Sharon Woods
6911 Cleveland Ave, Westerville, OH 43081, United States

Review №1

An absolute gem! A glorious, well groomed park and wooded area to spend time with the family, walk with the doggo, or just observe nature. There are many parking areas, many picnic tables, many trails (some wide open, some more woodsy), and many diverse areas.Look out for box turtles though! They made need assistance off the trail, but for the most part just enjoy them from a safe distance

Review №2

Nice small park. Small trails and a lake. Kids play areas and good parking. Was clean and beautiful. I would recommend this place

Review №3

We love Sharon Woods! It is the perfect nature hideaway in the middle of a busy area in Westerville. Weve recently walked the long path around the perimeter and the trail near the natural play area that allows dogs. The long path is great for exercise and is paved, although we prefer the views of the dog trail. The dog trail is not paved and has so many beautiful things to look at.

Review №4

Breathtaking trails, especially in the Autumn as the leaves change color. Clean. Well maintained. Park Rangers are often visible. Every juncture has a map, so that was incredibly helpful for me as a first time visitor out hiking!

Review №5

It is gorgeous & has everything for all ages of life! Paths for nature walks the rough & rugged paths plus paths for those on a cane to a walker or wheelchair! Its a beautiful place for families to go for the day & get away!

Review №6

Beautiful park with great trails. Some short for those who dont care to do a long trail. Dog trail is almost 2 miles which is much longer than most of the others nearby which is great!

Review №7

This Park has got all you need for any outdoor family activities and group it family fun. I had a BBQ here with a few family friends who jointly visited from other States and their experience was so remarkable. I will always wish for more of such moments because it was indeed awesome. With several children playgrounds, BBQ spots each with a charcoal grill, shade and sitting facilities, you and every accompanying persons can expect to have a satisfactory experience.

Review №8

Very nice park-large so you can have some space and places for hiking, biking and fishing /picnicking! Within 15 minutes of half the city

Review №9

First time at this Metro Park, and I will definitely be going back. Beautiful pond and playground. Plenty of shelters in case it rains like the day I was there. Clean and well-maintained paved trails.

Review №10

We went for a picnic and fishing. The womens restroom by Shrock Lake was gross. If it hadnt have been an emergency we would have left. Fishing was not good and we were told by multiple people that the lake was not well stocked. The fishing had not been well preserved and there was a lot of trash/fishing line laying around. For a family outing I would look for another, better cared for park- especially for fishing.

Review №11

Beautiful park. Everyone was distancing and/or wearing masks. Love to see it.

Review №12

Probably one of the best used parks in the city. A 3.8 mile bike walking trail plus a couple of other walking trails. Picnic & play areas and a stocked lake. In the winter theres a sledding hill and I believe you can skate on the lake ( we did years ago anyway) .there are also are also scheduled programs with a naturalist that I hope have resumed even with Covid-19. This park has been a part of my life since I was a child and remains so today.

Review №13

Nice walk today on Spring Creek trail. We were going to Highbanks but looked pretty crowded.when we got there. Parking was not easily available. Trail was not crowded here.

Review №14

Lovely walk on dog trail. Well tended and marked. All walkers and dogs were polite and considerate.

Review №15

Sharon Woods is a very nice park. Was surprised to see how nice the lake was. While I was sitting and enjoying myself near the lake a very nice naturalist whose name I think was Kim came up and started talking to me about the park and the nature and animals. I had a very nice visit.

Review №16

This is a beautiful park, but biking on the poorly maintained asphalt is unpleasant. Bicycling here is so bumpy, it might be better to walk the loop.

Review №17

Very nice 3.8 mile asphalt trail through the woods. South part of the trail has traffic noise due to proximity to I-270. Restrooms open.

Review №18

Well kept. Centered on a body of water. Great place. Found a treasure map, followed to to a real treasure.

Review №19

A beautiful park to go to for a walk, have a picnic, fish or just sit back and relax and enjoy nature.

Review №20

The metro park system in Columbus is phenomenal. Sharon Woods stands out as having one of (if not the) best dog path. Great scenes and diverse animals for photography exist all over the park.

Review №21

One of Columbuss great metro parks with great trails, some are flat and others take you through the woods.

Review №22

Nice park but they dont allow rollerblading. Not as inclined to vote for future park levys. Not sure why you would want to exclude anyone. However the path is not in good enough shape for inline skating anyway. Did take a walk which was enjoyable.

Review №23

Neat park. I was visiting a friend and we had just had a snow that made a great backdrop. On my way in I saw a family of deer grazing. I was also impressed with what looked like kayak/ canoe loading ramps I saw. Ill have to check it out sometime when Im in town and its a little warmer.

Review №24

Turtle! Theres awesome turtles to watch out for at the park for learning fun and for children and adults. Great bike trails and walking paths that suit those who are health conscious and need to get outdoors

Review №25

The dog-on-leash friendly ~ 2 mile Spring Creek Trail was a perfect loop for a late afternoon family outing. Nice changes in elevation, abundant wildlife (saw 3 deer, many birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and plenty of bees & butterflies) and lush, diverse flora for it being so short of a hike and so close to civilization. Thank you, Columbus Metro Parks!

