Vero Beach Museum of Art
3001 Riverside Park Dr, Vero Beach, FL 32963, United States
Review №1

Well-curated pieces of popular and local arts. Great protocol procedures in place like temperature check, monitoring occupancy within each exhibit hall, etc. I really enjoyed my time there!

Review №2

Very interesting place if you like art this place is a must see!

Review №3

Visit the museum if uou are on town. Beautiful both indoors and outside. Located on a great park along the river.

Review №4

A quaint little gem of a place, were lucky to have it in a town like Vero Beach.

Review №5

Small but with great wall art work and special Parisian posters exhibit. Astrology exhibit was educational and beautiful. Dont miss the outside gardens gallery. A must see.

Review №6

We loved visiting the Art museum for free with the military summer program! While it is small, the kids loved the statue garden and kids at play room. I wouldve loved to see more of a mix of art but grateful the AC was cool and the children were amazed by the galaxy photograph exhibit.

Review №7

As a visitor to Vero Beach This was a lovely stop. The museum and its works of art are definitely worth seeing. The building itself is interesting and the artwork unique and beautifully displayed. The extra special treat at this Museum Is the Garden in the back. It is a place to spend quiet time to enjoy the beauty of the garden in the sculptures that are there. And I would say dont skip the Museum Store. There are also some unique and beautiful items there at affordable prices

Review №8

Wow the staff was excellent. What a beautiful Museum we have here in our great city of Vero Beach. And kudos to the volunteers oh, they were very inspiring and highly educated on the artwork. Thank you for a wonderful visit, and first timer.

Review №9

Really nice. Serene and some beautiful features throughout. Staff was friendly!

Review №10

Absolutely wonderful. My husband and i decided to do something different. We never thought Art would be so interesting. Thwy have an exhibit on astronomy photos and was incredible!! Highly recommend!!

Review №11

We went here on free day at the Museum. I had never been here before and will return. Loved the inside and outside art of their permanent collection. Loved the museum store and certainly made it up to museum for the free admission with many gift purchases. Only issues were that they didn’t have any type of map outlining what was in the museum and that the museum was in between exhibits so normally there would be a lot more to see. Docents were all over and were great at adding little bits of extra information about pieces which was nice. I will go back when there is an exhibition.

Review №12

Beautiful building and Park. Great and very interesting exhibitions. Very friendly staff and volunteers. Lovely gift shop boutique. Always love to come here. Also great events and workshops for young and older. Easy to park.

Review №13

I take my aunt to this museum once a month. Shes 86 years old. We walk around and look at all the exhibits and we always have a good time. When the concession stand is open we grab a bite to eat before leaving . We always enjoy seeing what they have.

Review №14

Architecturally interesting, in a secluded location. The guitar exhibit was amazingly well done. Learned so much in a short amount of time. Even had an air guitar which of course does not exist. A few quality Ashcan school artists. The standout picture in original period 19th century frame was a large haystacks painting by #MartinJohnsonHeade It is luminous as it gets. In great condition, it seems it has always been in a cared for position. Loved the sculptures garden and art classes. The docent was charming and well spoken. Very nice experience. Will go back if in the area.

Review №15

Such a wonderful little treasure of a museum! Even the café now has delicious sandwiches and snacks made on site. All the visiting exhibitions I’ve been to have been highly memorable. I also love that they offer classes—such an asset to the community.

Review №16

The art was amazing. Very happy to see the Phillips collection. I was a bit disappointed they closed early the day we went and we drove over an hour to get there so was not able to explore as much as I would have liked.

Review №17

The current exhibition of Phillips collection is thorough and tells a story thats worth viewing. Really liked the museum. Recommend

Review №18

Not as big of a place as most museums. The cost of admission is comparable to museums such as Bostons Museum of Fine Arts yet not even close to being as interesting. I suppose that explains the lack of patrons the Saturday morning we stopped by. Sad since the facility is quite nice.Exhibit currently on display seems to be more about photography than actual paintings and classic art.The sculptures in the garden were more interesting and seemed to be the highlight of this visit for me.

Review №19

This morning Kathy and I went to the museum and saw the exhibition of the French Posters. It was fantastic Well worth the hours drive to get there. And of course we had to go through the rest of the museum. What a lovely surprise to see what theyve got.

Review №20

A smaller museum than most but a lovely space. The docents are very knowledgeable so take advantage of one of the free accompanied tours.

Review №21

Fabulous Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts and Crafts Movement Show through May 5, 2019. Knowledgeable Docent answered questions easily and helped orient visitors.

Review №22

Amazing place and staffs

Review №23

I brought my children here for a free event and it was amazing! There was so much to do and see with lots of variety. The museum was clean and well laid out. The staff was very interactive with my 10 year old and taught her so much. I purchased a membership and cant wait to come back.

Review №24

Nice little, local art museum with a lot of beautiful exhibits. Very much worth a visit.

