Leo J. Martin Memorial Golf Course
190 Park Rd, Weston, MA 02493, United States
Review №1

I might rile up some folks but wanted to put in a 5-star review on behalf of my elderly dad who loves this golf course. First, some disclaimers about my 5-stars; please minus a star if youre under 65 years old; minus another star if youre playing a competitive game, meaning youre keeping careful track of the score; minus another star if you cant bear a slow group in front of you; minus yet another star if you expect grass on the fairways; and lastly, minus a star if aeration holes on the green are a deal-breaker. My dad just moved from the NY/NJ area where hes played many courses as one of those who picked up the sport upon retirement and now spends much of his free time watching, reading and even playing golf. He met some Boston-area guys in his age group who introduced him to Leo J Martin Memorial. His impression was priceless, because it was the Twilight Zone-y other perspective to many of the negative reviews here. He was rambling on matter-of-factly about the fairways, ...what fairways? Just dirt..., and the greens, like mangy dog skin with those holes everywhere, and the overall condition, you cant play a game there, its only good for recreation (said in a whats wrong with YOU tone of voice). On the other hand, ...haha, there wasnt anyone around...none of those younger guys who give you the evil eye to hurry it up grandpa...and other old fogies give up after 9 holes and go home exhausted so you got the back nine all to yourself...nice course...Donald Ross? Oh no wonder... And the clincher, of course, ...we just couldnt believe our eyes at the final cost with a must be a price can it be that cheap? I gotta go back and see if its the real price...still cant believe it!

Review №2

Decent price for those who cant afford a Bentley and country club membership. Fairways were a tad long but for casual players not a deal breaker. Greens are in decent to good condition. Staff is very friendly. Definitely will play here again.

Review №3

Is the course in rough shape? Sure. However, its still honestly not a bad value. Its a public course in a good location. It has a free practice putting green. It has a driving range. It has 18 full length holes. The greens are predictable, if slow. The layout is actually pretty good, particularly the back nine which has some smart holes. Its priced super cheap. All in all, if you want a round of unpretentious golf and youre on a budget, Leo J is a reasonable choice. Just agree with your playing partners that fluffing your lie is ok because theres literally no fairway!

Review №4

Couldn’t distinguish fairway from rough from dirt... This course is worth 30$ w/cart in my opinion. Cheapest place around to get out and hit though. Great place to get some swings in.

Review №5

Conditions are horrible, bald spots on greens and rocks and weed on fairways everywhere. Its a shame cause the layout of the course is pretty nice. Just needed a management.

Review №6

You get what you pay for. It is really cheap to play 18 but it will not be nice as the courses that charge more. If your on a budget and just looking to hangout with friends and hit some ball then its great. If you like very well maintained course then spend 3x more at a better place

Review №7

I used to play here all the time as a kid and havent been back in years. Its in probably as bad shape as Ive ever seen it. Fairways are bare and full of crabgrass; tee boxes are uneven and bare; greens are slow as molasses. Tee boxes only have a hole number; no diagram of layout, or indication of par. No ball cleaners etc. Its too bad bad because its on a beautiful piece of land and has a decent layout, but they just need to put in a little money and care.

Review №8

Almost no grass in fairways it tee boxes. Greens had grass, but were extremely bumpy and slow. May have béen better earlier in year.

Review №9

This course is mint. Literally yucky steezz.