Review №26

Great place. So big I got loss make sure you read the maps lol

Review №27

Nice playgrounds with a beautiful lake. Moderately challenging hills on multipurpose trail to improve cardio levels while biking, walking & jogging. Paved loop but does need some maintenance/repair to improve smoothness of activity.

Review №28

We love the laid-back, open spaces of the natural play area. Perfect for exploring the woods, building forts (and taking them down!), Swinging in vines, and climbing in hollow trees. A gem!

Review №29

Having a pleasent walk! This park has a lot of amenities which includes a fishing lake, multiple playground areas, a nice trail, picnic shelters, tons of parking space.

Review №30

Was able to plan safe distanced get together after a funeral. Has playgrounds for the kids.

Review №31

Ive been going to Sharon Woods for over 30 years, its a great park. I generally walk the 3.8 mile asphalt trail/loop, but there are other trails here as well. They have covered and uncovered picnic tables, grilling facilities, swings and slides too. And a large pond.

Review №32

Great park for walking or biking! If you plan on taking a bike just know they are two decent sized hills on the path but it is smooth sailing after that. We also saw several wildlife on the trail like deer, wild turkeys and chipmunks while riding around!

Review №33

The sky was beautiful, and the trail has beautiful purple flowers. There were doggy potty stands and a play area for children.

Review №34

Walked the trails at Sharon Woods. It has paived trails with nice surroundings and wildlife. There are pavilions to eat lunch and you can also bike there. Its not too big, but has easy access off of 270. Great for short walks and rides.

Review №35

Ok atmosphere, shouldve brought a shovel though, unfortunately the bodies in the trunk had to rest there all morning while awaiting a proper burial, although do to a lack of tools, cremation worked well in a jam.

Review №36

Beautiful park with lots of open space and nice walking paths.

Review №37

Great walking trails, tall shade trees surrounding the pavilions, adequate parking, scenic, and friendly ground crew to keep the trash cans empty.

Review №38

A very large metro park that is at the border of Columbus and Westerville. Trails are well kept and there is a large central lake. There is a 3+ mile long paved trail that follows the border or the park that can be used for biking, hiking, or running. There is also sledding hills in the winter that are really fun. My only negative is that I would like there to be more trails.

Review №39

Visited with my nieces for first time since pandemic. I think everyone I saw was either wearing a mask or had one available if they came close to where others were. Happy to see that respect for others.

Review №40

Sharon woods is being very well managed in terms of social distancing so people can enjoy the park safely

Review №41

Great metro park! Walking/bike path is always maintained. Beautiful views of nature. Ample recreation space and opportunities.

Review №42

Large park with open grass areas and walking paths through meadows and forest. Lots of picnic tables around too. Its peaceful but you will always hear highway traffic. Its near 71 and 270 highways.

Review №43

Love Sharon woods and their variety of trails!

Review №44

Huge area. I came with my 6 year old. We hiked in the natural play area. Tons of trails, stumps, downed trees to use as balance beam bridges, and more. We never found any water to play in. Surrounding the woods are many different picnic shelter areas and picnic tables. Theres also a huge actual playground with equipment, swings, etc. We did not go to that as we had so much fun exploring in the woods. Id say half of the people there were wearing masks; the other half not.

Review №45

A cool park with walking , running and bike trails and loops. Picnic spot with lake views . The lake is pretty awesome and is a good place to hang out and relax stress after work. My favorite weekend jogging park and weekday evening walk spot. Weekends during summer are crowded and parking might be little challenging.

Review №46

Its spacious and as unpretentious as it was when I was a kid.

Review №47

Great time, nicely marked trails..

Review №48

Ranges do a great job maintaining the park.It is beautiful, calm and great for the family or meeting with friends

Review №49

Beautiful walking path through woods and meadows. Thoroughly enjoyed it

Review №50

A nice park to take a walk on the trails, sit and relax by the lake, and enjoy nature.

Review №51

Really nice place for a run! Nice picnic area too You should check it out!

Review №52

I couldnt stay long but what I saw and experience was nice. Will definitely be back to explore more.

Review №53

Great place to walk, run or bike. Very clean park!

Review №54

Nice paths, the lake/pond is pleasant, plenty of picnic and playground areas. Pokémon players will find lots to do here as well.

Review №55

Peaceful place for a hike. Saw many people with kids fishing in the lake too.

Review №56

So many paths. The lake and the view were great. Playground for kids was great. Lots of programs go on even during the winter months. Cant wait to see it in the spring and summer . Just moved here. Im excited to go back..

Review №57

Great place for biking and seeing wildlife.

Review №58

It was a beautiful day to spend with my family for a picnic,playground,and watching the ducks and geese in the pond Great place for a nature walk also! Always nice and clean!

Review №59

Clean and nice trails to walk. Great place for both family recreation and relaxation.

Review №60

A WELL maintained park where you can meet comfortably in a small group.

