Carrollwood Players Inc
4333 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618, United States

Review №1

Went to see a performance to forget about this crazy year for just one night. The performers acted their hearts out. Unfortunately the staff ruined the entire night. The county no longer enforces masks but we wore them anyway. As soon as we enter we were chased down to have our temperature taken. This is a vital sign that should not be taken in a public venue by a non medical person ( what if I had a high temperature from a non infectious underlying cause? Blatant HIPPA violation!). Yes, I should have refused but in the interest of having a good evening I allowed it (little did I know). Drinks and snacks were available so after we took our six foot distanced seats the show began and we lowered our masks to drink water. That’s when the mask gestapo came while the performance was going on and told us to put our masks back on embarrassing us in front of the entire theater. We reluctantly complied (another mistake on my part).During the intermission and after the show we were given angry and creepy looks by this “gentleman” as he smoked his cigarettes ( obviously very concerned about his respiratory Heath!). I wanted to ask what his problem was but again in the interest of “trying” to have a good evening we moved on. This just ruined the whole night. The performers giver their all on stage but unfortunately seem to have a very power hungry and creepy staff running the place. I think everyone should support community theater but please look to other theaters in the Bay Area that not only appreciate their audience but are happy to have them there!

Review №2

One of the best local Theatrical groups around. They offer a lot of variety in their productions and have a lot of very talented people! I highly recommend supporting them!

Review №3

Great performance unfortunately located in in less than attractive theater in a strip mall

Review №4

We always love our experiences here! We try to go at least every Christmas - weve seen A Christmas Carol, The Addams Family, and A Dog Sees God and they were all spectacular! Cozy theatres with good prices - you cant beat it!

Review №5

Saw a very ambitious version of Mame. It was a lot of fun. Would go back. Acting is a labor of love for these folks and it shows.

Review №6

Really enjoyed attending the performance of Oscar Wildes- The Importance of Being Earnest. The actors all did a great job with this literary witty classic. Looking forward to attending future performances.Nice little selections at the concession counter and the restrooms are nice and clean. Plenty of parking. Reasonable prices for a quality show.

Review №7

What a wonderful hole on the wall theatre. My wife and I saw the Importance of being Ernest last night and it was fantastic. Funny, witty sarcastic, satirical. Its my wifes favorite Oscar Wild play and she says they nailed the characters. We will be back

Review №8

Christmas Cabaret was wonderful! So reasonably priced & wine only $4.00 for your own little bottle

Review №9

Been performing here for almost a year now and it has been a great experience for me. Great shows and great people. Whether you want to get on stage and act, work behind the scenes, work out at the concessions or just come as a guest, this is a great place to be at.

Review №10

Enjoyed seeing the next Hollywood star Mr.Kahn, who played Ido in Auntie Mame, He was very good, as was the lead. The facility is not really set up for persons with disabilities..and parking was a bit tight. Enjoyed the evening and the amature theater.

Review №11

Unexpectedly delightful performance of Excursion Fare by this small community theater group. We attended opening performance and actors all were up on their lines and related well to each other. Timing and use of the space also good. Will definitely be watching for future productions.

Review №12

Ive seen two of their shows so far and love their productions,sets and wonderful actors

Review №13

More entertaining than I expected. Tiny little venue that does the classics. Great fun to take your parents out for a fun evening. Its a low key place, crowd is not much more than 35-45 people. I really like not having an enormous crowd, being able to hear whats going on, and having a great evening with my wife and my parents

Review №14

Actors were good, theatre was shabby and run poorly. We had first choice seats and the 5 of us could not sit together, even though the theatre was over half empty when we went in. Tons of reserved seats that later werent, never understood what was going on. The players did well.

Review №15

I love live theater and Christmas Cabaret was very well done....lots of fun!!

Review №16

An amazing intimate venue to see local artist doing their craft! Lovely environment, very welcoming and clean. Nice wine bar and snacks available. A friend of mine is featured in a production at this time and loved attending. For those who like local theater this is a fabulous place to go!

Review №17

Great showcase of kids’ plays today!!! Hilarious!

Review №18

A great cast, crew and theater. Would recommend for any who wish to support the local theater scene.

Review №19

It was a cool place..... I would visit again

Review №20

Carrollwood Players is my theatre family for life. Yes, its a small stage and venue, but the warmth you feel from everyone involved here makes up for that tenfold. You truly feel like family even at your first audition. The shoes that are chosen to perform here are all great productions. CWP is definitely the most inclusive and friendly theatre company Ive ever been involved with.

Review №21

Fun place. Great shows always

Review №22

CWP is a pioneer when it comes to community theater in the Tampa Bay area. The shows are amazing and the Black Box & Mainstage stages are charming!

Review №23

The seating was intimate and comfortable as long as we understand this is community theatre. So were real close to the stage. The actors did a great job with mediocre material.

Review №24

Good community theater! Nice price. Talented actors. Enthusiastic group. I go often.

Review №25

I attended the performance of Dracula:my 1st time here.I was extremely impressed and am so happy to have found this local gem!!!I will definitely be returning--though I have been too late in getting last-minute will see about season passes or pre-paid packages.I highly recommend!A lot of fun--well run,and very talented hardworking local artists!

