Moroccan Palace
10165 McKinley Dr, Tampa, FL 33612, United States

Review №1

We have season passes for Busch Gardens. Its extremely crowded during the Christmas season. If you want to get in better arrive early. People were still entering at 8 pm. They close at 10. The ice show was very good. However, the wait to get in was very loonng. They do open the doors at 6:15, but thats not so you can get seated. Its a long wait inside and there is little air circulation going on in there. Very unpleasant 45 minutes. Seating is jammed together. Little leg room. Better like the person next to you or be comfortable shoulder to shoulder with strangers.

Review №2

Nice and cold. Always a good show with amazing and interactive performers. They make you want to be a part of it my 3 year old couldnt stay in her seat she had to dance!

Review №3

One the best Amusement Parks in Florida. Rollercoasters are fantastic

Review №4

These performers are amazing . I never miss this show. Love it!

Review №5

Great ice skating show here. It was very professional and energetic and fun to watch! Great to have good shows included with park ticket

Review №6

Do I really have to say how great this place is... I think the world loves Busch Gardens Moroccan place and wants to be here please enjoy Busch Gardens as me and my family do... Come have fun

Review №7

The Christmas On Ice was amazing. Such eloquent and graceful performers! Definitely worth seeing!

Review №8

Loved this place! Great show which was the pet hotel one. Fully exceeded my expectations! Kids loved it. Great place to take a break from the park and cool off for a bit too!

Review №9

Holiday ice show was great. Ends Sunday if you havent seen it.

Review №10

Very nice place. The Christmas on Ice show is pretty impressive. My kids loved it.

Review №11

The shows are always unbelievably amazing!

Review №12

Best Rollercoaster! And a good place to have fun with friends and family

Review №13

Cute assortment of food to choose from. The show that we got to watch while we were eating was awesome! Long tick tick like tables where everybody had a good view. I had such a great time with my sisters family!

Review №14

Christmas on Ice was great!

Review №15

Very nice theatre, shows are very elegant and entertaining.

Review №16

Turn it up was a great show.

Review №17

We love the ice show. Great up beat music and fun smiling skaters. Love the tricks and spins. Enjoy it so much we see it every time weve come and have seen it change up.

Review №18

Went to see Wayne Brady at a Red Carpet event and it was awesome!

Review №19

This particular animal trick song show is truly awesome and family friendly and so much fun

Review №20

We loved the Christmas on Ice show!!! Very entertaining.

Review №21

The ice skating show is terrific and all done to pop music. Talented artists, beautiful costumes, and sets. The skaters came out to meet the audience as we left which was a very nice touch.

Review №22

Super amazing show. Love it

Review №23

The ability of the presenter were extraordinary

Review №24

Amazing Ice Show at this theater inside Busch Gardens!

Review №25

We have attended several of the Ice shows there and they have always been fantastic. The performances are always high energy in the performers do a great job. My wife loves watching figure skating

Review №26

A great place to visit and see animals that one would never see other wise. Wonderful fun

Review №27

The Christmas Ice Skating show was beautiful. Not quite as exciting as the other shows I have seen. There was an adorable little girl who skated with the adults and was part of the show and added a nice touch. Always fun, Busch gardens is beautiful during christmas time with all the lights.

Review №28

The shows are always amazing!! The cast is awesome and some of their flips and jumps took the breath right out of me!

Review №29

Such great performances with talented people!

Review №30

The Turn It Up show is amazing. I highly recommend coming to see it on your next visit to Busch Gardens.

Review №31

Love going here to cool off after walking around Busch Gardens. The shows they do are always so good. The dancer are very talented. The ice show is my familys favorite. Up beat music today era. Very good over all and happy with the outcome of it. A must see when u go to Busch Gardens.

Review №32

Awesome performance by ice skaters. I was so delighted to see the show and enjoyed it to the core with Christmas festive spirit. I would recommend everyone visiting busch gardens to visit the show and experience it. The festive lights were so spectacular with Christmas theme and the lights show was so good.