Review №61

Sharon Woods is by far my favorite park in the Westerville area. Their nature trail is very calming and a photographers dream. The nature trail does not allow pets or jogging. There is a small lake where you can catch and release from the docks with the proper fishing license. Sharon Woods has numerous play areas for children and a variety of trails to use. There are trails for joggers, bikers and also some pet trails as well. The trails vary in distance and difficulty and grabbing a map from one of the many information stands will be helpful. Sharon Woods also offers activities throughout the year, and I highly recommend visiting during each season.

Review №62

One of the most Beautiful parks I have visited.

Review №63

Playgrounds are nice and kept clean every morning. The natural play area is very nice too

Review №64

I live 35 mins away from this park on the east side. I would rather go here than most places close to me. The grounds are always clean, the rangers are friendly and present, and the lake is GREAT for fishing and birding! My preferred park in columbus without a doubt!

Review №65

This park is really nice. Been going here for 20+ years.

Review №66

This is a beautiful park to come visit. There is a walking trail all thru the park. My family loves going there

Review №67

Love this park! Great trails and lots of areas for picnics!

Review №68

It is always so nice to make it out to one of Columbuss Metro Parks, especially when they are located so conveniently around the city. Sharon Woods is right on the edge of Westerville and has a variety of different options for path walking, playgrounds, fishing, dog friendly areas, and picnic shelters. The dog friendly part is what makes me the happiest about this park. This past weekend the fall colors were fantastic. I cant wait to go see the park when the snow lightly covers the branches of all the trees

Review №69

Great metropark to walk around with a variety of sights! Forest & prairie trails with a small pond and a beautiful lake. Also a playground for the kids and plenty of picnic tables to lunch at!

Review №70

Great park! So clean and nice!

Review №71

Absolutely disgusting restrooms. The worst restrooms Ive ever used in my life. It would have been more sanitary to go behind a bush and use leaves as tissue. That being said, the park and lake itself is kind of peaceful. I did enjoy fishing here with my family. Theres something wrong with the ducks, though. Theres 3 of them that gang up on the female, but the white male, especially, has abused the female so much that you can see open flesh on the top of her head and all of her hair on her head is gone; only scar tissue remains. I had to shield my young children from the sight of the males biting the top of her already torn- apart scalp. It was very unsightly and disconcerting.

Review №72

Great place for a walk or run.

Review №73

Nice quiet park too take a nap between home inspections

Review №74

Trails are ok..but at the same time people should be allowed to take there dogs walking on the the trails like most of the more popular parks that allow dogs..I would drive out of my way just so I could take my furry family member walking with me..

Review №75

Fairly good place. Its good walking round the lake.

Review №76

Love Sharon woods nature trail. Great scenery and love the atmosphere.

Review №77

Once to visit

Review №78

Its huge and nice place for fishing

Review №79

Great park beautiful a ton of fairly private picnic areas on the water and off. Many spots to fish etc. Lots of playgrounds and plenty of parking!

Review №80

The perfect place to get some exercise and fresh air and commune with nature, while maintaining social distancing.

Review №81

Love this trail!!! Saw 2 deer 2 minutes into my run!

Review №82

Went there last fall for the Friday Night Float event. Very fun! Nice place full of nature.

Review №83

Troy tj lang

Review №84

Good park. Liked the ~4+ miles walking trail

Review №85

Nice Clean Park took my consumer to picnic under a shade tree . Park is well maintained .

Review №86

Today was a bit crowded. But beaui.

Review №87

Very nice area in Hocking Hills. Beautiful cabins everywhere. The one we are staying at is very secluded and in the middle of a deep valley. Its very serene and peaceful here

Review №88

What are great place for all ages. Took the kids fishing and it was absolutely great. This park has something for everyone and all seasons. Love it.

Review №89

Great popcorn friendly and helpful service.

Review №90

Good 3.75 paved and hilly run loop.

Review №91

This is a beautiful park to visit when you need a break from the city life.

Review №92

We attended a wedding reception here. The space was warm and clean and inviting. It was a perfect place for the party. Parking was easy, even for my parents who need to be close to a door. We were very happy to have had a chance to see the park and lodge.

Review №93

Beautiful park with great trails.

Review №94

Great and nice place to have family gathering, security is well equipped and trained, well behaved.

Review №95

I decided to go here over Franklin Park since there was a asian festival being held there over the past weekend and I enjoyed myself here.if you want a more outdoor experience i recommend coming to this park.

Review №96

Beautiful Day, amazing day actually to visit the park w/ 2 toy size Yorkie pups.

Review №97

I took my granddaughters to the annual winter hike. It was overflowing with hikers, but the park rangers kept things moving. The hot chocolate and soup at the end were wonderful. My only complaint was that the shorter 2 mile route was not stroller friendly. I couldnt have made it up the gravel paths without the help of some very friendly fellow hikers.

Review №98

Great place to hike! I saw fishing too from the docks. The hiking going through forest and prairies and some paved trails as well!

Review №99

Holistic Tranquility: The preservation of the natural beauty of Ohio is featured and cherished at Sharon Woods. It is definetlely a place to refresh our perspectives, draw inspiration and connect with our inner peace.

Review №100

Always love being in the woods.

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