Inniswood Metro Gardens
940 S Hempstead Rd, Westerville, OH 43081, United States
Review №1

A sign as you enter the park says to wear face masks. The dozen people we encountered wore them. Today the beech forest was gorgeous ; fresh snow highlighted the gold leaves and smooth bark. We visit often.

Review №2

This place is absolutely gorgeous, and has something for everyone. As a photographer myself, I know it can feel a bit crowded with families and couples posing for the camera during the hours around sunset, but honestly you will never run out of beautiful spots to sit and enjoy the beauty (or strike a pose). The variety of ecosystems represented in these gardens is incredibly impressive; one minute you feel like youre in a Canadian forest, and then next you find yourself in a beautiful rose garden, and then a field of wild flowers, and none of it fails to impress.

Review №3

Amazingly beautiful place. Had my daughters senior pix done there. It was worth the drive. Fall is definitely a gorgeous time of year to go. Cant wait to go again!

Review №4

One of the most well manicured gardens/parks Ive been to in Columbus! Beautiful flowers and landscaping design with plenty of photo ops. A great circuit of about 3 miles for a walk and tons of pokeGo stops and gyms. Will definitely be coming back. Heavily shaded areas perfect for summer evenings. Pictures dont do it justice!

Review №5

If you order Family Style with a large party of people, everyone has to order the same number of meats and same selection of meats. 1 person cant get 2 meats while another person gets 1 meat. Cant change the sides, etc. :/Food is pretty good though!

Review №6

Holy smokes was it PACKED. If you plan on going on the weekend, on a nice day and in October, definitely make new plans. It was so crowded that the ranges shut down the parking lot and redirecting traffic and not allowing anyone to drive into the park.In all fairness, it is a beautiful park and the trees changing and spectacular. I like that there are lots of benches for sitting if needed or just to sit and enjoy the foliage.

Review №7

It is a beautiful setting with several paths. Bathroom locations can be found online before you go or get a brochure at the covered entrance. Benches are along the paved paths to rest on and enjoy the surroundings. It was a nice place to meet friends and walk near enough for conversation :). Masks are encouraged. Most had them on when we were there, but there were a few couples that didnt.

Review №8

Always a beautiful and clean place. Has plenty of photo background opportunities for photographers. Theres also a cascade.

Review №9

Spacious and inspiring! The innovative design makes the experience versatile and dynamic. It gets better with repeated visits.

Review №10

The nature here is amazing! There are so many places within the park where you can explore its beauty through the gardens. The flowers are always a welcomed addition; but, the overall feel, including smells, is a welcomed piece of the park experience.

Review №11

What a not-so-hidden gem... have lived in Dublin for 20+ years and never made it here. So glad we did. One of the best Metro Parks in town + incredible gardens! Go find the Secret Garden.

Review №12

The fall colors were just beautiful and the pathe were wide and comfortable for people with limited mobility

Review №13

My favorite metro park. Theres enough trails to get a good walk in and it is so quiet and beautiful. My son loves the tree house and the grannys house area

Review №14

I went to Inniswoods for the first time yesterday just to take pictures, and I was pleasantly surprised how much there was to shoot in such a small area. I never felt like I walked too far, the scenery was beautiful, and I will go back again to take more photos.

Review №15

If youre looking for a bigger open space to be alone by yourself, stick to the other parks in the area. It is a nicely designed garden though.

Review №16

A rare gem. Get there early to get one of the two free to use wheelchairs. Loved the walkways and plantings. I wished there were more plant signs, but there are guides to ask. Lovely - will come again.

Review №17

Love this park. I like to take pictures and can always find a good shot any time of year. Very well maintained, and helpful staff.

Review №18

This was my first visit to this park. We had a wonderful time walking around and viewing the roses and other flowers. We walked a few walk paths that took us by ponds and through numerous trees - it was beautiful and relaxing. We saw various birds and a few frogs. We were pushing a stroller the entire time, and everywhere we went the stroller was able to go, too, which was very nice. There are picnic tables at the front of the park, so its a lovely place to eat, relax and then enjoy Gods lovely creation.

Review №19

This place is very nice, really scenic. Waterfalls, ponds full of frogs & turtles (used to see a LOT of snakes there, it was fascinating... But I think they must have removed them because u dont see them there anymore ). Great place to take kids, I used to bring my boys here when they were young.

