Logan Farm Park
4405 Cherokee St, Acworth, GA 30101, United States

Review №1

An Amazing Park that is vast and has plenty of walking trails! Perfect for picnics, walks, biking, running, you name it, you can do it. Theres two playgrounds, and a water feature, which is nice and relaxing. Just a short walk from the Recreational center too, which I love!

Review №2

Great park! Playground, is fantastic! Walking track is nice. Plenty of parking!The area seems very safe, and well be back!

Review №3

Great park for toddlers up, the playground has a toddler side and an older kid section. If the primary park is too packed for your liking, just take the trail over the small bridge and the older park is still over there to enjoy.

Review №4

Love the play area.. My almost 2 year old goes on the big slides and enjoys all of the swings

Review №5

The improvements and expansion made to the park over the last couple years are amazing! Very large, open park with playground, walk/run track, trails, and more. Just beautiful. Love this location.

Review №6

Nice clean Park! Awesome playground for the kids. Wide open field for whatever. Nice large Pavilion and Minnie swinging benches around the park. Definitely recommend this parked to any family or if youre looking have a nice little birthday party this would be a great Park.

Review №7

My son and I love this park. I love the book exchange cubby they have too.

Review №8

Very nice playground area. Open area for playing ball or whatever. Track is nice. Very clean area. Would love to visit again!

Review №9

Fantastic park, has 3 different areas all with their own feel to them. One has a very nice play ground and huge open field, the other is like walking down a shady enchanted woods, the last is a water fountain with more trails and a big open field. Also just sitting on a bench looking around feels like your in a classic small town.

Review №10

Nice large space to play. Long walking trails to walk on. And a very nice playground for the kiddos

Review №11

Nice park that is managed well. Clean bathrooms and it has lot of great paths to walk on although they arent really in a loop of any kind with mile markers. Not a big deal as you can always use a personal tracker to keep track of miles and steps.

Review №12

This park is where me and my niece would ride bikes and walk. Many great weekends were spent here. A wonderful park with a good amount of up keep. Would recommend to anyone looking to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Review №13

Loved the paved paths, freshly trimmed grass, paths through the woods and the brush was cut back. I will def be back. Lots of parking lots to choose from and clean, public bathrooms. There were 2 little bridges that went over a small creek and spots to even put a blanket out and have a picnic there if you wanted to. I really did like this place. Great if you have kids as there is play equipment throughout. Huge fields for soccer, kickball, baseball....and anything else you can do in a large grassy field.

Review №14

This a great, quiet park to take a walk,.picnic, or bring the family. We like the swings and trails that were very well made. The park is in downtown Acworth. No parking fee or tickets needed. Walking distance to Acworth shops and dinning.

Review №15

Great Park. My family and I tend to go to the older playground because it tends to be less crowded? but tje new play ground is great.

Review №16

Logan Park is not only one of my kids fav park but mine as well. The play ground there is so nice. The walking trails are wonderful and very easy for all ages!!

Review №17

Nice and quite park with a very nice trail! Great play area with a lot to do if you have kids. Love going here with the family.

Review №18

Beautiful park in a rapidly revamping area. Its a nice place and a quick walk from the main street. Most importantly I feel safe here in the daytime.

Review №19

Wonderful great walk everybody doing there best to keep distancing

Review №20

Very nice park... Lots of paved walking trails and open spaces for kids and dogs

Review №21

Good walking trail. Plenty of amenities. Within walking distance of old town Acworth. Great for Pokemon Go

Review №22

Very beautiful place to take a walk let you babies play.

Review №23

Such a Beautiful Park. Love to see all the kids playing and Dogs being walked around the park.

Review №24

Places totally awesome plenty of room for bike riding jogging picked up probably around 200 pecans from the mini mini pecan trees on the property loved it playground was really good

Review №25

First time to this park and I enjoyed it very much! Great park with walking trails and plenty of playgrounds for the kids.

Review №26

Awesome Builder who designed the layout! I love the fact that the playground is fenced in, which helps with the little ones. There are dog areas all through out as well as a picnic and bqq pit. Whats really nice is the walking trails and water fountain in the center!

Review №27

Its a very nice park.. Great playground for kids and a very nice walking track..

Review №28

My kids love this playground! And I love it too. They can be here for hours playing with different things and making new friends.

Review №29

It was big and roomy, and has awesome things there that no other park has.

Review №30

Great park in more ways than one. This is where we celebrated my lovely daughters 1st birthday. I highly recommend having a party here. Make sure you follow the rules and actually reserve the pavilion!