Review №33

Amazing improvement in atmosphere and food selection. Highly recommend if you want variety and to stay away from usual sandwich and cart food.

Review №34

This animal show is amazing. Air conditioned. If you love animals its a must see.

Review №35

Lots of fun. The rain did not make a difference. The rides were still open and all shows.

Review №36

I love that show great entertainment nice and cool when its nice and hot out the Critter show all the shows at Busch Gardens are awesome I mean to go for roller coasters and spend time with grandkids being a season pass holder can go wrong although it was thinking off for a little bit more discount but other than that all in all fun place to visit if youve ever been go take a shot and enjoy The Coasters cuz thats what makes Busch Gardens it was a new hybrid coaster coming out in 2020 hopefully I cant wait for that

Review №37

There are lots of food options. Seating can be tricky if you go at peak times. The show was good that was running while we were there.

Review №38

Great Ice show going on. Fun and entertaining. Engages the crowd

Review №39

Rides are fantastic but the food and drinks are so overpriced. Be sure to pack your own food and drinks unless you want to spend upwards of $50 or $60 for 2 meals and a few beverages.

Review №40

The ice show was a fun way to cool off in the middle of the day. It was cheesy at times, but some of the moves were very impressive.

Review №41

Food here was good. Several restaurant in one place so the whole family can have what they are craving.If you go at a the right time you can eat and see a show.

Review №42

Must see show!!! When I watch it I imagine that I wanna see my future daughter doing that and make me feel proud! Such an bold and brave and highly enthusiastic show!

Review №43

The theatre was amazing Im not gonna tell what was in it but I am gonna say that the animals were such good trained performers!

Review №44

The Ice Show is very entertaining but I have to say...I wasnt expecting some of the suggestive lyrics on some of the songs during the routine.

Review №45

Saw a great Christmas Ice Skaking Show. We arrived about 45 minutes early and the workers were telling everyone that the show was already 70% filled, but we didnt want to sit there that long so we walked about. We came back with 20 minutes left, waited in a line and still got in. We had to sit on the sides, but still a good view and we only sat for about 15 minutes. Enjoyed the rest and the show.

Review №46

Amazing show! Must see if you visit Busch Gardens!

Review №47 wow... an awesome job Busch Gardens on your Holiday lights and decorations, the entertainment was top notch from the ice skating show to the singing wise men and other shows that you offered. Your entire staff throught out the park were outstanding in guest service. We will be back in a few weeks keep up the great work

Review №48

Their newest show is so wonderful to watch! Definitely take the time to watch it.

Review №49

This show was cute definitely a must when its raining outside or for those who dont like the rides

Review №50

The most gorgeous place I have ever seen! I want to inspire a room in my home to this place.

Review №51

Lovely place. Really enjoyed the show. What wonderful talent. We had a fantastic day out.

Review №52

Very lovely theater. Comfortable, great place to get out of the heat and watch a show.

Review №53

Nice ice skating shows.

Review №54

Katonga was my absolute favorite show! They now have Turn it Up and it seems they are lacking the funding or something because the set is very plain. Still a very decent show to see if your in the park. The ice skaters are very talented and you can tell they have fun performing

Review №55

We finally got to see this show and it was great! Our 2 year old grand daughter danced with me to all the songs, she especially loved Frankie Vallie.

Review №56

The ice show is very good.

Review №57

We watched a ice skating show. It was awsome how they were able to do all the tricks on a small stage!

Review №58

Great skaters and a couple of particularly good numbers that we look forward to each year. But, we missed the live singer... Was he sick that day (with no understudy), or will they just skate/dance to a track all year?

Review №59

Love the place! You can eat at the balcony and watch the elephants, giraffes and the other animals at Busch gardens!

Review №60

Love Busch Gardens everybody needs to help the animals

Review №61

Excellent ice show at Busch gardens, definitely worth checking out!