Review №20

Peaceful, open spaces. Lovely plants. Easy to stay socially distant. Picnic tables and restrooms available. Lots of people getting portraits done

Review №21

So serene and beautiful. A good place to reflect on the creation of Jehovah.

Review №22

BEAUTIFUL! So many people there to take pictures. So many places to take your pictures. Walking trails and more.

Review №23

Its a beautiful garden . Often, crowded during falls for family photographs. Must visit during the fall season.

Review №24

Serene, more manicured than other metro parks. Lovely water feature.

Review №25

My fiancé and I had never been to Inniswood, but we saw beautiful photos online. We decided to get our engagement photos taken here, and the whole place is beautiful! So many different spots for photos and lots of space for walking. We definitely plan on going back to explore more because there was so much we were unable to see. Definitely recommend for a nice, scenic stroll!

Review №26

One of my favorite metro parks in Columbus! The flowers are always so beautiful. The garden is up kept very well and changes through the seasons. Summer is a great time to go birding and see all of the different species including a barred owl if lucky!

Review №27

A great place to take family photos!The trees were beautiful a few weeks ago.

Review №28

Recently had my first visit in early spring. Such a majestic park with MANY trails, nooks and crannies for all to explore! Imagination wonderland! I cant wait to visit again now that everything has blossomed amid bloomed! Water features are very relaxing, and the layout begs for the running and playing of children. Just wish I had known of this park when my children were young. Delightful!

Review №29

This park is fantastic. The volunteers plant seasonally, weed, replant. Its impressive.

Review №30

Really neat park with multiple different gardens and areas to go to. The herb garden is pretty extensive for its small footprint and includes a ton of different herbs as well as various different species of certain plants (they have an entire garden with different species of thyme for example). I spotted a clearwing hummingbird moth here and it was very exciting! The park is well kept and there are different landmarks to venture to, I did not check out the park facilities due to covid.

Review №31

As an East coast and Florida resident with beautiful botanical gardens. This public park rivals those. I was very impressed with its design gardens and massive layout.

Review №32

Beautiful place, wish I could work full time just weeding and planting. I suggest some attention to the labels so visitors can more easily identify plants/trees.

Review №33

Beautiful layout with several benches & gazeebos sprinkled throughout to rest & admire nature. My boyfriend & I were particularly fond of the stone bridge over the little stream.

Review №34

One of the best Garden in Columbus. It has a short walking trial with a lot of amazing flowers and plants. I often go there for photo walk here. This is a good place for photography, wedding ceremony and some other events. Kid friendly but you are not allowed to take pets here.

Review №35

Beautiful place, lots of good photo opportunities! Saw lots frogs in the frog pond. Lovely place whether you want a long or short walk.

Review №36

Love this place. Well kept. Pretty flowers. Nice trails. Hidden surprises for kids. Relaxing.

Review №37

Wonderful place to wonder around on a beautiful day. Flowers are blooming. Well maintained park

Review №38

This park isnt at all what I had expected, and I was thrilled! I absolutely LOVED it. Im one of those people who enjoys a good romp through the woods just to see what kind of critters I can find. I usually avoid popular public areas, because its harder to see animals that might typically be more shy around people. But sometimes I dont feel like going through all the effort of packing up a bookbag of supplies and going hiking off trail for hours on end. This park is the perfect remedy for that. Multiple different types of habitats all in one park, with easy to navigate paths. And despite the number of people who were there, I was able to get up-close and personal with one of the local (and very much wild) Barred Owls for some BEAUTIFUL once-in-a-lifetime shots. And he/she paid me no mind whatsoever! I definitely plan on going back often!

Review №39

Beautiful place to walk around and enjoy being outside, beautiful flowers and various plants. The Secret Garden is really cool. Good place for wedding, graduation or senior pictures.

Review №40

Beautiful site to take pictures for youre family, personally had senior pictures taken. Tracks are fun to hike and has stunning attractions.

Review №41

Beautiful park, well maintained. There’s a cool section where you can follow engraved pavers that tell a story. Some areas of the park made it feel like walking through a fairytale! My favorite was seeing the lily of the valley.

Review №42

One of my favorite Columbus Metro Parks. The lovely gardens are wonderful to wander through and enjoy the life growing there.