Review №31

This park is fun. My daughter enjoys the playground.

Review №32

I always like to visit this park. The atmosphere is awesome and the kids love to play there!!

Review №33

Great walking park. Friendly to on leash animals. Nice playground. Bathrooms. Farmers market Friday mornings.

Review №34

Family friendly park. Highly recommended.

Review №35

Great new playground! Theres two play structures, one for smaller kids and another for bigger kids. Theres several spider like climbing webs, lots of slides, swings (including 2 person swings!), a nice walking or jogging path and a ton of open green space. The bathroom is close and clean. Plenty of parking. Theres a covered pavilion still under construction too. We enjoyed it so much and will definitely be back!

Review №36

Great updated park/playground. There are plenty of options for play equipment. Special swings and mommy n me swings. Benches for adults. A 3 story play climber and rope climbing tree. Only down side needs more shade, equipment is super hot during peak suntimes.

Review №37

A great place to have a meeting. Attended the Cobb Chamber of Commerce Northwest Council and had an excellent speaker Kit Cummings.

Review №38

Very nice park. Love to get a good walk or run in. Not to crowded which is a good thing right now.

Review №39

Absolutely beautiful scenery and lovely park.

Review №40

Great walking/biking paths and trails with several benches and swings as well as a nice fountain along the way. Nicely landscaped. Uncrowded.

Review №41

Great place to take a walk with your dog!

Review №42

Great trails, nice open spaces, and several playgrounds for different ages. One thing... play grounds have wood chips. Otherwise, this place is a must visit!!

Review №43

Great Place to bring your kids and family. It has a tremendous beautiful Community Center as well as a beautiful Park. Has a wonderful little walking trail. the people here are absolutely incredible and will do anything to help with a community. We visit here very often. Very safe and beautiful neighborhood right beside downtown

Review №44

This place is great. A nice sized playground, and a decent length trail. Great for laps. Plus its right next to Downtown Acworth. Its pretty, and well kept. My family and I look forward to making this a regular spot for ourselves.

Review №45

Its a beautiful park on a lovely day!

Review №46

Really clean park and nice playground just needs more shade for the parents and kids

Review №47

Beautiful venue for families and friends.

Review №48

Awesome place! Great grassy areas, walking trails, and playgrounds. Everyone was social distancing, too.

Review №49

This is an awesome park that Ive been frequenting for 4 years. First I would come with my dog. The trails are paved and go through woods and fields with a mix of shade and sun. Then I had a baby and would come for stroller rides/walks. And now that I have a toddler, we use the new playground. It opened in 2017 and has a fenced playground with one side for toddlers, the other side for school aged children. My son loves the slides and swings, and Ive seen older kids (8-12) enjoy the new climbing elements of the park. I think the playground equipment of this park encourages kids to run and play. I see more sweaty, laughing, and running kids here than I do at most parks, which is exactly what its there for. There are bathrooms and picnic pavillions and ample parking. For anyone who likes to walk and/or has kids, I recommend they come check out this nice new park.

Review №50

Drew for an event here. Very nice venue, spacious ,and perfwct for any private party.

Review №51

The whole family loves this park! Always clean and everything is in great condition. Plenty of awesome things for the kids to play on (and adults too)! Large areas to walk, ride bikes, or just play in the fields.

Review №52

Attended a Board of Aldermen meeting here. This is a nice, spacious facility

Review №53

Great place to take the family. Awesome playground and great path for walking running or biking. Also a great field for outdoor play. The downside is a friend of mine had their car window busted and something stolen. So beware of the time of day you go make sure there are lots of people around. Maybe the park can provide some security as well.

Review №54

Even with all the social distancing this was a fun little park to take a walk or a bike ride through. Right in downtown Acworth I definitely would say this is a staple of the community and worth checking out! In close proximity to the new Rec center as well!

Review №55

Beautiful park. Hadnt been there in a few years. Enjoyed the walk.

Review №56

Nice tranquil bike trails and playground for children

Review №57

Great open park for walking or playing games.

Review №58

Nice place to bring the kids. Hiking trails and playground.

Review №59

Kids loved playing at the park

Review №60

Cute little area, great for morning walks

Review №61

Walking trails and nice playgrounds.I took my 3-year old grandson here for a morning of activity, and we had a ball. His balance bike was perfect for the walking trails around the park and through the woods on the paved connector trails. After we did 2.5 miles, checked out a couple of smaller play areas and took a potty break in the clean restrooms, we headed to the large playground. The slides are the highlight, while he also loved the swings. We stayed 10-12, and he was still going full-throttle with energy and fun. The new (2017) 15-acrr addition added more parking and that huge new playground where we spent lots of time. FYI, my activity tracker map in the photos shows our hiking route, though we didnt take the trail across Cherokee Street due to construction.

