Rocky Fork Metro Park
7180 Walnut St, Westerville, OH 43081, United States

Review №1

We really like this park! The long loop is paved and has peaceful scenery with fields and small wooded areas.We love taking our dog to the dog park when its open, but do not enjoy the all-weather dog park since our dog is only 20 pounds (there is no separation between small and large dogs for the all-weather section). The separated side of the dog park closes often.

Review №2

I had a good time visiting this park. There is a nice 1.25 mi paved trail that travels through woods and meadows and there are many bridle trails and dog parks. There’s a cool playground with boulders to climb- there’s something for everyone here! The covered shelter has beautiful wooden chairs overlooking a peaceful meadow.

Review №3

Great, nice open area for barbeques, runs, walks or any other outdoor activity you can think of outside of the dog park. Very clean and peaceful. I recommend to bring bug spray, bugs are really heavy here and are attracted to any mild to strong scents.

Review №4

Awesome place to take your dog! Most people are very friendly and the park is beautiful. There are nice walking trails also.

Review №5

Nice paved loop trail for kids and dogs

Review №6

Beautiful park and trails. Very clean and well maintained.

Review №7

If youre looking for a good place to take your dogs, or to take a short walk, this is a great place. Theres also a small playground area for the little ones before or after your walk.

Review №8

A fairly new metro park with plenty of meadow ... probably room to grow as Columbis is particularly sensitive to park needs of greater metro area..I give metropolitan parks an a+ for continuing and caring for the cision..nice park with centered

Review №9

This place is huge! Very beautiful too. There is a nice sized dog park at the entrance. Its connected to long bike trails. Theres also a really nice covered picnic area with a fireplace... Theres also a small play area for kids. Its clearly well maintained!

Review №10

Small compared to some of the other metro parks, but has a two dog parks and great trails.

Review №11

Yesterday RESCUEDohio held an Easter egg hunt for the dogs at the dog park and it was so much fun for humans amd dogs alike. Everyone came out beaming! The dogs were so into findinh the treat filled eggs and special eggs had tickets in them to win very generous gift cards to local restaurants, etc. Plus a photo booth that was Easter themed. Look out for next year, because this year was a blast.The park is absolutely beautiful and the play area in the back for the children was a big surprise. It is so nice and even for such a beautiful day did not seem crowded to me. The dog park was very nice , the fencing was perfect and all of the dogs seemed very social and kind. Not what you see at other dog parks or Metro Parks. I will definitely be back.

Review №12

Amazing space for animals and their humans. Water fountains are wonderful for running pups on hot days. And the being built area provide shade for us human. We will definitly be visiting more often.

Review №13

This is a great park. For dogs, there is a play park and an off leash trail, as well as a longer paved trail that allows dogs. There are other trails as well as spaces dedicated for horse and rider.

Review №14

Pet friendly and plenty of parking. Nice loop

Review №15

The weekend hours are filled with very friendly dogs,the week days not so much.

Review №16

Met up and had a picnic today. Some things that I noticed that there was no trash cans anywhere on site l. There was a board walk way area and they were all smashed up. Other than that I love going to this place and it always seems to be so clean

Review №17

Busy. Great casual walk with lots of dogs.

Review №18

Awesome Metro Park, nice paved Trail loop and many picnic areas with grills and tables.

Review №19

Great dog park and off-leash trail. The park is clean and well-kept. So glad we found it!

Review №20

Beautiful nice area. Saw deer and watched a red tail hawk catch a field mouse for dinner. A+ experience.

Review №21

My girlfriend and I have taken our dog Zoe here several times. She and I both have had a great time. Everyone weve met here so far have been very friendly. Its a nice little park. My dog and I both enjoy the trails and especially the fenced in off-leash dog run. Its a good place to take your dog if you both like to go running on trails or the asphalt path.

Review №22

Love the trails, bathrooms are great, the shelter house is perfect for get-togethers and the playground has several features for kids.I prefer the trail that is paved especially for strollers. There are other trails that are grass/prairie. A dog trail and a horse trail.The bathrooms are actual flushing bathrooms that include sinks with hot and cold water and air hand dryers. Also has a water fountain.We have used the shelter house for a birthday party recently. There are quite a few picnic tables that are in great condition and a few Adirondack chairs. We used the electric outlets for crock pots. Other items that we didnt use, there is a good sized charcoal/wood grill there. Also an area for a fire but you need to bring your own wood. Keep in mind there are no trash cans and its first come first serve, no way to reserve the area.The playground is great for kids. It has 3 fake boulders for the kids to climb and cables in between. There are a few different styles of swings so you can swing with your baby or toddler. The slide is a roller slide that doesnt get hot in the sun. The whole area has a floor of recycled rubber. But no shade until the trees grow more. There is a picnic table by the playground. And the bathrooms are close by as well.