Review №43

Beautiful gardens with well laid, mainly paved, walking trails throughout. There is a wonderful variety of plantings and layouts including wooded trails a rose garden, herb garden, stone and wooden bridges as well as an herb garden. There are a few buildings on site, some geared toward children. Great photo opportunities. Parking and entry are free. At the entrance there are postings about classes offered.

Review №44

I love this park,its gorgeous any time of the year. Best place to take pictures.

Review №45

Awesome park with beautiful spots to take pictures. The bathrooms are cleaned so well to use even now (I felt safe using)

Review №46

Wonderful park with lovely walking paths!! I have been many times and each visit I see something new

Review №47

Such a beautiful park. Many different areas to sit and take in the plantings...only issue is the photographers who feel they have a right to dominate areas

Review №48

Absolutely beautiful. Riddled with wildflowers this time of year, multiple trails and wildlife everywhere. Really close to the first trail was a barred owl, and a turtle was sun bathing in the water by the rock garden. Multiple people were taking senior pictures here. Magical. I really loved the story you can read while walking a maze. Free parking, open until sundown. Great for a nice day, short walks or longer strolls.

Review №49

A nice little getaway from the fast-paced city life. Theres no admission and you walk right in. A good place to take the kids. No pets allowed though. Peaceful trails, beautiful flowers and wildlife. Theres always couples walking, people playing Pokemon go, birdwatchers, or groups taking wedding photos or prom photos. Even with the variety of people, its never too crowded.

Review №50

Nice place to bring family for walking and

Review №51

Its such a pretty and serene setting. Beautiful gardens and walking paths. It helps you to appreciate nature during these uncertain times.

Review №52

This place is a must visit one during falls season. Its really very nice and good !

Review №53

Beautiful and relaxing to walk through. Many sites to see like Grannys House and the tale in the stones to the statue.

Review №54

I went to take a photo shoot for my infant kid and so many people for the same reason in the gardenGood place for photo for any eventI didnt tried other side of the garden ( trailer)

Review №55

Advertised as pets allowed, they are restricted for 95% of the park. They have one trail that they can go on. Nowhere on the site does it say they are restricted almost everywhere in the park, puts them on as a feature basically on the site. The ranger was nice about it but still annoying, dont know why metro parks are typically anti dog anyways. You get one half mile trail for dogs just fyiAs far as the actual park, kind of cool for a date or something maybe but also not many kid activities. The treehouse was kind of a letdown. Luckily we did find a huge playground park nearby that wasnt a metro park were our daughter and dog enjoyed.

Review №56

Great park with multiple trails to explore... Even kids loved walking and reading the benches..

Review №57

Great park for walking, little ones to explore and also for photo ops!

Review №58

Its always beautiful there. Just really wish that people didnt gather in drones and talk loudly. They scare the wild life away and ruin the peace that I need to rejuvenate.

Review №59

The park is really nice. It is scenic with lots of flowers and plenty of space to walk. The water feature/waterfall was not turned on or working.

Review №60

Great place for a walk even in the Fall. Cant wait to see it this Spring.

Review №61

Beautiful community park! Excellent for walks with the family! Gardeners will especially enjoy!

Review №62

First time here, for me anyway, originally was going to look for a geocache or two but then just decided to enjoy the sights. Definitely recommended to visit, especially when the water in the rock garden is working to see the waterfalls (was not on at this time).

Review №63

Free metropark gardens. Spend a day or a half hour. Beautiful, well maintained.

Review №64

There are trails with varying degrees of difficulty and different surface types, plus many open spaces for photography and exploration. This is definitely one of the best parks in Columbus, and there is plenty of shade to be found on hot days!

Review №65

One of the most unique parks in Central Ohio. So many different areas to to ponder over. Superb for children, even better for adults! Worth a trip, especially if its out of your way!

Review №66

Inniswood is absolutely gorgeous in the fall. We want to visit during the other seasons as well!

Review №67

That is a beautiful park we just took some family pictures there. And they turned out great. Love it.

Review №68

Absolutely one of my most favorite parks. We go often during the Spring and Summer but this year was the first time we went during the Fall and the view was spectacular! Lots of beautiful spots, secret gardens and childrens gardens to play in. You will not be disappointed!

Review №69

Nice gardens, we were a bit late for blooms but colours were nice

Review №70

These gardens are beautifully maintained no matter what season it is. Very serene and a gorgeous setting for flower and plant photography. I love it!