Review №25

Wonderful art museum. A true hidden treasure. Got to see the astronomy display on its last day good timing! If you love art, come and check it out.

Review №26

A thoughtfully arranged space with a variety of gifts for any budget. Dedicated volunteers keep everything nicely displayed.

Review №27

Really amazing place. They have admission discounts for students, elderly, and military active or retired. They also have rotating exhibits. Ive gone and seen nearly every one for 3 years. The docent tours are at 1 and should definitely be done to get the most out of the exhibit but not necessary.

Review №28

The Museum is located in a park with a beautiful design and several sculptures are displayed as a part of it. The building is brand new, spacious and has interesting pieces exposed. Its worth visiting.

Review №29

Occasionally has good exhibits. They lack in public outreach, example, museum needs more free days to allow art to reach other sectors of the local population.

Review №30

An excellent small art museum

Review №31

Wonderful exhibitions. Extensive permanent collection. Great sculpture garden.

Review №32

Very peaceful place. Friendly and helpful staff. Unfortunately, not much of a collection. Easily walked through and viewed all in under an hour.

Review №33

Plenty of parking. Free admission today. Nice exhibit and plentiful docents

Review №34

Enjoyed the outside sculptures...small town museum developing the exhibits

Review №35

Much ado about mediocrity.

Review №36

Pretty museum with more than i expected. Unfortunately they were changing exhibits so some of the works i wanted tio see werent open forviewing.Cons: Female employees talk to each other non stop on the floor which is so annoying. Patrons also act like theyve never been to a museum and act like theyre at the mall talking on their phones or loudly to each other. Someone should shut them down for that behavior. The lighting in some cases was harsh and couldnt see works for the glare.Pros: Beautiful building and a great selection of art. Nice sculpture garden outside. Totally worth a visit...

Review №37

Always a great visit and great docents, makes it a memorable visit. They have a great astro photography exhibit. Oh and the wax guard is still sitting in the corner of the permanent exhibit. Great Chinese zodiac year gold carvings.

Review №38

Kid admission is free and it was a really nice beautiful place to visit during our vacation to florida. Sadly the outside exhibit was closed due to weather.

Review №39

The museum has an open, flowing gallery with a focus on sculpture throughout the grounds. The wonderful thing about this museum aside from the exhibits/galleries are the community events. For example, there is story time for toddlers every Wednesday. The kids love it, and they get to draw and glue a craft or piece of art with their friends after! Check it out.

Review №40

Free parking, fantastic staff, great collection and very affordable.

Review №41

Beautiful building. Interesting display of local art.

Review №42

Beautiful building, great exhibitions, some nice sculptures, the permanent collection is a little weak, but impressive for a town this size.

Review №43

Fantastic Collection well worth the visit.

Review №44

Everyone who works here is so polite and informative. I enjoy the fact that I can travel here anytime with new people and enjoy what exhibits this location has to see. I highly recommend it!

Review №45

Beautiful and interesting exhibits. The guards are really friendly , humorous and informative. Great experience!

Review №46

A great town like Vero Beach deserves a great museum, and Vero Beach museum is really fantastic. Besides displaying great art, there is always something extra happening such as Christmas activities or classes designed to engage special needs children with art. The people who work and volunteer at the museum and all very friendly. Great place for families, couples, or individuals with an eye for art!

Review №47

Great every officer on duty was very pleased. We enjoyed

Review №48

Few would expect that small, quiet Vero Beach would also be home to a world class museum. An impressive permanent collection which is rotated in galleries, rotundas and hallways is bolstered by a variety of visiting exhibitions. Truly family centered with activity offerings foe all ages and interests. Not to be missed.

Review №49

Great museum for a small area. surprising gem!

Review №50

Very nice museum with good staff. Really depicts the treasure coasts history as golden. Definitely visit if you are in the area or planning a family outing.

Review №51

Nice. Small. Went there on a free Saturday & got my moneys worth.

Review №52

Beautiful art and photography along with sculpture. A relaxing day of adventure into the galaxy and space

Review №53

Good exhibits. Nice environment. A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Review №54

Really cool building smaller art gallery than I expected

Review №55

Small but lovely surprise well worth the trip

Review №56

Attendance on 4th Saturday is free. . Very nice small museum has Art Zone for kids. Dont miss the outdoor exhibit in the back of the museum. Good photo ops.

Review №57

My son enjoyed the art zone! Nice staff, I plan on going back and checking the rest of the place out.

Review №58

Didnt go to the museum. Sat on the back lawn to watch the fire works. Nice lawn though!

Review №59

Nice and relaxing environment. A good collection of art.

Review №60

Great little art room for my toddler to explor

Review №61

Interesting and diverse programming with expert curating equals a stellar museum.

Review №62

Loved it. A lot a good stuff to see. A great kids corner and a great little cafe inside. Check it out you wont regret it.

