105 Plaza Dr, Vallejo, CA 94591, United States
Review №1

I went here to buy materials to make a Carmen Miranda headpiece I found good looking realistic fruit, I purchased a hot glue gun, as well as glue sticks. The associates were very helpful in helping me find items and I was in and out of the store.the weight was not long in the line for checkout and there was no line to enter the store

Review №2

It was great because right now theyre having a big sale 50%-80% off selected items. My wife got some jewelry and we also got the kids some arts and crafts. And the best thing about Michaels is that they always have a coupon on their website. Check it 0ut! Enjoy your visit and embrace your imagination!

Review №3

Store is great and would also like to say thank you to the iconic michaels guyYour work is appreciated

Review №4

Pretty limited and rather ordinary art supplies.

Review №5

Place good place to go if your doing craft, youll find everything you need.

Review №6

This is a large well lighted store. Good selection on paints and canvases.

Review №7

MichaeMichael is always has just what I need when I need craft/art supplies. The staff there are super helpful. They know their store and products very well.

Review №8

This is bigger than napa, but it is no Joanns or hobby lobby

Review №9

I like it when folks care enough about others to wear a mask or face shield. I think the workers should have face shields... easier to see a genuine smile... during social distancing.

Review №10

I love this place. Great deals on Yarn.

Review №11

Plenty of cashiers so checking out was speedy. Some sales on art supplies, florals and jewelry. Etc.

Review №12

The store is always clean and the signs easy to follow. The lines move fast and they always help me with my coupons.

Review №13

I was harassed by management for my receipt just because I was waiting for someone by the front door. I told her that Im not obligated to show her anything and Im walking out. She copped an attitude. Terrible people skills trickles down from management to the lowest cashier. They all need to be replaced.

Review №14

Race profiled but good products. In Vallejo by management named JEN. Rude

Review №15

Would be five but thetr always out of paint.

Review №16

Employees werent wearing masks while stocking shelves

Review №17

Whats not to love! Michaels made all the hard work I did on Christmas day worth it. Michaels will be my annual gift to myself for day after Christmas shopping. And, there was no crowd. I feel like I had won something

Review №18

It was great we found some candles on sale and other things.

Review №19

Neat clean staff very helpful. Found everything I needed for project.

Review №20

They do have everything for your craft needs

Review №21

I couldnt find what I was looking for and then a Michael asst. Came over to help me. She was very knowledgeable and friendly.The Vallejo Michaels is the best.

Review №22

The cashier was nice. Thank you for shopping at Michaels! He had a pleasant narrator kind of voice.

Review №23

I love their sale on the yarn

Review №24

Was clean and organized, cashiers were very good. I needed help finding an item and was no one so was able to hunt it down myself.

Review №25

Great friendly staff and always a clean store

Review №26

Its ok for an arts and craft store

Review №27

Reviewed during COVID-19 shut down.I was so thankful to learn that our Michaels was offering curbside pickup! It was really easy to place an order (I used the app, but Im sure its easy on the website, too) and then a few hours later I got an email saying it was ready to be picked up. I was a bit surprised that there was a line of cars, but I guess, like me, people are trying to stay busy. There was a lady waiting outside with a tablet who took my name, then went into the store to grab my order, and bada bing bada boom, I got all my stuff! She was friendly and efficient! Thank you to the staff for tracking everything down that I needed!

Review №28

Is fine for quick decorations or crafts, but if you get into a craft or hobby beyond a novice level youll have to find your supplies someplace else.

Review №29

I am a fan. I love crafts ! I was bummed about the 99 cent bin..when I got to the register it was 1.99 grr. All I saw was 99 cents. But all in all happy spot

Review №30

I’m not sure if people shopping are aware of the ceiling falling apart with fiberglass and what appears to be black mold. This is a HEALTH HAZARD TO PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE AND TO US SHOPPERS. I will call OSHA IF THIS IS NOT FIXED ASAP 11/14/19 I WAS AT THE STORE AND NOTHING IS FIXED! In fact it is in worse condition than months ago this is unacceptable from a chain store who doesn’t care about its customers or employees F-LOOK UP WHEN YOU ARE SHOPPING

Review №31

Went into the Michaels store to return several items. AsI am a member of their rewards program the no receiptsare required when returning items.Their computer system could not locate several of theitems that I had recently purchased at this same locationand the manager said that she could only offer storecredit.I called their corporate office the next day at 8:00 AMand was told that a district manager would contact me.I called back after 4:00 PM and talked to a managerwho told me that he would send me copies of myreceipts to my email so that I could obtain my cashrefunds.Ironically I received an email from Michaels this afternoonasking me to update my information and stating again thatreceipts were not necessary when returning items.I had made several returns without any problem and amdisappointed at the way I was treated.

