visit the state offices of many of our elected officials. So whether you are age 2 or 65, there is exploration, learning and activism possible here. This is the best legacy of Rockefeller, to promote the expression of the free, and the freedom of knowledge for those who seek it. (Dont get me started on his Blue Laws tho)

Review №64

This holds the best live free concerts in the summer every year

Review №65

Excellent place to walk around and play Pokemon Go.

Review №66

The Egg may well be the best use of public money in NYS history. Always a pleasure go there.

Review №67

A beautiful modern bureaucratic office complex. A nice memorial to Governor Rockefeller.

Review №68

I work in core one so this place is okay. After all it is a place where I get my paycheck so thats a good thing.

Review №69

The Empire plaza is a bit odd, but it wouldnt be accurate to say that is all. The construction of the buildings is beautiful and the grandeur definitely gives you the sense that you are at the heart of The Empire, I mean, New York. Grand views lead out to the river, while the State Museum and Library provide an unparalleled view of the State Capital. Go check it out for all its odd beauty and more.

Review №70

Awesome show. MSG.

Review №71

Beautiful and historical

Review №72

Has fountains in the middle, makes for a great place to sit. Theres a museum across the street and 2 parks across either side of the streets.

Review №73

It was nice for my first time going. I really enjoyed the environment too. Will definitely go again.

Review №74

Love the plaza! Great events offered here throughout the year.

Review №75

Visited on a rally wish I could have stayed longer very nice place

Review №76

Great going to the state captitol to see our elected officials. Learn history and see the great things upstate has to offer

Review №77

Good service area. The bathrooms are clean. You can get things at affordable prices while on journey.

Review №78

Underrated architectural achievement.

Review №79

This is a great place in the warmer months but in the winter they block off a lot of the entrances and eggs that make it hard to use even if the weather is good

Review №80

Beautiful place for the family to visit while at the museum

Review №81

Beautiful historic downtown Albany. Visiting home from Charlotte NC

Review №82

A Tribute to a Great Governor.Kaiser Lexie and RNAMASTE

Review №83

As the statement piece of Albany, ya know the capital of the Great State of New York this complex is architecturally beautiful. But thats it. Not much to offer unless you hold conferences or are a state worker. Yeah its got a skating ring, food and retail shops and the museum is attached to it but the rest of the surrounding area has nothing to offer. You either got parking garages or abandon buildings. Some unfortunate homeless people walking around looking for warmth. Thats it though. If your just coming to see the structure for its architecture then yeah its a sight to see but its under construction now and forever will be. Stuff is always breaking on it.

Review №84

Great place to hang out...lovely colonnade below including places to eat and certain times of the year enjoy what the vendors have to offer.. Exceptional Talent!

Review №85

The fun place to just walk around or in the summer to catch one of their many free concerts

Review №86

There for a Conference. Its huge. The only downfall was the food places were closed during a CONFERENCE...(Who does that?), except for a Quaint Deli. Great for the Deli, but Not so Great for those of us who had to wait on an extremely long line just to get in to order our food. It was DELICIOUS and a much Better Choice than the Fast Food Joint with a Yellow M as its business logo further down the corridor. FYI CONFERENCE CENTER: Not all Coffee is EQUAL... The Deli should be able to sell their Coffee ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

Review №87

Great place and museum. Theres a good exhibition on the 911 tragedy and good information on New York state. Best thing is thats its complimentary. Great place to bring kids to learn about the state history. Beautiful architecture and easily accessible from the city. Some great view of Albany.

Review №88

I go to this place to visit the museum. I loved the museum and admission is free!

Review №89

Went to lobby for quality health care. Beautiful. Met black amd latino legislators. God is good. Will come again

Review №90

It was amazing we were there for 1199 rally to stop cuts from Medicaid can cuts that they want to do senior citizen hospitals and nursing homes

Review №91

A beautiful place day or night. Special events done here regularly.

Review №92

Always love the plaza! There is something special about going there at night!

Review №93

Here they care about people they try to assist and they really personalized the information to fit your needs and try their best to solve your problem they go above and beyond the call of duty service with a smile need help this is the place to go 1st

Review №94

Its really cool and really well maintained. Also everyone who works here or around here are really friendly.

Review №95

Its a good place but on a saturday there is nothing to do..even on google it says its open nothing was open i dont know why though. And also alot of food places werent open or they closes 12pm.Other then that its a nice place.

Review №96

Beautiful ace and Marvelous View for clicking Pictures

Review №97

MTA lobby Day each year n opp.

Review №98

This state family friendly Location is always tidy with working clean restrooms. Always check their website for events and hours in advance.

Review №99

OMG, I am sooo glad I dont work here anymore. I should have left years ago. Dont let the golden shackles keep you miserable!

Review №100

Abstract expressionist art in the concourse lobby of the Corning Tower: Hartigan, Mitchell, Kline, Motherwell, Rothko, Still, and Pollock.

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