Review №71

Beautiful gardens. Nice place to stroll.

Review №72

What a beautiful park! We had our wedding in the rose garden on 8/8. It was perfect!

Review №73

This is such a beautiful park! Our kids (ages and 6 and 9) thought it was amazing also. It does not have a playground but it does have a childrens area called the sisters garden. Dont miss the treehouse and the secret garden!

Review №74

Beautiful park. If you are looking for a take pictures, this is the place to go!

Review №75

Inniswood Metro Garden is a gem in the Metro park system. This beautiful Garden is comparable to gardens in Europe. The trails in the woods on boardwalks over canopied wetland woods are cool and refreshing. The childrens garden offers hours of adventure for the little ones. There are several places that are great for getting that ideal photo. I highly recommend a visit to Inniswood Metro Garden.

Review №76

Beautiful place, but some what crowed but great for pictures and lovely flowers.

Review №77

Beautiful layout. The flowers were lovely. The trail is maintained very well.

Review №78

Very nice park with short trails, stroller/wheelchair accessible, great for kids.

Review №79

Beautiful and an amazing place to enjoy and relax

Review №80

Wonderful little spot. Great variety of flowers. Pretty paths and lots of great places to sit on a bench and chill.

Review №81

A lovely place to walk, my 1st time! Beautiful place.

Review №82

Well maintained and diverse gardens and pathways. Our favorite park in columbus..

Review №83

Pretty good place to visit. A little stuffy and haughty. Not the best place for little kids.

Review №84

Beautiful, shady woodland walks and interesting gardens. All very accessible.

Review №85

Really lovely outdoor park with plenty of flowers. Great for a peaceful afternoon outdoors

Review №86

Love this place!!! So many trails to explore and plants that are well tended and beautiful.

Review №87

Spent a day here recently and the park was packed with photographers, as Im a photographer myself it was quite interesting to see so many cameras in one place.The grounds are well manicured and maintained. Large variety of settings in one small park. From old barns and stone walls to intricate wood screens and pergola. Highly recommend.

Review №88

This public park is beautiful. Volunteers keep the gardens. The grounds are easy to walk with a variety of garden types from herb garden to coniferous. Its a great place to feel at peace with nature.

Review №89

Beautiful place to walk around. Lots of trails and some things for children to do.

Review №90

Beautiful gardens. Love the tree house. Great for the whole family.

Review №91

A place to definitely visit.Very calm, peaceful, beautiful and lovely park.Great neighborhood too.Has lots of history to learn while inside.Perfect arena for good photoshoot.Lovers, family, visitors or singles are welcome there too.I used it for meditation and getting good pictures.Will visit again.Thank you for such a magnificent place.

Review №92

The staff are doing an excellent job at maintaining and selecting what to grow. Roses smelled great.

Review №93

Inniswood Gardens is one of my favorite parks to visit. It is a smaller park, and very kid friendly. Lots of Poké Stops for Pokémon Go players! They do NOT allow pets on any of their trails, and jogging, skateboarding, etc are also prohibited. This park is very educational with lots of activities throughout the year. It is the go-to park for photographers, and you will often see family portraits, wedding parties, homecoming and prom photos being taken.

Review №94

Love this park !!! We have done several family photo shoots here. Lots a great area to explore. They do a great job maintaining the flowers there as well as the other plantings.

Review №95

Beautiful rose garden. Lots of different, themed gardens to walk through. Very kid, walking age, friendly. Fun things for kiddos to do & see. Also has peaceful sitting areas with fountains. Has a great back story as well.

Review №96

I would give this place a 5 as it always had held special memories for me. But I have to drop a star. Its time to give the place a good cleaning. This is still a nice place full of beauty peace and harmony bit it needs cleaned up a bit.

Review №97

Beautiful and peaceful. Great place to hike

Review №98

Love this park in any kind of weather.

Review №99

Great place to walk with family and small children! Lots to see and many different paths to take.

Review №100

Came back after some years. Place seems like they haven’t been maintaining it. Weeds everywhere, Waterfalls(arguably the best part of the park) aren’t working. Construction everywhere. Dead trees. Not pleasant

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  • Address:940 S Hempstead Rd, Westerville, OH 43081, United States
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
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  • Good for kids:Yes
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