Review №32

Theyre so expensive and they dont have the prices posted on everything so I spent $5/each on 2oz bottles of glitter paint. That was a ridiculous expense for something I didnt need. Other than that, the woman at the cash register was awesome and helpful.

Review №33

NOT A CRAFT STORE ANYMORE go to Target you stand a better chance.10th time going in for basic supplies to see empty shevels. I asked employee hay do you know your sewing section is empty? He shrugged its Easter time, so our priority is Easter stuff.So if you need craft supplies like thread, elastic, you wont find it. Consider Michaels your seasonal decor store, it no longer cares about crafts.

Review №34

I love going to this place because every time i go, i find what i need

Review №35

Good place to get items for crafts, frames of all kinds for your favorite pictures. Holiday and seasonal decorations and many other artistic items.

Review №36

Good stock of items that other stores do not carry.

Review №37

Great customer service and ease of finding what I needed. Store looks great too.

Review №38

They have everything you need and clerks know exactly where to find what you are looking for.

Review №39

Love to window shop on this place! I wait patiently for those coupons!

Review №40

Its hard to find employees to help you if youre looking for something. I feel like they actively hide from customers. Otherwise this Michaels is really great and has a good selection of items

Review №41

My favorite store ever, except the prices.

Review №42

The customer service is awesome and they were very helpful.

Review №43

Everything you need for crafts. Having 40% off today. Great price.

Review №44

Like to buy lottery tickets there

Review №45

Awesome service and ppl!!

Review №46

This store is clean, well stocked, well staffed and their classes are fun. Instructors are knowledgeable and they of course make the class worthwhile! Parking is plentiful and the lighting is good during the nighttime.

Review №47

Very clean..staff are nice..lines move quick

Review №48

Great place for fabric glue

Review №49


Review №50

Pro: Free parking, variety of products, public restrooms.Con: restrooms need code to unlock

Review №51

Not bad but overpriced. Well stocked with craft supplies. Plenty of parking.

Review №52

Very good

Review №53

Helpful staff, good variety, great deals

Review №54

People are very nice there in the place is clean.

Review №55

Nice staff, low suppliesSmaller store, not impressed

Review №56

Great place to get craft things

Review №57

Everything you need for crafts and home decor... Super awesome and friendly people...

Review №58

Typical craft and hobby store. I come here for picture frames. There is a high selection those. Prices are reasonable.

Review №59

I love Michaels. I pretty much live in this store. I get my canvases here I get my paint here I get my pencil here I get my paper here I get my henna here I get a lot of stuff here. I get stuff to make masks here I get flowers here and pretty much everything I use in my art. Michaels is amazing they have great coupons online and usually have a really good deals in the stores I dont think Ive ever been in a Michaels that I didnt like. This one included.

Review №60

Great place to shop, As an artist I find everything I need there. Sometimes a little difficult to find exactly what I am looking for because a lack of good signs. Also lines to pay are very long sometimes. Friendly people there and very helpful.

Review №61

Very well stocked store and the clerks were very nice.

Review №62

Has lots of craft materials of every sort as well as framing work and multiple frames available. Good parking and staff, when you locate them, very helpful. I was going to do fake floral arrangement and heres where I drop stars, I figured out, even with 40%off, it was still going to cost me more to make the arrangement over the cost of ones already prepared! Flowers are really expensive, a rose almost 5.00, little fake carnations 99 cents but then its 1.49 for a few up to 12 dollars or more for just one small bunch! Killed my interest fast

Review №63

Needed a cheap colored t-shirt. One and done $3.99 or 3 for $9.99. BOOM!

Review №64

The staff are very pleasant...

Review №65

Staff very helpful and found what I was looking for

Review №66

Prices were all wrong. I bought my item because I was already I had already waited in line but it was more than double what it was marked

Review №67

Cell phone reception is shoddy inside the store so pull up your coupons ahead of time and screenshot them. The line is a wrap around deal so look for the sign that says enter line here.

Review №68

I needed help with hanging a flag box and a groundbreaking mini shovel-both hard to figure out. A young girl in her early twenties helped me determine what types of things would work. Im not used to teenagers and young 20s having any idea how to help with anything conplicated, but this young lady really knew her department well and selected a few things that will actually work. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and patient and I really appreciated her help. If Michaels continues to hire this caliber of people it will win a lot of business.