Review №10

Played 18 at Leo J. Martin today with a friend. Just the two of us, it was a pretty quiet day.If youre reading through the reviews and wondering if its still the way the reviews state; well it is. The fairways are occasionally indecipherable from the rough, there are a lot of areas on the course with exposed dirt and rocks, and a lot of the greens and tee boxes are in pretty rough shape.With that being said, Im not really a golfer. Its something I love to do, and have never been very good at and have not really played at that many different courses in my time golfing. Maybe a dozen different courses but Ive played many of those multiple times.. (Just adding so its clear I have golfed more than just 12 times)Anyway, for me, objectively the state of the course is only about 1/3 of the experience. The other two are the layout/how the course plays and what the customer service is like.We didnt really have much exposure to the customer service. Nothing out of the ordinary good or bad.With that being said, the course itself, barring the poor quality of the tee boxes, greens, and fairways. Was really fun and really challenging. Many holes were exceptionally long. There was a lot of woods, and a decent amount of sand traps and a lot of angles in the terrain that made for very fun and exciting play where you had to be really good at your long game, and really good with your irons in the short game.Its a long course (at least compared to what Ive done) at 6200+ yards. Walk it if you dare!To sum it up, in my opinion, this course has so much potential to be awesome and challenging, if only they could get some more grass on the tees, the greens, and the fairways. OH yeah... and in regard to challenges on the course. be extra careful about losing your balls in the woods. There is a lot of poison ivy on the edge of woods, and right through the trees in numerous areas. If you hit a ball in the woods, it is probably better to just leave it and take the stroke penalty instead of the rash penalty.Had a great day!Wish I could give it 2.5 stars..

Review №11

For the $12 twilight rate I guess Ive spent $12 on worse things.. :-(

Review №12

Its too bad that its because of the rotten virus, but because the course just opened, the greens are in great shape!

Review №13

If youre looking for the Augusta National of Newton, this is the place. Lush fairways, pro-quality tee boxes, and fast, true greens. You can tell they really take pride in the condition of the course. Great, playable track for any skill level, especially the back nine. Super easy to walk too. Definitely check it out.

Review №14

Went there recently in better shape than it was last year should be better still too expensive 4 what the course is driving range worth going to decent putting green

Review №15

The driving range at Leo J. Martin Memorial Golf Course is a great and affordable place to practice drives, irons, woods, chips, and putts. At $10 for 100 balls, golfers can get a lot of practice at a cheaper rate than other ranges. The machine accepts credit cards. The putting green is great for practicing putts and chips as the fridge on the green is well maintained. Concessions are available. Parking is abundant.

Review №16

The greens & tees are fine. The fairways need to be mowed more often. The fairways need more grass, they have a lot of bare spots. They are wasting a nice layout on workable maintenance issues.

Review №17

Literally infested by wasps.

Review №18

Dont waste your money. Grass on fairways is almost non-existant. Most tee boxes were dirt or weeds. Lots of bald spots on greens. I must have missed the sign that said Please Do Not Repair Ball Marks on Greens

Review №19

This course isnt as bad as some of these reviewers are saying it is, i live close by and swing in once a week to play 9 or use the driving range.Keep in mind many people leaving these horrible reviews are usually the golfers who are regularly playing 18 on $65-$100 courses, and yes they are right this course is not that.BUT, if you are an average golfer looking to be able to play more than once/week without breaking the bank or want to hit some balls at the range after work where there are lights this place is good for that.

Review №20

Great Twilight rates, dont get me wrong the fairways arent the best but you get for what you pay for! Green are actually half decent, cheap and cheerful course, would definitely play again!

Review №21

Course conditions were as expected given there are no sprinklers along the fairways. My main complaint and what will keep me from coming back here is the pace of play. They do not have a ranger on the course, so the pace of play is abysmal.I have played numerous municipal golf courses (I expect it to be a little slow on sunday afternoons), but never has it taken me 1.5hrs just to play 3 holes.

Review №22

Firstly, I have to say Ive played on dozens of courses all over the world and this memory Ill never forget...unfortunately it isnt a good one.This is absolutely, without question, THE most abysmal course Ive ever played in my life. The fairways were covered in crab grass, weeds, indecipherable from the rough, and played like you were hitting from a hazard - the entire round. The greens were an absolute joke. They were covered in dead spots (raw dirt), sand (could have been green bunkers if I didnt know better), crab grass, weeds, and rolled more poorly than a fairway. Furthermore, there were several holes which didnt even have greens. The holes were literally cut into the ends of the fairway rendering putting nearly impossible.I felt like I was robbed of my money and played in a farmers backyard. The only thing missing were pigs and cows.I wish I could rate this golf course a zero to warn away other potential victims. I think I would have gotten more enjoyment from burning my money.