Review №23

Dog park!!! Easy trails

Review №24

The facilities are great with a separate for big and small dogs. Our dogs really love to run and often the little dogs are in with the big dogs because there are often very few little dogs. During warmer weather they have fountains and water for the dogs and many dogs enjoy playing in the water.

Review №25

Great dog park area for small and large dogs. There are in-ground fountains available during the summer for dogs, and there is plenty of area for the dogs to run around. My dog and I also enjoy the dog friendly trail.

Review №26

Beautiful park to walk you dogs and escape for a while.

Review №27

Very dog friendly park

Review №28

We love Rocky Fork! The dog park is great and the playground very unique which my kids enjoy. Very convenient bathrooms and beautiful walking paths

Review №29

My dog loves the dog park. Great place to take a bike or kids to play.

Review №30

We had great weather and a nice hike . Mnay dog walkers. Clean!

Review №31

Great hidden gem right between New Albany and Westerville.

Review №32

Great place to go

Review №33

Nice park with good trails. Looks like A good family friendly area for events.

Review №34

Nicely maintained dog park with covered seating area and water features for the dogs. Especially good for hot days!

Review №35

The grass is in great shape, enough dogs to be fun and not overwhelming. Dog owners really keeping track of their fur friends. Awesome visit!

Review №36

Absolutely a great park with plenty of room and a steady flow of pups. Only issue is some people who dont follow rules and take their dogs to the wrong side, but most people are wonderful.

Review №37

A great park for those with dogs. There is also a nice area for children. One of the quieter metro parks which I enjoy. Only a small part of the park is developed but what is built and has trails is very nice. I hope they continue to work on expanding this park.

Review №38

Feature include a flat looping multi-use paved trail for bikers, strollers, walkers, skaters, dogs on leash, etc. Restroom, large shelter, playground, fenced in dog area.

Review №39

Always a great place to take this queen

Review №40

Great park for running. The dog park is nice. I wish they had more trails and a bigger playground for the kids.

Review №41

Great family spot

Review №42

I love this dog park. They do a great job keeping the grass and not having a giant mud pit.The fountains are in in the spring, summer and fall, so you only need to bring water for your pup in the winter.The off leash dog train is a nice addition to help my dog calm down after the dog park.Overall, everything is very well maintained and I jave never had a bad trip to here.Also most of the owners do a great job watching their dogs and there are very few issues between the dogs.

Review №43

My dog prefers the smaller dogs. The bigger dogs are more intense. Its a nice place for dogs to play. Some dogs get more aggressive and their owners do not keep an eye on them.

Review №44

Love all the walking trails, even the dog trail.

Review №45

Good Park.

Review №46

This is a beautiful park that is maturing nicely. It has a nice meadow mowed-trail or a paved walk. There is a decent play area for the children. The restrooms are top-notch. The biggest drawback for me is the dog-owners who ignore signs and take their pets on the non-dog trails; they have yet to learn everyone doesnt want to see your dog or its droppings.

Review №47

Very nice dog park there, a short off-leash dog path & paved multi-purpose trail.

Review №48

The walking trail I went on was very nice and it had been completely plowed of the snow and that was nice so we could walk and not have to sludge through snow. it feels like its a hidden gem right outside of Columbus

Review №49

Big dog park with 2 separate areas for big and small dogs. Splash pad on both sides. Our dog is obsessed, he loves it!

Review №50

We love this dog park :)

Review №51

We love the dog park!!

Review №52

Wonderful dog park. They have separate sides for dogs over/under 20 pounds and owners generally adhere to the guidelines. The rangers are all super friendly and care about the facility. The large dog side got a little muddy this spring but theyve fenced off half of the area to allow grass to rebuild. Great maintenance of the facility! My dog and I love coming here almost daily.

Review №53

Great place. The park is smallish, but well designed. The dog park area is just the right size. The fountains are just enough for my dog to not feel overwhelmed. The off leash trail was just the right length where I didnt feel too worried and he didnt get distracted. The day I went it was very busy but people were familiar with one and another and friendly with me (I didnt know anyone there). I would like to go again.