Review №69

When I go to Michaels I know Im not going to get the same help as I would if I went to Joanns. Its usually just to point me in the right direction, not ever any help on what ever Im crafting or help to make an idea come to life. This Michaels is decently stocked, they never have the pens Im looking for though. The gel pens with an eraser. Not since I bought some over a year ago. They have great deals, they always are pretty good about honoring coupons you have from other stores. I do get help when Im at the register no matter who is ringing me up with getting the best value from my coupons/purchases.

Review №70

Good craft store, but Saturday it wasnt that busy and I couldnt get anyone to help me with getting 2 heavy items down from the top of the top shelf. I asked for help, they called for help, I stood there weighting for at least 20 minutes. Unfortunately today was the last day of a sale and getting a nice discount on top of it. Ever since they let the wrong people go the customer service has sucked and the atmosphere has definitely changed.I think that if I need something important Ill just have to order it or go to Napa Michaels.Today wasnt the first time something like that has happened to me there.

Review №71

Friendly staff very organized my daughters really like this place

Review №72

Service was Excellent!! My hats off to the head chef. My daughter was visiting from Georgia and we hadnt eaten there in years, we heard ownership change, but it was still GREAT!!

Review №73

I love visiting Michael as there is always a sale and their selection of beads is fantastic. I highly recommend Michaels.

Review №74

Great selection & great prices!

Review №75

Well stocked, clean and friendly staff

Review №76

Its a place of solace for the average crafter... its OUR Disneyland

Review №77

Love coming here when I am need of Supplies best place to know they have it

Review №78

Clean store, organized, lots of products to choose from for arts and crafts, and very friendly and helpful staff. I work nearby, and they held items for me until I got off work that evening so I could shop on my lunch break. Warning: this store is ADDICTIVE!

Review №79

Needs restocking out of a lot of supplies

Review №80

Great place for arts and crafts

Review №81

Always helpful. Love the coupons

Review №82

Great yarn selection.

Review №83

Love this store i am a craft person

Review №84

Cindy, the manager, was extremely helpful with my very large cumbersome order of many huge heavy duty canvases as well as other items. She got me one of the large carts from the back (her offer) , fetched what I needed including getting down bulky canvases and loading them up. Then she drove them out to my car in the rain to help me load into my car. I was amazed at this wonderful service. I hope Cindy is there every time I go to this Michaels. She gave me incredible service, as well as applied as many discounts to my order as possible without my even asking! Thanks again Cindy!

Review №85

Just love Michaels! Very few staffers but they will point you in the right direction if you ask.

Review №86

I love the couponsI love the things they offer and I love the prices.

Review №87

Michaels has a great selection of arts and crafts items! I come here to get everything I need to make sentimental gifts for my family and friends! The employees have always been kind to me, and I have always been treated with respect upon entering the building with my legal and legitimate service dog. I really appreciate businesses like this and the wonderful people that have been hired here! Thank you for your kindness, professionalism, and great customer service! Have a PAWSitively blessed day!

Review №88

Always great experience but they did not have the item I had just bought 2 weeks ago and need it for my project : ( they need to stock up better on there glitter.

Review №89

Staff was helpful

Review №90

A little over priced but I can always find my oil paints .

Review №91

My favorite craft store!

Review №92

Customer service is always on point, they’ll never have a problem helping you find whatever it is you need. You can almost always find what you’re looking for and if not you can find something to substitute for it. The only bad thing about this establishment is the lines can get really long

Review №93

Very organized and neat store.

Review №94

Really good Holiday Sales however their point system should give points...

Review №95

Lots of parking, medium size Michaels compared to Pinole. Always have a great selection of items, clean uncrowded store with super friendly staff. Always have sales or coupons which is great for any crafter. Good selection of yarns, paints and frames. Best one this side of the bridge.

Review №96

Was very nice and well stocked.

Review №97

Whats the coolest bong you can craft here? Send in your pics for a chance to win some crayons

Review №98

The people are so kind that work here

Review №99

If Im at a Michaels, its actually my wife. I just drive.

Review №100

Good deals for Halloween stuff

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:105 Plaza Dr, Vallejo, CA 94591, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 707-552-0165
  • Art supply store
  • Craft store
  • Picture frame shop
  • Yarn store
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–9pm
  • Tuesday:9am–9pm
  • Wednesday:9am–9pm
  • Thursday:9am–9pm
  • Friday:9am–9pm
  • Saturday:10am–7pm
  • Sunday:9am–9pm
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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