Review №62

Very good park. Not too busy.

Review №63

Small but quality Farmers Market on Fridays, extended thru November. They are careful with social distancing.

Review №64

This is the best park!

Review №65

Beautiful Park with a little bit of everything. Playground, trails, wide open space, creek, bridges and wooded areas.

Review №66

We and our kids have enjoyed this park for a while. Weve come here to let our kids play as well as to celebrate the new year and July forth. However we have had many problems during the day with bullies hurting our and other smaller kids and when we address the parents, they are dismissive or downright verbally belligerent. So we had to resort to only taking our kids there in the evenings when the park is mostly empty. There is nobody there to help deal with problematic kids or problematic parents.

Review №67

Love Logan Field Park!!! Great place for exercising, walking your dog, gathering with friends. Acworth is fortunate to have this for its residents and anyone who wishes to use the park.

Review №68

Best park around! Truly has everything, great safe playground with huge slides, walking trails, grassy area for play. Our go to park!

Review №69

Excellent park. My grandson loves the kids area there. I recommend.

Review №70

Clean and Safe

Review №71

Enjoy walking here! everyone keeps at least six feet apart.

Review №72

The second time I been here. Its pretty peaceful.

Review №73

Great place to go for a walk, run or simple for the kids to play. Great trails as well

Review №74

Nice park. We went there to fish, but there were too many weeds!

Review №75

Acworth has done a great job building Logan Park. Great walking trails. Great playground. Great multi use fields. Congratulations Acworth. Thank you!!!

Review №76

We had a birthday party for our little one at the gazebo, great place to have a picnic, grill available for burgers and hot dogs. It was a bit windy, but it felt nice because it was so hot. Kids enjoyed playing at the playground, however slides were extremely hot and one child got a slide burn, so be careful. Other than that, Awesome place!

Review №77

Great park. Really nice slides.

Review №78

My daughter loves the park and always finds friends . The bathrooms are clean and the park is well taken care of and Im looking forward to the new establishments in the area that are going up . Also the community center just opened at the top of Logan Park

Review №79

One of the best playgrounds weve been to in a while

Review №80

Great area for the kids to enjoy

Review №81

This is my favorite park to take my baby walking. The grounds are very well maintained. Lots of benches/swings and trash cans all around. Nice playgrounds for the kids and plenty of paved walking paths. Theres a pavillion with picnic tables as well as a small pond with a water feature.

Review №82

Really nice place to enjoy a walk on the park throughout the shaded paved trails or ride bikes or scooters.Cool playgrounds and Their park is always clean and maintain.

Review №83

Its a giant family friendly beautiful park. I just wish they had a separate dog park as everyone doesnt clean up behind their pets; other than that Id give it 5 stars.

Review №84

Great outdoor space!

Review №85

Usually not crowded, enjoyable place to walk

Review №86

Beautiful Park! Great play area, clean bathrooms near play area. Large covered shelter, with grill and electric outlet. Loved the paved trails, especially the wooded area. Huge green space. Something for everyone. A real plus, tons of parking!

Review №87

I love what theyve done with this park and Acworth its a great place for children its a great place for families and its a great place just to go for a nice leisurely walk.

Review №88

Beautiful park with many trails

Review №89

Beautiful and spacious

Review №90

Beautiful trails and plenty of room to play. Playgrounds and scenery.

Review №91

This I my favorite park in the area. They playground is nice and my kids love it here. They have water fountains for kids and pets. They have restrooms and a nice walking trail as well. There is a big field to play in and would also be a great place to have a birthday party.

Review №92

Nice big multi use park in Acworth. Great afternoon with family.

Review №93

Beautiful, clean, quiet and tree aligned.

Review №94

Awesome place to sit and relax

Review №95

Great open fields, trails, and playgrounds to name a few!!!

Review №96

Really nice park to walk, ride bikes, scooters, play on playground.

Review №97

Love longboarding here!!

Review №98

Excellent place to walk, bike or play.

Review №99

Perfect place to hang in an open space but feel completely alone if you want to. Clean and very well-maintained

Review №100

Nice little park with a single large green space. Dont miss the great walking trail that extends in both directions from this park. The park is being upgraded as of Fall 2016 so it is only getting better.---Upgraded in Fall 2016 with a lot more green space and a fantastic playground. This park is a full 5 star quality now.

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