Review №23

Tom and Sean are the best. So passionate and helpful. Affordable prices, and a great time!

Review №24

One of the worse courses I have ever played. Fairways and t boxes are a joke. Mostly they are low growing weeds. The only salvation is that the greens are fine and there is a driving range.

Review №25

Copied and pasted from Leo Js website...New Driving Range Hours:Sunday- 6AM - SunsetMonday- 9AM - SunsetTuesday- 6AM- SunsetWednesday- 6AM - 10PMThursday- 6AM - 10PMFriday- 6AM - 10PMSaturday- 6AM - 10PMShowed up at 7:40PM on Wednesday and the garage is closed. Just ridiculous. Other than that, the course is in terrible shape, but to be expected for the price.Even when the range is open, the ball dispenser has double charged my card and too many balls fly out of the machine. Never coming here again after tonight- youre 2 hours off of your listed closing time? Just go over to Stone Meadow in Lexington if you want to hit balls.

Review №26

Leo J Martin... Its unfortunate to see a town as affluent as Weston ignore this reinvestment project. Understandably, most golfing residents are members of private clubs in the area. The lost comes with the next generation of golfers.This course has a lot of potential. The layout of is beautiful. The maintenance is lacking. Many of the holes just need to TLC. I would suggest going as far as closing the course down for two months once the range has reopened. Reseed all of the greens. Recut the bunkers, redefine the rough, rebuild the tee boxes. Focus on the front nine. Make it a goal to create the best nine holes in public golf in Boston.Weston... You can do it, and the golfer will come.

Review №27

Its nice that theyre trying to make it a better course but why do they have posts with rope in front of so many greens! I hit two and had to take two drops in front of the green! Why not have a couple of small green signs directing carts to the cart path like every other course?

Review №28

Course conditions are horrible for golf. Feel like theyve given up trying to even get any type of grass here. Some tee boxes are just sand and fairways cant even be called fairways anymore.

Review №29

Update: Your driving range hours are garbage. Whoever is in charge leaves early everytime Ive shown up. Wasting money on tolls for this place is over.Greens look like they were trying to be taken care of, but not so much for the rest of the course. Nothing like hitting the middle of the fairway and wishing you hit into the rough because its in better condition. Also kind of annoying that none of the holes were numbered or had yardage markers.Putting green and driving range are great, but thats about it.

Review №30

This is typical municipal golf. Some greens had bald spots, bumpy 18th green. Slow speeds. Several tees were just dirt. Some very long distance between tee boxes, 15 to 16 especially. Flat to walk, but I suggest getting a cart.

Review №31

They dont rent golf club. so you must prepare for your own club!!

Review №32

The lady was very rude. I arrive at 3:55pm and she said that is closed. The schedule online says 9:00pm. She was very rude

Review №33

I play in a Thursday night 9 hole league here. The conditions are subpar, with initially the 7th green and 8th tee box being redone, I was shocked at my $30 per session price tag back in May. The conditions have become progressively better over time and the 7th green is now completely finished and the nicest green on the first 9. The 8th tee box is still completely dug up and Im not sure if it will be done this season which can be expected with a state run course, as Im sure there is not much money to actually be put into the enhancements. We typically walk the course and Im happy to get the exercise and the terrain is not overwhelmingly challenging to hurt my knees. I would like to see the updates be made but Im not sure if I will participate in the league next year.

Review №34

Greens are awful

Review №35

I enjoyed breaking my clubs from hitting off the rocks.

Review №36

Good little 18 hole coarse but grounds need a lot of work greens are ok but fairways are terrible

Review №37

Very nice day of golf

Review №38

Good Fantastic

Review №39

Not the greatest condition course, but cheap and the staff were incredibly friendly.

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