Review №63

Cant believe I hadnt been to this museum! The Pre-Raphaelites exhibit was high-caliber and extensive. Lovely building and a nice drive down A1A to get to it. We just missed the cafe as it closed for the summer. Ill be back.

Review №64

Nice public art gallery. Rotating showings of mostly contemporary paintings and sculpture. Mostly not confrontational and easy to like. Youll like it and so will your mom.

Review №65

On both google & the internet, it said the museum was open on Monday and as it was a rainy day, we decided to check it out. Upon entering, we approached the desk. A rude woman sitting there said with a grimace, as most museums are, we are closed on Monday. Well, we exited without comment as I couldnt think of anything pleasant as a response. I have lived overseas and traveled extensively, I am not trailer trash & do not appreciate our treatment.

Review №66

Really nice. Decent price

Review №67

Nice place to go to look at some nice artwork and bring the kids to and Vero. Also the cafe is really nice for a quick bite to eat great soups and great sandwiches

Review №68

To be honest I dont like this museum it was boring and didnt have many attractions. The kid section is extremely boring it just has the same things and in understand this is for the young ones but even older ones should have a fun experience too.But the one thing I do enjoy was when you draw a fish and it will be projected on the screen and that is very unique.

Review №69

Loved it! The Zodiac heads and the astrology photos were awesome.

Review №70

Very beautiful museum of modern art. Prices arent crazy and the exhibits are well maintained. If you are in the area I wouldnt miss this stop.

Review №71

Wonderful museum to spend some time to walk around and enjoy the ART. Too bad the small restaurant has very short opening times and is always closed when we come. The changing exhibitions makes a visit interesting. Some old stuff shut go! Unfortunately it is not free anymore and all have to pay for a ticket.

Review №72

I havent been here but they do let you use their restrooms Thank goodness.

Review №73

Last Saturday of every month is free.Beautiful spot with new exhibits regularly. Cant believe we have this in Vero

Review №74

Views, walking paths, good parking

Review №75

Very entertaining to go to and see all the art and sometimes there are events like shows on the cafeteria. There is free admission on Saturdays so even if you dont have money you can enter. There is even a kids area with tablets to play with. There are even volunteer opportunities every now and then.

Review №76

I saw here an amazing Pre-Raphaelite exhibition. Congrats!

Review №77

Really enjoyed are visit there, had a great time.

Review №78

It is stunning. Its definitely in the top five places to visit in Vero.

Review №79

A wonderful small museum with excellent classes and special programs.

Review №80

The kids zone is very popular. We had a good experience every time we visited the museum. I also recommend the kids summer camp, my 4 year old loved it.

Review №81

Great place considering our towns size.

Review №82

Nice place for kids to learn different things.

Review №83

Good spot for the young and old. Cool kids center

Review №84

Beautiful art & I think they have a food place inside. Also, I think the first Saturday of every month its free but check online. Great place to visit so add to your list!

Review №85

Visited with the family and everyone enjoyed this little museum. They had an activity packet for the kids to fill in and play with as they were exploring. Also, papers and pencils for drawing were available at the entrance of each exhibit. Very kid friendly!

Review №86

This is a art museum that could be in any major city in America but its right here in Vero beach, we are so blessed to have this quality museum in our community. Check it out. Youll be glad you did. World class and so close to home.

Review №87

Thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the Museum. Great exhibits and beautiful artwork. The guides were great and very informative.

Review №88

The new kids zone is a fantastic resource for kids of all ages. Its inside the museum, so the weather is never an issue. The 4th Saturday of each month is Free Admission Day, a great time to see the latest installation. There is a kids playground not far from the museum, a boat launch, tennis courts and a walking trail. Really great family place.

Review №89

Beautiful and interesting and peaceful.

Review №90

Beautiful museum! Great for family trips with the kids

Review №91

Just a wonderful museum. We run and very good travelling exhibits. Big educational dept. Worth a visit if you are In Vero!

Review №92

Cool art museum and gardens.

Review №93

Wonderful museum, well curated, and a beautiful sculpture garden

Review №94

This museum is wonderful for a community of our size. It has had a wide variety of exhibitions from The Hudson River School to Folk Art to the Highway Men. There are many classes and programs for both children and adults. The volunteers are friendly and knowledgeable. Its free on the last day of the month.

Review №95

Very nice art museum, great to have nice attractions to bring people to visit vero

Review №96

Great exhibit on guitars. Friendly staff. Reasonable price, great discounts. Clean & beautiful building. Many exhibits.

Review №97

A great small museum attractive to adults and children. Well worth a visit!

Review №98

A wonderful place to take the family. The exhibits are beautiful and never disappointing.

Review №99

Worth the trip . Beautiful area

Review №100

A local treasure. Well curated exhibits; both traveling and from the home collection. Frequent community events. Excellent collaboration with the school system.

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