Proctor Landing Park
5260 Proctor Landing NW, Acworth, GA 30101, United States

Review №1

Grass hasnt been cut,limbs and pine cones littered the paths to the picnic tables. Trash on ground. Sidewalks and paths need to be blown off .over grown brush between fenced in area has literally been forgotten about along time ago.

Review №2

Nice, not crowded, good family oriented space

Review №3

Great little park, lots of happy people just enjoying the day with family and friends, swimming and playing volleyball

Review №4

Very cute park in Acworth. Has a cute peninsula used for fishing but it was fun to walk on. $10 parking though is the only negative

Review №5

Great park. Costs 10 dollars cash and closes at 9 on the dot

Review №6

We went on labor day weekend it was Full of people peaceful, relaxed. We have fun

Review №7

Nice swimming area, picnic tables shade, dirty bathroom, though it was busy for labor day, $10 parking fee

Review №8

I love to take my wife to the nice beach there while I fish from the pier. It also a nice place to picnic. I think that theres an admission fee of $3 - 5 but its worth it. Today, the park was 6 ft under water.

Review №9

Awesome experience with great staff

Review №10

Love the little beach side, fun for everyone

Review №11

It is a great place to take your family? ,

Review №12

I had so much fun.

Review №13

Peaceful most of the time. I enjoy myself

Review №14

This is a beautiful Lake to take your family for a day in the sun. A inexpensive day vacation not far from home. Areas for picnicking and Sandy areas for laying out or sitting or playing in and near the water. Grills and picnic tables everywhere.Just a awesome place to go if you love sun,sand, and making memories.

Review №15

Very nice park. Spacious and you can grill there

Review №16

Its like a man made beach but its a nice place to take your family for a day. I would suggest watching your kids closely though when theyre in the water its very easy for them to slip past the yellow barrier. So please watch them other than that its a nice place

Review №17

Nice quiet place to chill with the family

Review №18

Family and kids Friendly park.

Review №19

Great place to relax and have a good time with family.

Review №20

We were having a 18 year old tradition at this park on yesterday and was broken up by the police. We werent doing anything wrong when they came. Just eating and listening to music enjoying our family. They begin asking for id and checking peoples coolers for alcohol just out of nowhere. My fiances family is jamaican. They told us our music was aggressive. Nothing about our music or us was aggressive. We were simply having a family reunion. We paid 10 bucks a car to get in. We didnt get our money back. I definitely felt this was racist. Which terrified us. It ruined our day and was a waste of money.

Review №21

Small, semi secluded area.

Review №22

It has shaded picnic places, some close to the water. It has a beach. Good views. On the negative it is $5/car to get in and the bathroom building is old and beat up. The fee can be seen as a good thing in that it is less likely to get over-crowded.

Review №23

Nice place to have a picnic. 2 very large group shelters,nice beach ️

Review №24

Clean, quite, family friendly beach on the lake. $5.00 entry fee. Note there is no place to rinse the sand off your feet when your leaving.

Review №25

Beautiful views right on the lake with a small beach on the water, plenty of grilling stations & pavilions, volleyball pit & more. Only thing is Im used to a couple flies at a picnic but this was an insane amount of flies swarming around even before the food was out.

Review №26

Great place to enjoy.Very clean and beautiful landscape.

Review №27

Always my favorite spot to go enjoy a beautiful day usually never packed

Review №28

Im really torn over this place. Ive lived right up there street from proctor landing beach for 20 years. Ive seen an increase of people who dont care about the beach, about other people, about the environment slow grow. Its mainly on the weekends and holidays. Just yesterday I walked through the park with my youngest daughter. We saw attest 3 dirty dipers and allot of trash left behind by the visitors. It is just ashame that people are that way. The place itself is awesome. Im so lucky to have bought my house there. The people that are stationed there to manage the beach are always great. A big thank you to them.

Review №29

This location has a cute little beach and picnic tables. The problem is families that bring jet skis to this area and are not cautious of the children playing in the water. When I was there there was a Yahoo riding his jet ski backwards, he was sitting on the seat backwards and gunning around the water like a crazy person,. it was so dangerous we left the area shortly after we got there. Not sure I will go there again.

Review №30

It is great! When we pulled in, there was a nice older couple that sat in the booth up front where you pay admission ($5) and well they just were very friendly and helpful. You could tell they were happy to be there. But I digress, it is a lovely area to picnic, swim and just have a lazy day with friends and family. Whats more is just how clean it is! That really makes a big difference. It is a bit crowded on the weekends but can you blame them?? ️

Review №31

Beautiful park and beach! Family friendly picnic and swimming areas.

Review №32

Loved it, no one was there, Lol! To be fair it was a cool day, but still loved it, my first time there.

Review №33

Nice local beach with plenty of tables and grills.

Review №34

Pretty small. The bathrooms are not close to the little beach. There is also quite a bit of trash in the sand but I blame people for that.

Review №35

Beautiful place, did not like Police harrassment

Review №36

Kinda seems like a lot of trashy folks on the banks when I went by one Saturday. So if youre trashy this is the perfect place for you!

Review №37

Nice Beach, cant use own grill.

Review №38

Really well kept area. Its less busy than most of the other areas of the park.

Review №39

Wow this place is dirty. I was expecting it to be dirty but this place has no pride of their land. Nasty I didnt want to get in water where random diapers and trash were floating these looked like theyve been there a while. Certainly not worth 10 dollars to park

Review №40

Awesome little beach! Great place for family fun. $10 (per car) gets you in to park and theres no other charges.

Review №41

Great Lake location for all activities...