Review №54

Excellent and excellent

Review №55

I have really enjoyed this park in the past but after the last two times weve visited, we found fleas on our dogs. Yes we do treat our dogs for fleas but a few have still found their way to our home. Has anyone else had this problem lately (Oct & Nov 2018)?

Review №56

Great place to hike and visit

Review №57

Great place with plenty of room for the dogs to have fun!

Review №58

Great place for your dog to run and play with other dogs. Plenty of room, well maintained and every one was very nice.

Review №59

The dog park, as always, was awesome!!

Review №60

Great park. Orso loved it!

Review №61

Very nice all the dogs and owners was very friendly.

Review №62

Really clean picnic area, small playground, 2 dog parks 1 big dogs, 1 small they were a good size of space and had splash pads for the dogs to play in. Great park for dogs, not as much if youre there without a dog or dogs who dont do well around other dogs.

Review №63

Great game place and dog park

Review №64

Beautiful park but where are the trash cans?Answer: Nowhere...

Review №65

Very nice park. Great trails. The North Meadow Trail is very wet. Wear an older pair of shoes.

Review №66

My dog and I both love this place!

Review №67

Its a great place. Friendly people, friendly dogs, and they have water spouts that shoot out of the ground and water bowl for the dogs. Also there is a nice picnic and play area for families.

Review №68

Amazing trails! Our puppy got plenty of socializing and exercise.

Review №69

This is one of my favorite metro parks because they have a specific dog off leash trail, and on all the other trails sighs are allowed on their leash. Also, theres a dog park, and a gorgeous picnic area with a fireplace.

Review №70

Lots to see and do, well maintained park.

Review №71

Just went there, and theyre closed because they dont want the sod damaged. Umm...its a dog park, not a million dollar lawn.

Review №72

Dog park is busy, but awesome

Review №73

Nice place for a stroll.

Review №74

Who is consistently awesome, make sure you drive slow on the way in in the way out otherwise the Ranger will pull you over I’m sure, plenty of dogs here as there is a dog park and it is a fantastic place to come on a cold day or warm day.

Review №75

Nice dog park, now that its open its great to have an open space close to home. Grass is in good shape (so far) and the fountains are a great addition, the dogs seem to love playing in them and drinking fresh water.

Review №76

My dog loves to play at this dog park when its open, but its so rarely open lately over the past 4 months that its a waste of time driving out there.

Review №77

Good facilities, but people leave the dog park when people bring their aggressive dogs and let them go wild without collar or supervision. My wife came home in tears this evening after a pair of bulldogs repeatedly cornered and rolled our small dog until he yelped. We picked him up and left, with their dogs still in pursuit. They got mad at us for even telling their dogs to leave him alone. This was all in view of an older ranger who never said a word. Great park, but come on...

Review №78

Great dog park with some little fountains... That my dog ignored and my kids loved. I wish the playpark was a bit bigger, but we enjoyed the more nontraditional toys.

Review №79

Love this park!

Review №80

Great park, very clean, they check to make sure people are responsible and have their dog license and they have a great off leash path.

Review №81

It has a dog park, a short off-leash dog trail, and a longer paved path on-leash dogs are welcome on. One of the most dog friendly metro parks.

Review №82

Love the park and love the off-leash trail! In the park they have sprinklers and stuff for the pups. Great fun!

Review №83

This is a nice new park. It has a few paved trails, a dog park, a reservable shelterhouse and a playground. We enjoyed walking through the beech woodland trail and swinging on the tandem parent/child swing.

Review №84

Very nicely maintained. Big areas, fresh water for the fur babies and handy wipes for the pet parents.

Review №85

Nice, clean, new park. One grass trail, one paved trail. Bridle trail for horses, dog park!

Review №86

Nice paved trail. Great for strollers!

Review №87

Love dog park.

Review №88

Very quiet park, nice walking trail.

Review №89

Our Great Dane always has a great time. Theres always lots of friendly dogs in the afternoon. Water for the dogs is available.

Review №90

Great dog park in mornings!!

Review №91

This is a very nice park. They seem to be working on the dog park a lot, but the improvements are nice.

Review №92

Awesome place, still a little under construction, but our puppy loved it.

Review №93

The dog park is really nice.

Review №94

Best park in Columbus by far

Review №95

Great dog park!

Review №96

The running trails are nice. My daughter loves the playground.

Review №97

Kind of small, but still a great experience for my dog!

Review №98

Love going there!

Review №99

Very clean and grass is in good shape. Nice walking paths.

Review №100

Everything you need and want in a Dog Park. This is connected to a metro for everyone!!

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