Review №26

False advertising! I went to go see the Christmas Carol and it was not The Christmas Carol. Scrooge was a female and all sorts of weird additions were made. Acting was horrible because you could not understand what they were saying. They were yelling their lines which was unneeded. I think due to lack of acting skill they were unable to express there emoting so they would yell. The reason we gave it a one star rather then zero stars is because you could tell they cared. We left the play we didn’t even make it through the second act.

Review №27

Lovely small theater for community plays. Great lot of actors too. Overall great experience.

Review №28

Best showing of the producers Ive seen.

Review №29

It disheartens me to leave this review. We were a party of 9 and this was a Christmas holiday celebration for our family. Our response and overwhelming opinion of this performance was,at its best, on par with a high school play and that is being generous.

Review №30

Great theater, awesome performances. Treat yourself to a show.

Review №31

Always a great experience here... We love going to the cinema, but this is way better than that! High quality live-theatre at an incredibly affordable price.

Review №32

Terrific shows at this nonprofit community theatre

Review №33

An intimate theater, full of very talented local artists.

Review №34

I could write a novel with how much I love this place. Ive done a lot of volunteer work for them and have come and seen a lot of shows. Its a great community of people and they like to make sure their audience is having a good time.

Review №35

Very nice and the plays are always great and prices are reasonable. Great snacks an beverages as well and the staff is always kind.

Review №36

Fantastic Plays and wonderful actors and actresses!

Review №37

Wonderful theatre! Affordable, well done shows. Wheelchair seating.

Review №38

This 80 seat community theatre does fine productions of fine plays and musicals. Their smaller theatre, the Black Box, is a more casual setting for smaller offerings. Buy tickets early. Shows are often sold out.

Review №39

Love to attend the Sun matinees. Excellent actors and staff. Love their comedies! We attend often. Prices reasonable.

Review №40

Only our 2nd time at Carrollwood Players, but it was a very entertaining evening! Well definitely be back!

Review №41

Awesome place! Great atmosphere! Wonderful show!

Review №42

Great entertainment for a great price!

Review №43

Every performance Ive seen has been awesome!

Review №44

We (hubby and I) went to this small local theater to see A Christmas Carol this past weekend. It was a nice play, and the theater was small, more of an intimate setting. Although we did love the fact that there is a local theater to enjoy plays, we think it could improve on some aspects such as sound and acoustics. The actors did not have microphones, and it seemed like some had to raise their voices a lot to make sure people could hear. Some of the sound effects too would benefit from better accoustics. All in all, it was a nice experience and a good value, we would recommend.

Review №45

Great community theater with super friendly and talented people.

Review №46

Attended a play around Halloween, Frankenstein’s Castle. It was funny and really good for a small local theater group. Definitely an experience I’d like to repeat.

Review №47

Always showing great shows with fantastic casts. Great selection of snacks for a small theater. Good crew of people working.

Review №48

The Producers was fabulous !

Review №49

Its just a small store space in a plaza with I believe 60 chairs set up, my butt was killing me, they need better chairs, my wife thought it was cute, she will return and I will never

Review №50

Always a great experience here! Wonderful local theater.

Review №51

Awesome production of the Lion King

Review №52

Great little community theater.

Review №53

Very enjoyable, & it was my 1st time.

Review №54

Fantastic show

Review №55

Good place to see community theater

Review №56

Best community theatre in Tampa. Both main theatre and Black Box theatre put on incredible productions.

Review №57

Great place , great actors, never get to see things like this anymore on the local level.

Review №58

Great local theatre. Sets are modest. Great acting. Comfy

Review №59

Great plays, lovely little theatre. Have been here several times and never disappointed

Review №60

Very fun

Review №61

So much fun! Such excellent talent!

Review №62

I love this place. Im there numerous times a year to see their shows

Review №63

I saw All My Sons with a couple of friends. Great performance, Id definitely go here again for future plays.

Review №64

Great play productions at a sister of the price of the stars center.

Review №65

A Christmas Cannoli at Carrolwood Players is a must see.

Review №66

Great theater with awesome acts put on by awesome people

Review №67

EXCELLENT local community theatre! Both main stage and blackbox are exceptional!

Review №68

Saw Jekyll & Hyde. Fantastic job!

Review №69

Very friendly and welcoming environment

Review №70

Been to 2 different plays here. Enjoyed them both

Review №71

Always a good time

Review №72

Great show, nice theater .

Review №73

Great job guys!

Review №74

Excellent neighborhood venue. The actors are A++++++

Review №75

Very good performance!!

Review №76

Fun theatre to work in. Quality shows.

Review №77

Excellent show and good venue.

Review №78

A great show as usual!

Review №79

Good shows for a small playhouse

Review №80

Great show

Review №81

The show was amazing!!

Review №82

Great shows, reasonable prices, comfortable.

Review №83

Love Jeckyl and Hyde

Review №84

Always a good time.

Review №85


Review №86

Community theatre at its best.

Review №87

Love these guys

Review №88

A great play house!

Review №89

Nice shows

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