Review №62

Food is good and you get your food quick with different options.

Review №63

A great place to get food and watch a show while enjoying your meal!

Review №64

Awesome performance and outstanding skaters. The video and music was amazing. Dont miss this show when visiting Busch Gardens. My favorite from all things to do in the park.

Review №65

I usually dont go to none of the shows but this time I did because of the rain. Ive been missing out because I really enjoyed it.

Review №66

Its a wonderful place for a show, the skaters a so very talented. The sound system is excellent, Id highly recommend anyone to go.

Review №67

They got good food in the entertainment is perfect if you like old music can I do

Review №68

Nice little air conditioned break from walking the park. I did have to stomach Christmas music on the 3rd of January, but the show was entertaining.

Review №69

Beautiful venue and Christmas show

Review №70

Fabulous ice show -Turn It UpLots of seating. Comfortable seats

Review №71

Beautiful places to go I like the ice show there

Review №72

The TURN IT UP show is amazing, spiritual and heartfelt. Thank you Busch Gardens!Lol. Hallelu-YAH!

Review №73

So much fun, they can accomodate a show of any scale or complexity. We went to see an iceskating show and were swept off our feet with quality of production.

Review №74

A great family theme park with many attractions, shows, roller coasters, and restaurants. All in all a great place to be.

Review №75

Love the show with all the animals kids would fall in love

Review №76

Food is always great and the shows are spectacular! They make sure to engage with senior citizens so I always get a kick out of the men singing to my 85yr old mother!!

Review №77

Great show. The performers looked like they had a great time.

Review №78

Great show. Ill be going back to see it again.

Review №79

What a GREAT Christmas show!

Review №80

Beautifully performed skating show in an amphitheatre style setting. There are no bad seats. Shows are included in the park admission price.

Review №81

Sadly most food at BGs taste the same. Its all expensive. And lots of time, afterwards in the bathroom. We always bring along imodium when we go. Taste okay, a little bland though. This is not directed towards Moroccan Palace. Its the same at all the restaurants there.

Review №82

I had dinner there during the Christmas holidays while out to Bush Gardens, it was pleasantly pleased

Review №83

Great experience had by the entire family!

Review №84

Feels like I am in Africa, or in another country,so real, so cool, come check it out.

Review №85

My girls had a wonderful time. Great for family time

Review №86

We were in the balcony and had a great view of the stage. The show was energetic and wonderful as always.

Review №87

My kids love the ice show

Review №88

Nice ...great place to cool down and watch a great show

Review №89

They take too long and are not nice. Ice cream was good.

Review №90

This performance is fantastic, fun action packed ice skating with great music.

Review №91

We had the chicken Caesar salad and the chicken mozzarella pretzel roll. Fresh and tasty.

Review №92

If you ever get the chance to go to Busch Gardens in Tampa, especially now during their Christmas Town event, make sure you go over to the Moroccan Palace to see their show Christmas on Ice, a beautiful show

Review №93

Turn it up Amazing, beautiful ice show I love it

Review №94

Nice place, great show, nice choreography, excellent skaters.

Review №95

Every visit it is a must to watch the ICE show. Fun for the whole family! I wish they changed it up like every 9 months or so and not just for the christmas show itd be cool to see something new and fresh!

Review №96

Very enjoyable show, my grandchildren were in awe. Thank you for the warning about the flickering lights for those with visual disturbances and the suggestion of being seated in the back (a great help for those of us with TBI). Please post this warning well Im advance of entering the theater, I wonder if our experience would have worked out so well had we not been 4th in line entering the theater and had time to make a good choice. I missed the signage. A traveling companion saw it and pointed it out to me as it takes time to become familiar with a new surrounding.

Review №97

Awesome. Even my 6 y old son loved it.

Review №98

Show was great. Not impressed with rest of park.

Review №99

Great time and the food was good we all enjoyed it

Review №100

The ice skating show is phenomenal!!! A must see!

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