Review №42

Always beautiful

Review №43

It was amazing it is great for birthday parties and cook outs

Review №44

Amazing little find. I have family coming to visit I cant wait to share this new place with them. Beautiful, cozy, fun

Review №45

We love coming here

Review №46

Nice place to swim and let kids play in the sand

Review №47

Great park on Lake Allatoona

Review №48

Very helpful and informative staff, clean park with volleyball net next to lake, a beach, picnic tables, and overnight RV parking. The lake water was brown and appeared to be muddy. It may be better for fishing than swimming.

Review №49

Very peaceful, bathroom and picnic tables.

Review №50

Ok but needs work,somebody needs to do real work and up date it.A PARK WITH BROKEN BENCHES!

Review №51

I love it but they should have access for handicapped..

Review №52

Fun spot, but $10 is ridiculous. Go from $5 to $10? You couldve gone slowly.

Review №53

This is a nice, small park. Its a little odd because you have to drive through a subdivision to get to it but the homes in the area are nice.If you dont live in the Acworth city limits, there is a $5 per car fee for parking.The swim area has geese in the summer and they will make a mess. But they are friendly and not afraid of people.

Review №54

Nice beach at Lake Allatoona, no lifeguard. Picnic tables and grills available. VERY reasonable cost to park.

Review №55

Mostly good experience. This is a tiny park with many things packed inside. There is a nice beach area with swimming, plenty of picnic areas with grills and tables, some trails, a few pavilions, a restroom with 3 stalls and 2 sinks.Things the city can do something about: The restroom stall dividers are broken which made the doors not close and the water fountain in front of the restrooms doesnt dispense anything. Poison Ivy is everywhere.Observation that cant change: Even though the views are gorgeous you can hear the traffic from 41 and 75. I can hear trains too but I dont mind.

Review №56

Peaceful. Nice Views.

Review №57

Got together with family for my uncles birthday. It was hot, it rained, it was awesome!

Review №58

Had a great time in my rowboat

Review №59

Nice quiet beach spot. Lots of bbq areas. Bathrooms were quite nasty though

Review №60

Nice camping area, large well constructed pavilions and a really nice lake

Review №61

Good Place but they need to fix the water pole (shower)

Review №62

Just keep swimming, love it

Review №63

Great place to get outside and get away from the concrete jungle!

Review №64

The bathroom is no clean as should be and no igenic paper

Review №65

Awesome weekend with BSA trainingI look forward to visiting again

Review №66

This place is great to go and hang out and get together and enjoy the day.

Review №67

Good place!

Review №68

None of the toilets flush.

Review №69

Nice park, boat activity isnt terrible (like Dallas Beach) and water is warm and clear.

Review №70

Perfect place for the summer!!!

Review №71

Had our classic car club annual picnic here. Deducted a star because our picnic pavilion had not been cleaned of goose droppings

Review №72

Everything was fine expect the dog poop at the edge of the water and I mean a lot of it. Gross

Review №73

My relaxing place...I love going there...

Review №74

A very beautiful place to spend time with loved ones.

Review №75

Great place for the whole family, easy access to water as well as bathrooms. Get there early to get a pinic bench and grill..

Review №76

Nice boat ramp

Review №77

The bathroom was very nasty today & the grounds were not cleaned up..Grass needed to be cut...

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Review №79

5 stars for the park: Great park - very nice beach, picnic areas, grills, volleyball, etc. My husband and I have a kayak and enjoy going to grill out and also kayak around in the lake there. Very convenient and only $5.00 to get in.2 stars for the folks at the entrance: They have been rude the times that we visited - emphasizing the fact that they shut the gate promptly at 9pm. I completely understand the need to close in a timely manner, but they could be more friendly about it. Once when we were there we were pulling out at 8:45pm, and the gate was closed and locked with no one in sight. We had to go and knock on the hosts camper to let us out, which of course they were not happy about - But they locked the gate earlier than they had told us. The next time we came (around 5pm) the man again rudely emphasized the closing time, even saying if we werent out on time that he would call the trooper. This was very unnecessary as we gave no indication that we wouldnt be out on time.Overall, we have enjoyed our times at Proctor Landing, but feel that they could improve their hosts.

Review №80

Very nice!

Review №81

Love going here always a good time

Review №82

Beautiful park and I always enjoy visiting.

Review №83

Great place to cook out and swim and kayak

Review №84

Great time

Review №85

Nice place

Review №86

This park is alright, but the bathrooms are disgusting people there leave toilet paper stacked on the floor and every time we go there there is at least one toilet that is clogged and doesn’t work apart from that there is usually business in the toilet along with a lot of toilet paper just sitting there in the one that usually doesn’t work which is just disgusting to smell the sinks don’t work and have a little drip of water coming down of each one

Review №87

Great day use area

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Review №89

Good place

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Review №91

Wish more ppl knew abt it

Review №92

Really nice place

Review №93

Love this place

Review №94

Not allowed to hang hammocks.

Review №95

Chill place to take the family fir a swim on the beach

Review №96

Cute little beach​

Review №97

Huge beach. Bathroom lines were very long.

Review №98

Very nice park for family

Review №99

Very clean and the people that run it are very friendly

Review №100

Loved it

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  • Address:5260 Proctor Landing NW, Acworth, GA 30101, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 770-917-1234
  • Tourist attraction
  • Park
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–9pm
  • Tuesday:8am–9pm
  • Wednesday:8am–9pm
  • Thursday:8am–9pm
  • Friday:8am–9pm
  • Saturday:8am–9pm
  • Sunday:8am–9pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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